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word progress

Word Progress

It was like a little wave rising among the other waves. As the years rolled on, he swore an oath. There was an unwritten law that it was forbidden to desert your post. There was not much excitement on board. She knew it was bad manners to enter private property without permission. They threw left-over lunches and tin cans into a brook to destroy them. It was one of the longest ropes made in one piece. He took the end of the knotted cables in one hand and began to pull. They stood on the shore and watched the whole adventure. 

She kept herself busy and interested in something else: what she was going to do and the best way of doing it. In order to study this problem, he made a machine that made lightning strike whenever he needed more information rising up. She was forced to resort to sterner measures. He feared he had carried the joke a little too far. Her whole frame trembled with concentrated dignity. They fought in silent ways. Devices for “breaking ice” were constructed. The whole building was completed in a day. A boy was sent to a neighbor’s house, perhaps a half mile away. Water for a bath was scented with perfumed crystals. They had little food from the scant grass growing on the mountain behind the village, which contained many damp, wind-swept caves. 

A handy man for Uncle Sam is work for a real man who must know how to do numerous things. They erected a monument to the memory of their one-time enemy. Once upon a time a shepherd boy left his lunch in a cave. He was eager to get ahead but was repeatedly silenced and driven back. An easy crawl brought him to the riverbank. The tops of the houses were crowded with spectators. Until the bloody end he fought the fight. All was red before his eyes. He felt he soon must fall, but they were not yet satisfied. They had to find some reason to be happy. In the garden stood row after row of blossoms. Then a regular tug-of-war began. It had an unusually even flow. They were successful in doing what they wished. For many years little attention was paid to it. 

You can imagine how excited the natives must have been: when the cloth was washed with soap and water, it turned a deep reddish purple! (They were used as cables in derricks that lifted heavy weights.) They took a piece of wood and held it over the fire. He thought the balls would be interesting curiosities to show his friends. Then suddenly, as if touched by a fairy’s wand, it came to life! He soon dismissed the incident from his mind. He learned that patients suffered no pain and began to inhale the ether. 

The boys always liked to make things with their hands. “Life’s a strong man’s fighting game,” he said. Queer mixtures sometimes got together on the docks. “How would you like to live in the ‘sweetest town in the world’?” he asked. Some pale-faced fellows had died in shame. They found the conditions of warmth, moisture and darkness so favorable to their growth that every effort was made to exterminate them. 

He was anxious to get into the best possible position for a shot. It was easy enough to follow its movements. When she finally dug her way out, she was not alone. 

Whole families were engaged in making the big round cheeses which, when coated with red, resembled huge rosy apples. She was a close student of social conditions. He was never the least depressed by his physical handicap. The mouth is merely a hole in the skin, he thought. One of these hidden appearances brought him more abreast. Mad with excitement, he went on. These were wild, rough men and women who did not welcome strangers. Once accomplished, he set out to realize his highest ambition. Some one had found out how to send messages with wireless telepathy. 

It turned black as soon as the flame was extinguished. Each city faced a harbor. It was traded for enormous profits in some far country where it was scarce. At that time the town was booming. His sleep seemed short. He was kept on a light diet. He wanted above everything else to write music, but he needed money. Whenever he had a chance to speak he repeated over and over again the same words of praise. 

He accepted the outdoors as a license to destroy flowers which a few short years before had bloomed profusely but which were now slowly disappearing. It was one of the main foods of Europe. The thing to be done was to find its exact location. 

He was able to take care of himself and his horse. In spite of his discouragement, they continued the work. Once more the river became a dividing line between hostile peoples. A water shortage was feared. It is remarkable how much is done without machinery. The trench was deep enough to hide a one-story house. She found that the bridge was on fire. There was no buying or selling in those moneyless days. At about this time the mind of a young Greek was seized with an idea. He made many laws to protect the afflicted and strangers. Little bubbles of air, streaming from holes in pipes, made tame the mighty ocean. These large metal tubes were then revolved and put into sealed steel containers and heated. 

This color combination fairly “hits you in the eye.” If you ask your family or friends this question, for every person you’ll find many others who were forced to jump for their lives. They thought it made them active and quick. He was so amazed and out of breath, he couldn’t speak. He got two big round clubs, thicker at one end than the other. He was interested in all the everyday things of life from friendships to flapjacks. She broke the frame and rolled up the canvas carefully. 

A kind of plant did immense damage. A thousand of them weighed only an ounce, a pint, a pound. Very carefully the old man instructed his son. The magazine came in due time. He brought the train to a stop in time to save a human life. She explained that she was trying to earn a little money for her next school year. Their houses seemed to cling to the bare walls of the mountain. The inside of the loaf was crumbled into small pieces. 

Thus, their homes were frequently beautifully furnished. They saved themselves a great deal of trouble and unhappiness by planning how to do anything. It took away their appetite and interfered with their digestion. They saw that these colors were used more than any others. People spent a lot of their time in worry as the drill kept biting away at the earth at tremendous speed. He believed some animals were not fit for eating. Great operas were developed from these legends. They donned rubber mittens and took him by the hand. He walked into the sea in his leather jacket. He wasn’t afraid of a wolf as big as a house! He lingered over breakfast. They were a great aid to him every day. He found a new and delicious flavor. They made use of what is called a “worm’s-eye” view. He studied the many ways of attracting attention. 

Here the shopkeepers were offering lovely samovars for sale. During the next few minutes, disappearing in short spells and plunging out again in unexpected places, all yelling together what should be done whenever he showed up for a second, there were times when they were so mad, letting out an enraged roar, that he could see nothing but a grand upheaval. 

Sleep seemed better on sheets kept with lavender. The sails were used whenever there was a breeze. He returned home, started a small shop, and taught others what he had learned. They were really slaves who were bound to serve one man for an indefinite length of time. Had they seen an apple orchard in the spring? He told his classmates a joke. “You should never judge from appearances,” he said. It looked like 9,000 pounds of liver. A long dry season occurred. At last they developed the power to resist it. The ashes from the coal were ground up and mixed with concrete and other drugs that never grow stale. They were wizards of the air! 

Luxuries were sent to Europe. It was disagreeable because it made such a terrific noise — thump, bang, crash. It was like a bucking mechanical animal. No one could suspect its crude source. A long search was necessary to find the relatives of the dead. By looking at them carefully, they could see how they were made. It was nothing more than two pieces of wood fastened together. 

She held in her hand a telephone receiver. The earth was lightly plowed. The great red fire demon, his fingers flaming at the ends, grew up in the wilderness. He was handsomely dressed. It did not seem sensible or right. They decided to learn as much as possible. He had the endurance and power to cover unusually long distances at one stretch. Skillful pilots skimmed low over the clouds of gray dust. In the spring it came out in its full glory. Naturally, many men of keen and active mind were drawn to it. 

Everything has a very definite time and place. It seems strange to cultivate farms that are entirely underwater. For a time they were greatly disappointed. The cause was one of the worst for which people ever fought. As they turned through their magazines, red-orange flashes leapt from every page. He lived for many months in the wilderness, wandering and lonely. Not a splinter of the block was wasted except at the corners. There were bells as large as a tent. People wore fur coats to keep from freezing to death. After a mile or two, they settled down into a steady dogtrot. 

There was no doubt that one of the factors of success is thrift. When the moment of need came, he had it. Where was the result of the effort? When the hungry fire reached the trenches, it had to stop for lack of fuel. He took her up in both his hands and asked how she was. When all was ready, the piles were covered with cloth. He was small with a big head. He never could understand why anybody wanted more money than was necessary. High on the top of the stalk, he sang while he looked at them: “Come, let us live the poetry we sing.” He made them feel the beauty of what he said. 

There were many weeks of work left. Pleasant people have the right kind of mental habits. They started toward each other and met mid-stream. He usually traveled with a companion. They knew it was possible to float across a river on pieces of cork. A German inventor built a pair of wings which bore him safely to earth. The small toy rose higher in the air until it struck the ceiling. It was very simple in appearance. They did not think of the slow changes on the earth. This view can give a close-up from the top looking down. In the background there were people and an automobile no taller than pins. 

Some of his allies were birds. Hard as the enemy was to conquer, man had gained some headway. This took several weeks. They found that it was long and low. (He never was in the least conceited although he was a great genius.) She was watched closely to see that every article was carefully handled. There seemed to be a huge flow from the ocean beneath the surface. The world had cried for a thousand years. Low walls and fluted tiles, a spotless woman in a world of shame, from babyhood to the grave, a rubber apron to protect her dress, not many things at all, tall trees standing around overlooked by stars, those were of far more use to the world than all the gold he hoped to find. 

The population increased rapidly. Plans were made and carried out. He was never impatient, never harsh. He made up his mind he would not make that mistake again. Even his arms and legs seemed tired. He learned to be patient when things went wrong. 

This story had four parts. They gave each part a name. He broke off a tree limb and began beating the bear across the nose. He was eager to make good. He used as many pupils as he could in his play. He carried on all his experiments alone. He was always on the alert for any new discovery which would help to conquer the stubborn ogre, Pain, who is hated and feared by all nations. 

Barges bearing their cargoes floated down the canals. A heavy belt ran from the engine toward the center near the top standing directly above it, separating the many different substances inside. This flour is used to make linoleum. Loaded from head to tail, a train of fifty or a hundred little animals picked their way down the narrow trails. A set of knives tapered them and sandpapering left them smooth. 

His conscience, of course, was as black as his hat. He often twirled his mustache. He had come to beg the doctor to hypnotize him. At last he heard a feeble ring from the doorbell. 

When he was seventeen years old he passed an examination which permitted him to teach. He could generally find some reason for feeling happy. The tunnel was large enough for a freight train to pass through. Many big problems confronted the engineers. Suddenly someone bumped into him. He heard the corn plants murmur, “We are here, we are there.” He learned to tell a joke well. As he was taking aim to fire, his mate grasped his arm. They sent their information back. They saw a white flag wagging. Very cautiously he opened the door and squeezed through. Deep tracks led out of the yard. The mountains were full of fire. In flying jumps the creature lashed its tail against the ground so hard, the earth heaved and shook. 

Many people feared them and wished to destroy them before they were swallowed up. From materials extracted from the earth, they were skilled in making a penetrating odor which was exceedingly valuable. Each generation made it lighter. He had something worthwhile to do. These little bodies acted as soldiers and passed right though the walls. They attached themselves to anything they contacted. They grew and multiplied rapidly in the droplets of moisture forced out by the little explosions of air. 

Some clocks tell time with their hands. The baby cuts her teeth on a teething ring. They listened to their radio set. They went for an automobile ride in the afternoon. In his anxiety to secure a firm footing, he moved his right foot over the edge. It’s a continuous fight for existence in this unexplored region where the sun never sets. It made a great impression on him at the time. He glanced keenly across the valley. 

He learned to know each of them separately. He did a lot of walking on the prairie. This was instinct working in him. He took from his finger a golden ring, in which a strong poison was hidden. He was angered with something he’d said to him. What drove this and many thoughts from his mind? The people he read about in books seemed sometimes almost alive. It was a good thing to go out and play for a while. 

It crawled into the ground and went into a resting state. On a large scale airplanes were enlisted. In certain sections it appeared where it was forbidden. They drank many cups of tea. In the morning the thin film was skimmed off with a feather. The slow decay of animals and plants which lived years ago was ready to be sent thousands of miles away. They did all the work themselves. Strong athletes, before they were comfortably settled on the sand, could be seen by the natives. They swelled and contracted with their breathing. They were still squatting when he reached them. He slid into the river and was gone. 

Life was very lonely at times. He accepted the deal that had been handed to him. Men got busy with pick and shovel. He was afraid that some of them, crazed by fear, might try to leave. They asked God to send them a little home to come back to. “See the cloud appear!” he cried. Who spoke? He saw a sight that made his mouth water. Both were lassoed. They carried the fish into the bathtub. Somewhere in front and below them the enemy could be found. He walked on his toes with the springy movement of an ostrich. 

They often sent news of a ship’s distress to a ship nearby. They felt the shock of the collision. (Yet rich literature is associated with these picturesque promontories.) He held the bowl near his mouth and shoveled the rice in. The water was warm and shallow. In the early morning she saw scores of men putting out in small boats. “He might as well spend the night in the lock-up,” he said. He was forced to reveal the contents. It was sincere and touching. He was prepared to throttle any opponent. Since that great day, many honors have been awarded to him, who was so eager and devoted to a great idea. 

He knew what a tremendous voice he had. She didn’t seem to be suffering any loss of appetite. He made a table for himself and a chair. She was afraid her little boy would die. Sleep came from cold, wet, and sheer exhaustion. He was dazed and motionless. They filled sand bags with the sticky mud. He was urged to get to a place of safety. He never boasted of his success. 

They came in singing and dressed in holiday attire. He had rid the country of monsters. The sea flowed away through the holes he had made. There were real men who tried these experiments with the same unhappy results. Saying goodbye was always to him an unhappy experience. The hotter it grew, the smaller it became. The sun’s shadow fell on a numbered dial. The only remedy was to cut off all the roots. He needed a body as strong as his iron will. Two crows used to alight on his bedroom windowsill and peer in at him. They had become used to the cooler climate. His rise to success seemed almost superhuman. He wrote the words of the agreement, which formed the basis for breaking the law. 

He feared he would never see another day. In that way time was lost. Someone had to work out the idea in the beginning. She turned toward the faintly crackling flames as if she had forgotten something. They were wild and independent from the start. It was not easy to determine. Very often patients died from the shock of their own suffering. 

Everyone tries to avoid pain. It is important to the people of today. They played with a tennis ball. A voice spoke from the bed. The work was carried on in well-ventilated and well-lighted factories. A man in olden time had need for some kind of string or rope. At last he had the answer to the riddle. He left a note of thanks in the shelter. A small mirror reflected the sun’s rays. The southern people were not puritans. The valuable drop of liquid was colorless. He sat on his heels. A banana leaf was spread on the ground before him. The seeds were sorted by machinery and dropped into the empty tray. They reached the shore after a long and stormy voyage. He laid them down together on the box. As he glanced over the bank, something slipped out of sight into the tall grass. They were so close to him, he felt he could pick them up. She went back into the house followed by the servants. But there was one more delay. They had all the advantages of town life although they were farmers. The neighbors spent the evening playing games. It was seldom if ever that their tiny trees survived. 

The delicate odors of flowers were used to express the love of the giver. It was like a little community in itself. He thought this would have a happy effect on the men. The sand and mud were deposited by the powerful flow. Prosperity came to the town. Weather did not delay the delivery of mail. His white fangs flashed in the firelight. His great fame as a pianist made possible his leadership of his people. 

Silence or speech in whispers was the sign of experience. No one had anything else to say about the suggestion. They arranged for a hike. It was too much to spend on a bit of lunch. There were many weeks of work yet to be done. “What’s the matter there?” came a voice from the shanty. Most of the men were small farmers. As soon as the little cups were filled, they were emptied into a large jar. For years and years nobody knew about them. A queer feeling came over him. They wiped the water out of their eyes. She had always tended him with care and kindness. It couldn’t be used to any extent until it was purified. He did all the cooking. 

All the lines were entirely made by hand by a twisting process in building a bridge of boats in olden times and then moved backward. The new boy knew how many papers he had and how many he sold. Tinged with deep remorse he felt keen regret. They were beginning to investigate a little closer. He was destined to failure surely as the night follows day. They experimented a bit more. 

“Let’s lie in wait in the mountains, which are strange to him,” he advised. They became mad with pain. Fire had scattered on all sides. He didn’t blame him for his mistakes. He didn’t travel by flying. The national government helped. The enemy was like a giant with three heads east of the inland sea and snow-crowned mountains near the coast. He knew he couldn’t defend himself. He thought he should stop fighting, live in peace, and try to do good. Once every year he took his children after a winter of hardships (they came down early in the summer) to this, another festive occasion. They were happy to be with human beings. They had been afraid to try. 

Run a race with yourself. In a very short time the rush forces you to the end. He was a boy who sat straight, stood straight, and talked straight. He thought he was “putting something over” on the world when he went about tramping the streets. He did not know a thing. The blessing which came to them was its greatest affliction. His wife made soap. This sorry condition of affairs earned without any effort on his part, a part of nature coming his way and for each of us, drawing upon the minds of many, seemed even more insistent, he did not know why, closely packed under the clump of trees. 

The first icy blast shrieked out of the woods. Just above the edge of the hill he saw the tip of an ear rise and then disappear. Together they rolled stuff onto the brown turf. Strips of skin hung from his ribs. He offered ideas to help them improve the report. Some of the cemeteries dated back over two hundred years. This gave it a strangely mottled appearance. 

She was told to sit on a certain chair that was in the corner of the room. He came into the house in a sorry plight. She asked him if there was a burning fire in his body all the time. She folded up an intricate piece of lace. He never judged from appearance. She first saw the light under a flowery torch-tree. He could be seen a moment later far out on the prairie. He pricked up his ears when she called his name. He went around looking mighty haughty. 

The gentleman was a humorous little fellow. A man full of dignity approached them with measured steps. He gave forth a terrible threat. He lay, sadly contemplating the intricate problems of life. She was used to having people believe her. They were almost cut off from the outside world. He was willing to help the sufferer who had received no proper treatment. Was this the right way of doing things? They always took up matters that were of interest to all concerned. 

The man who brought help was drowned. Nature’s beauties were hidden behind billboards. When the bark is broken, the sap flows out. There really was no such organization in their neighborhood. In Nature’s outdoor hospital they found healing and contentment. They were beginning to avail themselves of her generosity although their dreams of beauty were slowly disappearing, hearts made helpless to produce their loveliness again. They enjoyed the love and respect of other people. He made a play out of what would otherwise have been a long and tiresome task. 

The great mass of the people was opposed to them. They gradually fell again into conversation about matters foreign to the subject. He tried to give the meanings of the words more thought. He knew that their sufferings would be intense. They recovered from their sudden sleep and rejoiced heartily. 

He never left a region once he occupied it. It was formerly difficult to cross but breaking the dividing line made it the scene of bitter struggles. Some say the competition was one of the causes of the World War. She was still a very young girl. 

The trenches were filled with earth. It was turned upside down and fell into the empty plate. They were extracted by machinery. They had their enemies. They were carried into another room. The block had a chisel blade fixed upright in it. It was mealtime at the castle. They put up a continuous fight for existence as the temperature rose until they reached higher ground. 

People who get spells of anger have headaches afterward. After they had been playing sometime, they felt weak and tired. They were kept awake “seeing things” in the dark. He employed hundreds of workmen engaged only in supplying parts. The body defended itself. 

There could be no mistaking it. Air was put to work. It lacked all motive power, which gave it room to hold big quantities. He took his exercises and then a fifteen minute run outdoors. It was uptilted on angle. He took his stand there. He did the best in everything he could do. He had never before beheld such a terrible sight. They thought of the ways they could use the juicy sweetness in little nooks. They wandered on, mile after mile. They were torn from place to place by many things. There was one odd thing about it. She became the object of much attention. She was not afraid of anything. She stayed there for a day. 

Sometimes he did not know where to find money for his next meal. Boy-like, he took it only as a matter of mild wonder. They knew almost nothing of their private lives. It did not seem sensible or right. He was sneaking through the alleys to avoid creditors. 

A supply of timber was prepared ahead the way a person might cut a straw with jello. They flew low to get a view of the country. The steps led to an enclosed cabin. Although the exile was soon ended, it left him broken in spirit. A cloud or milky spray was spoken of as the “crop.”  Whenever there was a breeze they made improvements  in whatever they copied.  Air aided in the purification.  They discovered it was a poor plan to talk all at once.  So the thing was hushed up.
— from Child-Story Readers: World Progress by Frank N. Freemen and Eleanor M. Johnson. Lyons and Carnahan, Publishers; 1939 

March 22 – April 3, 2010