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true crimes

True Crimes


A police officer confronted him for writing slogans with a marker on the subway station wall. The man opened fire and killed at least two people before being arrested. 

Two men were arrested after they hijacked a car at gunpoint and led police on a chase. They hit a man in a wheelchair, who was in critical condition. His wife was on death row for the abduction and death of a woman whose child she snatched. She begged Britons to help save her life. (She was a former teacher who was a British citizen.) 

Another person fatally shot an armored truck guard. He approached and grabbed the guard from behind. When the guard tried to wrestle away, he was shot to death. The assailant is also suspected of being involved in a bank robbery last month. It was reported that a suspect broke a leg while jumping over a fence. Officers used Taser stun guns to take the other man into custody. He hurt three, police said. He had been a police sergeant who had left the department. He robbed a bank and investigators arrested him in a getaway truck. He was still wearing the clothes from the robbery. 

In order to reap the benefits of her absence, three women apparently attacked a co-worker. She was grabbed by the neck and elbowed in her eye. The others joined in the fight. 

Also, a woman on death row lost a federal appeal, moving her closer to execution. Meanwhile, an armored truck guard was fatally shot at a drive-through ATM. Before being arrested, the suspect led police on a high-speed chase. 

In a nearby city, a woman was accused of running a local prostitution ring. A Rolex watch and a 3.5-carat diamond ring were acquired with proceeds from her crimes. Later a woman’s body was found in the sleeping cab of an 18-wheeler that had been set on fire. 

A person has been charged in the contract killing of a Mexican drug lieutenant-turned-U.S.-informant. They were investigating the plot. The search was on for an escaped psychotic patient! He was accused of endangering a child. His computer had notes on bombs. He had slipped away from the staff. He emerged onto a road and was captured without injury. Then pit bulls attacked and “eviscerated” her Chihuahua. In another part of town, a man suffered serious injuries when he was stabbed at an apartment complex. He hit his head while wrestling and later died. He and another man had been drinking since the early morning. The old man’s feet were swept out from under him. He went to bed shortly after falling and later he was found unresponsive. 

Authorities had explanations for the shooting that left a man dead. He might have been prompted to kill by being called a “snitch.” A 20-year-old man was charged with multiple felonies. Officers seized a substantial amount of suspected methamphetamine from his home. When the officer pulled him over for changing lanes without signaling, he smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated. The shootout left him dead. Earlier, a prominent doctor was shot several times as he arrived at his 300-acre ranch with his family. They tried to close their eyes to the surroundings and environment. They were ready to show their cards but they just didn’t show up. The two struggled for a gun that he had at his waist. She said she was angry with him for dating another woman. He was wearing brown gloves and left after the shooting. He tried to flee the house but was captured and taken hostage. He walked her into a field and shot her in the neck. They asked for a ride but said nothing about the shooting. One of his lawyers asked jurors to pay close attention to the evidence before forming an opinion. They said he was found in a trash bin with his wrists still handcuffed behind his back. He attempted to run when he spotted squad cars. He led investigators to the body. All he knew was that the jury never heard the truth in his case. 

He feared the next bullet was for him. He waited outside to “see if everything is all right, if everything’s cool.” Many homes were broken into. They remove a screen and break a window or door to gain entrance. She was arrested and charged with the theft. 

He had been working with kids who were emotionally or behaviorally challenged. They said he had “never been happier than when working with the kids.” He was fatally stabbed in a high school classroom. He confessed during the drive. She kept falling down and he kept picking her up. He asked where he wanted to go. He marked the spot. She shook the child after she would not wake up. 

At a border crossing, agents felt trapped when they opened fire on the driver of a van as it drove toward them. They didn’t have an area of safety they could go to. Authorities activated a system of tire shredders and steel planks that blocked the exit. They were trying to avoid an arduous trek through the desert. It showed how brazen they were becoming. 

In a nearby city, a blast killed the wife and two children of a hard-line figure. He was found hanged from a tree. Their job was to determine if there was foul play involved. There were 21 staff members inside the building but no one was injured. They were definitely no amateurs. He consulted about making bombs. She stole from a corpse. He could receive a death sentence if convicted. 

They were accused of dozens of murders. He had his hands and feet bound in duct tape. He was among a group that made the gruesome discovery. Even the details behind that were murky. The evidence suggested a chilling, disturbing sequence of events. They fanned out in pursuit of the suspects. They decided to halt deliberations for the weekend. He said the key witness was actually an accomplice. They marched into a field of tall grass adjacent to a secluded stretch of highway frontage road. 

He fatally shot a man. They later got into a struggle. Police say the girl was taken at knifepoint but showed no signs of sexual assault. “Luck in this situation is relative,” he said. He approached her from behind and grabbed her with both hands. Authorities didn’t think the public was at risk. He wondered why he didn’t show up for work. He acknowledged he had a rocky relationship with his wife. It was hard for her to sit in front of him. He was pretty ambivalent when it came to capital punishment. The report was flawed but it certainly didn’t come to an incorrect conclusion. Bleeding hearts were trying to stir everything up again. He was so full of himself and so dumb. They think he left the scene in a dark-colored SUV. He told the mourners that he was a man who lived life to the fullest. Yet his rampage left seven people dead. He was accused of shooting all his victims. “Maybe it was just too much to handle,” she speculated. Suspects and witnesses were sought in the shooting. A man got out of a car and shot him execution style. They painted him as a career criminal and member of a dangerous prison gang. Witnesses said the victim was beaten, deprived of insulin, and eventually killed and dismembered. He was killed in retaliation for the arrest of an acquaintance. The night of the murder was marked by drug use and conflict. 

The same day, a man was accused of running stash houses for illegal immigrants. He misjudged the turn for a bridge. The car plunged into a canal upside down. They left without making any effort to rescue them. He threatened to use his stun gun unless she complied. Photos revealed a scene eerily frozen in time. He deliberately skirted laws. They say he pulled a hunk of hair out of a 2-year-old girl’s head. They noticed his absence and appeared confused. He said he wanted to take some time for himself. They detailed his route. 

They knew she was beaten to death in her home the previous year. He was spared the death penalty. They were very thankful for the jury’s verdict. He was accused of killing his stepfather and pleaded guilty. Certain conditions had to be met. They said he was a career criminal who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He had chances to do better. She allowed him to work for him multiple times. “There is absolutely no proof of future danger — zilch, nothing, nada,” he said. A forensic scientist testified he had the blood of two victims on his boots. His gun fired and deposited the shell casings found at the bar. Also a cigarette butt was found with his DNA on the living room floor. She mistakenly dialed his cell phone. He had just gotten out of the hospital having been bitten by a snake. He wished he’d never had a gun. He was not going anywhere. He was sitting there, all fidgety. He said, “I’m going to be here a long time.” That was the conversation. That was enough for him! 

He was killed in an exchange with sheriff’s deputies. He stressed he hardly knew his cousin. He wasn’t sure he could pick him out in a lineup. He was sitting on his backyard deck after dinner. What happened next was unclear and was under investigation. Bullet holes riddled the back seat cushion of the chair where he was sitting. She was just inside the door. The next thing she heard was boom boom boom. He always wanted to give police officers the benefit of the doubt because they’re doing such a hard job. But he was having a difficult time trying to figure out why in the world this happened. 

The following day, officers found bloody clothing strewn along a popular beach. They swarmed into a public housing project to dismantle a drug trafficking ring. The settlement was confidential. They knew he was in debt and desperate. The letter said, “My world is about to collapse.” The evidence was compelling. She cried when the verdict was read. “Can you imagine the horror in that house?” he asked. 

He tried to fake his own kidnapping. He engaged in organized criminal activities. He downloaded pornography from the Internet onto his computers. Later he died of head injuries suffered in a fight in a parking lot. She was stabbed in her home four days after giving birth. The sensational case has fed a heated debate. They had to decide if there was enough evidence to move ahead. He was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. He dialed a cell phone he thought would ignite a blast. He seemed intent on conducting terrorist attacks. In her case, there were indications she had a troubled history. She noticed nothing wrong until she left work. 

He enjoyed dancing to techno music. He had beaten and threatened to kill a string of his love interests over the years. Her testimony proved the most emotional. She had rebounded from serious depression to become a girl who smiled often. He was convicted of leading a scheme that sought bribes. Several people pleaded guilty. She punched an officer in the face. They sought to line their own pockets. He described the conduct as “egregious.” She felt like she was broken. She jumped on the bed and tried to cover herself with her arms and hands. He choked her to the point she thought she was going to die. He put a knife to her throat. In the darkness of the sleepy town, the beam of a flashlight caught the back of a lanky teenager. He virtually vaporized in front of them. He was indicted of organizing the slaughter of countless civilians. He lost his first bid to have his arrest overturned. He’s been playing cat-and-mouse with authorities ever since. They haven’t caught him, but neither has anybody else. “You always get caught eventually,” he said. She figured she would spend her time with him in a positive way because who knows if he’d be shot tomorrow. He described him as “an absolute jerk.” They had a scheme to take illegal immigrants into the country on Jet Skis. 

The man who was struck by a carjacked vehicle died from his injuries. They were gratified the system worked like they wanted it to. Photos showed bullet-ridden bodies lying in or near their beds. She felt guilty about not being able to save her family. 

Still, he harbored no anger toward his attacker. It could have been the scene of his death. He didn’t say anything to hint that anything was amiss. He thought his time was almost over. The incident brought the community together for a special cause. 

He had pain here and there. They were lured by easier money and shorter prison sentences. An informant’s body was found riddled with bullets. Violent criminals were increasingly spilling blood. He repeatedly stabbed a man with a kitchen knife. They added a first-degree murder charge against him. A psychologist said he might have “some sort of brain damage.” His father often locked him and his brother in a bedroom when they were children. He acted violently with his family from a young age. They say he drowned a woman’s dog in a bathtub full of hot water. Crude epithets were spray-painted on the walls. They were looking for the man responsible for the burglaries. He broke out the glass and unlocked the door. He had a .38 caliber revolver concealed in his shorts. 

They were looking into a report that marijuana had been smoked in the restroom. They learned that police failed to disclose evidence. It was so egregious they had to agree to the request. He got out of his car and shot at the animal. A bullet fragment shattered and hit a nearby woman in the chest. They found the abandoned, burned-out shell of the car he had been driving. Charred remains were inside. He was charged with obstruction. She’d really wanted to know what that guy was going to do with that stuff. He tried to run over an officer. They tried to flee but were quickly apprehended. 

He fired at a figure in a hallway in their home. The trial was a mockery of justice, he claimed. He was sentenced for aggravated assault. He encouraged the beating death of a woman. She was forced into a car at knifepoint. He was wearing a beanie, a windbreaker and surgical gloves. He moved a step closer to execution. He said they “were not dedicated to serving his best interests.” She pleaded not guilty to accessory to first-degree murder. 

He moved on to bank fraud. He was accused of controlling all aspect of his victim’s life. He assaulted him on a regular basis and threatened to kill his family. He displayed a handgun. It was an isolated incident. An 8-year-old girl was unable to cry out for help because her throat had been slashed. She never gave up hope in seeking justice. He fell victim to the suspect’s behavior. 

She knew that people were curious about how she was doing. She was locked behind a series of fences. He advocated a wait-and-see attitude. He was a monster who tried to beat his wife into an abortion. The conclusion was not supported by the facts. 

The woman’s death was now considered to be homicide. Her body showed “pretty sever signs of trauma.” It was covered by a tarp because of the rain. He pulled a gun on an officer. He was the second person that year to be killed on the scenic road. She indicated that she no longer wished any involvement in the situation. He said she was not shot. They needed the public’s assistance in finding more information. 

On one of the hottest days of the summer she spotted a sleeping child left alone in a car. He was driving at high rate of speed and ran a red light. They deployed their devices. Nurses found bruises on the infant. He sustained a snakebite while fleeing on foot. They quickly pulled over the man in the truck. They were not going to stand for the ladies being punished. She revealed her mistake only a month ago. She realized she’d destroyed much of the credibility that she’d earned. 

He shot at him, striking him in the back of the head and shoulder. They violated a policy. His only interest was in the integrity of the investigation. They have long struggled to bring criminals to justice. His or her name was kept secret by the government. He disappeared in a matter of seconds. They were part of a bid to force the government to change its policy. He sat decomposing on his balcony for days. 

They wanted to show that they had engaged in self-dealing. They discovered the material on a misplaced flash drive. He pulled down his pants and tried to force her to perform an oral sex act. They formed a road block and forced him off the road. He said that a former employee was likely to be wearing a wire. 

He walked in and shot the woman as she begged for her life. He was accused of sexually assaulting a female co-worker. He jumped her and fondled her breasts. 

His life was all he could give. He was not going to play a part in his own murder. She had her Christianity intact when she died. Kidnapping people for ransom was a pervasive problem. He advised people to be careful and pray to God. Fierce beatings were administered. It prompted a legal challenge that will be heard this week. It was just another example of old stereotypes. They complained she was treated severely. 

She feared she would lose everything. He didn’t realize what he had, and money can’t help him now. She had to figure out a way to take care of herself and her kids. He worried the teacher. They killed a man they plotted to rob. He went inside the man’s room under the guise of selling him drugs. He ran after the car as it pulled away before collapsing. She had a disorder that kept her from holding a job. She felt isolated and alone because everything she knew was gone. Their interest helped bring a little bit of hope back. 

They turned themselves in to avoid a spectacle. He hoped the question would be answered. He was frustrated that a decision hadn’t been made. Fighting broke out in the school halls. A teacher was treated for burning eyes. He hit a limousine carrying family members of the deceased. They said he broke free of deputies. The incident built tension over the weekend. 

Hundreds of people lost their homes. It was linked to a half-dozen heart attack deaths. His rifle had been disabled out of fear for his safety. They said his behavior was “deteriorating.” At critical times it appeared he didn’t get the help he needed. He was wanted on suspicion of drug and fraud crimes. They were constantly harassing, bullying, and fighting each other. He may have been injured in an attempted sexual assault. They broke up the mob with pepper spray. He was unaware of serious problems. “It’s all about making money for the organization,” he said. 

The woman now said she lied. They beat her with sticks and made her eat feces. She received several anonymous phone calls from people threatening her life. She stabbed herself with a razor blade to help embellish the story. The two wrongly convicted men were to be freed. He may have surgically altered his face and changed his fingerprints. It started as a prison gang and expanded. They were arrested after a short foot chase. He wired some money out of the country. The bank’s robbers tied up the employees. They offered to give her a ride home but instead assaulted her. The video showed a man smashing windows. The quick discovery may have secured precious evidence. 

The city served as a national hub. It was the largest crackdown so far. They fueled a cycle of violence. They passed out bibles and money to the poor. An intruder was shot. Wounded, he fled on foot. They raided his house. And admitted his responsibility. The teen’s uncle was charged with sexually assaulting her. 

They were looking for two armed men. He threatened a woman with a samurai sword. The victim identified him from photos. They used fingerprint analysis to track him down. 

She confronted the man when he tried to hide in the kitchen. She was able to get free of her attacker by kneeing him in the groin. She was given a ticket for being a “non-English speaking driver.” His lawyer called him a “nice kid.” They learned the identities of the real attackers. People will say anything to get out of prison. They detailed a potentially valid innocence claim. He never gave up hope because he believed in God. He stabbed the cleric 32 times. A 9-year-old girl was found dead in the woods. She didn’t tell anyone about the incident. They left just as fast as they came. They said they were “shocked and devastated” by his death. 

His father stabbed him while holding the family hostage. He was bleeding from wounds in the neck and chest. He wouldn’t answer the door. He walked toward police and collapsed to the floor. Other matters involving him were being reviewed. It sprang from rising tensions. They holed up inside for several hours before emerging. 

The man was dead after the wreck. They sought clues. They did not reveal what killed him. During the argument he loaded his gun. She said she wanted a deeper investigation. He was shot after a fight at a private party spilled into a parking lot. She said more should be done. He fled the apartment on foot. The boy died at the scene. 

— from the Austin American-Statesman, September 19 – October 26, 2009