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the good news

The Good News 

He was small in stature but big in heart. A compass is pointing heavenward. Her heart is different because of a Marine, those stern, clean men with straight backs and flawless uniforms. He valiantly tried to keep it afloat. The appalling thing was his face, lopsided from swelling, red and raw, yet his voice was pleasant. His visits were eagerly awaited. His goal was to purchase enough food for the day. It was especially important. 

He got very positive comments. Was it just a relic from the past? The ultimate meaning is joy. Were all those dreams he had fantasies? All of them perished during the return trip. There was a flaw in the mirror making it difficult to distinguish faint objects and resulting in fuzzy images. He devised the game in the shape of a diamond. He struggled against circumstances out of his control. But the more he struggled, the worse the situation became. He vowed not to make the same mistake with his brother. She pointed to a little boy in a red sweater. She didn’t like Christmas lights, Santa, cookies or snowmen. She happened to be in a tunnel of grief. He overruled her decision by taking matters into his own hands. Every person was willing to receive what the Great Giver offered. He called it a party. He was forgiven. 

She presented the box to a grateful little girl. She had hopes of going there someday. She lay there thinking of the following day. It was an essential part of all that happens. He gave his undying love. Many were getting cloudy-headed and losing their moorings. The number increases daily. They were all “oozing sympathy.” They were guys with major responsibilities. The skin of a reason was stuffed with a lie. The smallest joys in life 
appeared much bigger. They were wearing bathrobes and paper crowns. He no longer took breaks for cookies and milk. Dozens of state patrol cars were crashing into each other. His clothes were spotlessly clean. They used an antibody to block the receptor. The preacher approached him. They were pushed to the edge of the crowd. Many found pleasure and treasure in her friendship. Here stands a new born baby! They made dinnertime extraordinarily exciting. They were dressed in white, lighting candles and dancing. They established a marketing plan and followed through. They liked to spread the cheer around. The program was packed with passion, purpose, promises and principles. The boy thought for a moment. He made a plus sign out of a minus. The soldier’s broken-down car followed behind them. 

But not everyone was looking to making new friends. His seat was already assigned. He shared a laugh while standing in line. Sometimes we are left feeling tired, grumpy and empty. As he burst into the cabin, the children awoke. He emptied his pockets and took off his shoes. He didn’t feel obligated to attend every function. The lady next to him had children who were suffering from too little sleep. He had the tools and experience to provide expert repair. 

The world was in a hustle and bustle the day he was born. He momentarily forgot where he was only to be reminded that sometimes logic doesn’t matter. She and all the other parents were surprised by his choice. He often spoke about how he could see his reflection in his shoes. She looked for opportunities to laugh. Light can find its way through the stormiest obstacles. They heard the swish and click of the sheets being pulled. She wanted him to know she had a special thought. She did something for an elderly neighbor. They thanked them from the bottom of their hearts for making the journey worthwhile. The world breathed a sigh of relief. Skipping with gradually increased complexity, rather than an orgy of gift giving, it was an excellent picture of the “true-to-life” struggle that people face every day. He cleaned the house, did the dinner and even bought flowers for her. They were committed to engaging the culture by telling compelling stories. He became increasingly concerned about the custom. Their little daughter was saved from slavery. It came with a proven track record of success. 

For a moment he hesitated but his next words convinced them. After about ten years artificial trees end up where all artificial trees are headed. If you ever wished for cash instead you’re not alone. He bought a big fish and a quart of oysters. How tall his lovely soul must stand! It was pretty common knowledge. Life’s legacy is what is left behind. He gave hope to a stranger. 

One evening when she was just fixing supper there was a knock at the door. Someone yelled frantically. A man came with a long white beard. He used his money to buy as much food as he could afford. The man who was supposed to be head of the house left home. There was no bus until morning. They were very much the individuals they were trying to reach. More people were singing and with good reason. They blended all the meanings into one. They didn’t knowingly represent any product harmful to persons. She wasn’t sure who to call or how to find him. Children attended summer camps every year to build self-confidence, learn new skills and make lifelong memories. 

The raid lasted one hour. They counted the votes and announced the results. Many customs were adopted. The elusive object was located and visited. They were treated for toy-related injuries. He ascended to the presidency. They were now serving homemade tacos. He had no degree. The man smiled and said, “O.K.” He disproved the law of gravity and diminishing returns. They needed reminders to put in priority the minutes of their days. The normal laws didn’t apply. They divided the labor into small, manageable chunks instead of exhausting themselves by trying to do everything at once. They were constantly begging for more of this or that. Her older son was killed by a drunk driver. He committed no crime. He was left with the dry-cleaning bill. He was dressed like a policeman and returned to the scene of the crime. They couldn’t make everything ideal. They included a map with directions. He tried reasoning with her by explaining the state of affairs. There were many quick tricks to improve the score. He was wise and didn’t panic. Even though the olive crop failed, they gave three gifts that abided. Initially, her husband humored her. 

It had its origins as a teaching tool. Once a tradition is broken it’s difficult to get it back on track. He was confident. He thought it might hurt people’s feelings. They were pushing people to the floor just to get it. The baby went into a box with the other things she loved. There was another quality, even more important. They were ranging through the countryside and spoke not a word. The greatest gift was to have a beautiful heart. It was over just as they got started. They all worked together for good. They were united. They trusted the name. The artificial trees were made of plastic that can ignite. He pondered a minute. It was a wonderful time to build a chain reaction. Lights make a dead world golden. 

Next year perhaps they’ll make him the center of attention. He watched everyone celebrating his birthday. It was a dynamic force that works in the lives of others. This tradition helps set the mood. They were small and insignificant. They risked a fire spreading without their knowledge. He drank from his memory and cried. He closed his eyes and dreamed of the following day. Maybe he would feel happy. Something had begun in him. 

Most of their toys were broken or boring. They surprised her with a trip. It stopped before it started. Something was changing, something quite odd. These factors gave a snapshot of an individual. He wanted to tell him a magic formula to take away the pain. They were able to provide up-to-date information. It was the wellspring of life in America. Many were confused. It was written to instruct young people. Every decoration was a reminder of what was missing in her life. He sang a song about “true love.” All was well with their world. 

They were out-of-town dealing with the situation. They thought it best to stay awhile. The fields lay empty and barren. The neighborhood wasn’t big enough for both of them. The need to get everything done is ever present. He looked at his watch and called to his son. He drove himself — and anyone else in his orbit — nuts. It was a day to honor poinsettias. They were trying to earn their “angel wings.” They recalled millions of toys because of safety concerns. He was especially noted for his charity. Few ships escaped damage. He resigned to avoid criminal charges. They cast their ballots. They saw the need for early diagnosis and treatment. He was charged with abuse of power. Response began slowly. He received a call from a former friend he hadn’t heard from in eighteen years. They sought to serve the community by bringing good news of things. 

There was just so much weariness they could handle. He said, “I wish it were over.” He couldn’t warrant the truthfulness of their presentations. They saw they had inappropriately given time to their second-best interests. A few blocks from his home he came across some men working on the side of the road. Suddenly, the rain and sleet pounded down. He was holding a small bag of groceries. He came for treatment that morning. He was hardly taller than an eight-year old. She had never served in the military. Her home was directly across the street from the clinic. He couldn’t handle the responsibility of a hungry family. She was never the smartest tack in the box. He was grateful that no pain accompanied his disease. He asked the old man if he could join them. He could sleep fine in a chair! He had an oversized heart crowded into a tiny body. 

He answered a telephone for troubled youths and families. They built pools and replaced liners. He looked for the best in others. He was at the peak of his success. There was some great drama. He was a hero to everyone but his wife. He began to see what he’d been missing. A screaming match concluded with the couple getting a divorce. Today the tradition continues. Skipping and jumping were shown to improve health. They suddenly stopped in the midst of intense prayer. They spoke broken English. He held it tightly, staring into the flame. There was no better response. They traveled many miles to see them that year. They hoped to pave the way. His act of giving back warmed his heart for decades. They were itching to tell him how their son or daughter was doing. They were far more likely to come into harm’s way. Some arrived crammed in the back of pickups. He wanted proof of his heart’s desire. They were busy rushing to parties. She prayed that little children would have the opportunity to skip and dance. They couldn’t extend their necks. He spoke up at a school meeting and suggested they should calculate what went wrong. Something was not right. A golden ray like dawn appeared across the hopeless bleak landscape. She cradled a baby — sometimes a big doll, sometimes a real baby. The effect causes the brain to release calming hormones. It was a day he would never forget. For a little while he made the world a happier place. 

They were the only shoes he had. He put on the warmest clothes he had. He saw a picture of a member of the military who died. No one seemed to have a room. No fitting candidate could be found. He knew more than everything. They reached each person who shops. They remembered their beginnings. Deep satisfaction came when their requests were fulfilled. He’d have given anything for five more minutes with him. The idea goes against every human instinct. He explained that he’d moved and left a map with hard-to-read directions. In a twinkling of an eye, her world was turned upside down. His tarnished credit rating began to improve. He knew a particular heaviness because of the hole in his heart. And so it went for several years. 

She replaced flailing with maneuvering. Sometimes she got tangled in the web. Only kind words came out of her mouth, no criticism or complaints. She let him wrap it in a ribbon and tie it with love. Their empty hearts became full. He didn’t look good. He recovered the use of his jaws. He upped the price. They did everything early. The little girl grinned from the back seat. They were hurrying to get somewhere. Frost lay on the limbs. It helped recall something very special. They didn’t dump things on the person sitting next to them. Her husband was reluctant to talk about this. She made sure her children were warm. He smiled and gave a mysterious wink. But he still didn’t have all the answers. 

The postman began delivering envelopes of all sizes. She giggled. It sounded like fun. They gathered around the chiming clock and ate a grape. Throwing dishes was a sign of domestic anger. A little boy was overheard praying. A seagull lay dead on the sand. It was obvious it was a losing proposition, the second maybe a wash. Someone teased her everyday. Most stuck it through with his ever-vigilant encouragement. The journey was best taken in the company of others. The only way to the other side is to go through it. He was thrown literally headlong into the solution. In this case, he pointed out, it was necessary. He couldn’t think of it without thinking of home. Little is known of his life. It was critical that he know what criteria to use. Was it a hoax perpetrated on the people? 

Has anyone made a great deal of money and then decided they had enough? It is this desire for more that drives people. There were a few differences between them. He was certain the children would be in good hands. There was a convenient location near hospitals. It was a very selective approach. They found a way to restore vigor to the man. He asked him what he thought would be appropriate attire. It was getting key attention from researchers. It was fundamental to the ways of getting along with people. He had a bright idea. He was going to show the plight of the haggard homeless in a greedy uncaring society in winter. 

He was sleeping soundly like any other baby. He was eager for change. She didn’t get a special day without teasing. He had a smirk on his face. They started the year by honoring the god of the sea. He had a lot on his doorstep. To say “Thank you” is to pray for them. People are sleeping. He followed it up with a good networking club of professionals. Who put the trash in their baskets? He didn’t worry about it. They had a joyful reunion and the ability to adjust upon return. Her schoolmates didn’t understand her disability. They served in harm’s way throughout the world. They were looking for the least expensive place. He began with the primary purpose of bringing finished work into the “love-fields of life.” They watched him climb the steps of the big old house. He knew he must go to the bathroom every hour. All of a sudden from out of the still night there came a ruckus. It was a waste. He was such a good student. Why did they allow their children to volunteer? They were of many races and representative of many economic classes. He became a stranger, saying, “Let us go.” It was a meaningful and joyous occasion. Snow fell softly as families headed towards the focal point. It included fireplaces, radiators and candles. It became a golden life living the golden rule. 

— from The Good News Journal, Vol. XIII, No. 12, December 2008

— December 8-15, 2008