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the final gong

The Final Gong 

A SUPERNORMAL science will forever remain a myth to mankind and ordinary people will always crawl along. Only a portion of the mysteries of the cosmos, which remain unfathomable enigmas on which we dwell, is just skin-deep. They dare not admit, dare not face up to, dare not approach the facts eradicating all fallacies invisible and intangible but reflected in forms. They put labels of superstition on immeasurable and boundless worlds. 

Different spaces of material existence originated in some remote past and many great occult ways of cultivation purify our bodies to prepare us to attain the goal, which may sound somewhat miraculous, required to understand that the profound subtleness will never fail to be realized. 

It existed long before religions came into being. They were in embryo at this stage of existence. Then it was colored to some extent. It fits the consciousness of contemporary people. It is inherently the way. It is not an invention. It has a long history and there are several advantages in practicing it. 

People who have supernormal capabilities have found that the universe is a reconstructed entity. When a new planet was born, mankind began to multiply. We have discovered a lot of things beyond civilization with a remarkable artistic value unmatched by contemporary works. There is a large rock with a human figure. How could there be a telescope 3000 years ago? A rod in India above 99% purity is beyond the modern smelting technology. They might have been micro-organisms. No satisfactory explanation has been offered for them. 

In some countries it is called “magic art.”

Once he performed walking through the Great Wall. He covered himself with a white sheet propped against the wall. Many people wanted to see and believe he was performing magic. He was afraid of being interfered with. He held up a sheet and then walked out of it. An expert sees the knack of the trick. They exhibit miracles and performances for entertainment. At a low level it serves to improve one’s physical condition. 

The two are one in reality. The human body can bring into play this energy of matter in the form of light with very tiny particles in great density. He can rectify abnormal states outside his body. It grows spiraling from the top of one’s head in a well-concealed space which is difficult to see. 

Some people may practice being “locked up.” It is not wrong to hope but intense pursuit will lead to bad consequences, something employed to show off to people. They were controlled by their superior space master. They really wish to cry aloud. Those with supernormal abilities were invited to enter a competition. They were not able to see the truth of it, a kind of black substance around one’s body existing in another space. He stretches out his hand to have a try. With no energy armor to protect him he will only feel ill. This is not worth doing. 

Like the work of a camera, the penetrative sight, an image in the back of the brain looking directly out of the opening, which is narrow and dark because there is no light in it and their channels are blocked. There are eyes all over the body. Some can see a large eye so that they can directly see scenes in other spaces like the blossoming of a flower with its petals spreading out, a ball of light which looks not very bright but soon turns red, drilling inwards, the forehead swelling and aching, causing a violent reaction. 

Suitable only for perceiving objects in the physical world, any object appears in different forms in different spaces, which can be something else before it comes into existence, as a glass in another space as large as the universe. In front of his forehead there is a mirror which will gradually turn over and reflect what he wants to see for a moment, turning over and over very quickly faster than that of film, clear and continuous moving images, which we complete as we see them. 

We have no way to probe other spaces which can be explained in theory but not by science though they deny their existence, which find reflections in our space of reality, the theoretical framework shaped by the human mind, which is actually a channel to another space that unlike a door to a house opens in an unpredictable way when in the twinkling of an eye man feels the special difference and finds himself in another space, like a lot of balls linked to each other by lines in all directions. 

A boundless sky turned up as if it had sprung from another world. People were busy on the ground. He managed to return at last. He saw a totally different view. He thought of what he had seen before as in a performance. He did in advance what he would do later. 

Conventional means used in human society only see the focus in this space not at all confined to this world and beyond its scope the aspect has got lost, which only makes him feel it more. Pull out the root and then the energy covering reduced to a status as low as the law of human society through the human body section by section as one sees in a microscope examination with a glance, his eyes closed, sunk into oblivion in modern society, too obsessed with material things. 

Some people become very nervous in the remote mountains for they gather and absorb cosmic energy automatically rejecting things from outside spreading among people possessed of unique skills developed at the lowest level to cut a stone with a hand looking like a kind of light under the command of a mere thought brought into play strengthened incessantly with the particles growing smaller and the energy greater forming a protective covering around the body in violent movement in the muscles beneath the skin. 

The reverse order is a quicker way of cultivation, filling him from outside his body incessantly, pouring into his body, making up a field of energy, possessed of energy overnight, freeing them from sufferings, gaining both fame and wealth until "is" disappears completely in the end. 

It is a language of subtle beings a little bit higher than us in another space acting as a megaphone which does not know what it is talking about, swelled with pride and complacent, trying to talk through his mouth. He does not know how to dispel disease or keep fit, scattering energy with little power, which does great harm to people, things going wrong with them at once, dominating his brain in order to consume the essence of it, they will satisfy his desire for money and fame but that will help for nothing, leaving him he will have nothing left and turn into a vegetable man. 

Open and above board unconsciously they are not strict with themselves and think about something bad, adding something bad to themselves, obsessed by strong desires, getting into trouble. 

IT SHOWS great originality and is very different, well-grounded in all virtues specially re-arranged to facilitate their popularization on the level on which it is practiced, a miniature of the cosmos with incomparable power in a short time turning automatically and incessantly, collecting and evolving continuously, eventually transformed, refined internally, protecting from deviant ways, resisting harassing from evil-mind people, rotating constantly, turning clockwise and counter-clockwise absorbing powerful energy more and more forcefully by filling the top of the head, releasing energy in the counter-clockwise rotation, benefiting all the people around it. 

It is not to be traded for gold. Anxious to get it, they cannot. Only after a very, very long time will it be passed on, so it is extremely valuable, like a human being, having fundamental qualities beyond its physical composition, as it really is, behaving truly, becoming completely assimilated, reaching a certain level, ultimately achieving consummation. 

An intelligent spinning entity of high-energy matter rotates in accordance with the cosmos, almost bright yellow while its background is red, composed of red and black fish, its color changeable so it looks very beautiful spinning like an electric fan, protecting the practitioner from deviant trouble, evil people, thinking about practice all the time without a stop, drawing inward a great amount of energy, stored and evolved into matter of high quality, this is the ventable inner elixir not to be found in our space, so solid and pretty, even science cannot tell what they’re made of. They have no way to push out or burst it intentionally, and as a result are suffocated to death when they spit it out before passing away. 

To act and think in everyday life along with ancestors, from your family without getting lost in human society, only as its carriers, immensely proud of your achievements, it is very difficult to give up reality, especially for those who are obsessed. Involved in that society with nothing left, all that has been achieved will be totally ruined and does not grow on their bodies in a subsidiary position under the most complicated circumstances. Having reached perfection one day, they will take your energy away, having the final say as if in sleep, knowing nothing, going upward, something in a trance in your hand directed at you. You may wonder how you have come out that way, so you may tell one from the other and not lose oneself completely, sober-minded, or something will come up and dominate you. 

If you suddenly find yourself facing South, you may wonder how you came out that way according to cosmic qualities, paying no attention to direction or time, facing in all directions, made by people here on earth, cultivating you all the time, it’s all up to you to decide. Human nature and human life with different molecular structures and compositions, fundamentally changed, living within human society, the flesh still soft, the bones still hard, the body will still bleed when cut with a knife, the blood flowing; the body no longer of the original material, composed of the matter of other spaces subject to the restriction of time, looking very young and wearing ordinary clothes, these are not fantastic stories. 

Their wrinkles have become fewer and the cheeks shine so they do not feel tired when walking or working, without apparent change in appearance, prolonging one’s life, delaying one’s decline and achieving longevity, enabling the body to expand from inside, “flying up into the air in broad daylight,” walking with brisk steps, pushing him upward, moving from one organ to another to remove objects, needed to operate at the same time along the borderline between the sides of all the crisscross channels. All this works automatically and all at once to reinforce the energy mechanism outside our bodies very blocked and narrow, as wide as a finger. Three flowers have gathered at the top of your head and turn in rotation as they revolve making the head feel very heavy. They have many ways of saying it. He takes a rest and goes out for a walk. Existing in another space, the normal state of human development can produce inspirations brought onto a stage all at once after physical adjustment as it goes out and in like this, repeatedly naughty, kind and fond of play. 

ACHIEVING the difficult, a further step forward, immense and knowing no bounds, it covers various aspects, greed, gains, lust, desires, thoughts and immoral conducts, living in a world where society is complicated, someone will come up and stop you for unearthly reasons with jealousy and hatred, amidst mental suffering, something very big you must be prepared to bear, the heart of an ordinary person. There is nothing they cannot give up which is only transient, his bones to be burnt to ashes, unaware of it settled, sooner or later insulting each other with vicious abuse to make up for the humiliation inflicted on them in the eyes of the ordinary people, a white substance that is extremely precious, which never grows on them to bring to light the truth. If so, you feel discomfort here and there in your body due to emotional friction which seems vehement and puts you in an extremely awkward position without encountering any trouble. 

To tell the truth, something very powerful when you are in trouble with intelligence no lower than others, it is not easy to come to this world or raise a fist to punch, tiring and meaningless. It is hard to go through a tribulation and not flare up but manage to restrain yourself, living for spite, ready to do anything, a long run and high goal, not indispensable, yet many people are unaware of it because everything divides into two, his neighbors open their doors and windows looking down on others, not allowing others to surpass them. Losing his psychological balance, his jealousy is up, the cause of his own problem. If you stay where you are and harm your fellow man just sitting there like a large mountain, subtle beings that floated towards him an armor protecting him from attacks, so obsessed with something he cannot give up, it is only too natural and may cause stagnation. 

He throws his white substance onto his opponent and finds the world quite different, an object taking shape predestined to work, flies and mosquitoes that die at the time they are appointed to die. You work your way up with excessive nervousness living under constant fear of doing something wrong, ready to contend and fight what we can not bear to see, a sentence you speak. 

What you owe must be paid. The problems you will meet with in the future are not accidental, going through some tribulations, all of the things ordinary people hold on to, a bitter dispute over trifles. Sometimes a killing pain falling down and fading away, periodic and heart-gnawing, they shed tears for no reason. From their innermost world to their outward appearance and manners, they look so kind at first sight. A car running fast towards them, something unpleasant to the ear, she had been injured here and there, pushed along so far and then thrown heavily into the street. It seems so great when it comes, be prepared to bear great sufferings, meeting difficulties head-on, more violent and unexpected. 

Sometimes from the phenomena of daily life from other spaces something will come up to trouble you, thoughts thronging your mind, a hubbub out of the quietude, the demon of lust trying to attract and seduce you, some terrible, ferocious but quite distinct person who wants to kill you with knife in hand. 

A kind of tangible substance, he laughs at it loudly, which forms a protective screen around his body, which makes it impossible, inconceivable. They take it as a tall story, foolish and superstitious. They have to suffer a bit more than the others, the hardship of hardships, they have got into trouble and all burst out of the true picture of all the spaces of the cosmos, the truth of the universe to make more demands on yourself. 

Not clear and clean in mind, an endless stream of thought, his head swimming by vulgar and unhealthy things, touch little or nothing, powerful and more practical, given all that he ought to, playing an important part in the future, entirely a business of your own, making light of your vested interests as something insignificant, enduring what is difficult to endure. 

IT’S A SPECIAL way that shows originality of high hierarchy though rearranged, revolving automatically, evolving ethereal energy incessantly strengthening supernormal powers intended to stretch and open up all at once a very strong energy field, unblocking under the skin to circulate unimpededly, being surrounded, you feel yourself big and tall. 

To form hollows under the armpits, legs up gradually, the head propped up and both feet firm, the whole body gradually in front of the chest outward together abruptly, instantly obliquely the fingertips stretching downward, the head up and pushed to the front overlapping the hands rotating between the arms, feel no fatigue and do not wobble, although it is normal to move slightly. The longer it lasts, the better. 

Relaxed but not slackened, the teeth slit a little, peaceful and serene from the above position form a circle embracing a wheel facing the two ears, wind up, mix and exchange and “open the top of the head,” the passage under his feet. Two empty barrels incomparably tall emit out in the opposite direction against the hard palate, the tongue tip up and down continuously moving in this way over a large area to rectify abnormal conditions, well-grounded from top to bottom each movement is unhurried. 

Conjoin and squat down when the hands cannot go any further over the shoulders with a gap to take the energy back over with a considerable foundation, hot, heavy and numb the longer one sits unhurried, slow and smooth, made with considerable force over the shank, coherent and continuous, asunder on both sides to be enhanced there, the power of a ball shape. Let everything go naturally, strengthening the pillar shape, as long as you can pull the legs apart, open your eyes when necessary, unfolded and easy. Those who are too weak and ill to pave the way, interfered with by some terrifying scenes or feeling threatened, just say the name “I-Am-Not-Afraid-Of-Anything.” 

It does not exist in our space to adjust your physical conditions and does not move about to give you something good when it turns that way with the intestines in your belly having nothing to do with the world, to release strings when the energy is discharged equipped with other things too big and profound, for it knows everything that you are thinking about clearly in a dream floating in the air, real to your eyes and memorized. 

Trouble usually finds its expression in ordinary lives. Your house is no exception and needs clearing. When I put an energy covering over it, you will feel the focus breaking up a black mass swelling and its lost root beginning to disperse, expelled from your body, removing your diseases to change your mentality. 

Take profits lightly but you should not drift along as the time is passing by, no longer ordinary people attracting small animals in the process, myriads of things in practice just stand there with a faint idea that you are the biggest giant between heaven and earth, sitting on the front part of a chair. You do not have to care about your age. Why worry about time when your life is extended, though your hands seem very gentle? Your life will be in danger immediately exceeding what is proper. Craving for nothing but this, their minds are filled with such things. 

Sometimes they have a fever as if having a cold but they never pay attention to it. Is there any distance in space when you are not with them, watching them every day, a complete set of things, not a supernatural power adopting these things, afraid you did not catch his words in a broad sense? Nobody can disturb you. A lot of things have become prevalent nowadays, something cheap and evil, feeling their heads swelling and swimming. The disease in their heads is being removed too vigorously. The reaction too strong to bear. It makes your head ache beyond endurance. 

Do not drag on too long for a consideration of face when you are not able to see the turning and give you such a sensation made public in theory when you are terribly hungry as you are told to do. At the beginning many worries and anxieties rub your face with their hands. Is energy leaking that could be found even on the walls gone astray to benefit more people in advance on the spot adding wind to urge the fire? Thought of it is enough, penetrating cosmic streams passing through his body with a swing of his hand, beyond the stage of unsteadiness sure to throw away the clouds hanging low and turning up and down. The thunderbolts struck on the ground and were roaring and it was very dark, a loud noise in deep quietude, all their energy explodes and runs out of their bodies. You can count the number in mind and ask a child to count beside you. You might be suffering from some disease together with the students in the park, which depends on one’s destiny to develop the mysterious mechanism. Beyond verbal description, every movement has a lot of meanings riding in a bus or standing in a queue turning horizontally with a mantra on the wheel passed down from the remote past, extremely subtle and complex, like a precision instrument. 

It’s only a saying used by those who want to get rid of diseases which will not disturb him, something to crave for, malignant messages, a dream in which he failed to restrain himself when having a bitter quarrel with somebody emerging unexpectedly. Dare you kill a person if it is in conformity with the universe just about a trifle identified in our physical world, but in another space your black substance will be transformed, killing three birds with one stone. You feel delighted and show off before others when evil spirits bring you money and fame, but you feel bad and cannot bear suffering. They will have to leave and take the profits they offer you, fearful when they come near it, if you are not in your right mind meeting with such problems, because they do not know the principles to put right all the wrongs. 

They do not get wet in the rain or come down again in order to be there forever and have to do an extra job to suffer the pains with no choice but to struggle against a lot of problems that crop up to protect your life from danger left alone for you to experience, resolve and understand by yourself, which may be true or false. When in a changing mood, thinking bad things, your mind is filled with ideas, you can ask yourself when in trouble, requiring no more than to take things lightly with the incessant increase. 

HALOS AS big as the head behind you, a golden light in the spray which serves as free passages so that they are able to see in the twinkling of an eye your shadow, an energy column at the top of his head, a perception of them, the performance of small miracles, as society develops independent of one’s will. Nobody can determine its course. 

From the top of the head, not confined to that place, it can go out with a dark hole in the middle, its petals spreading out rapidly, starlight and lightning, red and green halos around his head with a faint glance when he wants to have a close look at it, some circles in the air. When you know how to use it even when you are unable to use it, it works very well. The different planes will gradually raise your level, continuously improving yourself. The highest status they know is boundless. 

Does what they see on his body really exist in another space in which there is no time and space, divided into different planes, which looks so beautiful with a sudden sound, the body burst open in some aspects, a feeling that your hands or other parts of your body can’t move, fixed on the spot, when he turns to them for help, not knowing even where they stand? A more serious disease opens your hands and brings into play your powers without any personal desires. Living in the physical world we have to go to work, govern our tongue. In the course of nature, assimilated to the cosmic qualities, the universe can become large or small. Staying here, he will tell them nothing but leave everything with eyes closed, sometimes a green light around you. 

I do not think you can do nothing. You can take lightly or let go of trifles to enter into a high space. Your life has been rearranged, the things you hold on to sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, just in front of you, an ordeal you must overcome allowed to interfere. It is good if you think what you have done is wrong when they encroach on your interests. Who are they, by scientific means now available, according to the qualities, so many vertical and horizontal planes in which mutual relations were established and some beings, who begin to change? Not as good as before, they go through some hardships and split up again. 

— from China Falun Gong (Revised Edition) by Mr. Li Hong Zhi; 
Falun Fo Fa Publishing Co, Hong Kong, 1998

— March 2008