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signs of life

Signs of Life 

   The sole means now for the saving of the beings of the planet Earth would be to implant into their presences a new organ of such properties that everyone of these unfortunates during the process of existence should constantly sense and be cognizant of the inevitability of his own death as well as of the death of everyone upon whom his eyes or attention rests.
   Only such a sensation and such a cognizance can now destroy the egoism completely crystallized in them that has swallowed up the whole of their Essence and also that tendency to hate others which flows from it — the tendency, namely, which engenders all those mutual relationships existing there, which serve as the chief cause of all their abnormalities unbecoming to human beings and maleficent for them themselves and for the whole of the Universe.
— G. Gurdjieff, “All and Everything”

   Persons are personalities, “faces,” embodying the dreams of their loved ones, objects of the attentions of others, recipients of love, and therefore worthy of honoring
...Although a body may be treated as a thing or a corpse, it remains a person to members of its family.
   Q: When does a body stop being a person? 
   A: It never stops being a person to those who love it.
— from Carl Becker, “Breaking the Circle

She was the mother of six, the architect of family unity, deliverer of strength, everlasting teacher, always loving and giving. This is the last foundation she cultivated. They truly miss her and she is still deep in their hearts. 

He always had a funny quote to say to make you laugh. “Let’s throw the bull some hay,” or “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” Besides reading and watching old westerns and war movies, his favorite pastime was softball. He was a likable guy wherever he went. Someone always knew him. He could talk on the phone for hours about anything. He would not want them to dwell on their grief. He would want them to remember the good times they had together and to prepare for the time when they will be together again. Her heart aches for him everyday. “Loved ones never leave, they are forever near,” she thought. 

His early talent and speedy fingers brought him fame. He’d been going downhill the last few months. He had an illustrious career that spanned seven decades. He had an impressive collection of awards. He was the finest technician she had ever seen. They became such good friends and she felt very close to him. He set the pace for just about everybody. He really was just special. 

He was an ambitious, young politician. He was known as a national leader. He was also active in community affairs. He led several pilgrimages. His speeches were positive in tone, practical and insightful. His gregarious personality was enjoyed by all. Multiple health problems overwhelmed his indomitable spirit. 

He owned a drug store. She became a housewife and mother. In walked a young pharmaceutical salesman and they were soon wed. She made a wonderful home for her family. The house was always full of friends and relatives. She was witty and charming and fun to be with. She possessed a quiet joy that drew people to her. She would travel great distances to visit dear friends. She had a kind and gentle spirit. 

A crowd is expected today. She rose from singing for nickels. Alone on stage she compassionately plucked a 12-string guitar. 

She honed her many administrative talents. He had many assignments. She honored her American Indian heritage. She was very active in her moms’ group. Some of them were angels of mercy in their time of need. He worked the family farms and mercantile business. She had a heart of gold. She was “adopted” by many who would have had no where else to turn to if she had not been there for them. Faith and spirit filled his life. Right to the end she loved to play games. He was initially trained as a telegraph operator. He flew a glider mission in the final air assaults. She opened her heart to everyone (especially the little ones). 

He hadn’t been able to carry out his duties for several years. He rose through the ranks to become a movie producer. He took Fred Astaire out of his top hat. He was given a special award for his services. She was a co-founder of the Glastonbury rock festival. He presided over the introduction of the passenger railroad’s high-speed express service. 

He worked as a bookkeeper and a weatherman in Iceland. He lived a full and faithful life. He was a major contributor to the hospital. He was a kind and sweet man who loved old movies, model trains and beagles. He attended chef classes and was a great cook. He was an excellent writer. The family is grateful for the care they gave him. 

He served several tours and became nationally recognized as a service expert. His knowledge was vital. They knew he was here with them, the love he provided that made everything priceless. 

He grew up hunting raccoons for the ladies’ hat trade. He came into manhood in time for World War II. On a fateful summer day he walked into a store covered in sweat and dust. She begged her daddy to stop for a bag of tea lemons. He looked her up and down. Cupid’s arrow had struck. He loved to drive the train for children. He lived his life helping others. He will be buried in a pine box in the ground where, as a young man, he had dug the graves of his elders, close to his boyhood hunting ground. 

She had five children and two husbands. The world forever changed when she passed away. Words cannot express the impact she had. She excelled in tennis. He was with her to the very end. 

She told them not to cry for her, that she was ready to leave. But they do cry for her, she was so strong and brave. They’d rather have her here. Nothing has been the same. 

He obtained an engineering degree while working full time. He was a member of the sports Hall of Fame. He was an honorable Christian family man and an encourager to achieve greatness. He had an infectious smile and a twinkle in his blue eyes. He was involved in many activities, playing golf regularly with friends. He enjoyed many milestones in his life. He was a kind and gentle soul known for his caretaker role. There was a long rehabilitation, permanent disability from a severe leg wound. He disappeared for a week when many government employees were evacuated to a secret location. 

He was a man of many talents and interests. He had a life-long love of learning. He shared his knowledge for several years with students who were seeking licenses. His interest in politics drew him into service as a delegate to several conventions. He greatly enjoyed the friends he met at auctions and the excitement of collecting almost everything. 

They lived in various locations in the United States and abroad. He was a kind, fun-loving and caring person throughout his short time on earth. He worked hard and played hard. They loved and appreciated him and have shown great support during the tragic time. She was a beloved aunt and supported many charitable organizations. She is asking many questions stored in her heart for him. She combined her love of the Lord with photography. She was noted for her sweet spirit, generous nature, quick wit and beauty. She had the faith of a child to which we should all aspire. 

It was a year since he walked through the golden gates. They knew he was in the best hands ever. It wasn’t “goodbye,” it was “see you later.” He went on to serve with the police department. At the time of his death he was serving as a pastor. They extended their heartfelt thanks to all who supported their family. 

He always took care of his responsibilities. He gave a house to his mother. God blessed him with a wonderful marriage. He stayed married until his death. He delivered beer for 30 years. She enjoyed dancing, cooking, sewing. He was a true pillar of his community. She struggled with her condition and learned from it for the rest of her life. At an early age he began selling ice cream and maintaining yards. He began his cattle ranch. She had a passion for a broad range of health and environmental conditions. She had a golden laughter and was obsessed by garage sales and thrift stores. He was the youngest mayor elected in town. He led his family and friends by example. His work ethic, integrity, loyalty and self-responsibility were greatly respected. She was an avid guitarist and artist. She was looking forward to becoming a sound-room designer. He had a warrior spirit and reached out to make life his own. Now he watches over his sister. He leaves our hearts filled with love. She is now dancing with the angels. She remained devotedly married until his death. He set up the first televisions for the network. 

She was picked to manage the ship data bank. She could not sit still if any kind of music was playing. Friends will always remember the many parties she hosted at her home. Her pantry was always fully stocked for any occasion. 

They miss his beautiful smile so much. The wonderful memories he created keep them smiling and laughing. He lived a fantastic life having a dynamite time. 

She provided special touches of love for her entire family. She was a wonderful wife and mother who enjoyed cooking and being out-doors. “Life is how the time goes by,” he said. He attended concerts and plays and collected antiques and art. She enjoyed raising goats. He could always be seen enjoying a great meal and loved hosting parties for dozens of friends. She lived with a zest most of us want. 

She had a positive influence on many people she helped with an open heart. She could be tough as nails, tell it like it is, let the chips fall where they may, but she had the biggest, softest heart and most generous nature you will ever find. She treated each day as a new beginning. She had many dear friends around the world. She had a passion for travel. Her beauty, expertise and elegance made a lasting impression on those who knew her. She had an adventuresome spirit, impeccable taste and a keen eye for the aesthetic. 

He left a legacy of service. He was a self-described “thinker,” a man of few words. He held fast to his dignity during his last illness. A common thread throughout all his activities was his love of photography. The mother of his children died suddenly. He devoted his income to continuing the education of the personnel. His greatest need was forgiveness. 

She headed a volunteer group counseling students about personal issues. She served as a volunteer for twenty-five years. Her legacy will ripple outward for many years. He moved into the house he still occupied at the time of his death. He was a voracious reader and contemplated a writing career. He was assigned to a top secret operation interrogating high-level prisoners and gleaned information that changed the course of the war. He was interviewed about those days just before his death. The brotherhood was finally able to reminisce. He loved working in his yard. 

He accepted a teaching position. He became a highly respected educator and translator. He befriended many top writers along the way. He kept up a lively correspondence with friends and read voraciously. His dog was curled at the foot of his bed when he died. His grandchildren will remember his as a gentle soul. They brought him a lot of joy and comfort. 

He was involved in peace, environmental and social justice concerns. They traveled extensively in the southwest. He had a passion for music and participated in quartets and combos. He played tenor sax and clarinet. Music reverberated throughout. He continued to sing with great gusto and organized a band featuring original arrangements. “Let everybody be inspired, have a few laughs and get on with their lives,” he said. “There’s more to life than meets the eye, more to come.” He passed away after a lengthy battle with prostate and bone cancer. 

He managed the integration, test, training and launch of communications. Health reasons made him move closer to his family. His career allowed him to travel the world for both work and pleasure. His family was precious to him. He loved playing the drums. He took great joy in following sports of any kind. This enthusiasm was passed on to his children. His greatest dream was to build a home on his land in Hawaii. He became a successful rancher and builder of residential and commercial projects. 

Together they shared their lives, raising a family and running a business. He was truly a remarkable person in many ways. Thanks to all who helped during this difficult time. His favorite hobbies were watching and collecting old movies. He grew up swimming at the springs and running though the hotel lobby. He proudly volunteered to serve in the Air Force and was awarded a Silver Star. He wrote two children’s books. He published articles that became statewide templates for education. Everyone was aware of his generous nature and giving spirit. He was a true visionary. He was fascinated by science and medical advances. It was his last venture that he was especially proud of. His design and subsequent development served as a prototype. It delivered care at the lowest cost. They came to his aid so quickly. They are most thankful for the extra gift of time. 

He enjoyed gathering and inviting everyone. She was a loyal employee for 17 years. He enjoyed life to the fullest. He departed the earth without the physical pain that could have been. He especially loved teaching. He owned an import-export business. Most important to his heart was family and friends. Her concern extended to others. She was a giving person both of her time and herself. She spent several years working as an insurance agent and supported many charities. She worked for many years and retired at age 82. He passed away after a long illness. He enjoyed a career of mechanic. He peacefully passed away following a valiant battle. Her life hobbies were epitomized by her volunteer services. 

He was the seventh of eleven children. He met and married the love of his life. They lived many places throughout the country. His birth name means warrior and he lived up to that name. He proudly served his country. He battled blindness and four bouts of cancer, beating the odds and winning every time. Ultimately he lost his final battle. 

She was the first woman Union tile setter in the city. She was an expert in porous coatings, which led to the successful manufacturing of hips and knees for the world market. More important than an enviable work ethic was her commitment to those less fortunate. She was deeply devoted to her family. Many aunts, uncles, cousins, and devoted friends are deeply saddened by the passing of this gracious lady. Their hearts are broken. 

In her spare time she had begun to paint and became quite an artist. She had the opportunity to live in many varied and interesting places. She was bestowed with a nickname which moniker stayed with her the rest of her life. She was extremely outgoing and gregarious and involved in many things. She was always involved and on the move and had a knack of getting others on the move too. She was a true patriot. 

He oversaw the day-to-day operations. He was a fervent supporter of the First Amendment. It was often a source of pain. He rarely mentioned his injury. He remained optimistic about the future. With all his flaws, he still reported the rough and tumble and exposed the weak sisters. He owned and operated his own business. 

She raised her daughters with love and devotion. She was an intelligent, poised, strong and beautiful woman. He was a general “do-it-all” man. He instilled in his children a love for the great outdoors. He spent many hours with them fishing the creeks and hunting game. She met the love of her life. She enjoyed painting ceramics and porcelain figurines. She presented him with a set of grandchildren. He was an active member of the community. She was employed in various offices. It was a long year without the sound of his voice, his helping hand, the warmth of his embrace. His strong spirit will live on forever. She celebrated their 50th Anniversary just before passing. He wore a smile and giggled all the time. She couldn’t help but love everyone she met. 

She moved through life with a maturity beyond her years and an elegance matched only by ballet dancers. She quickly made a spiritual connection with nature. The outdoors — the wind, the water, the hills — defined the way she lived. She was always anxious to be in the water, hiking the hills, reaffirming nature as her space. She intended to make education her centerpiece. She loved reading epic stories and histories. Her joy was a force of nature. She shared a strong connection with the beliefs and ways of the wolf. She howled at the moon with her dogs. She instinctively served as a guide for those around her. She was a lover of music but an incredibly bad singer. She loved works of art and was one herself. She never left any doubt where she stood. 

Heaven welcomed another angel the other day. She will be a star attraction. Her career spanned three decades. She was honored on her retirement. She was given a plaque in appreciation of her faithful service. They agreed that their marriage couldn’t have been happier or more rewarding. 

He rose to the rank of captain. His vivid photography of remote work sites in desert and rain forest are appreciated by his family to this day. He owned several businesses. “He was the nicest man I’ve ever known,” someone said. It was still unbelievable that he’d gone on the other side. He was fired on by gunmen and taken hostage. He was known as Bill to his family and friends. They embrace the memory of his life but rest in peace knowing that he soars in the highest flight. 

She had a joyous spirit, a rewarding smile. Her skills for cooking and baking endeared her to many people. She and her husband were charter members of the country club. She was an avid reader and bridge player, a great story teller. Mostly she will be remembered for her open door, open heart, open mind. 

He dedicated his life’s work to public service. He was active in his faith. She was very proud of her heritage. She had a tremendous love for flowers and all living plants. She would rather be in her kitchen than anywhere else, with the possible exception of fishing. She loved to dance and at the drop of a hat would take her husband for a spin around the living room. He loved traveling — Europe, Israel, U.S. and Canada. 

He passed away suddenly but peacefully in his sleep while on a hunting trip. He was passionate about ranching. They were like daughters to him. Hats and Boots were welcome at the wake! He will be deeply missed by the many lives he touched. He was a third-generation farmer. 

He was dedicated and faithful to his job. He “lived to play golf.” He was the owner/broker of a real estate agency. He spent most his life working as an operator building a pipeline. Prior to her illness she spent many years traveling. She had a love of life and was loved by all who knew her. She had a passion for ballroom dancing. Every so often she would speak about a long ago blooming rose or magnolia blossom. Everyone has been involved in her care and support system. She is survived by her boyfriend. 

He will be truly missed. He was beloved on his business and residential routes. They looked forward to his daily rounds and sunny outlook. He was a natural musician who played by ear, delighting all who had the pleasure of hearing his joyful creativity. He helped build three houseboats, whistling while hammering nails or painting boards. He was a man of simple goodness, a magnanimous soul. His career took his family to many cities. He had a passion for ham radio. He died during his recuperation from an automobile accident. He was a thoughtful, wise man. 

She had friends everywhere. She loved all her animals and collected teddy bears. It’s hard to believe she’s gone to the other side. 

He left his mark as a recruiter. The opportunity made the two inseparable. It provided them with special memories and experiences. He seemed happiest when he was cooking for everybody. 

She had a long struggle with her health. She made her career as a bookkeeper and made several life-long friends. She always made a lasting impression. Even neighborhood strays became household pets. 

His career led him to many cities. Her most cherished accomplishment was her family. She was an admirer of music, movies and margaritas. She was well known for her keen wit. He grew up on a farm in the era when horses and mules were the prevalent means for plowing fields. They established a prominent orphanage. Her ability to share funny stories will be remembered by all. He was the fourth child and had two sons to carry on his legacy. He was respected for loyalty and service. He moved to Colorado to be with his daughter after the death of his wife. He was an accomplished artist and enjoyed painting landscapes. She worked delivering mail and supplies. What started as a job turned into a career. She helped design the original model. It was fabulous because of the song and the characters, the way they were moving. What she shared with everyone was passion. 

He focused his energy on the insurance industry. Their mother had loving care. He was unfailingly kind and gentle. He lived to share and teach. His father died of a heat stroke and he became the family breadwinner. He enjoyed corny humor. Money was useful for the way it could help others. He taught public school. He played his college band trumpet. She spent many hours making beautiful needlepoint. 

He formed a lasting love for Brazilian rhythms, which would always make him dance. He taught farming to fellow veterans. She was a retired secretary. He was master carpenter. He did exquisite woodwork. They worked tirelessly to assist him. She made an immeasurable difference in his quality of life. 

He became a railroad engineer. He was loved and respected in the local music scene. He played and judged in many contests. His duty was to discover enemy troop movements. All the while he continued his military career. His smiling face and positive attitude made his a valued addition. He was an accomplished thinker, reader and writer. But his life ended tragically. 

He devoted his life to ecologically safe methods of cleaning carbon pollution. He was active in many prestigious committees. He was always writing and editing scientific books. 

She was unconventional and a free spirit. She loved riding her bike, sunsets, sunrises, children, plants, animals, shooting stars, God and her family and friends. He loved his motorcycle and rode it wherever he went. He enjoyed anything having to do with water. He was very spiritual. She leaves behind those who cherish her memory. He was one of those people who didn’t mind giving advice for free. He was an outgoing man who remained very active in his advancing age. 

There were many things he was looking forward to do. You would be amazed at how far his spirit has spread all over the world. He never missed an opportunity to say hello. She enjoyed a nip of white wine. She would never admit that she was a wonderful cook. She is survived by eight children. He had a demeanor that could fool you. 

If you got close to him you were treated with a quick wit and a very worldly person. The couple was making a “slow move.” He had a baritone voice and Ivy League credentials. He was a really good partner for her. She accepted a teaching job at the school she’d attended in her youth. He was the most eligible bachelor in school. During those years, she was busy raising their growing family. She was active in her children’s activities. They were avid sports fans. He died on the biggest football day of the year. She was able to stay in her home for many years. 

She lived for and loved her family. Her motto was: “Without family and love in your life you have nothing.” She always remembered to thank God for everything that she had. 

He had a full and productive life. He was a brilliant and productive business man. Many schools, churches, industrial plants and road projects remain as testament to his company’s success. He pursued multiple business interests. He had a strong presence and charisma but he was also warm and genuine. He continued running and lifting weight until his illness. 

She was in charge of the key department. She loved to play golf. She had unique given names. She married him shortly before he shipped out. He landed on the beach in support of the invasion. He was a life-long advocate of the public school system and the underprivileged. 

She was employed for 11 years. He drove an amphibious tank onto the beach. He cooked and served many a meal. She loved meeting new people. The many friends she made were friends for life. He loved anything that went fast. He will leave a long legacy for generations to come. She was an excellent instructor. They provided care for their brother. She was president of her sorority in her junior year. Her husband considered her intellectual, social and political contributions fully as significant as his own. She organized activities when the children were young. 

They were faithful members. They were avid travelers and visited many countries. She will be remembered as a firm believer in values. She presided over many family gatherings filled with laughter and lore. She looked beautiful every day. Sometimes, when one is really happy, one cries. Serving his country was a great source of pride. He won many trophies. She passed from this life after a short illness at home. 

He was an air and heating mechanic. He was a general jack of all trades. He loved listening to baseball on the radio and eating a bowl of ice cream. He instilled in his children a love of the outdoors. 

He was the first student to receive a degree in Slavic languages. Her self-effacing humor and respectful and decent treatment of others gained her love and affection. She was raised in a close-knit, hardworking, fun-loving family of modest means. They fed many in the community for decades. The family scattered and pursued lives away from home, yet they remained closely bonded. Her heart was always “down South.” She was a conscientious homemaker. They provided him with an upbringing of uncommon support and understanding. She struggled quietly with hearing loss. He went on to become an aviator of both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. He was an expert in search and rescue. He was responsible for saving many lives in adverse weather conditions. He was known for his exceptional ingenuity. His final years were dimmed by Alzheimer’s disease. He is survived by his lifetime mate. 

She was very active in her church. She enjoyed making quilts for her family. He became the manager of generation and power production. He did his own investments and loved traveling. He was a lifetime student of everything around him. He was kind and charming. His good works were proof of his faith. He had an illustrious coaching career. 

Her music was shared through teaching piano and directing choirs. She sang with her sisters and several big bands. She supported her husband throughout his career. He danced every dance at least once and some twice. Telling jokes in an elevator was how he met the love of his life. He was a “favorite” uncle because he was so easy going and fun. She was inspired to be a nurse by witnessing the loss of her father. Nurses comforted him in the last moments of his life. She had a grand sense of humor. 

He ascended to share in a higher plane of life. He provided the most valued lesson by the way he led his life. He knew how to be responsible while still having fun. Excellence within one’s profession, the expression of deeply held values, an illustration of a life well-lived. Many have taken his model to heart and have knit these precepts into their daily lives. The exquisite and everlasting presence of his spirit was sensed deeply. It cannot be described — it can only be harbored. He was employed as a recruiter until his retirement. 

She had been selling real estate. It was a five generation family at her death. She taught private piano lessons after school until she could no longer drive. It became more and more necessary to protect this law as it was originally intended. They often greeted her personally when she attended sessions. On one occasion she fell and broke her wrist. She strongly believed it is more important to serve than be served. 

He worked at a time when leftist movements were gaining prominence. He alleged misdeeds and created an uproar around the world. He was stripped of his passport. It was a very serious blow. He was a critic of hypocrisy, of crime in high places. He wanted to weaken the instruments for carrying out the policy of supporting military dictatorships. 

She was considered a very important part of their families. She was firm in her faith. He is left to cherish wonderful memories of her. Besides delighting in her children, she loved sports. He took his final flight and slipped away quietly at home. “A golden heart stopped beating.” She continued her education. She traveled around the world. She took great pride in making sure her home was immaculate. Her legacy is written in the accomplishments of her family. She filled her role with grace. She taught many of the youth to ski. She lived a very full life as a caregiver. She taught kindergarten and first grade for 40 years. 

She was a voracious reader and always kept up-to-date on current events. She lived the “Golden Rule.” She grew up in various locations around the state. They were husband and wife for sixty years. She was a loving, energetic mother who taught them to seek excellence and joy in all things. Wherever they went she continued her musical vocation. Many of her students went on to study at conservatories. She compiled notes that became the foundation of her novel. She won piano competitions at an early age. She loved following in the family footsteps. Her father owned his own tailor and hat shop. She worked many places in her life. She loved the mission projects as well as meeting with secretaries and pastors. She was multi-talented and loved to use her gifts that she was so richly blessed with. 

He loved to travel, hunt, fish and bar-b-que with his brothers-in-law. He was a mountain climbing beekeeper who became a hero. He made an historic climb to the top. He described himself as a man of modest abilities, but in reality he was a colossus. A number of others had died in the process. He was one of the century’s great adventurers. He became an international celebrity with a long, rugged face appearing on everything. He was proud of his decades-long campaign to set up schools and health clinics. He devoted much of his life to helping people and raising funds for his foundation. 

She grew plants to be auctioned off. It’s surprising how much they think of him. He’s not right there as they expect him to be. They hold him close in thought. This is the day she would have cherished the most. It seemed like just yesterday they were hugging her. 

True to form, he never complained in his last days. He was raised in a single-parent home. He visited 44 states. He was a descendent of a founder of New Orleans. He once read tarot cards in the French Quarter. They worked tirelessly during his struggle. He held positions as a teacher, principal and superintendent of schools. “The fragrance of a rose garden is the breath of angels.” You could always find him in his garage piddling with his car. He began his career as a precision machinist and ended as the company’s Purchasing Agent. 

She was very concerned and active with children’s education. She was given the honor of an elementary school being named on her behalf. She had a beautiful image and contagious laughter. He became a journeyman painter. He received a commercial radio license. They traveled the world. He was an easy-going, simple man who lovingly cared for his wife while she struggled with Alzheimer’s. He made beautiful oil paintings, taught Spanish and played the harmonica. 

He was the victim of a robbery at his farm. He was the ultimate non-conformist. He could tell great stories in three languages and most of them were true. He loved to roam the hills and canyons. He will be remembered in the stories they can tell about him. He had recently found his own personal Eden in the mountains. He led his siblings and friends on many adventures. He was a strong willed individual. He was always dependable and outfitted for any activity. 

She served as a librarian. He worked as a lineman. He provided quiet strength in times of stress. Dogs could always spot him as a “soft touch.” She started a new career after the death of her husband. She moved to Panama to work. Motherhood crowded out her nursing career. She was a homemaker “par excellence.” She worked with the children in the nursery. The two set out to serve parishes. They worked side-by-side building their future from the ground up. She distinguished herself as an award winning realtor. She enjoyed numerous years volunteering in the Neo Natal unit. They lived on an award winning pecan farm which they built together with years of hard work and devotion. They shared many fun times with her around the kitchen table. She lived her life with style and grace. 

She was an extraordinary role model. She was a soloist in the “A Capella” choir. She was well known for her warm, gracious Southern hospitality. The place was for her a small caring oasis. Her powers of observation have more vistas to behold. She dedicated her remains to the willed-body program. He proposed to her at the Castle house. He returned to meet his son who was almost two years old. They started a family service station business. She was the cub scout den mother. She helped in any way she could. He felt a call to become a minister. She worked in the mailroom supporting her husband in his new endeavor as always. She participated in many “pot-luck” dinners. She helped so many people with her kind and loving manner. They enjoyed many “patio picnics” with her. They made many trips to various theme parks. She took care of other family members when the need arose without hesitation. 

He worked for the state legislature. He helped create and then served as the Director for 17 years. He spent a great deal of time and effort repairing government programs so they would not need to be fixed in a crisis. He enjoyed thinking through these problems. His grandchildren gave him a heart full of love. When they see a butterfly, they will think of him. 

She was the seventh of seven children. They all lived within a few block area of each other. Her husband preceded her in death and she never remarried. She and her sisters were beauticians. She had a strong calming presence that helped her in her job as a delivery nurse. 

He died unexpectedly. He was a remarkable man. He was always inventing, creating, looking for ways to make the world a better place. He was recognized as a Volunteer of the Year. He had 4 lifetime holes-in-one. He had a charming personality and outstanding wit. 

She had struggled to live through Christmas. They will continue to hold onto an exceptional memory of the day. She wanted to give a hug that would last forever. She held many offices in the church. She was a woman of openness who focused her attention outward to those she loved. She made life easier for those important to her. She had a kind and patient heart. Incredible professionals gave her medical care. 

She will always weep for the husband she loved. He enjoyed gambling on his boat listening to country music. There will be enough time to share the lighter side of life. He was one of the major surveyors. He was known for his custom cabinet making and fine wood working skills. He was always so proud of “his boys.” It’s been hard. He worked for several chemical companies. 

She spent her life’s work in the insurance industry. She was a dual citizen and proud of her heritage. She also graduated as a Registered Nurse. She was a firm believer in family values. She presided over many family gatherings filled with warmth and love. 

He joined the firm founded by his father. He had a keen political sense. He recruited and advised many people at all levels of public life. He was honored by a resolution. He was a familiar presence in the halls. No one could mistake his cackle of a laugh. He barely escaped catastrophe on many occasions. He was instrumental in assisting residents. Hundreds of children benefited from his generosity and guidance. He made sure everyone had a voice. He participated in life so fully. It was a time of change. He was good for the country. After he returned home he resolved never to fly again. 

She had a painful and debilitating fight with cancer. They remembered all the kisses, laughs and hugs she gave them. She retired as Director of Volunteers. She married the second love of her life. Tomorrow started without her. She was a devoted minister’s wife. She was wreathed by the loving arms of her family. They returned and spent the remainder of their years together. To some she may have seemed like any other contented homemaker. She was extraordinary in her powers of intuition, her humility, her calming effect on others. In this ladylike woman these characteristics were solid and true. Her beauty on the inside was stunning. They stand ready to greet all who would walk through the doors. Her gentle piety did not call attention to itself. She extended a deep well of sympathy to everyone. She leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. She earned her angel wings while on this earth. She shepherded many children in the neighborhood. 

He was a former banker. She loved her home in the country. At the age of six her mother passed away while her father was in a TB sanitarium. They were split up and raised by relatives. Many continued to seek her out even after her social skills began to erode. He played football and went to four bowl games as co-captain. He worked until he retired. 

He enjoyed fishing when his boat wasn’t sinking. He could be persistent and stubborn but had a tremendous loving heart. She was taken away too young, too soon. She was an antique dealer and loved the visual and performing arts. Her early years of marriage were filled with job-related moves. She became a nanny-granny for her daughter’s family. 

She suffered two massive strokes. They traveled throughout the United States in their RV, an activity she never tired of doing. She never wavered from helping anyone. She performed often with her brother’s band. Her sparkling eyes, charm and mischievous grin could melt the coldest heart. She took great pride in her work and loved and respected her co-workers. Believing in the job she performed gave her the motivation to go to work everyday. She brought sunshine to everybody. They were truly blessed with everything that she instilled in them. She grew up on the family farm, thus fostering an early love for animals. She met her future husband while playing bridge and bowling. She balanced her teaching career with being a mother. She took such pride and joy in spending as much possible time with her grandson. Also feeling the sadness and void are her dear pets. She retired after years of faithful service. “How lucky can you be to be a mother of three?” she asked. 

He settled with his family and began his career. He won third place in the chili contest. He was full of charisma. He never met a stranger. He remembered good times with his friends, the trip with his aunt, meals at his grandma’s, movies with his uncle, being a hero to his sister, running in the rain with his father. He was a long-time, respected and well-loved pharmacist. 

Her descendants all enjoyed her many tales of the “old days” and the changes she saw in the world in her lifetime. She was dearly loved because she, herself, was so loving. It was not in her nature to speak unkindly about anyone. She had an unofficially adopted daughter. She was the granddaughter of pioneers. She stayed on the farm, helping her father with chores. She worked in the audit department and began a long and productive career. She became an integral part of the bank. She was a favorite of her customers. 

They remembered all the love and strength she brought to them. He won the golden gloves championship in high school and became the last pilot to fly the B-29. For years she was a beautician. She loved to play cards and slots. His name still appears as a stepping stone near the gymnasium. He could build anything. She always had a cat. He had a beautiful tenor voice and always loved to sing. He had a very enjoyable life. Most of all, they loved each other. She was a true lady who was beautiful inside and out. Their life was complete living on the beautiful land they loved. He died and her world fell apart. She was determined to do what was best for her children. She turned a job into a distinguished career. Her children were her life. 

Thanks to Army doctors both legs were saved. He was dubbed “Red Bird” due to his red hair and ruddy complexion which remained a part of his looks forever. He became an entrepreneur in family businesses. He was dedicated to taking an active part in community affairs. He was promoted to numerous executive positions. He worked to control inflation. He became an important figure in the halls of the legislature. He assisted in crafting important pieces of legislation. He designed the license plate commemorating the doomed flight. He served in numerous industry groups. He recently organized a seminar. You could find him camping or skiing with his young family whenever possible. He went on many a fishing trip. If there was an electrical problem he could fix it. He frequently spoke about planes at his grandson’s school. Soft spoken, intuitive, and wise, he possessed a positive attitude. 

He was active in research and development. He enjoyed a career as a barber for some time. There will be no formal ceremony. Cremation has already take place. 

She square danced into his life and heart. She led a long, fruitful and active life as a restaurateur. She was a retired teacher. She was an inspiration to everyone she met. He worked as a real estate appraiser for many years. He took many hunting trips. They got their start in business peddling slingshots. Their product took the nation by storm. He received a lot of letters of gratitude when he retired. He was very thoughtful and patient. 

She has trained on the violin. He had assignments all over. She learned from her life experiences “to draw closer to Christ daily.” He lifted her up into his arms. He pursued his passion for the outdoors as a landscaper. She modeled a servant’s heart. He worked on the square where he learned the grocery business. They served many loyal customers. His greatest joy was just spending time with his wife. He had a major abdominal infection. 

He emigrated from Mexico with his six children. His love and passion for singing will stay with those he touched with his music. He will be remembered for his friendly nature. His life was enriched by the affection of many wonderful friends. He was elected Mayor but chose not to run for a second time. 

“In the twinkling of an eye” there is something healing in the repeated refrains of nature: Light comes after night, spring before fall. She loved all of God’s natural wonders. She enjoyed wrestling with her dogs, but most of all she enjoyed gambling. From an early age she was a performer. She played Raggedy Ann at the World’s Fair and recorded countless radio dramas. 

They embarked on a months-long delayed honeymoon trip. This was the first and perhaps the greatest trip of her life. They both had an abiding interest in great food and wine, always. She was approached to teach at the brand-new Community college. She was interested in teaching mathematics. Her classes were full to overflowing with students waiting to enroll. She picked up the thread of another life interest. At the urging of good friends she began volunteering, 

They sought out classical and avant-garde drama. She traveled for art. She spent much time seeking out interesting restaurants. She liked to say: “Eating is the one pleasure that comes around reliably three times a day.” They shared her love of books, politics, movies, opera and good conversation. Above all, she embraced new experiences, variety and the unexpected. She passed away following an evening of some of her favorite things. 

She made friends with her constant upbeat cheerfulness. She always expressed her joy and thankfulness. Her son showed incredible courage and compassion caring for her. She always had a few well-placed words when you felt you needed her on-target advice. She received many calls and visits when she was homebound due to her illness. She was overwhelmed by the support everyone gave to her. She had so many things to see and do. Now she travels on alone, for life goes on. 

He was a mentor to many. He was happiest on the banks of a creek. He courageously put out a fire in an ammunition bunker. He saved many lives without regard for his own. 

She will be buried next to her husband. He was the glue that held everything together. He was a major influence on many young lives. He served as Director of Industrial Relations for several Colleges of Engineering. Some of her fondest memories were the times she visited the ranch and riding horses. He spent his early years farming after the death of his father. He scored 99 on the Civil Service exam. She provided the voice of reason. She said: “If I’m in Timbuktu, I’ll fly home if you need me.” They didn’t marry until 40 years later. He was such a wonderful man. He had fun every day of his life. Later she was married to a Texas oilman. 

He assisted during very difficult times. His example encouraged his children in their accomplishments and ongoing curiosity. She had been a bright presence for them. They appreciated their blended family. She loved and cared for him as her own father. He played saxophone and won ribbons at the State Fair for his wooden toys. As a young man he delivered papers, helped in his uncle’s grocery store and delivered ice. She had a soft spot in her heart for the memorial that commemorates his comrades’ sacrifices. She was always a tomboy. After the tragic death of her son in an auto accident, she moved to the city. She competed in organized sports, usually as team captain and star player. His career moved them all over the country. She was not a career woman but her time was always jampacked with activities. Cooking, bowling, playing the slots — she was always on the go. She indulged in a lifelong love of travel. She made many friends along the way. Acting in plays was a great joy for her. 

He was tired and bored and wanted to join his wife. They were absolutely sure he did. He was born in a tiny, idyllic town. He had wonderful stories to tell about growing up. He was loved extravagantly by his doting family. It seemed like pages from an old, loved novel. As a medic he saw, did and suffered things they can’t imagine. He was reluctant to talk about it. He was both very proud and oddly embarrassed. He said he was just doing what he was supposed to do. He got a bonus in the union. They got her a baby brother. He allowed teasing and joking about his heritage. No one who ever met him missed his patented lecture given enough time to regale them. They thought it was hilarious but he was so proud of it! They were sad and understanding. 

He spent two cruises off the coast. He had many skills. He also had a quick wit and humor. She built the town and put it on the map. She enjoyed helping others through her talent in interior design. They built and designed their dream home on the golf course. She took care of the elderly. She loved her courtside seats. She is survived by her best friend since 6th grade. He leaves behind to cherish his memories his four sons. He loved the outdoors and lived his life freely. 

Even with all of life’s challenges, the family is more united and stronger than ever because of him. He would have loved to have been there with them to physically witness family milestones. They have grown into super fine men. They have become wonderful little people. He was a strong foundation in all their lives. What beautiful stories they had to share. He was their beautiful rose beyond the wall. He was adored by his two nephews. As much as he loved his “home,” he quickly adapted to his new situation. He could often be found hanging out. He was a salesman for several years. They were wonderful to him. They showered him with love, visits, telephone calls, e-mails, cards and gifts. 

They had a successful ranching business. She had a zest for life. She passionately loved swimming in her own pool. She relished the opportunity to go to movies, plays, parties, weddings, and other social events. She was known for her tradition of calling all of her friends and family on their birthdays. She had strong convictions and a steadfast determination. She became an airline stewardess. For a gal who had never been west of Ohio, she made it to London and even Ireland where she kissed the Blarney Stone. 

They were both parents without partners. Here they have no continuing city but they seek one to come. They knew he was celebrating in heaven. He was a tile setter and valued hard work. He proudly served his country. He was a true American hero. He led numerous food drives and did good deeds in the area. They took a special interest in the lives of their grandchildren and worked endlessly to supply their needs. As a boy he jumped the fence to see the team play. He scheduled his therapy to coincide with the games so that he could be distracted from his treatment. His last years were spent at PTA meetings. He always showed them his courage dignity, discipline and humor. He enjoyed sharing the fruits of his labor. His memories live on through all of them. They married at an Air Force base. They established a real estate and home building firm. He began a 27-year relationship. 

He was a well-known local stylist. He was active in methadone advocacy. She majored in Communications. She will be remembered for her loving nature. She died at home surrounded with love. She could find a kind word in even the most difficult situations. Her kindness left footprints on many hearts. She was especially proud of her son who played baseball from the young age of six to the present time. She was a confidant to her husband’s home building business. She had many wonderful Christian friends. She was a very special granny. He was a gregarious fellow. 

They opened a furniture store. Words of comfort may be shared with the family. He stayed abreast of current affairs. They were thanked for their faith and support. He was an enthusiastic, imaginative composer with the heart of a poet. He loved the impact music had on people. He loved the written word and the pictures it can create. He sought deeper understanding of his place in the world. She and her husband traveled for pleasure. She was interested in academic pursuits. They won several awards for dance competitions. She was feisty, funny and petite. Her many attributes translated into a well of wisdom. The memory of his embrace is still in their hearts. 

She was professionally a teacher and librarian. She was instrumental in the updating and renovations. She was a natural people person. She had an indefatigable sense of inquisitiveness. She loved the Lord and she loved her family. Her life has been a blessing to many. 

She was the youngest of five sisters and a charter member of her church. He worked for many years as a Senior Materials Planner. She was lovingly devoted. She was in the hand bell orchestra and won medals at the Nursing Home Olympics. She had a quiet, stunning elegance. He worked a lifetime building stores and shopping centers. Her life of beauty and grace began. She loved to play the old Baptist hymns. His pregnant pause will be greatly missed. He worked a variety of jobs, hoping to find his niche. He helped protect patients’ rights in Clinical Research. 

“Army was my life,” he’d proudly tell you. He had a distinguished career. As a young man he worked in his family’s produce business. He flew B-24s in Ecuador and conducted submarine patrols. He flew three trips “over the Hump.” He worked in the insurance business. He had a cameo role in a film. He was active in many civic, charitable, religious and educational organizations. 

She conceived a desire to move to the city. It was an odd combination but made perfect sense to her. She avoided algebra classes. Oh, how she loved to write and oh, how she loved theatre! They were married 20 years and six months on the day she died. She enjoyed the challenge of making CPAs interesting. She chatted with friends literally all over the world. She was a dedicated and tireless home decorator. During her parents’ declining years she devoted herself to them, making many trips to check on them and assist in their affairs. She had an intense curiosity about people, which led her to organize many face-to-face meetings, often resulting in hilarious parties. She monitored her parents’ well-being, taking them stimulating things to eat, read, look at. She spent much of her own strength. 

She was on her way to recovery only to succumb to an unexpected and overwhelming intra cranial bleed. They didn’t know why her blood counts were so anomalous and kept searching for answers until they pinpointed a diagnosis. He was determined to know why. He was brilliant and tireless, helpful and tender. The nurses lovingly helped her to deal with hospitalization. She admired them above all people. Days and nights for days on end she was sick and weak and needed help. Each of them had a special claim on her heart. She had a whole herd of cousins and friends. 

He fought a brave but brief battle. He loved to say that he never worked a day in his life. He enjoyed working on many games. He felt honored to have worked with such talented people. She was a tough and heroic woman. She embraced his children with a fervency second only to their mother’s. All who knew her were amazed at her memory for names and dates. She will be remembered for her stylish wigs and pink lipstick. She was employed by several major corporations. He worked many years in retail and wholesale businesses. She passed away from injuries suffered in a traffic accident. He asked his mother to sign a consent form so that he could join the Navy as soon as he turned 17. He enriched her life. 

She had a special place in her heart for animals of all kinds. She instilled in her children compassion for others. She attended church regularly. She was very proud of the family home. She was employed in the clerical department. They watched her suffer and fade away. A golden heart stopped beating. Hardworking hands rest. Her body is now free from illness. 

She was a member of a family who operated a general store that still stands today. Her early home also still stands amid many new high-rises. She enjoyed all the things that the then small town could offer. Upon meeting her he predicted they would marry. They collected menus and matchbooks as souvenirs. They liked getting together with other couples. They weathered the years apart. They had a wonderful life together. She spent time with friends. She died in a fire in her home. 

As a young child she often accompanied her parents on trips. She traveled with her father throughout the many islands. A special event was captured in a photo of her in Balinese dress. She was the 11th child in a family of 14. 

He loved music, arts and crafts. He lived life to the fullest. He was a beloved friend. She was laid to rest in her hometown. She had a host of relatives and friends. She was an Educational Diagnostician for many years. Her courage and strength never wavered. She touched the lives of the children she cared for. He proudly served his country. She taught kindergarten and first grade for more than 40 years. She worked to preserve her heritage. She was the last fluent speaker of their native language. With her death the language became extinct. He fought the Nazis. He helped found a museum. He was a member of a prosperous family. He escaped from a slave labor camp. He was involved from the planning stages. “I just can’t tell you how moving his smile was even to the last day,” he said. “I always felt better when I walked away. It was uplifting.” There was a ole in the hearts of generations with his passing. He never lost his desire to make this world a better place. 

Today they celebrated a new beginning for their precious mother. She believed in her heart a new life would come some day. She shared a paradise with those who preceded her. She produced two perfect children. She was privileged to have attended school with future luminaries. She carved out a truly inspirational career with the telephone company. She was the first woman to work outside the plant. She created and implemented the system still in use. She had the singular honor of working with pros. Then the theater bug truly took hold. Most of her studies were in the visual arts. Something colored her heightened artistic sensibilities. She ultimately prevailed. She launched something somewhat different at that address. They graced the cover of a magazine. They were recognized by Special Recognition awards. She made everything magical for everyone around her. The event was filled with personal remembrances, song, poetry, and more. She had a grateful business partner and grieving companion, for lo these many years. They utterly embraced her as their own. 

She enjoyed playing banjo and crocheting. She especially loved to bake cakes and pies. She moved countless times. She was committed to developing church libraries. She was fond of landscapes. She pursued her lifelong passion, art. He had a long struggles with Parkinson’s disease. He was fluent in three banguages and able to undertand many others. He was eager to understand appreciate all the world’s riches. He immersed himself in different cultures. He loved becoming a father. It was his biggest joy. 

In recognition of 50 years of service he received an award. He was associated with home furnishing sales. Following a long friendship they married. He became a Christian at an early age. He was survived by his trusted companion and attendant. He helped convince him to renege on his pledge. He was the last surviving World War I veteran. He was best known for writing songs for others. 

Her faith never wavered and her love never waned. She tirelessly supported him. They shared memories of an amazing mother who stretched family resources. 

His dog would respond to commands in Spanish or English. He leaves behind his best friend since 3rd grade. He worked in construction and contributed to numerous major projects. He taught Sunday school for many years. 

She passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was a sweet gentle lady. Germany was one of her most memorable locations. They spent three wonderful years living in Paris, France. She enjoyed traveling in recreational vehicles. 

He was raised by loving parents. He was ever neat, sometimes meticulous in his own way. Immediately they became active. Everyone worked. On the day he retired, every woman in the office wept. He led the joyous singing among the men. He served as usher longer than anyone in history. He was a true gentleman. He was a hero although he was too modest to admit it. He became a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office. He was a student of history. The last year and a half he was dealing with catastrophic illness and its consequence. He dropt out of school to marry the girl next door. He retired with many decorations. He wanted to be a beacon of light. He strived for perfection in himself and others. He enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the mountains and deserts. If love alone could have saved him, he never would have died. 

She became the first dance professor at the university, where it flourishes today. She viewed the world through beautiful blue eyes. She and her sister performed aerobatic dance routines in vaudeville shows. World Was II interrupted her European adventure. She boarded on one of the last ships allowed to sail. She found time to participate in fashion shows. Her husband served overseas. 

He left behind an enormous hole. He referred to himself as a “Debugging Maestro.” He returned feeling slightly unwell and shortly thereafter suffered liver collapse. His heart was unable to accommodate the trauma. 

His son led a troubled life. He gained notoriety after simultaneous hijackings. His rivalry spurred him to start. They fired guns into the air as news of his death spread. He didn’t mastermind the attacks, but he was a prime subject for their investigations. He changed his travel plans at the last minute. He did much to shape the image. It was a sad and difficult time for the family. He was known for his brushes with the law. She claimed he repeatedly beat her and threatened to kill her. She claimed he fathered the child. He denied any involvement. 

He spent his entire working life with the family firm. He had a successful career as a highly skilled wood pattern model maker. The gravity of the pain remains the same. He went from soda jerk to engineering. He was meticulous in everything he did and his home showed this. He was an Eagle Scout and served as Mayor Pro Tem. He enjoyed the sounds of music. 

She was blessed with a generous heart. She enjoyed many years with the “Fat Club.” He introduced her to him and later became their lifelong friend. She was inspired to run for State Representative. She made a career out of spoiling her grandchildren. 

She worked at the Pentagon as a secretary. They opened an expanding locksmith business. She embraced the city and the city embraced her. She was fun-loving, sunshine in the room, tenacious, proud but not prideful. She was a Great Texas Lady — funny in a warm, down-to-earth way. She had a constant expectation of getting what she wanted. Life loved her back! He was “the best man she ever knew.” She hated to leave any party early. She faced her final days unflinchingly. Bottle rockets set off behind their home striped the night sky with light. He felt her spirit soar above them. 

He was a Golden Gloves Champion and later became a professional boxer. He was an avid fan. He focused primarily on peaceful uses. He was a man with a strong will and remarkable intellect. He overcame a condition that left him legally blind at the age of 42 years. He compensated with a delightfully outgoing personality. He kept hearing cases as a senior judge. His trademark was passing out wooden nickels at rallies. 

She entered God’s Kingdom following a sudden automobile accident. She followed her husband’s baseball career. She was an avid antiques dealer. 

He was known as “Al.” He was best known for Physical Training and as Safety Coordinator. It led to his skilled writing and publishing of five books. 

He eased centuries of tension but was viewed as a reactionary. He reinvigorated a vast institution. They accused him of meddling in their affairs. 

She was born on an air force base. She was a model parent and grandparent. She loved him like a son. She was a pleaser who wanted everybody to be happy. She loved fried chicken like her granny used to make. She tried to win the lottery so she could share it with her family. One cat in particular was her special friend. She gave the I.R.S. a better reputation. She developed many close friendships. She frequently talked about her close relationships. The world is not the same and has suffered a great loss with her departing. 

He spent many years in the Insurance Industry. He shared his love of all sports. He was lovingly known as “Joker.” He was a truck driver who drove to 48 states for many years and more recently has been a local gravel hauler. They can’t forget his beloved dog. They were reunited in heaven. They cling to memories, sweet memories, that bring them near the aura and magic just a whisper away. He waited for such a long time. 

She worked briefly outside her own home. She served the community. She was employed as a police guard. He worked in administrative positions. They were active in several churches. He began a career as an engineer. He worked for golf courses. They fell in love with the beautiful valley. He made outdoor cedar furniture. He collected tin toys and glass knives. He had a longtime special friend. She had a strong will and a passion for life. She was fiercely competitive. She was a wonderful golfer. She had an incredible memory and a story for every occasion. He labored unselfishly to insure comfort and provision for his family. He was an avid birdwatcher and enjoyed building birdhouses. His wife was the love of his life. He was unexpectedly moved to Alabama. His duty was to “save lives.” She worked as an administrative assistant for 30 years. She worked with students at the church. 

She emerged late in life as a writer. He wrote an angry letter threatening physical violence. She had little or no protection. She traveled by limousine. She debuted in the genre, which became a best seller. She had a short-lived career. Some of it was fun, some of it was not. She had a great view of history being made. Other novels in the series dealt with homicides. She had a collection of personal profiles of women. She reduced her stage appearances to occasional summer stock performances. She felt that she’d lived several different lives and that was one of them. She soon tired of living in the house. She called it “The Great White Jail.” She forged her own path. 

He began 32 years of active duty. As a small boy, he always had his boots on. He witnessed many changes and historical events. He would later form a band of his own. As a young man he delivered ice. Later in life he prided himself as a rancher. He told many listeners many stories of his life. 

This was just too much. She experienced a year there as an adult. She fell in love with the community. She made blankets for abused and abandoned children. He established the first computer graphics design system within the statewide network. They introduced others to the joy of ballroom dancing through teaching. They found a second home on the seas. He danced his way into heaven. She was a long time volunteer. 

He spent countless hours in his dad’s workshop learning “what makes things tick.” He developed a highly advanced mechanical ability along with a never-ending love for all things historical. His dental training was honed under tutelage by his Uncle Sam. He retired to enjoy his many and varied hobbies. He built and restored a perfectly functioning, full-sized grandfather clock. His dental talents were not to remain untapped. He made outstanding contributions on many special cases. He was a very private person. 

He owned and operated a charter boat on the lake. He worked as a quality control inspector. He was presented a crystal obelisk for his services. He worked in security until his retirement. He found his “love” at a USO dance. He was a child at heart. He had the ability to see the best in life every waking day. He loved driving antique cars. They try to move on. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. 

She worked until the present as a Contracts Manager. She was a secretary with the school district. She was called home Friday morning. She was a homemaker and beautician. She held the office of Flora. The day he left them changed their lives forever. She entered the gates of Heaven. They dedicated 15 years of their life to medical missionary work in Bolivia. She sang in, and later directed, the choir. The marriage withstood the differences. He was a cut-up flirting with women 70 years his junior. He was fighting the whole time. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. She came to his birthday party. He decided on the spot that he’d give ranching a whirl. 

She worked for 15 years. He was still missed, loved, always dear. He was a tireless advocate for others. She served on the Board of Directors. She loved playing bingo and traveling to Las Vegas. She was unfailingly kind. Both were also loved very much. There were no words to describe how the family feels. 

His team achieved the first and only perfect season. He was a teacher and coach. The private sector called him and he changed his career. He was a very successful sales representative. He participated in many activities with an all-out vigor. He loved the total game and all its allure. He achieved his ultimate goal. He devoted his passion and energy to the protection of the waters and wildlife of the coast. 

His mother died when he just a baby. He was maintenance engineer manager. They owned a lumber company. “By golly, I’m going to fix it” were words frequently heard by his family and friends. He wanted some of his ashes to be scattered on the grave of his son. He worked in labor. Living through the depression was not easy, especially as the oldest child. 

Her resilient spirit enabled her to persevere. She was caught up in the tide of war. She made the sacrifices necessary to bring the boys home. Her letters of love were a great support to him. She had a tremendous role in his military career. She created a wonderful family environment. Her holiday list grew long. They left their mark with many friends. Continuous correspondence maintained an enduring bond with them. 

He spent his childhood on a farm. She faithfully prayed. She made history when she was born. He preceded his wife by one day. He was an auto mechanic for the majority of his life. She enjoyed volunteering for many organizations. He was part of the Occupational Forces. He became Shift Supervisor. They accepted the challenge of serving as caretakers of a hunting ranch. He loved his family and friends. She met him at her sweet sixteen party. She took an active role in the Jewish community. She always had an exceptional eye for men’s fashion. He retired as President of the Seminary. He played dominoes. He was eager to extend the hand of friendship to anyone he met. She was the store’s best employee. She had an appreciation for the finer things of life. He had countless friends. His beautiful smile touched many. He played a part in the planning of the invasion. He had training in topography and aerial photography. He served on the building committee. She was an amazingly strong woman. Her life was full and she savored much. 

He fixed a friend’s computer. He played Scrabble and won. He got a chocolate shake. He slept with thirteen pillows. He spotted a license plate with three identical letters in a row. He watched a movie about a heist. He started punning on any random topic until they begged him to stop. He tipped a struggling musician. He donated blood. He was nice to little kids. He searched tirelessly for the answer to an obscure trivia question. He gave a big bear hug to someone he cared about. 

He was preparing for duty when peace was declared. He had treasured memories. He was chosen Sportsman of the Year. She had a wonderful husband. Her loving smiles always brightened the room. She served as a shining example. They stood and watched her as she went on alone. Hunting trips were the highlight of his world. She attended nursing school. If ever a saint walked the earth, it was she. Tasks undone must be left that way. She said, “Don’t shorten your time with undue grief. Enjoy the sunshine of tomorrow.” 

They regarded him as a dearly beloved family member. They enjoyed opera and other musical offerings. It was a chance encounter with a neighbor that started the story. She was active in voting rights and worked for fair elections. She always showed her love and spoke her mind. He was taken from them while cycling with friends. She was employed for over 30 years at the same company. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree. He engaged in such activities as mowing lawns, repair of small engines, and welding. 

He was an international labor relations specialist. He was in charge of a mortar section that landed in the first wave. He talent for drawing maps proved an invaluable service. His most thrilling professional experience was to work with a social visionary to promote the “gospel of peace and justice.” He had sojourns in every country in South American. He had a “fire within.” He journeyed through the twentieth century. He was an incurable romantic. He was intensely spiritual. His actions were always guided by his personal belief. He was imbued with a lifelong affinity for the poor. He brought the Rosary to prison inmates. It was all about faith, family and fun. Life was an adventure with an ever-widening world view. His home became a gathering place. His family was the fountain of his greatest joys and the premature death of three of his children brought his greatest sorrows. They weep at his departure from their midst. They were comforted in the assurance that one day they will all be reunited in a paradise where there will be no more tears. 

He was wonderfully witty, multi-talented and awe-inspiring. He appreciated even the simplest of life’s small pleasures. He played clarinet in an orchestra during the big band era. He craved all things chocolate, especially milk shakes. He developed a love for the science of studying fish at an early age. He met his wife while on a field trip. He was still collecting data when he died. Four different species were named after him. 

She loved flowers and had a very green thumb in the garden. Birds and butterflies were her special friends. She and her husband participated in many classes and activities. She came to be known as “Sunshine” in her later years. 

He earned a degree in Accounting and had many interests. Her heart swelled with pride at his accomplishments. Her heart ached with loss and she felt that downward spiral. Memories of him pulled her back and gave her strength. 

He was instrumental in the implementation of a centralized phone system. He worked in construction. He was an industrial machine technician. She lived because of love. She found a home in the wilderness, where she could interact with nature’s wonders. She encouraged women to preach scripture. He had many careers throughout his life. She dedicated herself to a medical career. As a youngster he founded the teen Democratic Party. Her mission was to unify Catholic military families. She was a gifted and sensitive poet. She had a crinkle-nosed smile and continually searched for her car keys. He was supposed to be there when they celebrated this day in her life. Someone negligently took his life. It will never be the same until they see him again. He prepared for a second career as an Industrial Arts teacher. She was a retired educator. She provided the additional support often needed when struggling with addictions. She shared her love and experience with the girls. Many friends shared her interest in the League of Women Voters. 

He grew up in the rolling wooded hills of what is now a state park. He was a trainer and instructor of military personnel. He was driven to pursue an education. He considered himself a trial lawyer and never shied away from courtroom drama. He “never failed to say in twenty words what could easily be said in six.” He was an astute judge of character. His advice to all would be to “not sweat the small stuff.” 

She worked closely with the state to help our community as a dedicated nurse. She attended a one-room schoolhouse. She dedicated her life to sharing the joy of God’s infinite love. She taught music and sang. Her pearls of wisdom will be missed. They give thanks for the time they had with her. He saw her in their sons. Their memories remain constant. 

She competed in many competitions. She took a job as a senior planner. She sang in church choirs as a soprano with her husband. She had multiple hobbies. She was with the Army Corps of Engineers. She was always on the go but she always made it back to her family. She had recently moved. 

He assumed the presidency of a Savings and Loan. He spent most of his days playing golf. He endearingly hung a nickname on everyone he knew. He was a larger than life figure. He said, “Keep your head down and swing through.” 

He was one of the fathers of modern pistol craft. He began to hone his shooting skills. He worked in the motion picture industry. He had an honest, bluff way of expression and bright smiling blue eyes. He was the best friend a person could hope for. He will be remembered as a generous man. 

She fought a valiant, heroic struggle. She was an indomitable spirit. She read all the works of Charles Dickens by the sixth grade and all of Shakespeare’s by the end of high school. She was a popular class leader. She saw firsthand the destruction of World War II. She was very close to her brother who was a decorated soldier. He was killed in action on the Dutch and German border. She became a war bride. King Peter and his bride regularly attended services at her church. She lived through the terrible bombardment from the air. They just got up and went to work, no matter what terrible things had befallen them the day before. She said, “He kept the people going through those darkest hours.” He accepted a position as a Personnel Officer. She became the youngest manager in the system. She needed only one hour of driving instruction in an Army Jeep. She drove steadily for 60 years without a traffic ticket. She participated in one of the most stirring events of postwar years. “This was a wonderful humanitarian event,” the couple said. Thousands of transport planes filled the sky carrying life-saving food and fuel. They worked round the clock in their roles. She provided cocoa and cans of condensed milk to the nuns who were caring for orphaned children. The nuns were regular visitors to her home. Her first sight of American shores included Lady Liberty. They attended many rivalry games throughout the years. She juggled roles of motherhood and work. She was quite taken aback when the questions posed to her were much to easy. People who live here should know everything about this nation. He was quite impressed with her attitude. She learned to pilot a plane. She loved taking to the skies often. They traveled to Europe during that time. She treated her daughter and family to several Christmas holiday trips. They sampled champagne in the bubbly capitol of the world. He was asked to play golf on the oldest golf course in the world. They both were honored and touched. 

The publication of a cookbook gave the club what it needed for its charitable works. She kept busy with volunteer work. She was well known for her ability to raise money. She held the record for donations for many years. She created many beautiful works in oil. She tumbled and polished precious gems and minerals herself. Her libraries were immense. Literacy was her passion. She wrote children’s stories for her own daughter. Quietly and anonymously — never taking credit for herself — she often gave gifts to the needy. She was an instinctive chef. She never really needed a recipe in front of her. They had disparate religious backgrounds so they compromised by becoming Presbyterians. She counted these events among her greatest blessings. She always said of him that he was like her son. It was a blessing that she was there to see those great days. In life there was no obstacle she could not overcome. She carried her home with her in her heart. He said to her, “Job well done.” Their selfless, tender loving care helped her and her family immensely. They are forever together. 

He had a passion for music more old school thean new. He had hopes of attending university this fall. She was one of the first professional draft women. She sailed on a troop ship to her post in Alaska. He was a truck driver for 37 years. They were sensitive to family members who were there. She had a unique gift of being able to insert compassion in the everyday work life. She continued her work in consulting, teaching leadership development. He grew up in a Swedish community of farmers and settlers. He was dedicated to the restoration of the old cemetery. He loved lutefisk and the annual trek to enjoy it. She had friends that loved her from all over. Her hard-earned degrees were achieved while working a variety of industry jobs. Kindness and dignity were extended to her as her memory dimmed. He enjoyed pulling friendly pranks on people. He touched the lives of people in special ways, many of which were in recovery. She was a loving spirit, violinist and peacemaker. He looked through the survivors until he found his next door neighbor. She passed after extended health problems. 

He passed away on an out of town business trip. He was a shooter and a Harley rider. He was a prominent Psychology professor. He was also known as Señor. He entered heaven amidst a beautiful sunrise. Their friendship blossomed into a life long love story. He developed bilingual materials for early education. He opened hundreds of stores and trained thousands of employees. He left behind some treasured “masterpieces” for family and friends. He met the challenges he faced with no complaints. His greatest legacy is the students’ lives he influenced. 

She was the church secretary for 25 years. She came to be close to her family. Through her high spirits and determination she was quick to rebound and accept life as it was. She was determined not to let it be a burden for those she loved. She was very active with the deaf community. She served as a member of the Christian Relief Board. She was very involved in her students’ lives. She loved spending time at the ocean. She was an avid animal lover. 

He was independently engaged in mineral exploration. He bred and trained cutting horses. He owned several feedlots and raised Murry Grey cattle. He fished for Peacock bass. He was a great friend and force. Certainly, “he did it his Way.” He was a fourth generation water well driller. His son will carry on his dedication to excellence and honesty in business. He enjoyed working on his property and traveling in his RV. He was a happy child with an electric smile. All who know him considered him to be a quiet genius. He knew, lived and loved the word of God. 

He worked as an executive with the federal government. He had a prodigious memory for quoting poetry. He was a talented wood carver. His second career was as a therapist in private practice. He had a gift for putting everyone at ease and seeing the essence of things. He was totally in the moment when performing. He became one with music and that was magical. He tried to smush them when he sat in their laps. They miss him beyond words. 

She was a military wife for most of her life. She spent the summers on the family ranch riding horses. She served on the homecoming court. She put away her high heels for good when she became a message therapist who will be remembered by many for her healing touch. She had a trio of ill-tempered fox terriers. She loved scary movies and enjoyed a great bargain, particularly a Jaguar she bought at a garage sale. She became more determined to set aside her worries and enjoy life. She tended a garden that neighbors frequently stopped to admire. 

She was Valedictorian of her high school. She chose to devote herself to family, faith and church. He was killed by an IED while on active duty bravely defending our freedoms. She was a member of several honor societies. She followed her husband’s aircraft carrier around the Far East for nine months. He always said he couldn’t wait to be 21. They felt the emptiness that was his lively presence. He began his oil field equipment career in the foundry of Reed Roller Bit Company. During WW II she served her country in a “Rosie the Riveter” capacity. She was a spirited wife. He began the company which is now owned and managed by his sons. The Golden Rule was his rule of life. He was true to it all his days. Even when her health was failing she loved to travel. She had her own originality which was full of life. 

She learned about cultures other than her own. He began his civilian career as an airplane pilot. She was involved in many organizations. She sang in choir and played in bell choir. She delighted in almost anything to do with art. She was in charge of selecting and setting up the “Artist of the Month” show. She took her camera with her nearly everywhere she went. She continued to play tennis and be very involved in the community. They enjoyed many years of continuing education. She loved her beautiful yard and all the birds and critters who visited. He trained as an Army recruiter but never served overseas. He was convicted on flimsy evidence of murdering his wife. With her husband she co-founded a global inspirational organization. She tried to see the best in everyone. She loved a good joke and shopping at Sam’s, sampling the goods. The baseball team was her heart. He wrote a classic bestseller. It outlined how people’s lives can be improved and strengthened through faith. If she were here she would tell us to, whenever possible, laugh. 

He was a young athlete who loved football. She was a retired health care administrator. She helped her father care for her younger sister. He worked diligently with the Sunday School. He continued to work with teens. She spoke several languages, wrote two books and inspired many with her love and boundless optimism. He enjoyed German culture and bowling. He was a fixture in the Soup Kitchen. Her childhood was shaped by an extended family. She graduated with a degree in mathematics. He achieved five “holes in one” during his golfing days. He enjoyed early morning walks. The family moved frequently. Her son was unfortunately burdened with some difficulties. She took advantage of numerous workshops. She just seemed to be a natural teacher. She began teaching other teachers how to teach. He was a world-class track star. As a glider pilot he met and courted his wife. He played with his sons when he was not in the field. 

He was an inventor with several patents which spanned the gamut. He had a beautiful earth sheltered home which was quite ahead of its time. He practiced a life long pursuit of perfection. He looked great in a tuxedo! He was a caring stranger. His network of close friends were bound together by his bottomless enthusiasm for life. He worked breeding wheat in the “green revolution.” His research included iron production plants. He “protected horned toads from M-1 tanks.” He was fundamentally a companion and a guide for others. He was infinitely supportive. He was open and impulsive as a child. He frequently walked miles at a time. His many travels were purposeful. He had a passion for feeding people. He cooked experimental gourmet meals for anyone that would eat them. He traveled across the country interviewing village chiefs. The trip was the fulfillment of a life long dream. He was a man of deep and wide-ranging inquisitiveness. He was a scholar, inventor and writer. 

Their love was reflected in the twinkle of his eyes. Stories were always on the tip of his tongue. She was a transplanted Yankee. He was in the auto body repair business. He earned the lofty salary of $90 per month. He started a new middle school. His “football boys.” that he loved so much, were some of the finest young people anyone could ever have the privilege to lead. Her artistic bent led her to unpredicted success as a real estate broker. She wrote a weekly column as an art critic. He was a good and modest man. He was always there when someone needed something. She ventured into development of an award winning preservation project. Her last large painting was painted at her Marcel Breuer country residence. He loved to hunt and fish. She felt the call from God to become a Christian educator. She worked at more than one church at a time. The congregation rewarded her by sending them on a 10-day tour of Israel. She was struck down by a brain tumor. She fought with all she had. She taught first grade for 32 years. She was past president of the State Teachers Association, which brought her great honor. He was known as Bob. He rose to the position of President. He was very proud to be involved again. Family traditions and heritage were her mainstay. She was artistic and showed her gifts. He was the youngest of three children. She had a large circle of close friends. She always saw the good in everyone she met. She was always willing to help anyone in need. He said: “We are a mist that vanishes.” 

He was a conga drummer with a six-decade career. He was an editor and bibliographer who devoted most of his profession life to the voluminous works of George Bernard Shaw. He was politically active and participated in rallies. 

He was a true original. He loved nothing more than his daughter. He grew up in the saddle. He put himself through Agricultural School by shooting prairie dogs using a rifle that he made, which had exceptional accuracy and range. He was a very proud Marine. He played bass clarinet while he went back to school. He was intelligent, funny, sweet, cheerful and grateful. 

He worked for the railroad treating water for steam engines. Trains remained a passion for life. Although he did not have a lot of material wealth, he gave generously. His first words were, “You wanna fight?” He was a game cock breeder and a hell of a poker player, known for his poker face. His car was spotless. He couldn’t tolerate a cheater. He was shot in the chest by a snub-nosed .38 and the bullet passed right through. He knew cars as well as horses. He was never without boots and hat. He received many pinches for falling asleep in church. He loved to tickle his little brother’s feet. 

She grew up in the rolling foothills of the Austrian Alps, searching through the high mountains’ glaciers for her beloved edelweiss. She was an energetic child. She was accepted to a prestigious art school as a teenager. Postwar events dramatically changed her life. She raised a family. As the only woman in her department she earned her co-workers respect. When she retired they showed their admiration by giving her a plaque which she proudly displayed in her home. She always took pride in her appearance. She put sweeteners in everything she ate or drank. She remained a lively, little Austrian girl. 

They smile because he has lived. They are happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. He had hard work ethics. He said that life is not measured in time. They didn’t know what inner growth a soul accomplished in its short span. 

He was active as a flutist. He received a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition. He was a booking agent in New York. He was honored for his outstanding achievements. He was a live-animal technician. He earned many awards. He trained Sam, the first chimpanzee to travel into outer space. He had a heart laugh and a rich, melodious voice. He discussed religion, philosophy and science. They thought his loss was wrong. He should not have left before them. 

He was a beautiful, inquisitive child. He was a charter member of his church. They know she is watching with a smile on her face. She received many compliments on “The Best Banana Pudding.” She enjoyed many laughs, dances and sweet kisses. He approached all aspects of life with incredible passion, integrity and perseverance. “A legacy of quality development” sums up well the kind of honorable reputation he built. In California his forays into real estate began. He took pride in maintaining a hands-on approach. She enjoyed hobbies that involved needlework, word puzzles and reading. She was a prolific best-selling author of romantic mysteries. She starred in many films. 

He became a forceful voice for human rights. He controlled millions of square feet of properties. He wondered why he should pay a plumber for something he could do himself. He disclosed that he had cancer of the esophagus. He survived by escaping twice from a labor camp. He said much of his success was due to simply doing what she told him to. They worked side by side in business together. He used his moral authority to speak out on issues, sometimes courting controversy. He was arrested outside the embassy. They developed numerous restaurants from the ground up. He identified and fostered growth in others. He intently went about hiring the finest talent. He promoted a bill to recognize the World War I-era killing of Armenians as a genocide, something strongly opposed by Turkey. 

They conducted cancer research. She studied fresh water lakes. She took pride in displaying her lovely flower gardens. This immense fondness continued. They went on a 4 day trek of over 30 miles through a mountainous region. She was an exemplary woman. She was a member of an old and prominent family. She was a gracious Christian lady. She arranged flowers for many years. She was chairman of entertainment for ladies attending the International Cancer Conference who spoke more than 15 languages. She hunted and traveled the world with her husband. He was an authority on oil and gas contracts. He was a leader in numerous other businesses. 

Conservation and wildlife were his passion. Being a musician was a real love of his. He accepted an athletic scholarship. He declined several offers. He changed his field to life insurance sales. Every move left fond memories and lifelong friendships. He was a political pundit to his last waking moments. He naturally doled out mercy and grace. He was ordained as a deacon. 

She ran a dry cleaning business with her husband for many years. She was a member of a group who still keep in touch with one another. She raised three children in a rich environment. She opened her home to visiting lecturers. She had open arms for neighborhood children who wanted to share a story, poem or song. She was especially touched by the sorrow of war. She helped develop an organization to promote careers in peacemaking and social change. 

He was a gifted teacher of candidates training for the ministry. He had a slight idea of what he was doing. He helped them to open their eyes to the beauty, the mystery, and even the messiness and humor of life. He never knew anyone who knew so much and who shared it with as much humility. He enjoyed spending time with his paternal grandparents on their farm. He was named outstanding doctoral graduate at his school.. He served a consultant or editor for many educational resources. He contributed 25 articles to the literature in his field. He was a popular lecturer and workshop leader. He had a lovable weimaraner. 

She retired as a financial advisor. She was very sweet and caring. She took in anyone in any situation and got them on their feet. She enjoyed an occasional Las Vegas trip. Their years of retirement together were cut short by his death. She had friends for many years who gathered and stitched together. She had a “spunky, my way” attitude. 

She was a retired school teacher. Her house was a fun place to play and spend the night. She was a quiet force with a quick wit. She collected friends wherever she went. 

His tours of duty included the North and South Poles. He was a forerunner of the rock ‘n’ roll era. He was elected as the grandmaster of his Order. He was fun-loving, good-natured, and rascally. He had a creative side that was not often seen. He was awarded high rankings in exhibitions. He could recite statistics to rival any coach. They knew he was having the best birthday ever with God. 

He built houses in the area for more than 20 years. She had many jobs in her lifetime. He was an officer or director of many successful companies. He good-naturedly spent most of his time caring for her, waiting on her, and driving her back and forth. She enjoyed dancing, playing dominoes and riding horses. He always had fun and made it fun for all. She owned a beach house with her sister. His special work trait was metal work. She just couldn’t let go. It was so hard for her. She served for many years as manager of the symphony. 

He lost many close friends during active duty. He worked long, hard hours and the company grew, became successful and provided for his family well. He successfully provided hardware and rental equipment to the community. He continued doing what he loved best — working, working, working. The messages brought to him changed his life. Many new friends prayed for him in his final days. This was their Dad and they loved him. 

She enjoyed intimate relationships with her children and grandchildren. She chose to donate her body to the University’s Health Science Center. Together they worked and traveled the world. They created several scholarships. They enjoyed a full life. 

He was a shining example to all as he faced his valley of death. He was born where the first Spanish settlers built their homes. His great, great grandfather was mayor during the Civil War, one of the most turbulent times in the city’s history. His father was active with the youth in the area. They co-hosted a prayer meeting for high school age youths. He held various positions of leadership. He and his twin brother were exceptional athletes. His grandfather presented him his diploma. Dramatically he was joined three days after his death by his beloved identical twin. 

He was part of the “Greatest Generation.” He devoted much of his life to the spiritual needs of others. They made a valiant two week effort trying to save him. His word was truth and his handshake was commitment. He was a heavy equipment operator. 

He was the only son. His uniform is in a museum. He taught physicians from the US and foreign countries. He organized the first annual turkey shoot fundraiser event. He organized the first fundraiser broom sale. He rode registered quarter horses in cutting horse competitions. A number of his former staff assisted in his care. 

She trained in an early intervention program designed to assist children in first grade who have difficulty learning to read and write. It delighted her to see a light come on in students. Her deep faith was a strong foundation. She authored many stories. She chose the hummingbird as her animal symbol of identity because of its energy and vigilance. She completed many beautiful paintings. They both worked to meet college expenses. They placed a high value on education. She had a spunky attitude and a fierce sense of independence. She created and repaired extraordinary dolls. 

He and his friends had many fun nights running the roads in his coupe. He was a journeyman electrician. His last gift to his family was to leave in peace without a burden. There were diverse interests in his life. He was a fantastic amateur gourmet. His Italian dinners were infamous. His greatest pleasure was entertaining people. He had a strong, confident personality. He left the world displaying amazing dignity. 

He was an internationally known literary poet. He spent a turbulent period in prison. He was a vocal champion of many social causes. He became a mentor and activist. 

They enjoyed many fruitful years together. She remained socially active in the community. She loved to shop with her daughter and often knitted blankets for friends. He never took to his bed. His “larger than life” personality was impossible to ignore. He was not unsung. He was their Pied Piper. She shared her many experiences and many pictures with friends. He worked in various trades and lived in a number of cities. It hurts her knowing dreams and plans they had were gone. With him in her heart she promised to keep going and take care of their sons. 

Her house was always the gathering place for holidays. Everyone looked forward to these fun times and delicious home cooked meals. They thoroughly enjoyed extensive European travel with friends. Her father sent her on a grand tour. She visited her cousins in Kent. During her tenure the system rose in esteem. She was renowned for her prodigious acquisitions. 

They were married in a lovely, intimate, garden ceremony. She had a big heart for people. She was known to be a hard worker since childhood. She would give foot rubs with lotion for a quarter. She adored animals. She was a good listener, an encourager. Giving gifts and doing tasks for people were her strengths. She was proud to be a Farmer’s Daughter. 

He was a lifelong activist and educator. They still remember the moment they held him in their arms. He enjoyed translating Portuguese poetry. They measured life by the moments that took their breath away. He had a passion for God’s word. He pursued excellence in the irrigation industry. He had a heart for discipleship and a deep appreciation of barbecue and spicy food. He was quite fond of a goofy golden retriever named Zoey. 

He was deployed to the “German Front.” He flew the most combat missions of anyone in the group. They owned what was considered the most historical building on the city’s main street. They endured many long separations. She and her two daughters would live with her parents in the family quarters. They ensured their daughters received the best private school education. They were firm proponents of school homework. They were honored by their highest academic achievements. They continued to live a full life enjoying many social and political events as invited guests. 

As one enters the last stage of life, keeping one’s health becomes a foremost challenge. His health rapidly declined but his spirit was vibrant and joyful. He always showed impeccable manners. It was with the best medical care received that he was able to survive, considering the gravity of his conditions. They rendered to him the security that he was always loved and not alone. He lived under the power of debilitating illnesses. His will to survive was his most amazing trait. His physicians would marvel in disbelief that he had such resiliency. Her daughters were devoted to them during this difficult time. He told him he came to this country with the will to serve the ill. He performed surgery on the battlefield. His personal kindness and open affection — hugs from on old soldier to another, one hero to another — were a medical model for “best health care practices.” He knew her overall worry about her frail husband. They were holding their hands together as they always did. He always would say he married the prettiest girl. 

He led in the development of many innovative teaching approaches. He was a sports official. They were able to sit behind home plate in the wheelchair section because of his handicap. He always said it doesn’t get any better than that! He was so happy in his last years to see the renewal and growth of his beloved church. 

They heard a sign from the Lord. She enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes and interests of her children. They made it a true home. He spent many hours at car shows and restoring his own cars in his workshop. He loved serving others, especially the homeless. She was an enthusiastic volunteer. She was a member of the greatest generation. He was the “Wahoo” king and played every chance he could get. He was the one who made others laugh and smile. She waited patiently for him to come home with a mess of fish. She followed him to Australia. They build a motel. She remained faithful throughout her life. 

She operated a restaurant in the Cattleman’s Auction Barn. She realized her dream of earning her diploma. Her favorite destination was New York. She enjoyed being a part of a large family. She retired to a home on a lake. Her body rejected the transplant. Her mind was still razor sharp. She daily destroyed any crossword puzzle appearing in the paper. She received a lapel pin that read, “I’ve survived d—near everything.” She was an independent woman with a lot of starch. She faced her life with dignity. She and her husband kept the family going. She viewed her life as one of the most blessed. 

His daughter indicated the greatest thing her father ever did was to sit down and play the piano while she and her sisters fell asleep upstairs. They drifted off to scales of Debussy whose harmonious notes befitted the beauty of the dreams their father wanted to impart. They wished him the same sweet dreams as they said goodnight for the last time. He was a musician of the purest form. He approached marriage and fatherhood with wit and sagacity. They had a May-December romance, suited for a Gershwin tine. He was a prince among them and the quintessence of a gentleman. They met in a play in which they were both cast. 

She was a fashion icon and World War II pilot. They came from all over the United States and Europe, landing on a private helipad just to see her. She drove around her family ranch in a beat up truck. She went to every banker in the area. Her strategy worked. Her fashion authority and personality garnered her stacks of letters. 

She excelled in studies and made a host of friends. She anxiously awaited the day when she would follow in her sister’s footsteps. She was a senior sales assistant. She drew people like a magnet. She was curiously interested in every subject matter. She was the last of sixteen siblings. 

She relaxed by working word and number puzzles. She was a good friend and a good writer. She was the first “cross over” teacher in the movement. She was a gifted and talented director. She ventured into the office work environment. She never had children and she always loved her dogs like children. She conveyed knowledge in an inspiring way. She was very proud of the school’s innovative and intellectually challenging nature. She began to develop a rigorous program by fusing three content areas. Her poem was chosen to be placed in a time capsule. People remind them of how she is remembered. Memories combine with a feeling of calm and love. They could only attempt to be as loving as she was. Her resting place seemed so far away. She brought out a new volume of poetry. She was plagued by illness since infancy. She was the daughter of remarkable parents. Thanks be to God for her long life. 

He worked for many years as a rancher. He was blessed with a curious, creative mind. He investigated ways to bend sound waves. He spent most of his life as a plumber. He enjoyed collecting mopars. He spent the rest of his life in the auto industry. He was a teacher in his own right. He was a spiritual beacon. He continues to guide them through their earthly adventures. He had a sister whom he treated as a daughter. He was employed as a Body Repairman. 

She performed a litany of medical functions. She always had a gracious presence. She had a tough journey. She was a passenger in a tragic automobile accident. She loved her summer camp life. 

She loved everybody and everybody loved her. He chose to comfort them, rather than them be comforted. Customers would line up for hours to buy her chicken and duck eggs. He loved to tease his daughters. She directed children and youth choirs. He worked his way through high school. She loved and cared about so many. He took his grandchildren for rides on the riding mower. She was a talented tailor. He was a man’s man. She had a way of making each child feel special. He loved spending time with the guys. She took solace in caring for her dogs and chickens and horses and pets. He rose in rank. On her last day on this earth she spent doing what she loved. He was in the printing industry. She had developed a great interest in Mexico while in school there. He was self-employed in construction. She exhibited her usual spunk. He operated the family farm. She was cared for by her daughter. What he truly loved to do was work in his yard. She passed away on her granddaughter’s birthday at the same time as her birth. He was an amateur genealogist and history buff. She was a wonderful aunt. He raised cattle on his small ranch. She closed this chapter of her life. They had many happy moments and belly laughs. 

He lived life in his own inimitable style. A large circle of family and friends surrounded him. He was a true Renaissance man with a bohemian bent. He moved to raise his family in wide open spaces where his children could safely play. He displayed as a boy a voracious appetite for knowledge. He was an air-conditioning specialist/problem solver. He attended every school within traveling distance. He mentored, guided and coached hundreds of youngsters and adults. As a young teen he was greatly affected by the Nazi occupation. He encouraged all who came to “have a hotdog and enjoy the game.” He met and fell in love with a visiting student. They toured Europe on his Vespa scooter. 

He spoke at least six languages well and dabbled in a handful more. He conducted the first botanical survey of the Lower Canyons by raft and canoe. He became one of the foremost experts in the field. He moved into a farm house where he lived the rest of his days. He cultivated lasting relationships. At the drop of a hat he would drive across the state for a handful of seeds or an obscure document at a county courthouse. He stopped at every small town along the way for a beer and a bratwurst. He eschewed formality. He was most at home around a campfire or alone with a dusty, old book. 

She was an attentive mother, an affectionate sister and a fun-loving aunt. He fished, golfed, two-stepped, practiced law, made them laugh and made the world a better place. She received a Sorority Silver sister Certificate. His beautiful singing voice led him to several barbershop quartets. Even in his last days music was a great comfort to him. 

He was very proud of the multiple patents attributed to him. He was active in music and drama groups. He worked in radio and television broadcasting. The station continued operation under a newly acquired identity. He had a go at cattle farming. He worked in successful political campaigns. He was an advisor for the development of rural radio in that region. He was always known for his devotion to God. Early influences helped him form his life. He assisted his father in conducting dozens of funerals for grieving strangers. He learnt that service to others is part of true religion. They gave his family great comfort as he made his way to eternity. 

They celebrated his remarkable advocacy for people with disabilities. Raising cattle became his love and favorite career. He retired after 20 plus years of service. He had a great day with his friends. He was a brilliant bright light. He loved old gospel and country western music. He believed anything was possible. He was placed in a nursing home because his family could not support his complex needs. He was close to a whole range of friends. He lived in a series of facilities. He helped many of his friends through difficult times and always wished to include everybody. He cared like a Care Bear. He never wavered. He showed incredible determination. He held a strong desire for peace. His motivation came from his certainty that he would be able to help people with “real problems.” He lived as part of a most beautiful family. His classmates gave him a standing ovation. Institutional confinement left an indelible mark on him. They loved being in their home with all the wonderful conversations and interaction. He became a vocal and effective advocate for community living and built a big and strong network of friends. He reconnected with family. He developed strong ties with others. His bold personality spurred him to always speak his mind. He was an embodiment of the independent living philosophy. He refused to allow other people to control his life and his outlook on life. His parents showed boundless generosity. They had a special place in their hearts for young people. He had a beloved twin brother. They will always have his spirit in their hearts. His many friends and associates will carry on the fight for more and better services. When he laughed the whole room laughed with him. He loved the truth. He moved to be closer to the decision-makers. He was the most beautiful and amazing person that anyone could ever ask for. 

“Suffering is relative to the individual who is suffering. Your cross is as heavy as mine. You take this gift and something mystical happens. An abundance of grace begins to flow,” she wrote, understanding well her purpose in life. She raised registered Herefords and her three children. She fell in love after the First World War. She returned to her adopted country successively over the years, living in the grandest hotels. Her illness brought much pain and suffering but never did she complain. She could often be seen administering to others in need. She traveled with her grandfather, a great influence on her life. She initiated environmental restoration along the river. She spent a lifetime tending to her business there. She did not seek her reward on earth. She had a constant prayer life. Her family witnessed many miracles. She exhibited her connection to nature through her love of the mountains. She cared for and protected a unique piece of desert. She considered it her temple. Miracles came from God in response to her fervent prayers. She is busy now taking on many projects as she did here on earth. She was a spiritual seeker. She read her mother’s religious books. Her initial fascination with the spiritual world began in Egypt with a Bible Lands tour. She sailed the seas discussing the cosmos. She returned to what she considered to be the Sacred Source. She wanted people to help out some stranger who crosses their path, who is less fortunate than you. 

She rebuffed the President. She wanted to save the country’s important tourist industry. He agreed and made other arrangements. She worked while he earned two college degrees, enabling him to become a social worker. She successfully juggled home life and career. The study of sacred science sustained her. She was impatient with material man but had hope for spiritual man. She never turned down an opportunity to express her understanding and belief in the natural order of the universe. She actively participated in her daughter’s activities, like Girl Scouts. She was named “Secretary of the Month” and featured in the Christmas edition of “Heartbeat” magazine. It sustained her on her final journey. 

She had a passion for politics and compassion for others. Her ashes will be scattered at a private ranch to mingle with those of her deceased husband. A cure was not meant to be. A lot changed in their lives. He was a young man with an extraordinary heart and spirit. He loved “chillin’” with his many friends. Their world changed forever. Nothing will ever be the same. She died with words of Shakespeare in her ears. She was born before women had the right to vote. She enjoyed enormous popularity. She fought successfully for equal pay. She earned a pilot’s license and flew a small plane. She exceeded the speed limit in her orange Karman Ghia. She wrote personal essays. She faceted gemstones and made jewelry. She grew roses and African violets, cooked, baked, watched birds and practiced fitness and health training. Her ashes will be scattered at some of her favorite fishing holes. 

His accomplishments in his field were many. He loved to design and invent many things. He formed his own company. Their hearts still ache for his presence. In his honor they asked them to celebrate and raise a glass on this day with much love and laughter. He was commander of operations. He left a legacy of nurturing each other through communication. He was preceded in death by his eldest and youngest sons. “Secret tears still flow.” 

She could light up a room with her smile and her eyes. This child was a mad music lover. She’s smiling now. “Rock on, baby girl,” he said. She embarked on a new journey. She died peacefully in her sleep. 

He played incredibly behind the beat. His phrasing was truly unique. At his own request there will be no funeral. He was a marvelous friend. 

He loved his wife. He was involved in an unfortunate accident while kayak fishing. She was a child of the military. She devoted her life to horses and animals. They appreciate everything that he taught them. He was fascinated with flying. She worked for the State Board of Cosmetology. He worked as a crop duster, a job that enable him to work and complete college. Her employment covered a wide variety of settings. She was recognized as an innovative leader in the senior programs. He built and flew a number of aircraft. Ill health forced her to limit her activities. 

He loved to golf. He worked as a pressman. He spent many days canoeing and exploring waterways. He worked as a security guard at the U.S. Capital where President Harry Truman, a haberdasher by trade, once straightened his tie. She was born severely mentally retarded. Her disability gave a new direction to his career. They traveled extensively throughout the world. He loved to photograph his grandchildren. Afterwards they continued their relationship and advocacy. Not a week goes by without thinking of him or talking about him. 

She was devoted to her 8 children. He spent many years with Sears. He was employed by several friends who had their own businesses. He played the piano and became a lover of country music. Se was proud to have served in the U.S. Navy. She touched hundreds of children’s lives. He was a gently man, a Mercedes Benz restorer. She enjoyed being his wife. She got hugs from her granddaughter. He had a multitude of friends by the hundreds. He has “Gone West.” He started a boat building business with his brother Bill. She was a very strong personality with a big heart. He was a lifelong resident of the area. She played the organ for funeral and church services. 

He taught theater and communication. He conducted research in the field of sonar applications. He won roles on soap operas. He married while he was in the army. 

She exclaimed. “I want to sit on God’s lap.” Every aspect of life was an adventure to her. She hung onto the promise of God all the time. An awful disease disfigured this woman’s beautiful body. Her life was an offering to God. She followed Him with abandon. She worked in jobs outside the home. They will be there to help and comfort the family. She had a classic “whatever I have is yours” style. She was a drum majorette in the school band. She was determined to earn a college degree. She was the head bookkeeper for auto dealers. She had the ability to find humor in everyday ups and downs. She was affectionately named “the little rascal.” God’s Grace shone through the ever-present twinkle in her eye. She spent many wonderful years at the language lab. She enjoyed being part of groups. She made sure their travels were teeming with life. If there was something to see, they saw it. The light that shone through her spread its glow on every one she met. They tried their band at surfing at Waikiki Beach. She took each day for the most she could get out of it. Her spirit soared high and now will soar higher. 

As a young child he moved in a covered wagon. There were seven children born to the union. He met his future wife at the annual banquet. She had a beautiful smile. He continued to preach for several years after his retirement. She never moved far from her roots. He became a jet-fighter pilot. She made lifelong friends at the store and was able to serve the poor. It was actually a return to the family. She completed a rich life. He was known as a man of great humility and compassion. She loved the life of being a farmer’s wife. He sought the “Gold Nuggets” in the scripture. She served as an intern at a medical center. They shared their life and love together. He loved playing and singing Southern Gospel Music. Her house had no electricity or running water. His sausage flourished, becoming a mainstay of the breakfast table in nine states. They were forced to move several times to satisfy employment opportunities. He became a household name and his face and voice familiar fixtures on TV screens and radios. She purchased and operated her own grocery store. He lent his business experience and wisdom to many civic and business organizations. She acquired a long-term love of painting. He continued his involvement with causes. She was continually involved in the learning process. He never ceased to be frustrated at the vagaries of the game of golf. She lived with her family and descendents. His favorite haunt was his media room. She addressed new experiences or new learning opportunities with an enthusiastic attitude. He enjoyed a lively political debate and a glass of wine. Although she never learned to swim, she took up water skiing with her family. He whipped their e-mails to friends and family. She was never reluctant to state her opinions. He was an amateur painter and an avid collector of Western arts. She was un-phased by pomp or ceremony. He leaves behind several members of his poker group. She was always respectful and polite to those around her. He had an easy laugh, unassuming nature and fierce intelligence. She was never known to say, “I am too tired,” or “I am too busy.” He was a true gentleman. She had a particular interest in gardening. She made them happy when skies were gray. They have been doing their best to honor her wishes. He loved to deal with antiques. He was able to watch his two grandchildren grow and enjoyed it very much. He loved to ride his motorcycle and drive his VW van. He made many friends who loved him. 

She was famous for the math carnival each year. She knew how to handle a room full of seventh and eighth graders. She wanted everyone to know that math should not be scary. She regularly contributed to education conferences. They worked with many volunteers to deliver food. 

She was a dedicated homemaker. He was given s special person as a wife. They always had a garden. She canned and preserved many, many jars of fruit and vegetables. They took many a trip looking for irises and daylilies. At the time the trips seemed such a pain but they’re wonderful memories now. 

She was employed as a domestic worker. She married her childhood sweetheart. Her philosophy in life was to never go to bed angry. She was beautiful and brilliant and succeeded at a series of careers across the country. Medical history has few stories as interesting as hers. She braved numerous operations over the years. Pain was her constant companion. She perfected the art of caring for her caregivers. She had a joyful curiosity. She wished no flowers at her memorial. 

She was a consummate professional who shared her commitment to excellence with numerous co-workers. Any patients benefited from her care. It was a long and difficult journey. She earned the title of “Champ.” She enjoyed a successful commercial real estate career. She spent most of her leisure time fishing. Her great and giving spirit is no longer fettered by this world’s physical limitations. She was able to impart the knowledge that mattered most. They feel the glow of her spirit. 

He was a lover of Sacred Heart “Shaped Note” singing. He said, “”Fast and out of control, that’s the way I rol. It was an honor to have loved him. They wanted him to enjoy another beautiful day in heaven. He was made acutely aware of the alarming number of pepople battling cancer with little hope for a cure. He worked as an Ass. Hotel Manager. He could never have endured the past year without the exceptional care given to him by his loving wife and beloved daughter. 

From a one-room office, his practice grew to many thousands of patients. He donated an enormous amount of time helping economically disadvantaged peopole. He let a consistanct Christ-centered life. Everyone looked up to him for advice. He coined many sayings that his family members loved to quote including: “Pitch ttill you win!” He survived hardship and stoically managed his failing health. 

She owned and operated a yarn shop for many years. He departed on his last Permanent Changes of Station. She worked for many years for publishing companies. He attended college on a football scholarship. She assisted her husband in the operation of a successful floor covering business. He loved to sing at school and church activities. His college career was pleasantly cut short. Jobs were scarce when he became a civilian. She always “strongly recommended” that her children study hard and use their abilities. Life with him was always an adventure. She was the supreme pessimist when it came to sporting events. Time does not make pain any easier. With laughter from their grandchildren, they knew life could go on. 

He retired after years of honorable service. He graduated from a school for the multi-handicapped. He had a genial and loving nature, accepting and tolerant of everyone. He was the best part of them. The shifting shadows on the wall were always with them. He prepared to meet his Lord. His wife was seriously injured in an auto accident. He left behind a host of great friends. He goodhearted nature could put anyone at ease. He had an appropriate song for every occasion. Titles of the 20’s and 30’s were his favorites. A catered Celebration Party was held in his honor. 

She always stayed positive and lived a happy life. She moved to be near her family. She served as a hospital recreation director. She has a genteel nature. She was the child of a pioneer family. In addition to her expertise in antiques, she was an enthusiastic supporter of the arts. 

She was a newly beloved wife who died suddenly in a car accident. He learned to enjoy the art of fly-fishing. Many professionals in the medical field sought his expertise. She glowed with a singular humility and holiness. He could always be found around a campfire no matter what the weather. She had a pure coloratura voice. He retired one month ago. They always suspected she was not of the earth. He enjoyed playing his original music with his two sons. She was a treasured beauty. Having seven children, he and his wife decided to leave the army. She had been rehabbing a back condition since a fall. He had tremendous knowledge of the names of trees. She painted flowers, animals and birds on wearing apparel which she sold at art fairs. He was a linguist and spoke seven languages. She was the scourge of several bridge clubs. 

She had a love for the arts, and was an active member of the Senior Center. She completed cosmetology school and became a beauty salon owner. She had a rare case of pneumonia. She reveled in telling stories. She was the original source for the story of how the nickname was selected and adopted. Her Sunday School class in Heaven is now rejoicing at her presence. 

He was in bed at home, surrounded by loved ones when he died of congestive heart failure. He wanted to get back to music. He relished the role of mentor. He was a real, strong guy who overcame a lot. He was awestruck at his approach. He established his talent as a soulful singer. He moved to town for peace and harmony. 

She accumulated many master points and sewed beautiful creations for her growing girls. He worked as a test driver. She was a noted author and photographer and had a record of many accomplishments. He pulled the Chamber float in area parades. She gave love, hard work and dedication to the children. He became involved in working closely with inmates, which helped his career in the mental health field. She was a delightful joyous person quick to tell multiple jokes. He provided for special needs citizens of all ages. She passed from “here” to “there.” 

As a boy one of his greatest loves was baseball. She retained her uncanny wit and positive humor. He was very well known in town and had worked several bars. She followed her dreams to become and educator. He joined his family business. They met on a blind date. She was fortunate to teach children of all ages. He was very active in the Jewish community. She was able to travel all over the world. They immediately build a network of friends. He became a beloved “elder statesman.” She was always after a new adrenaline rush. 

He was named “Boy of the Year.” He talked his way into a sales position. He went on to welding school. During his younger years he worked two jobs to support his family to which he was very dedicated. He was a gentle soft speaking man. He loved his boys and encouraged them to be leaders in life. He did work he enjoyed among people he loved and called his extended family. He was a clothing manufactory representative. He was a gentleman and a talker. 

Her homemade chocolate pie would arrive at your doorstep if you were sick or needy. She had an undying love of the lake area from which her ancestors settled. She was voted “Fan of the Year” and attended every football and basketball game she could. Her favorite pastime was talking on the phone. They were all clearly angels in disguise who came numerous times to visit and take her to church. She played clarinet and oboe in the band. She was called upon to revive her bookkeeping skills. She often played piano for the enjoyment of her children and grandchildren. She was a ball of energy loved by all. 

She crocheted beautifully. They remember when they laughed about getting old together. She was a gifted student who excelled in her studies. He believed in leadership based on moral values. She grew up during times of extreme hardship. He published two books of memoirs. She loved her husband more than words can say. He worked hard for IBM for 42 years. A sincere friend helped make the past few years so happy for her. He always had something to say that could put a smile on your face. She had an ever present smile no matter what the situation. He took his work seriously but not himself. She developed a chronic, debilitating disease of the nervous system. He was a different make. She said she would race him in his wheelchair. He began working to provide affordable homes built in factories. She was the epitome of frugality and selflessness. He looked for humor throughout life. She could plant a walking stick and it would grow. His mission in life was to make others feel good about their golf game — compared to his. They volunteered to help their son and daughter-in-law with home schooling. He passed away in a drowning accident while on vacation in Hawaii. He was employed in the manufacture of product lines. He re-focused his energy and leadership. He found challenging applications for data base programming. He gave each associate an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. He had tenacity and many capabilities. He energetically lived his servant leadership. He was committed to improve the life situations of disadvantaged young woman. He led a trail-blazing effort to promote single-gender public education. He was overwhelmed by the strength and support of his friends. 

He worked as a coach/teacher and then worked in industrial sales. His absence hurts them all. He lived in numerous cities. He loved to write stories and was a published author. He is retired from Motorola. They remember the good times they had with him, especially the trips to McDonalds. He was always their hero. He felt blessed to have such a loving family and friends. He enjoyed traveling around the world. They feel his presence all around them. 

She also had two grandchildren. She made them laugh. She worked as a banking secretary for many years. She knew nearly everyone in town. They made the forthcoming tragedy bearable to her and the entire family. She had an unmatched sense of humor. She grew up in a small, little town of 30,000. She worked in the service of the Lord her whole life. She will be missed by her Golden Retrievers and her cats. She was renamed by her as her “Angel.” 

He was the musical driving force of the group. He had the idea to move. He tied in with the Chicano movement. They were just so saddened. He was such a lovely person. They felt like they lost not just a musical brother but a true brother. They never once heard him say a bad thing about anyone. He was always the first to praise them. 

He enjoyed the simpler times of growing up in the 1950s. He was a happy-go-lucky character. He had top security clearance. He made numerous friends at his regular stops. He operated his own cross-country rig on the open highway. He was the best high-tech electronics hauler in the company. He helped organize union workers. He had a secret recipe for Bar-B-Q. They spent countless happy summer hours playing games and fishing together. 

Her mother died battling breast cancer. He was known for his dry sense of humor and frugalness. He was always there to wash a dirty car. She had a natural artistic ability. Her grandson was the light of her life. He was among other things an entertainer, a banker, and a city employee by trade. She and other members of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps were the first women other than nurses to serve in the US Army. She enjoyed the color pink and entertaining her family with humorous one-liners. He worked for many nationally known corporations during his long business life. He also spent time as an entrepreneur. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. She loved celebrating her birthday. 

He started working at an early age in the labor fields and overcame many obstacles in his life. He left home at 16 and worked on various ranches. He was a master horse shoeing instructor. He worked a a production employee. He put all three of his daughters through college, enhancing their futures. He became a talented artist making patio tables out of tile. He lived a fulfilling and colorful life. He was an inspiration to his son with his experiences and unique input. He shod his last horse in 1973. His later years were spent smiling over his precious grandchildren. 

Now she is an angel they all know. Sometimes they would catch her in the hen house crawling into the nests. She skipped 2nd grade. Almost all who knew her said “she was like a mom to me” or “the best friend I ever had.” She loved her Dr. Pepper, black licorice, playing slot machines and Doris Day movies. She took in all the animals that would somehow wind up on her doorstep. She was also a pretty handy seamstress. There was never a time when her household didn’t have an animal in it. She always had cookies in the cookie jar or cake on the table. 

He musical career began at the age of 16. They made him a Bass player in the band. It wasn’t long before he got the “hang” of his instrument. His thirst for a “different” sound got the better of him. He practiced constantly, with an occasional small break for a meal. In addition to the usual fare, he could play “Jazz!” He had a humble, easy-going manner. He enjoyed working crossword puzzles, an occasional “Poker” game, and of course his Scratch-offs! 

For a period of time she was a professional model. He was affectionately known as “Sparky.” She became the first woman bank officer in town. He grew up to adulthood on the family farm. She left life unexpectedly in a tragic automobile accident. His wish for his children was to live fulfilled lives. She enjoyed telling stories of the good old days. He treated his clients with loyalty and respect. She traveled across the country to speak to national and regional conventions. He participated in football and track. She enjoyed her job as a cashier. His love for life radiated in his outgoing personality and in the joy of his smile. She was dedicated to community service. He was a brilliant man knowledgeable about any topic. She will be missed in the hearts she so graciously touched. He had a quick, witty comment for everything. She greeted everyone with a beautiful smile on her face. 

He dropt out of high school. He had been suffering from health problems. He read fantasy books to his son. He spawned a wealth of copycat games. He left the insurance business and became a shoe repairman. He enjoyed hearing from his legion of devoted fans. He took anthropology classes. He created fictional characters with complicated rules. He used medieval characters and mythical creatures. They continue to grow in popularity. 

She was always interested in local history. She worked the last eight years as an occupational trainer. She traveled the country and parts of the world as an Air Force wife. She served many years as a nurse’s aide. She had a beloved pet dog “Angel.” She enjoyed her many years of working and traveling for the state. She was an accomplished artist. She was a wife who always wore a smile. 

He was manager of a Savings and Loan. After playing baseball four years he received a BS degree. God took him into his loving arms. Over the last several years he worked tirelessly to start up a retail business. He served as a coach and mentor to many young people. 

She passed her Italian traditions on to her children. She molded her sons into responsible citizens of society. She was the epitome of a true mother. She had a faithful niece and friend. She was beautiful, polished and kind. She was surrounded by wonderful neighbors. She held her children’s hands for a short while but their hearts forever. She was honored for her beauty as a Bluebonnet Belle. Her devotion never wavered. She provided the funds for their education from first grade through college. She visited every state in the union and every continent except Antarctica. He zest for life kept her forever young. 

His smiling face is missed . He was a descendent of a pioneer family. He took pride in his involvement with the services his club provided for hearing impaired children. He had a resilient spirit. He raised white doves. His hobby was the building and operation of large scale live steam trains. He desire to assist others led him to change careers to law enforcement. His love of music was fostered by the talent of his mother. 

He had a rewarding career in multi-media productions. She took great pride in her “English garden” in her backyard. He could bring out the best in interviewing and questioning people. Her heart and home were always open. He loved to share with his brothers and nephews. It broke their hearts to lose her. He enjoyed a successful second career. She was a generous person. Among the highlights of his coaching career include their record 55 game winning streak. They established many business ventures over the years. He was a lifelong learner. She spent countless hours volunteering. They were prominent in the community. All the wildlife came to visit her. He was a great systems analyst who could trouble-shoot and fix or build anything. She was their oldest volunteer when illness forced her to retire. Pets were always a part of their family. She was eternally optimistic. He showed them strength and courage and to never give up. She couldn’t speak but she could listen. A whole bunch of people loved him. They stand upon a shore, gazing at the beautiful sea. 

Everyone is invited to a Memorial Slo-Pitch Tournament in his loving memory. She was a smart, brave, and full-of-wit girl. She always thought and cared for her friends first. They are still not believing they lost him so young. She was dedicated to her craft. He was involved in the installation and maintenance of long distance telephone service. Her worth was far above rubies. He lost his gallant battle with cancer. She always greeted them with a beautiful smile. He left many footprints all over the ranch. She taught others to live life to the fullest. He received many commendations for his efforts and his hard work. Her Sunday school teacher would sometimes let her teach the class as she knew the Bible well. He witnessed firsthand how service evolved as technology changed. She was a ray of sunshine. He built a home on the “old home place.” 

The couple honeymooned in Hot Springs. His college studies had been interrupted by service in the Army. They occupied their spare time with numerous trips. 

He was born into a very humble and loving home. He owned the Steak House Restaurants. He played basketball on scholarship. He went through a series of rapid promotions. He led a very principled life. They vacationed on the only continent that they had not previously seen. 

They loved the little ways she had with the kids. They wanted to let her know how much she is in their thoughts. She was a home-grown comic and unmatched story teller. In the last year of her life she became the matriarch. She gave to friends, relatives, and neighbors until she was unable to do so. She was a happy mother, a happy homemaker and a happy wife. She took care of her sisters while her mother worked. Her mother was part of a large Portuguese family. She had a multitude of friends. Times were hard for all families. She learned how to work hard to make ends meet. She would always find ways to help people even when she had to give up something herself. After retirement she took up needlepoint. 

She was committed to all children. She was active in the band parents’ organization. She was ever the impeccable homemaker. She enjoyed all handicrafts. He entered the Spirit World. He was a young man who was full of life. He was like a magnet in his loud speaker system that could be heard from blocks away. He was a trusted advisor and friend to clients and colleagues. She was active in cooking activities as the king pin of the kitchen. They spent time with their adoring grandchildren. Her husband was the first traffic fatality of the year. She believed there was grace sufficient for every need. He enjoyed relaxing in the sun. He always had a smiley face and welcoming heart. He drew crowds of friends. He was a steady handed man with an incredible work ethic. Now re-joined, they are continuing their love in the peace and contentment of heaven. 

They knew it was his best birthday ever. They raised their own family and countless nieces and nephews. He previously owned a drive-in with his brother. He devoted his life to law enforcement. He blazed brilliantly attracting a multitude of friends and admirers. Through him they learned that that are no boundaries in their family. He was an immensely creative soul that turned seemingly useless refuse into whimsical, charming works of art. It was a beautiful life lived by a great man. His first works were silver clad bells made from empty cartons. He traveled overseas to protect our country. He dug ditches, operated jackhammers and crafted custom furniture. Their family grew with their chosen daughter. He was never quite comfortable with the title “artist.” He became a student while continuing to advance his career. Never one to take himself too seriously, he would roll his eyes and drawl, “Big deal!’ As luck and love would have it the opportunity arose and he took it. He was a deeply spiritual man and often called friends to read aloud a passage that he found particularly inspiring. It was a job he loved and led to even better success. His childlike delight in life drew people into his circle. He worked with fine people. His creativity spilled into his language. His family knows how much he was loved by all of the staff. He made public declaration of his faith. She made her father most proud when she graduated and began her career. His all-purpose “Moo!” meant everything from “right on” to “goodbye.” He topped three exams and tests had to be re-calibrated. 

She was a beautiful and talented woman. In addition to raising a family she worked in the public library system. In her later life she became an accomplished watercolor artist. He was a doting husband. He began his career in construction with his brother Jim. His position gave him the opportunity to live in different states where he met special people and life-long friends, one of which was his wife. Her passing will leave a genuine abyss in many lives. She was the last surviving member of her family. His life was lived first as a military officer. He worked on prestigious jobs. In her early married life she had four children. They spent many years building their homes together. After retiring from the building business, they traveled extensively. They pursued many passions. She had a new joke and a quick smile for everybody. One of the great losses of his life was his daughter. Her death was a very difficult loss. They were married the following year. She was also a “Dancing Granny” and participated in many productions. 

He enjoyed riding motorcycles, building model planes and his variety collections. He was preceded in death by parents, wife, and his special cat “Biggie.” He boxed in his youth and had his own general contracting business. He loved and was loved by his dog Penny and his cat Ashley. Strangers readily became his friends. He was employed as a Customer Service Agent for an airline. He enjoyed wood carving, listening to music, happy hour and a good cigar. 

He was very well-liked, very cooperative, very positive, a hard worker. He was a radio operator in the Army Air Corps. He narrowly survived the challenge. His slogan was “Go Forward.” They only day he missed a vote was the day his mother-in-law died. He was a generous man who was happiest hunting. He was a swimming pool contractor. He’d help anyone that needed help. 

He dreamed of becoming an architect one day. He cold always be counted on to evoke laughter. In his last days he displayed the same quiet courage that graced him throughout his life. He was “gifted” in size. His presence was unmistakable when all the cousins were together. During his college years he supported his family in his own concrete excavation company. He acquired a permanent shrapnel “souvenir” in his shoulder. He followed in his father’s footsteps and became a jeweler. To date he’s had a perfect attendance record. They love him more every day. He was the very gentlest of souls. Something unique to his career was that he was supported by both liberals and conservatives. He was part of a lifelong group of friends. They were all thrilled when she brought such joy in his life. They are heartbroken for her loss. His ranches were always open for family, friends and charities. 

He learned the sheet metal trade from his uncle. He taught photography for the federal government. He was well versed in numerous subjects and had a vast array of talents. He and his close friends were continuously involved in never-ending games of good-natured pranks. He faced several health issues in later life. After rough episodes he picked himself up and headed back into action. More than a few stories and memories will likely be shared about him. 

She lived a beautiful life. She displayed an amazing ability to reach out to those in need. He was known for his integrity and warmth. He moved around the country, following jobs. He opened a drugstore that he and his family managed together. She was an avid historian. She tended her roses while drinking her coffee. He discovered how to appreciate timely values in his daily experiences. He was a well-respected leader during his long career. He devoted nearly 40 years of his life to the bowling business. At an early age she taught herself to play the piano and organ. He thanked her for the love she had shown. 

He was awarded a citation for his efforts to employ the physically handicapped. He used his immense expertise as a businessman to mentor new entrepreneurs. He was also an accomplished cook who never let your glass run empty. His passion for photography never diminished. They were lucky to be on the receiving end of one of his crushingly tight bear hugs. 

She wanted each of them to smile. She waits for them to gather around the piano and sing together again. She had a dry special lifetime friend. He went through three beachhead landings. He said he had everything he needed. He enjoyed doing things for other people. They have yet to meet a human being with as much grace, decency, class and quiet dignity as she displayed throughout her life, during the best of times and the worst of times. He worked as a machine shop manager. They still have so many things to ask advice about, so many things they didn’t say, and so many events they wished they could share with him. 

He had a diversified professional career. He was one of the “Warrior’s on the Wall.” He worked hard throughout his life and was extremely diligent in producing the very best. He motivated young men in survival skills in the great outdoors. One of his deer hunting buddies wrote a story about him which was published in a magazine. He issued controversial decisions. He was placed under round-the-clock protection. He lived with them in their cave headquarters. He found a rocket pack that allowed him to fly. 

She took part in the nation’s first interracial collegiate debate. She was simply someone who listened to them. She brought to the team something she already had. Her presence moved others to be quiet and listen. They were never intimidated. She accepted despite a hectic schedule. They didn’t seem to mind her status. She had that way about her. She was devoted to her faith. She made a comment to a friend before she died: “It’s time for a new beginning.” 

They spent their lives building memories. His lifelong dream came true. In her younger years she was an avid hunter. He lived the most wonderful life! She spent time working and caring for the elderly. She was often known as the life of the party. His passion was working in his enormously beautiful rose and vegetable garden. She was only a grand mother for a short amount of time. They often speak his name. 

He provided years of selfless, dedicated service and gratis legal advice. He was very proud of being a veteran and was a man of strong character. He was a natural born businessman. He was always ready for a card or dice game. Later he became a well-respected car dealer who had a keen insight into people and vehicles. They would inquire as to his health and he would continuously change the subject. He always amazed everyone with his knowledge in the areas of culture, religion and politics. He enjoyed watching his cattle graze while sitting on his porch. 

He was an actor who spent years in Nazi concentration camps because of his communist sympathies. He wrote music for the Royal Family. She donated two hundred artifacts of history to the museum. She became one the most influential women in the Church. They helped the poor in war-ravaged Europe and took “unity” as a refrain. 

He met and married his wife whom he remained faithful to for the rest of his days. He spent his entire adult life as a HVAC technician. She was a buyer for the drug department. His life was very simple — family is important for any man to be successful. She was beautiful, intelligent and steadfast. He worked at his father’s shoe store until he ventured out to work at a typewriter factory. She rode a mule to school and worked in her family’s cotton fields. He thought love and devotion a must. She was an avid model train enthusiast. She had many true and special friends. His careful attention to quality and detail made his work highly sought after. Each day she read the newspaper from cover to cover. He loved to go back and visit his family. She made sure you always had something wonderful to eat. They considered him a part of them from the very beginning. She continued working in various hospitals. He embarked on studies of healing and fasting. She enjoyed spoiling each and every one of them. He attended night classes in engineering to improve his position. He had a thirst for knowledge that could never be satisfied. 

The ones they loved are only a thought apart. She served for many years as president of the usher board. She could truly see a person for their heart. Everyone was wearing the spring colors she loved. She left all she touched with strength, love and hope. They wanted them to please share some cake and ice cream with her (especially the ice cream)! 

All is at rest. She had many things in life that she enjoyed. Physical difficulties remained a challenge. She and her brothers and sisters were soon fixtures in the area. He “lived to ride” his motorcycle. She loved most of all shopping with her family. His sense of humor encouraged hundreds while dismissing his own pain. She started working as a secretary with a young engineer. He proved that the weak are made strong. They were a beautiful couple on the dance floor. Her life was full of joyous occasions. He fought the good fight and finished the race. 

He was indelibly stamped on their minds as a doomed philosopher. After clashing, absolutely towering, he cast on an audience an extraordinary thing following that breakthrough: a charisma, an hypnotism, a kind of spell, with a craggy face and an unforgettable voice, by inclination and by his gifts, who deserved that place. 

They operated many service stations. They were a great team and experienced many, many joys together. They spent their time camping, fishing and quilting. She had great wit, charm and overall persistence. She kept a smile to the end. She was a strong, passionate, carefree personality. She married the man of her dreams. 

He was a self-made entrepreneur acquiring numerous friends along the way. He gave much more than he ever took. He fulfilled his lifelong dream of helping the sick. He was always a progressive thinker and sponsored Elvis Presley’s singing debut. He signed his daughter’s license, a rare event in history. “I have a loving, supportive family. Isn’t that everyman’s dream come true?” he said. He worked on the Norden bombsight for the Civil Service, which made him ineligible to serve in the Armed Forces. He was a strong man with a good character. They long to see his face, hear his voice, and wrap their arms around him. 

He was chosen by the President to serve on his personal team. He built his own successful air pollution monitoring and control consultancy. He volunteered in his community. Buoyed by their support and encouragement, his parents nurtured his boundless explorations. He was a banker, attorney and professor. He was her darling son, her good boy. 

He spent his working career in the paper business. He was asked to move to become a manager. He built their dream home. He was well liked by everyone but most importantly he was respected as a man of honor. He enjoyed the company of his wife who he loved dearly. His artistic ambitions came from both sides of his family. His paternal grandmother brought him into her studio and took him to symphonies, operas and art exhibitions. In addition, he held a Fourth Degree Black Belt. Both formal education and experience qualified him as an educator. He took college courses to become a pilot. He was a POW during WW II in the Philippine theatre. He had a productive and loving life. He and a colleague were prepared to set up training schools. He set up two watch making schools for returning veterans. His maternal grandmother taught him to create molds and cast metal. That would have been his medium of choice. They will never forget his wonderful “fish” stories and rabbit stew. They shared loving care and attention throughout a beautiful marriage. 

He had numerous ministerial appointments. He served as Conference Director of Youth Work. He worked as a counselor, teacher, and principal. He exemplified love by way of the following definition. Love is the relentless caring and concern for the wellbeing of another, even through death. He took him in as an apprentice. He often spoke with his uncle about life and literature and art. He had recently taken photography to heart with his typical passionate fashion. His aunt nurtured a love for music with him as well. Good and close friends surrounded him daily. 

She lost her 25 year-long battle with Multiple Sclerosis. She traveled all over the United States to visit her children. She found joy in teaching her grandchildren how to play dominos. He had a successful career as a paint contractor. He spent his early years exploring and swimming. He and his wife spent the fifty’s and sixty’s raising four children. Her childhood nickname was Lissi. She enjoyed all things American — the flag, July 4th fireworks, parades and the privilege of voting. She hosted hundreds of holiday and birthday parties. They still think of her as if she were still with them. They find peace in knowing they are both dancing together in heaven. 

He passed away at home, his favorite place. He was a man of many talents and great scholarship, including Greek and Hebrew. There were a whole host of things he “created in the garage.” But ultimately, it was clearing brush, mowing grass, mending fences, and swimming in his beloved creek that gave him Peace on Earth. He was lured from a highly successful career by the opportunity to have his own business. His home became a retreat for family and friends. 

She was an adoption placement social worker. She had a gift for finding just the right family for each child she placed. She will be laid to rest beside her husband in the Field of Honor section of the cemetery. She received numerous accolades and proclamations for her lifetime commitment as a community and political activist. She was the oldest serving usher in the area. 

The best and luckiest thing that ever happened to him was meeting his wife in Argentina. He spent the next five years driving a taxicab at night in Boston to support his expanding family. He earned doctorate degrees in Geology and Paleontology. He resumed his research of dinosaurs in a region near the Andes Mountains. He achieved his dream of having the site protected forever. He called it a “blessing in disguise.” His lectures on God and science brought great light to his friends. He thought God was indeed the greatest scientist. He was slowly losing his physical mobility. He supplemented his weary legs with a good mule. He continued his expeditions. Many traveled from around the world to learn at his side. The remains of his heart will be buried in his beloved treasure trove. He was truly a simple man. He would come home from work, change into his grubs and play farmer in his vineyards and orchards. His good friends ranged from farmers to governors. He honored a goat herder who led him to his discovery. Others worried he was at times being taken advantage of. He always said it was not his job to judge others. He helped left-wing political sympathizers to escape persecution. He loved to delight his grandchildren with stories of early carnivorous dinosaurs. 

It was an unavoidable day of sorrow and sadness. Life was interrupted by World War II. She renewed the friendships of her childhood days. No one loved the great outdoors more than he. They were blessed with the birth of their second daughter, a delightful surprise to all concerned. She created a life for them. He coveted old pickups abandoned in farmers’ fields. Without their care, he would not have had those precious five months to share with them. She returned to the family home for which she happily cared, regularly cleaning leaves from the gutter while perched atop a ladder. 

— from obituaries in the Austin American-Statesman, December 25, 2007 - March 24, 2008