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jockeying for power

Jockeying for Power


They were jockeying for power. It is a failure that has caused a power vacuum. They were prepared to fill the void. They attacked each other. Clashes accelerated and quickly escalated into an exchange of rockets and gunfire. 

It was the first time in a decade that the organization needed to be restructured. Key legislation has not been passed. They provided data on broader measures of violence. There was no exception to this. He feared that its pessimistic conclusions would be watered down in the final version. Normally they make their own judgments that offer some promise for political reconciliation. They questioned whether it adequately reflected views found within the office. They differ on whether violence is being reduced. It would be “more useful” if they backed up their judgments with detail. 

However, the hostages weren’t released all at once. Under these conditions, it will make their difficulties even bigger. They feared that the decision could become a precedent. They will continue trying to obtain their aims. It allowed them time to escape. 

He could return and throw a wrench into their plans. There was no immediate confirmation. It remained a cliffhanger. There were still some issues to be hashed out. He wields considerable power within the country. Choices have become very limited. It remained unclear if a power-sharing deal would be enough to stave off crisis. 

He is free of doubts about the war. They were waiting to hear how the attack had gone. It was a tense and shadowed day. He was too sentimental to give the order. He showed his grief in public. Decisions must be made with a steel spine. They wished for a true believer of their own able to make decisions without dwelling on consequences. 

They also want to encourage moderating influences. The government official was replaced amid reports of a sex scandal. His allies will be in key positions before the next meeting. “We should start over,” he said. There were fears that the decision to negotiate might only embolden them. No announcement was imminent. A slow and steady expansion exposed a new divide. The output was far less than was expected. As a result, they are going to ratchet up the pressure. There is no partial credit here. It raised questions about whether they’re facing technical difficulties. 

All the outstanding issues which triggered the crisis of confidence are growing about an array of suspicious activities which they believe is concealing an effort. He stopped short from calling for a delay. It was a significant step. This was the first time they were willing to discuss all the issues. 

It was the face of change. Some questioned their motives, but they responded with a fist to the violence. He is trying to reign in offshoots of his group that pursue their own agendas. It was a big failure. They warned of war fatigue. The plot was designed to create chaos. They share the blame for the bloodshed. The stakes are too high and the consequences too grave in the case of an event elsewhere. He is under pressure to find a new course. He declined to say how many were arrested. 

They needed to reconcile the political rifts. He returned home last month to lead the opposition. They’ve been wrangling for months on a power-sharing deal. With the crisis over they turned their focus on what went wrong. “All the shrapnel came towards us,” a soldier said. 

Meanwhile, he was trying to resolve an embarrassing hostage crisis. Relief turned to anger. The country has a duty to protect its people but he was worried that its status might slip in the international community. 

They apologized for the trouble they caused. They were to blame because they didn’t heed repeated warnings. It hurt their pride. What lessons can be drawn from the ordeal? 

“I think we are at a very important crossroads,” he said. “This is the strongest bridge we’ve built.” They sought to halt the drift towards acrimony. There is a danger of further deterioration. He thought they could withstand the turmoil, this tension in the relationship. 

They began dispersing the crowd and beating demonstrators. “Mass demonstrations” were up sharply. More units were able to maintain order round-the-clock in some areas. It sparked a firefight. The vast majority are inspired by money. They are angry because they don’t have jobs. Fault lines were beginning to emerge. They were consumed with meeting current demands. What would happen if the enemy came back? It would be a giant step backwards. 

It has become religious and ideological. They tried to conceal their identities with forged documents and aliases. His political future was clouded by his waning authority. They said they would only defend themselves if attacked. They crushed the remnants in a ferocious gun battle. Another group struck elsewhere. They won praise for their restraint. They were designed to make it more difficult, complicating any effort to reunite. They are now unleashing their considerable firepower, killing hundreds of people. They’re jockeying for power in a brutal, chaotic, frenzied free-for-all. Camps still house some of their earlier victims. 

He warned them to take care. They were responsible for much of the killing. He has struggled to maintain unity. The case has become a test of loyalty. A neutral committee was formed to uncover all the details. He is trying to walk a line. “All the passion, all the energy has been on one side,” he said. “Now my side will get its say.” 

“Everything I’ve given and sacrificed means nothing,” he said. They were using soldiers for political purposes. It was a month-long showdown establishing a theme that is likely to be repeated underscoring the need for stepped up efforts. Tensions mount. It was linked to a volatile situation gripping and hit by setbacks. It helped bring about a rare legal victory. Dozens of demonstrators have been wounded in the weekly clashes. It was seen as a propaganda coup. He accused the government of exaggerating. It was considered a victory as they faced international pressure. 

Government soldiers battled troops loyal to a renegade general. This proves they have become stronger. That’s the message they want to convey. They are trying to seal an agreement although they indicated a significant gulf existed between the stumbling blocks. Their country’s forces won’t change for the foreseeable future. Their professional independent assessment should in no way diminish their efforts. 

Yet the pull towards political reconciliation was scant. It’s separate and distinct whether it’s sustainable. They are trying to frame the issue. They rolled out a generally bleak report. The threat they are facing today is complicated and people are confused. They could not let their guard down or compromise at any time. It will only end when one of the cultures is changed beyond recognition. 

They need more help. He warned that without proper preparations, it will be a failure. Security was deteriorating and he renewed a call for negotiations. They rounded up supporters. It’s likely to sharpen political tensions and could trigger street violence. They had been slow to fulfill promises to stem the flow of fighters. 

They boarded busses and crammed their belongings into the luggage holds as they tried to beat the deadline. Hard-fought security gains were at risk with “devastating consequences.” The rocket struck a tent filled with sleeping soldiers. The situation was frustrating but he expressed hope. 

It was a day of high drama. He made a decision to twist any law to stay in power. They were not ready to fight. It was a traumatized society. Their response was lip service and little action. If the only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. They all had a way to go. It can be called nothing more than a sick joke. It rings so hollow. We face a flood of discontent and rage. They need to force action. The threat of failure looms. 

— from the Austin American-Statesman, August-September 2007