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i, moron

I, Moron 

I WRITE what seems good to me. My army is weak but pure love endures forever. The real intent of the heart is an enemy of God. They often repent and then conduct their meetings; they only bring forth bitter waters. But let’s not dwell on these horrible scenes. 

There are various ways to manifest things. For example, he sat down on his right hand. He was still alive but labored with them. Each one stirred up anger against the other. While in this tabernacle of clay, he was concerned with the sufferings of the people, the women and children they have slain in their strong perversions. They are brutal and they spare no one. They are without principle and beyond feeling. They do it as a token of their bravery. This weighs them down to their deaths. How can there be people like this, without civilization? They have no fear of death. They thirst after blood and revenge. This situation exceeds everything. 

Dear and precious above everything, with all the energy of my heart, I don’t use sharpness when I tremble. 

They received a few records. There was no water. They wandered around searching for food. I love little children. The daylight is different from the dark night. At the ends of the earth, they administer some wine and teach them. They offer a gift and receive a sufficient hope. They even sing. 

They retained the gift and miracles ceased. I pray in my heart because of my meekness. They were fit to be numbered among the people. They weren’t accountable or capable of committing sin. It had no power over them, cut off while in thought. It was a mockery. I speak it boldly. Hell is an endless torment. 

This ought not to be. They should cease striving with each other. 

IT JUST so happened that we marched out the next day. There began to be a serious difficulty. They wouldn’t exchange prisoners. They were in a deep sleep and drunken. They did according to their desires, which made him more angry. They had a perfect knowledge of the fraud. They were fools and I hated them. I write the words I speak to them. They murmured because I was plain to them. There is an opposition in all things. There is an opposition to happiness which is affixed in childhood. Everything is compounded into one. The sharpness of power was in him, which he could not restrain, manifesting bodily. They were distinguished by their name. They labored away and preserved natural fruit and they swept the bad out of the vineyard. They grafted branches to the tree and came to a land of pure water. 

Caught in a snare, after much tribulation, they buried their dead. It was the joy of the whole army and became a very serious matter to determine in those critical circumstances an expedient, and they began to lose hope of help. With stones, with clubs, whatever thing they could get in their hands, it took all their force to contain them within their limits. They began to dwindle. They became weary and took it upon themselves to remember their works which were established by the voice of the people in the space of not many years. You can boast and trample underfoot laws which have been already corrupted. 

He maintained the parts that he’d taken. They saw he had become weak and was afraid of being overpowered, slain and destroyed. They abandoned their intention and led them from place to place. The ones who chose evil were more numerous than those who chose good. They were ripe for destruction. 

They were good, they do what is good, they lay up a treasure in heaven. They must unavoidably perish. They must stare it in the face. By its miraculous and matchless power they are encircled by fire. 

They remembered the names and what was said and also written. 

THE EARTH began to cause a desolate heritage. Springs of water guided them. Can a woman forget her sucking child? They were swallowed up and far away. In my ears they say: Who goes to and fro? Friend or foe? They carry their daughters on their shoulders and their sons in their arms. With their face towards the earth, they lick the dust of his feet. She has lost her children. She said, “This place is too strait for me. Let me have my own place!” 

They sit in darkness on the isles of the sea round about the land of destruction and inherit the desolate wilderness. They are broken off and driven, scattered abroad, their mouths a sharp sword, a polished shaft, a quiver. They mentioned my name. They called them from the womb and the waters gushed out, cleaving the rock. It was a light thing to restore and clothe and set up standards. They were not ashamed to wait for me. 

They are the awful prey. Don’t deny justice. Long-suffering has full sway in your heart. Bring it down to the dust. No, wait. There is no way to reclaim these men from their fallen state. Eternal life is different from the life of the soul. They don’t have a claim on this creature. The network of justice should be reclaimed before death. The waters of life flow freely. Except under these conditions all mankind is fallen. 

They fell to the earth and were dead trying to prove a wonder from heaven that began to be hard in their hearts. These lying and deceiving people for many years caused a lot of sorrow. They got possession of the hearts of the people again. They began to question him. This caused a division among the people. He told them the thought in their hearts, standing in the midst of them, pondering in their hearts all kinds of sins — murderings, plunderings, secret works of darkness. 

They had much peace and rejoicing. They aroused their faculties. All are hardened, all are fallen, all are lost in an infinite sacrifice. Just casting their eyes about quickly heals them. The people multiplied. They began wearing expensive jewelry and rich clothes. They lifted themselves up in pride. They acted according to their wills and pleasures. They laid him on a bed. His heart was swollen inside him. Soon they began to assemble themselves. 

He didn’t have a witness, only their word. With all their sufferings from hunger and so forth, they began to cry and fell to the earth. They were angry with him and so was I. They belonged to a secret band. They argued among themselves. He softened the hearts of his enemies and he spared their lives. They hid so they couldn’t be discovered. They searched diligently. He gave them a name that wouldn’t be blotted out. Vain and flattering words supported their laziness. They changed the affairs of the kingdom. 

The people were blinded. He discovered a movement among the remainder. A shepherd called to him. The ax was laid at the root of the tree. An unquenchable fire cannot be consumed. They drive away many who were scattered. 

Where is the Great Spirit to plead the people’s cause? Upon their heads the cup of trembling was wrung out. In the shadow of his hand many things come. Horses, flocks, chariots. He didn’t say anything more to them. They esteemed filth. They started to go down. They’ll weep and howl. They were endlessly lost, speaking of things to come. They were willing to enter and be obedient. They didn’t want to drink out of the cup. Everybody returned to his own house. 

IT WAS a precious land of promise kept from the knowledge of other nations. His views were glorious. If it weren’t for him they wouldn’t have waked to shake off their chains. 

He didn’t wait. This was their secret plan from the beginning, which had been handed down. There were no gifts from above. They became slippery. We gathered our people in as fast as possible. They heaped up dung on the land. They struggled with a sword for their lives. 

He touched the stones with his finger and brought them back into his presence. They all dwindled into an awful state. They laid their tools upon the shelf. Even the borders of the seashore were mussed by the rain upon them. Briers and thorns drew the cords of his vanity. All their bows bent. They trembled while trying to speak with you. The memory of the awful situation filled him with pain and sorrow. They were just men. Their carnal state in all the regions and the wild animals were convinced they were buried deep in the earth. They opened a correspondence. There could be nothing so exquisite to exceed my pain as I was racked by his power. Lost forever, a fallen man, which worried your mind in a land which is not far distant. They were very sorrowful. Old things passed away. These sayings of mine stay. With a single eye it will yet be brought from the earth. 

He didn’t know where they had gone. They prolonged their existences. They had so much light and so much power. They laid the foundation for the destruction of the people. There is no beauty that they desired. They were encircled. They knew they were nothing. I can’t say the smallest part of what I feel. Who could have thought to have snatched us from our current state? 

These things were not without a shadow. They didn’t use their compass. There wasn’t much alteration. They were scattered and slain and put to death. 

A man should run faster than he has strength. They were angry. They gathered in a spacious building and a terrible gulf divided them. Some cities remained but they were found in broken fragments. One man among the people laid his hands on me. The world was burned with fire and its smoke went up forever, for justice cannot be denied. 

The tree began to grow. What is above is precious. Faith is dormant. Your mind begins to expand. There is no God today. They seek to hide their dark advice in corners. I am the one who does it. I will rejoice in it. Round about according to their wishes they broke out singing: 

“Burning instead of beauty 
The chains, the hoods, the vats 
The sweet shall stink 
They’ll die by the sword 
On top of jagged rocks 
It shall be manifested by the light.” 

He didn’t record when God should come. The land was taken away from the borders to the seashore by little known men. 

Imagine yourselves destroyed, broken up, loosed and then expanded. He was a liar from the beginning. He melted into heaven and the bands of death were broken. I was swallowed up in this mystery I have unfolded for you. You might build and have a safe foundation — things as they really are. Don’t stumble because of my anxiety for you. 

— May 2008