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crazed days


Crazed Days


Everything was stymied. Compliance questions were raised. The rules were overturned. They called for a halt to the inquiry. He was “alarmed” by the latest figures. Someday, it will pass. People adjust their attitudes. 

The program paid off. They had a plan. In the long run, friendship kept them going. A reformed system would help. They aim to pair good times with good causes. He had a real talent for speaking. She was greeted by protestors on a fundraising visit. They pushed to make it a destination to rival its neighbors. They face a fading future. They had to clean up their handiwork. They grieve for a toddler left in a van. They solidified their position at the top of the polls. He collapsed onstage. They insisted their effort was independent. They left the place looking like a pigsty. They were set to charge the suspect. They guzzled energy in alarming amounts. He was distracted by a phone call. They fought back against the allegations. He claimed a cover up. They offered some diseases that were huggable. 

They had more room to roam. They stayed in the middle of the road. A father’s love finally returned. Two were killed by therapy drugs. They were hurt at a rest stop by a bear attack. How will rising prices hit people in poverty? A dire warning was issued. A change won’t burden the middle class, he said. The investigation was warranted. Life spans in developing countries increased. Their confession caught up to the couple. They tried to ignore the cowardly hacks. They weren’t just running for laughs. Music had lost its meaning. 

The tiny car put grins on faces. They brought development ideas to the table. She liked his straightforward nature. They tried to shrug off the setbacks. Attitudes were positive. It was called “muscular, flexible.” It brought peace of mind and jobs. The lid seemed to be coming off long-simmering feelings. There was a rage against the system. It was another tragic reminder. Hospitals were taxed by throngs of kids. Some jobs could shift. Latest developments had taken their toll. It rested between great and OK. At its heart, a rock beat. 

They vowed broad steps. He tried to delve into tough issues. It was a challenging notion. It seemed a way of life for many. Geography was among the enemies. It took a new spin. It was a crafty new spot. The pull was still strong. They felt trapped when they fired. The town was quiet — maybe too quiet. 

Their concerns moved to the forefront. They hoped others wouldn’t have a similar ordeal. They took stock of the damage. The inquiry highlighted the tensions. It added to their workload. They were at odds. They were overdrawn and uninformed. It was where the wild thing is. 

They wanted to make sure bigger is better. A storm engulfed the city. Some say politics prompted the move. They worked long and hard for what they knew was right. He angered his allies with a broad rebuke. He recalled his mistakes. It was an unsatisfying trip into the world of addiction. Her search for a new man found heartache. He said action would just buy a few years. He noticed the smell of decaying matter. The staff decided on the denial. He gazed deep into the majesty and mystery. 

Critical questions remained. Where do we go from here? It’s just addition by subtraction. Strategy and emotion got more conflicted. The dispute could have undermined their efforts. She reflected on life before and after her son’s tragic killing. Unnecessary demons twisted the story in unsatisfying ways. She provided compelling insights into their lives. Her flaw was that she was flawless. It was both beautiful and foreboding. Amid squalor, the monument stirred anger. 

She was exhausted by anxiety, daily fear. Peace was found in mutual respect. She was impressed by the help given to the woman and her dogs. The road was sleepy. They inspired brotherly love. She prepared for a future sense of loss. More families were facing poverty. Charities say their needs have swelled. They weighed the next step. They dealt a blow to the proposal. The burning case was still smoldering. They saw gristly photos. It was built with air strike protection in mind. His take veered from the facts. Their reputations were stained. The mess still lingers. Fixes were on tap for their woes. They experienced delays. He made a complete break. 

They remembered the moon as they shot for the sun. They had a finger fight. The toll may climb. They tried to blunt the penalty. They died as insurgents battled. His overall health was fine. They made key concessions. He had ten years of collecting memories. One man’s dream come true sounded like a nightmare. 

He defended the shakeup. The figures hinted at a recovery. More whistles were being blown. The timing was right, but he ran out of gas. He went for the jocular with a wink and a wince. The Emerald City glistened even brighter. He offered no answers. They learned from social sites that he was out of the closet. The clock was ticking. They were offered roles. They saw a significant rise in needs. The poor were kind of the forgotten people. They couldn’t stomach the truth. Bliss reigned over the music festival. They got a treat from Mother Nature. It turns out, attendance determined funding. They were pitched through a plot twist. She set the stage. Tiny charms turned prayers into palpable connections. They took the battle to the streets. They searched for the body. 

He died while heading to a wreck. A couple found entertainment and life lessons in court. The lack of male imagery and language was cited in the downtrend. Discussion of war can be a tricky topic. Most of their legal woes were the result of drug and alcohol addictions. They found mud where villages stood before. Questions surrounded the killings. They were clueless, but sweet. You never know what bits of songs you’ll hear. 

Findings suggested a higher estimate. They feared a shift could bring “burnout cost.” They were not immune to the fallout. They gave in to grunge. He was facing an uproar over the delay. They spent years being ignored. They wanted to crack down on idling. The news was not all gloomy. Fashion changed with the weather. The mayor was hit on the train tracks and died. 

She brought the jury to tears. Most details were stricken from the report. An official denied “corrupt intent to anything I did.” They hit a growth mark. They began to regain footing. They set the mood once again. It was off limits for a while. The errors were blamed on a “series of missteps.” They were at odds over rules that set certain levels. There was no exit yet. He had an important reminder. They couldn’t squander this opportunity. Work decades ago was coming to fruition. They relived the sunny past. 

He sought the middle ground. The plan riled opponents. He said he “has concerns” about the proposal. It sparked a debate. They lived on a steady diet of mistakes and inefficiency. Yet there was hope for the future. They wanted to find a better solution, demand a better plan, or just shut up and salute. He suffered a setback. They were at odds over the old house. He was too elusive for the police. They raised the bar. It was named among America’s best. They played at the deadly “choking game.” They waged war against change. Fences aren’t toilets, the neighbors said. He acknowledged bias. They shared a night out together. They were working to fix the problem. He said the comments undermined the inquiry. He said the work was being spread around. 

The family recounted a violent past. They prized secrecy at the gathering. A rare deer fatally gored the man. He did all he could — fast. The study said the problem was getting worse. Keeping control was the number one priority. It drew from diverse cultures for its theme. It was more frightening than bedbugs. They were dancing in the rain. They were “looking at the connections, not the differences.” 

The idea infuriated them. Closed-door talks aided him. The plan to forge ahead disturbed some critics. The effort was in vain. When power matters most, what is needed is a good enemy. Some parents were wary. 

It was not a swinging good time. A dark moral tale emerged. They tried the direct approach. He said he had an idea, if they could stomach it. He dabbled in art to fetch money. She hoped her ascent was empowering to others. It can both help and hurt. It turned out you could take it with you. There were parallels between the couples. It offered a wispy glimpse of lives intertwined. Real people were at the core. 

They expanded the definition. They sent a spacecraft slamming into the dark crater. They said they felt abandoned. They didn’t expect a final accord soon. They pressured him for a new stimulus. It was a miscarriage of propriety. It was tough to tell. Would they seek a bigger slice of the pie? They looked for a profit. They took thousands in gifts. The debate exposed a split. They pushed to change perceptions. The risk was rising. It was not all strictly legal. He said they were just playing politics. They wanted to step into the future on a firm footing. 

He found himself saved by faith and financial skills. Its re-emergence shook up their pigeonholes. His trailblazing brought fame and criticism. He was warned of an ethical conflict. The chase lasted two hours. The man who died in the fire was a musician, his friends said. They didn’t agree to the plan. 

The time was now. She climbed a ladder by standing tall. It was part of a national trend. They left without saying goodbye. Semantics did matter in the debate. They were cautious in defining reductions, making others skeptical about their efforts. They looked for fresh income. They honored the impulse to heal. The author rose to the surface of the comic tale. She carried a message of hope. Humor and tenderness emerged. Happy endings were often elusive. He was watching the neighborhood like a hawk. He shared tips for taking pictures. The pregnant mom was threatening herself and her baby. It was a growing issue. They feared his move was a sign of meddling. They took the fight to army headquarters. He intended to work on processing recordings. They saw both upsides and downsides. It revealed sharp changes in laws and attitudes. He ran into weight woes. They renewed calls for an exit system. They sought clues to the illness. It sparked a celebration. They completed a battery of tests. 

They needed a pro to right a listing ship. It “had never been about making money.” They searched for a new home. They showed love for the culture. It was just so darn smashworthy. They aimed to pull drifting students back. He was very sick and in the hospital. The plan advanced. 

The plan faltered. The killer lost his appeal. They were key to the creation of a new center. He was known for his skimpy outfits. The rule changed but not everyone should jump in. It was something sweet, something rough, and something odd. Local fights started online, then moved off-line. 

She wanted to be “Mom” in the worst way. He recalled his early life and political times. They were trying to think like a bomber. The first months were a tough test. They had a crash course. Lawyers joined ranks of casualties. He outlined the pace of withdrawal. They decried the 11th-hour sideswipe. Whose sensibilities would be spared by the plan? 

The party was over for the fugitive. They braced for dry days. They saw historic success. He quit in a defiant speech. A plague of pay cuts devastated them. They defended their decision. He wanted to learn to see people as they are. He wanted to be buried the old-fashioned way. Awareness was a key goal. The mother of the killer spoke out at last. They struggled to track down a crucial piece of paper. Supporters gathered to wish him well. He was known for his calm demeanor. 

An icon melted away. A group helped the teen who was thinking of suicide. He backed the ruling. They expressed regret over the deaths. She urged greater tolerance. A singer was punched in the head. Winter was closing in. They wanted more from him. Their fears eased as the storm weakened. It had a chilling effect on speech. She sparked a store riot. His compassion changed lives. They said he was ignoring the facts. Some got futile care. He was a casualty of callousness. He wanted them to let go of myths. An expert examined “a little smudge.” She caused more turmoil. The students failed to gain. They were divided over his role. 

He said the man’s behavior was not appropriate. The lack of progress was seen as a call to action. They might add money to the project, he reported. Mist and fog made spider webs glisten. An executive apologized for the slur. Travel and a positive attitude at work were elixirs for his life. He was sincerely a people person. They wanted him to choose activities that would get him off the sofa. It was a dream realized. 

Eco-friendly features were among the plans. Roots were celebrated. The company defended its safety record. His world revolved around issues germane to parents, not kids. The untamed author served as a mentor. He questioned God, life and everything in between. Spunk and style carried her a long way. They offered surprises about a country torn by conflict. Cliché became life. The rivalry hadn’t lost its luster. An explosion of hungry butterflies followed the heavy rains. They awaked to a plague of deadly addiction. They rebuffed a reconciliation deal. They were stuck with bad drywall. He hoped for a “welcoming spirit.” They were among those making strong gains. The e-mails were of key concern. In all fairness, it wasn’t her only regret. It was purely personal. Could a wave be building, they wondered? The decision to delay was his alone. 

Overwhelmed investigators were also targets. The baby was OK after a train struck his stroller. The refusal sparked outrage. The family was at the center of a media storm. The fight fueled suspicion. Every train left a bit late. He was suspected of encouraging suicides. A rescue plan was drawn up. They approved the conclusions. Few of the crimes ended in convictions. They supported each other’s efforts. The man and the principle were in sync. 

What they still didn’t know: 

The victims struggled to step out of the shadow of constant fear. The background noisemakers just couldn’t help it. He was sparked by tragedy. It inspired a generation of future authors. They went wild all week. Guilt moved in. He was drawn to life’s storms and its dangers. His misdeeds exceeded the charges. The project imperiled the budget. He talked about the scandal. He was an “unsung hero.” Some blamed the wet weather for the slump. 

They gave them a nudge in the right direction. It was a lost chance to address uncertainty. A new wrinkle arose. They detained him for his safety. The money “really bridged a gap.” 

They faced an internal battle. The impact was questioned. He said they should suck it up. They were words to die by. It was a wonderful place for growing up and growing old. They wanted to raise money and a reputation. They played a game of show and tell. He drove them mad with his reticence. It was a land of sun, sex and scandal. The family’s influence was still felt, but they no longer ruled. They hunted along the coast for a different look. They got a kick out of the competition. They lent a hand to the families of fragile infants. 

They received a heartfelt round of applause. He expanded worship beyond bricks and mortar. The damaged hospital was to open soon. She has drawn high-profile supporters. They wanted to know what they should worry about. He thought he was “a bridge to unite generations.” The inquiry fed their hopes. After the violence they vowed to improve security. They signaled a possible delay. It weakened but remained dangerous. They were guilty of more than neglect. The changes added to the load of hardships. They eyed the growth rules. They were one with nature. High-speed rail may be decades down the road. The cards concealed a “complex algorithm.” They made an effort to put fathers at ease. Filling seats was the name of the game. He was unfazed by competitors. The quartet posted updates on their progress. They found the funny side of madness. Toxic secrets lurked in the garden, in the greenhouse. 

They revisited the inquiry. He was poised to agree. It was of modest help. He tried a new tactic. They unfurled their true colors. Their money did not belong to them. He wanted to reconsider the death penalty. He ran away for half a day. Their cars fueled debate. They were sharpening their tools. Two crazy kids found each other again. They were about to move ahead. He skedaddled with the cash. They ranked near the bottom. He stood by the date. The town was shaken by the arrests. They apologized for the Jewish remark. The report noted lapses. He rejected the idea. They were concerned about efficacy. They pushed for aggressive measures. The problems boiled over. They were stuck on the back burner. He liked stories that give you hope. 

They were ready for the party to end. He decried the ballot claims. They said the boy had a medical condition. She traveled the world — without kidneys. They offered a glimpse into a life with schizophrenia. The award validated the fight. The array “pays for itself,” he said. If inflation stayed low jobs could grow, they claimed. They invited parents to join their panels. There were a myriad varieties. Food mattered. Her friend ignored her lover’s cheating ways. The sun made them sweeter. 

They faced steep pay cuts and fewer perks. It was a vexation for commuters. They stepped up pressure on the leader. It was all about “mind over matter.” A child’s body was uncovered in a landfill. They were close to an accord. The move was not meant to punish. It was the cause of yet another probe. Talk about delivering big news! What’s wrong with renting? They were urged to look to the future. The new rule was to be weighed. They aimed to boost the area’s educated work force. Running carried risks. The losses were not publicly acknowledged. 

They embraced the fun during frugal times. It was no mystery that they like a good murder tale. Joining the crowd was never a problem there. He tried to close the communication gap. Her creativity flowered. It was how they rolled. They were wet but not there yet. They expanded protection and widened control. Her ordeal highlighted the perils. Their pay needed to be linked to long-term success. They got a “critical habitat” area. He drew laughs for decades. They sought records and gathered interest. Everyone got to know their pay. They changed locks on the members. They called it a “dangerous step.” It cleared a hurdle. It was another test of willpower. 

They OK’d the ban. They were glad to see the action. It was to remain open to the public. He solicited those he regulated. The program was beset by fraudulent claims. They started to write new rules. They packed a punch. They were aptly animated. A move from fantasy to reality touched their hearts. There wasn’t much soul in the vampire tale. Downtown was calling. He wrote his own acting job! The premise was as thin as air. 

She was under fire. They sparked new life. They waffled on the deal, and missed the deadline. They warned against a delay. The strict law instigated battles. They struggled to keep up. They said competition fostered a “disruptive industry.” They were handed the keys to the kingdom. They were betting on the future. He said an attack caused the injury. The plan was not without its risks. They said progress has been “miraculous.” She said to tread lightly and text sometimes. It sounded like fun until… The job required crisis management and creativity. They reminded them that his struggle still speaks to us. He found strength in confronting fear. They lowered their expectation to avoid hurt feelings. She wanted to set boundaries on her boyfriend’s white lies. 

They learned how to attract wildlife to their garden. She never really moved on. Services and style came to the fore. They were warned against casting ballots. It was recalled as both a horror and a haven. They had a tiff over the interview. They faced a sharp rise in costs. They were shifting away from the emphasis. The constant surveillance rankled them. He denied sleeping or arguing. Running brought back memories. They turned the tables on the journalists. He said the picks were smart and consistent. They considered expanding liquor sales. The rally was framed by his words. Her resignation could have a domino effect, she said. 

The lively turned out to celebrate. They led the battle against cancer. It was a road map to a quagmire. Our duty was your duty. Human goodness was affirmed. They had a new lightning rod. Seniors should take a long view, she said. Lack of openness was the key failure. The school’s reputation and the kids are hurting. He blended into the scenery. They soared over Italy with a classical angel. There was nothing sleepy in the musical. It was a familiar yet foreign experience. It wasn’t word for word, but it was insightful. He appeared to be a pragmatic, confident leader. The reader was put into the action as the book progressed. It was inspired by his childhood. A simple walk uncovered treasures. He wanted her to back him up. After tea, they took a whale of a cruise. They mixed comfort with the beauty of nature. They were getting paid to take care of Mom or Dad. They bartered for the services they needed. Health and job plans were the chief considerations. What they bought had value — and meaning. They had faith in something big. Studies found links between stress and illness. The alteration drew scrutiny. He saw salvation in storytelling. It was the focus of a big trial in the small town. New details emerged. It was a very scary weekend. Documents painted a blundering picture. They got their first look at the site. They failed to follow up. It led to a clash with the group. 

He followed his vision and watched the bottom line. The numbers kept shifting. The plan needed more from the start, the report said. They funded ideas on the cutting edge. They were eager to open the vault. There were no intermissions or applause. Everyone wanted to be a star. They gave juveniles another chance. They aimed to protect access. She said they cut her trees unfairly. He built a rock path at the cemetery. Budgeting and planning were among his goals. Hurricanes complicated property lines. They tried to warn the woman. Clouds gathered over “the cloud.” They were on a quest for safer bottles. Examples of past networks proved instructive. Reliability and security were still in the early stages. The flood was customized. It was as much a duel of the mind as of the body. They gave them smarts to use for life. It was a touching look at three children. “Simple does it” was the strategy. He knew his words about her brother hurt. They said they might turn off the tap. They were not asleep. It was an “ominous trend.” They were told to prepare for a switch. They planned another mission. It opened with a boycott. They were part of the fight. They went all-in. Lives were destroyed. They rescued themselves. It was a time of race and civility. The mask they brandished in public melted away. 

The signs of fall were subtle. The culling of the jury began. He toiled to assemble the collection. She wanted acting to be her reality. Divorce doesn’t have to “mess up” the kids, she said. They rolled back the limits. They sought changes to the deal. The families had a long history of friendship. They mounted a new push. It was just a cute stunt. They made room for the victims. They didn’t buy the myths. They must have missed the memo. 

— from the Austin American-Statesman, September 19 - October 29, 2009