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dark matter

(What You Don't Know)

Nu Prose Arrangements

The writing in Dark Matter doesn't tell you what you know.  It shows you what you don't know.  
These writings are all based on other texts.  They are collages, samplings, appropriations of other people's words.  They are "Nu Prose Arrangements" because they are based on the principle of choice and chance.  That is, I take a chance and I choose.  So most of these writings are found products of serendipitous browsing in a text or a series of texts.  The browsing is sometimes rule based, other times random. The process is accretive.  Generally, simple sentences are chosen and assembled, although larger sentences sometimes
 are constructed by combining sentence fragments.  These sentences by being stripped of their original context and placed in a new context take on Nu meanings and suggest Nu narratives, which the reader is invited (or induced) to construct.
A nice feature of each Nu Prose arrangement is that you don't have to start reading it from the beginning.  One can read a part and then skip around, backwards or forwards.  It doesn't much matter where you begin or end. This is unlike most conventional writing, which is intended to be read as a linear narrative. 
These pieces are what I consider "non-narrative" narratives.  They are always straining to make a narrative, but never quite getting there.  They can be read on a literal level or on any number of narrative or referential levels. The reader makes the story.  The meanings are elusive.  These writings imply.  They ask questions.  They ask you to think.  They are  about what you don't know.


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