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You Know What I Mean

You Know What I Mean 
(Selected Poems)


Is this happy or sad?
An old saxophone
Fine day for walking 
Pebble in the stream
Pudgy little baby
Poppa home soon
Blue of sky
Waving little hands around
Little hand waving
Mountain in mists
All day long
Stew cooking in the kitchen
Fine sprinkling in the air coming through
Just notes.


The life we led, our follies and our deeds of heroism
A tireless quest for the anti-art
I shall not be able to confine myself to the bounds of history
Bells, drums, cow-bells, blows on the table or on empty boxes
The new poetic language
"X" was obsessed with
Men possessed, outcasts, maniacs
The paralysing horror which is the backdrop of our age is made visible
Man who was first to judge what was beautiful or ugly
Which has brought joy to thousands with its honeyed garlands of verse
Everyone was happy to watch
The individual soul as it wanders
Nothing like this has existed before
Such a brilliant editor at work

The Gear of Time

The gear of time
The syndrome of your meaning
Elastic limit
A great, frictionless, silent being

A great frictionless time of elastic meaning is the gear of the limit which makes the syndrome of a silent being.

The syndrome of time is a great frictionless limit of the gears of meaning in an elastic, silent being. 

Elastic as time, a great frictionless meaning of the syndrome of limits is the gear of a silent being.

The gear syndrome is elastic and as great and frictionless as time's meaning limited by a silent being. 

H. Matisse

What they have done, what I am trying to do
My pictures are expressive
Like a protracted summer or a cold sky with lemon trees that give a chilly impression
That deep gravity which persists in every human being
Will only serve to confirm my impressions
A mental soother
Like a good armchair
Sufficiently mastering oneself
The inventors who explained to us the techniques of flying
Neglected by less successful aviators
Where are these rules?
If it were possible to learn them what sublime artists we would have
Great artists are deeply impressed
When I put down green it doesn't mean grass
Is not the creator himself nature?
Sustained and kept by the divine
You too are gradually rising upward
Like a tennis racket returning from space
Time is the original creation
Loosened up, gathered together, or drawn out
Rest and quiet
Even for those who have never been in an airplane
A man with a searchlight does not move through space as a pilot does
Ruthless optical distortions 

Poem (Where chance has never settled)

Where chance has never settled
Behind the mountain appears the moon — red and gigantic
The end of the meal or the music of broken light
Something ferocious, like a chest pierced by a sword
I heard the resounding blows of a hammer upon planks 

The Secret of Charlie Parker

Just like he was explaining to you while talking to somebody else
They walked in looking very raggedy
"When I stop playing, we'll be laughing in each other's faces"
"Mild applause will suffice" he would say
Then he shut the door behind him
The swish of a car speeding down the highway, the hum of wind in the leaves
"Once you refused me when I really was hungry"
He had notes to explain all these phenomena of nature
"I think I have broken my ankle" 

The Wings of the Dove

Only to break down without an accident
The final, fatal sponge that I ask
He stood as one fast by the upstairs fire, in a whole dark December afternoon
Fell straight across the field
Like a lighted window at night
The crack of a great whip in the blue air
From the moment the picture loomed
They had pressed in that gaity an electric bell that had continued to sound
Vast, obscure, lurid
Like plashes of a slow, thick tide
That wears, that washes, that survives use, that resists familiarity
The various signs of a relation
Looking at the mysterious portrait through tears
Like fish in a crystal pool
Idle lads at games of ball, their cries mild in the thick air
Complicated brass 
So crystal clean, the great cup of attention you set on the table
An image of never going down
As sad as a winter dawn
It opened out as a dark, confused thing
The adventure of not stirring
In a wondrous silken web
The reflected light of the admirable city
Divided from it by so thin a partition 
It should now be wholly left
So painfully astray, wandering in a desert in which there was nothing to nourish him
As even the great length of the table had not baffled
Polished pressure 
Say at once a balloon
Born to float in a sustaining air
It has been lifted off
Being here on the edge of a great darkness
The question of her friend's chemical change
This was always an incalculable light
For all that she must see swept away
Letting it go as deep as it will
It was like a clap of hands 

The French Support

The mass of green length was so beautiful
New descriptions were written else found. 
The village animals' businesses died.
The forest chief's encyclopedias were stressed by
The seeds of time.
Occupied people who court shock
Late enter Egypt 
The ideal which alone make them brilliant.
The shows of the sufferings of the worms collected nights
In a cave. Storms of revolting robberies
Suggested the styles of an unusual subject which bears
Like elements feeling cults that agents enslaved fatally
Engender in contrasting wolf readers 
To turn matter into an ancient imitation
Of foreign mysticism that dreams wave
As the sole possible desire literature, 
Strictly stretching into holes the sayings
Marvelous hope was nursed on as history's train,
With a sincere defense traveling to accused restaurants
That fashion had never stood against before
In the mind hero. "Early" never corresponds to the enchanting moonlight that shares
The mean experience of the masses of sensory lead.

Angry Fliers

We kept on with him building up where best to use
what product many places in that concept would smash 
your fist in the panel.
This work it's all I know all over again.
Stuff's strong gate will find you there 
last stage one mark of today's normal vacation adjustment.
Some sort of hallucination upstairs dressing in the locker room alone
with no trace of the original inexcuasably highhanded
the name in the corner.
Great injustice at the hands more than he had in the air 
colors your memory in addition to a log
that days tape no part of it
witness to reality carefully arranged you leave
pod containing negative tag
the physical facts area of motive
deliberate tampering plans explode down 
that request was an invention
created illusions you had.
Build nothing against put the blame shut her down
now this end of the bed
enticed me on the phone like it
so much start without me.
Your lips and their lives. 

The Orange Space Magnets

The long swords that descend into space
By the arclight make three brass rings start clothing themselves quickly.
Orange space banks. A spoon burner. Long gravity bolts. Soup tentacles of wax.
In the old hollow table all the magnets were quiet.
Revolve some gum in a boat.
My tires just had to stop.
Orange billfolds plastered the cans like gas.
A stroke of a single balloon means wires in a cave.
The swift iron pans flew across the room into the open space magnets.
A rug handle is good to eat.
The bowls were packed tight as submarine cases.
In the soup the orange fighters had the pin shakes.
It was hard to see the night
Fall into place like a naked shot of glass.
Were these pool jokes all over?
Feeling around he sought the face
Of time which delights in light blue haze.
Shotguns were mounted on complete outlaws backs to zoom
Into empty breaks. The camp was bounded and torn.
To the wax tomatoes that the night has shifted in the sky so long
The magnet pigs swim in terror on a cold orange farm. It is necessary
To mount in the castle of the brass lights. The berries
Were poured in their steel outfits onto the stretcher
Boats. The hollow planes zoomed near the wall
Of the orange space magnets. 

The Circus World

A man racing against a horse has no chance when
Broken glass moves
When hands move made from
The strings of a tent, which 
Maximum in their crazed anger
"White horse, white horse!"
The young girl firing the gun at the moose
In the middle of the table in the glass flow
Had to gasp when her real glass tears began to flow.
The hat on the rack limply stood,
A lamp behind its back projecting "the
Hugging and kissing rain," then it had to stop and switch to
A road through the trees leading to
Its door. In the foam we saw the 
American flag marching on its poor back. Slowly
A shaft of sunlight on the floor became
A stab from the fire — O crazy, it was
High above the ground! He said, "The name beside the wall will start walking to
Those lions in a ring who have started to walk to those Happy Fields once again."
Then a long walk started for
The dancing horses just when he began 
Counting the men racing against the horses. 

Night of Tenderness

Absolutely secure from 
A certain immaturity he
Felt dissatisfied with its structure
A long flash-back of which was
A little uneasy about this and
Washed out emotionally with
A certain coolness
Quite obviously drawing
The downward spiral
In some pictures
In those days figure
Representative of a great power class
Becomes her doctor
Not surprisingly however
As she pulls up in a Cadillac
They marry the girl
A servant to his desires who
Begins to slip from his hands like
The man within 
Largely eroded away
To fade into complete obscurity with
Such a sense of sadness
Saying, Poor me
Open on the sand
Pearls shone in the sun
Red-striped tights
Had become hilarious
Closer over her list
Amusing them around him
More fully and deeply
Later on
Special reservations
Moved so fast
He opened the gate and
Evaporated before their eyes
If they had a repose when
Thing look black and are
Mechanically raised and lowered the
Lobes of their ears
None ever recovers from
Pulling out his chair like
A new facet of the fabulous
Its wheels were of silver
That covered the floor up to her then
Ravished her with 
A piece of precious cloth made by
Bizarre machines
In the dawn ringing from a
Doll's voices from New York that
Up so high in the load
An undignified position 
Seemed gorgeous to and
Utterly withut feeling

Tied to the Times

Tie your work to the times
After the times have ceased and started to decay.
With a peculiar skill
Exposed to a play precisely fit the intentions' smash hit to their bosom that so loves a dandy
One brittle stream keeps producing a healthy example of itself fairly readily.
Gets revived so ephemeral
Printed in pink ink
Consists of a short walk and raised hats.
Her best slender means
A casual mention. To suggest lumps him.
Fascinating automatically will carry one to patches in between meetings
begun and ended currently watching X or Y.
What's the gossip not revolutionary the kindly ones lately
Some of by being delayed about that red hot just in at the time on the tip of my tongue to say
Around the parts completely tied up
Comes to mind rather remarkable orange tremors of intent a vein suppressed.
It dropping names out of the english presses laughing at itself
Saying editorially love to do it supporter or explainer.
Clan brilliant choose one work to preserve something else awe and hatred.
Awkward translations playing the game of fiction glittering on music cannot know everything but
Do know everything.
An interesting personality
Totally blind other person being a judge
Thick lenses unerringly see that much at a time.
Various forms of theories of nature healing notions the sun could cure.
This complementary relationship
A transcendental mystic anticipates all that amusing an entertaining dissection theme of child obsessions
All utterly victimized.
Gift for the outrageous sitting in a bath tub.
Parting shot as the camera pulls away
From a very serious stage in his life.
A sane center prototype sits there in the middle calm famous to view the soulless as the future continues I suppose to come true in many ways as man progresses technologically and must choose salvation decanted from bottles put on the job.
All he wants to do when he gets down slipped up a little bit.
Some human form conflict is.
Built upon themes after many a summer
A fountain of youth madness swipes loved monkeys always hanging out in trees in between equally frightful two-hundred year old men who become more loathsome cackling and clawing.
Fade out on that note that locked up one thought in mind together
At dinner. Corruscating has become blazing eyes willowy and languid for awhile walking in the desert.
More limited than the decline and fall loved ones' serious production
Put here a handful of dust
And pathos too. Significantly last hours really
Embark on that now at the head.
Will they stand men at arms sort in a farewell that could respect a certain mellowing
From first to last in the face of all the other evils
Bound into a great tradition for a long time?
Exiled ties are stronger out of condition.
Muddles through and comes out on the other end and will never get it back. 


Down the brains softly in the wind
To take that old book
From the shelf
The trouble descends the foot in my hair
The least little bit
Painted pictures of the desert that shine
A joy to be living a cloud some day
Valentines they can desire
The moon of beauty is right at hand
Don't let your fog blow away
Your lonely farm didn't need to ruin
We're rolling in or
You can regress 
I spent my whole time kissing
The food all in a slump
I wish I had a system to my heart and not my mind
The diamond misery I find
Cigars and the rent
Steaming in the name of the Lord
The sun blasted black
Life I know has torn
Your life, joy, and pain
But cattle are standing on my heart and eye
For in death I'm caressing you
Filled up with tea now to blend
Like a lap in her hand
Dusty boobs would really shame you now
Things will never be set
Who feels a thousand Chinamen
Adjustable hairdressers
Ugly beauty
Spread the needles
For I found the golden wire
Did you catch the faces of those rolling in your garden
Falling when they ride
All the lonely feelings that return in misery
His fine and purple hands are bring to his mama's breast in agony
Maybe I see myself among the clouds
The doctor's face that I call home
Watch her eyes dim confusion, not me
Statuary in high-heels.


Fan your love with me.


This is the day I have my heart within me turn
The strings you used to bend
A sizzling day
There in a veil of white fire
From this land of lonely

My Memoirs

Music, the music of beautiful music —
No use looking as high as that.
Who could help us?
Stranger things have happened
Tomorrow a job, not a career!
Some seed which was afterwards to grow
This humiliation continued
Knocked down and fatally injured
I laid an oath
Great oaths from little acorns grow
By my unseen hand
That died with her
Too tempting to be refused
Many such heartbreaks
A terrible blow almost immediately
Toying with for some time for you
Hasn't been used since that day
To live again in the present in the future
Some delicacy actually
Since then it's grown worse
He got down on his hands and knees
Prolonging this vulgar brawl
We serve each other right
The ruin of my whole campaign
Bagged one there
A few days in bed
The remainder of my life
Not in fiction but in fact
A glass of warm affection
Merely to tantalize. 


Get away from it!
The finest — what does it need?
In anything, in a garage — a terrible almost hopeless task
In lethargy a scrap of paper
Wherever my eye alights

Here are some technical conclusions which can be drawn
from the previous explanation

Like a butcher apprising a beast
Like a dog sniffing a bone
It was going out and coming in

He began moving slowly
He used to kneel down

Even that paradise is hidden inside black seething water which is all phosphorescent

There and then filled with a feeling
All his life might be only a dream
inside regular diagrams
Who knows how long a dream lasts
as he gazed out for hours
A man in whom exists this present contracted in time
everything he ever was...

You say, quite a medley!
It is frightfully difficult to express things
Everything is made for us out of small pieces
Picking up shells by the sea
Fought not in vain. 


Someday the universal fire will swallow up the truth
The mighty earth will snap
And what is precious to man
The path divine, the fact of mind
Joined in the chariot of life
Will end
In spite of wars
God in his heaven
The universe really at large
A short dance-like structure
Tunes this world
Beautiful empty laughter
Beautiful empty lung
The noble song and game
Some injured one
Will just resent them
Grief without lightness
Wondrous machine
Beyond dispute
Good for use
Though used to conquest
Just because to yield
Must be caused to yield
The melody will end... 

The Night Has Eyes

A seething madness rages inside
Another sordid affair
I won't hear a word
I always say the earth's like a human being
You find yourself with your leg under the mud
It seems to draw him somehow
Does no one know the path across?
I suppose I'm not the first visitor you've had here
Walking back the way she came
He's no more of use in the outside world
A little bit of fluff
He's almost human though, miss
She could have helped you if only you'd loved her
You're still buried alive
I'm flaying myself to be here like this
You mustn't be late. Goodnight.
This is a bad house
You look like someone who might listen
I'm like a dog that's whistled two ways
I've done everything I can and said all I dare
I throw my noble robe about my shoulders
Something hidden and permanent recurring at certain intervals
I was beginning to feel my confidence creep back when it happened again
I came here and fooled the world
I dislike death
I want to be by myself
What is all this 
Exterior decorating
Corny sunlight after the gloom
A town full of gorgeous beasts
I've got to hear everything I've heard
This is the path that goes across 

In My Attitude

A hardening attitude
Sometimes a better relationship.
We're getting the attitude here
We're not picking a fight with anybody.
It was so neat and tidy
That it hurts my attitude.
Feeling alone
My attitude is yours.
To consider the situation very seriously
When love comes right through
Practical, modern, with a human touch
Don't be put off
By the attitude.
Nobody seems to care 
Couldn't make you love me
Couldn't give you oil
Too much for me
Like tortured notes
Don't let my tears fall in vain
Change your attitude.
I don't know what to do
My heart is aflame 
One more time
In my attitude. 

Memory, Memory

I take the best of the worst
Picture somebody in the rain in a train
I used to return
To the desolate grave
but I don't go there anymore
This old heart can't keep my mouth from my face
It's not enough to earn alone
Portraying a need
That's not enough
In the cold ground
This is a mistake
All we make
Is tears and grain, tears and grain
What a loss

Memory, memory, you get in my way 


It accelerates my nerves and gives me psychic energy
Like a fool I stayed too long.

We kiss in the wind and the rain
It seems to be nice
The sound of the wind and the rain
In a place that time forgot
In a land where no one belongs…

I reject all these 
Different evil combinations!

Things connect up in a mysterious way
One thing leads to another, I'm afraid to say.

Author's Epitaph

He thought he should be a lyric poet.

Into the Night

Nature is wonderful you will see
how it goes when you arrive
on earth all day 
after a while
thinking that you might stay
forever even into the night
terrible beings that claw and stare
in response to nature
making of you
without even thinking or trying
something only alone in all the world
trying somehow to be free 
each of you trying and crying
in pain until at last
it ends, the summer comes
full blast
and you ascend
your arms open wide
willingly pretending to be free
happy to be
waiting a second
before you flee
under the gun
you thought you had lost
your way at night
but you hadn’t
slotted to take a shot
where before there had been rain
it wasn’t very near 
as the temperature rose
ad infinitum
to its ultimate splendor
into the night
we hold so dear
where the sunlight clears the grass
for the multi-colored rose
I want you to have with me
waiting in the glow
I knew that it would be that way —
soon it was all unmade
drawing to its close,
maybe a memory. 

Major Trends

I cannot of course hope
 When icy desert is a long evening 
in the solar system
    The whole sweep and swirl
flares up suddenly bright
    Darkly it stood in their path
occasionally streaked with light
    as it runs its course through the ages
A coming now since centuries past
A spirit body also sits 
Active and alive today
A great primordial accomplishment
Who knows what their original meaning was?
Who will explain the explanation?
They do it most out of a vast, central love for astronomy
They continuously and bitterly complain.


Some people hurting
Some people crying
Some people trying

Some people loving
Put expression in your eyes
Some people dying
Put feeling in your sighs

Some things meaning
Some things being
Some things tough
Enough stuff

What's in a name?
The same.
The blame.
The fame.
The shame.
The flame.
The fun stuff

The Chic Mystique (Sonnet)

Now I'm here again
How precious can you be
The chic mystique.

Totally detached from where I am
May you know peace and plenty and satisfaction
A big thing like that.

Because I'm hoping for you
You won't see me fall apart
Tied up in sorrow, lost in the sun
You've come to find a shining star
You've got a part of somebody else.

What a meaningless day
It doesn't move me at all
Caught up in endless confusion, living a life of illusion.

Lost Opportunities (Double Sonnet)

Everybody's got a story to tell
Maybe you more than me
But I know very well
What it is to be
Scared out your wits
And frightened to die
This happened to me
Not long ago

With rising impact 
Spiraling down
Trying to stay ahead of inflation
Find the balance
The balance is found
And the little bird which stands for my youth...

Places I know, people I see
Pack me with tears
I see strange things, I see funny things
You have changed things
I've reach the end of my rope
There's a memory in everything I see 
No sign of life at all
The valley of footsteps no one hears

How could I ever be you
After all is done
Although all my eyes were open
It was because of the mist
We kissed
And spun.

Everything Was Clear

Everything was clear and nothing was certain
They agreed and cared
and felt dull
coming up
with the top down
in the town where they met
among the emblems of how they’d like to be
in the afternoons
in their chairs
at the cafe 
in his mind cut loose
where the soul lies
in the dark
in the hum
where everything is true
where it happened or would in time
like a hidden melody
in her hair
or a sudden breeze
uplifting their napkins
all there was of action
Time to go.

Today’s Bright Truth

“I alone have heard this lovely strain”
My thoughts turn to dreams
We only got these times we’re living in
I want to relax your wound
Questions of me to me
The silence of a vast age
Frozen in a vacuum
Psychic hunger
There was an incredible blast
My heart flies downward
Do you hear my broken prayer
Just keep reaching for the sky
See the way that light attaches to it
Cloud your day with sunshine
The sidewalks of God 
Quiet moments pave
Take me up the stairs and out of the room
The silence is incredible up here
Where good things rest
To fill the madness with song
I have been jealous of your beauty
I know it sounds funny 
Endless other goodies
Everyday is like a glow
Come quietly or we’ll take you in your sleep
To something beyond ordinary speech
Irresistible beauty
It’s hard to see the world through these eyes
This is a night made for romance
The breeze is murmuring low
People don’t understand
The plan
Take me up on your cloud of destiny
Just above our own moon
The shelter is the sky
I can hear the hills falling
A new strain of night
Hopefully together again
The lines between myth and reality blur
In this strange and elusive place
The everlasting sands of time
Grant me that consciousness, with all its subjectivity
When the weather is really hot
Frankly, I am disillusioned
A morning liquefier
That eternal process
Today’s bright truth.

April (Standard Hope)

Off again as we
Here again on tape
I show what I find
That’s life, that’s war
My teeth are nice
When they chew
Maybe one day you’ll find out 
Do you have this now
It’s a tragedy around the world
You know how wispy clouds are
Or an extra-ordinary heart-rending throb
I will replace you at once
Before you can say yes
A staple in the eye
My mission in life
This will sound terrible
Can’t you see a design
What is the world made of
A breath design
We see you now 
Go ahead and whine
Go ahead and laugh
I can only be faithful to my heart
For I am not afraid
May I share the world with you
All I serve
How could somebody do this
Here’s nothing else
They say that life will blow over
I can reach a star
This is a heart
Now my heart is severe
I’m happy, it’s a great life
Just take it from me
In the sea of fluctuation
With muted ceremony 
If life could be forever
Opposite America is some money
Something cherished is lost
Except my lips
It’s fading, fading with time every day
We came out of the clouds
To show us the way it wants to be
It became so obvious 
Today watch out for me
My experience is to be
How the layer flavors
The largest flowers
The deep recesses of the cave
Here is my self
Look what you’ve never seen before
Standard hope.

Lend An Ear

Lend an ear
Don’t sneer
My throat is parched and dry.
I can’t breathe.
My esophagus is numb.
My thoughts are dreams.
The sky blind 
The sun in retreat
All my goodbyes are gone.
I don’t want to be mad anymore.
Everybody has another life
Making it completely uncommon 
Which all comes back to one thing
Found in the ground
Of your desire for pleasure.
I will make a difference in your life.
Change is so amazing.
I don’t want it to be
A live package some people need.
Picture your life.
There is no other you
Between us.
I will laugh again.
Everybody has another plan
Beyond the sea.
Everybody knows enough.
Everybody is a camera.
The man seemed to describe an invisible experience
Where the consciousness never sleeps
ever afterwards in a dream.
You are my son in surprise.
You’re almost alive.
Don’t forget your heart.
It falls in the air.
Now I want to go
The show on the road
United by deep compatibility.
Just one more reason
I’m everything I was.
It’s the world’s loneliness debated.
There’s something in this picture you can’t see.
How are you feeling about this so far?
When do I get what I want?
I’d be very interested in this body.
Everybody is with it
Spreading like a net.
My attitude has not survived.
I’m dancing around you
The way home tonight.
Now you just play the music.

Path to Yourself

Like an old wind I’m blowing
down the dusty miles
as I gather on the steps of time
The trace of a face I see
Reflected in the glass
Revealing the feeling
As my heart burns in a dream
Overheard indistinctly
No longer the closed fist
Of my love for you.


— Know it well:
Some achieve greatness again and again
When time shall call him home
Let it be alone
That trudge between the king and shore
a suppliant evermore
Large-handed robbers
She is stirring
My honest friend,
The place makes claim
Since you in non-regardance cast my faith
At point of death
To wind about my love with circumstance
As I am a Christian soul
When the courtesy of it is so fearful
Your spirit is too true, your fears too certain
These eyes, which never shed remorseful tear,
Then shall we hear the alarm
And coldly furnish forth the marriage tables,
A pick-axe and a spade,
For in my sense it is happiness to die
And dream.
— Be patient and give them leave.
— Virtue itself of vice, my villain!
— My testy master...
— Malodorous malcontent, excrement
Which stretches to their servants, children, wives
Like scent into a temple.
— The troop is past –
— O what a world is this!
— I hope it is some pardon or reprieve…
— I love the sport well, you speedy helpers
Till it is whetted on your stony cold hearts.

Formula 1

The vortex of this winter’s work
How many generations have already been ambushed
Raw power
and the rise and fall 
increasingly hard and lurid,
horrible word but true
balanced on his forehead
I love everything
vicariously through him
over a cup of coffee
short and sharp
This judgment is made solely
it says only now
It was the perfect cue
This is excellent news
famed for its awesome power
Then came the gradual decline
evocative and magical age
We all got together with our favorite plea
a significant performance
By assessing man and machine
The rough road was won
delivering numerous battles
Nobody moves except you
a visitor of frequent swings
against their so-called colleagues
and they already have their own engineers
to keep a close eye on things
A more healthy atmosphere
if he’s given a free hand
Virtually to the death
If things change
that did very well
Every problem worries you
The endless stream of cash continued
as the solitary point 
required heavy braking the same week
and a few eyebrows were raised
There is an irony here, hard to control
If you blinked, you missed it
emotions running wild
in tears down his face
There had been some poetic justice
No wings
on a naked, mechanical machine
laconic, understatedly cool
You’re sitting right in the middle of the gas tank
And someone else is accelerating.

Chelsea Savoy

From the trivial to the risible
We make our way
From the obscure to the demure
We hear what they say
From the numinous to the voluminous
We spend the day
From the crass to the crappy
We’ve no time to play.

A dip in the chemical cemetery
Memory is just a rap
Look as far as you want
An explosion in return
You should feel ever after
This behavior
This emotion locking it up.

There is nothing we know
There is nothing we don’t know
Who adjusted the flame
Before we meet again
There isn’t enough time, is there?
Why don’t I hold your cookie
Where it’s forever a blast
You know you can’t afford it
We need to have an alternate formula
A ceremony we can afford
When the sun comes down
In our streets in flame.

This subtle dream may fade
Gone like a leaf blown away
An empty smoke ring
Softly and deeply
Something is calling
Enjoy your skin
Have fun.

I’m a regular guy
Sometimes I lie
In this bizarre mirage
Let me think
You will not leave
Somewhere where you wouldn’t say no
To worship an object, an ebullient theory
I won’t ever tell you about it so
You’ll never know.

Hmm! It’s morning
Although I wouldn’t insist upon it
You could call it a prank
An emotional embodiment
Leaching the prime.

You’ll think
Another metaphor tonight
Hollywood is ready
With that darned snake.

Where does all this belong?
There is something raw and significant here
In a monotone
Let me graze tonight
Swiftly they run
Hello again
Where there is an end to slow and fast
Whenever whatever it mattered.

The Center of the Sky

The water which cleanses even without being a river
a cool breeze of paradise
even without being
a celestial jewel
Glorious moon, to you I bow
A garden of white flowers
the dew at the tip of the grass
obscured by the dense darkness
those who call in a pitiful manner
all the things we wish for
From the point of view of time
why does one say “wheel”
the friend of the sun
calmly emitting light
hurled into it through other forces
A hero free from chains
overpowered by anger, one is blind
out of the mire of desires
the darkness of beings
like the center of the sky
while even an ordinary man
whose eyes fill with tears
apart from the actuality of reality
having become like that
An effort made by the hand held
he insists upon through spelling out
a consciousness appearing
as it arises 
Those who stay at the edge
names and life are found
The mind of a transcendent echo
an old snake skin
in the face of the mundane
flowing like a stream
the sphere without appearance
they appear without existing
coming from a far distance 
the sole self itself
In men never satisfied
the burnt and the burning
the beauty of one’s own face is verified
The world is already wrapped like a silk cocoon
This present does not last
The rays of intelligence have made the light manifest
wide, white perfect wings
the strong wind advances
There is no turning back
a natural, effortless performance
driven by the wind
bodies of mental nature
Like rain falling from the clouds
immersed in this condition
when peace is reality
words cannot refer to it
from something different, from the sky
an optical illusion in a pore
inclined to movement and chained by fetters of expectation
moving as vehemently as a dancer
weary of the journey
He penetrates them
the sky of the mind blue
the drawing of a bright, pointed light.


Good morning, invisible finger
a very mystical presence
Sooner or later everything burns
This is so obvious it was meant to be
Everything is different from what it was
I am not what I was meant to be
Why do you mock at fate?
Floating along on a conveyor belt
A force overpowering nature
If I could just explain it clearly
then you’d understand
Where the cuckoo meets the silly essence of the dawn
You are not what you feel
They work hard and they want something to feel
Moved by this tragic confusion
The beautiful moon arose over a nebulous sea
The bitterness of beauty
The old ascend
To a glorious future
In the mystery of endless night
A giant once lived in that body
I am yours but not tomorrow
Faith, hope and reason
Everybody is looking for nothing else
A swift swim in the sun
Get to the wave that’s right
A twist in time
Before this is over
a new age has begun
a million nights
The name is one
Forgive me if you please
I’m on my knees
Out to sea
The will to kill had always been there
Oh, what would I do without you?


I’m planning forever.
I put push into shove.
Everything has another face tomorrow.
Why should there be forever?
It has a nice ring.
Forever is what was wasn’t.
Waving on a cloud of glory
I plant my flag forever
Where the wave takes me.
What’s going on up there in the clouds?
The curse of the stars.
The end of tomorrow.
The gift of love to an unruly child.
It’s almost fantastic.
It’s almost humorous.
Say why
I think of you in the distance.
We love in vain.
Can’t stop the night.
Time slowed down over the years.
Let the ripe fruit fall

My End Is Near

My end is near
Welded from many races and societies
I have many anecdotes to tell
There is something reprehensible going on
Everything is behind me
Here’s my new word: Nice
You can’t falter
Everything is terrible
That threatens the future
Give me the light of your life
The individual source
Here is my captivating design
Like always, like never before
Everything stays cool 
It is time to offer you more
Clever names
Time is of the essence especially now
The one thing it speaks to
Everybody is pleasantly surprised
You have nowhere to go but up
There’s the genius of tomorrow
Here’s what you’ll find out
I speak for you in the audience
Galloping ahead into tomorrow
The bittersweet cry
Everyone has a purpose, someone whom to be
There’s so much violence and disease
A finer way to get by
Just be a good man
Give a hand where you can
Everything is halfway around the world
All the visual things that I love
All the things that I want in life
That escaped my notice
Everybody has something to do
Life will still be there
Everything will see me there
Swinging in the air
Down the lonely highway
There is no honor here
We are alone tonight
I’ve got a thing
My smarter self
The last challenge
Living with my silent heart
Like leaves left out in the rain
Everybody just laughed
Here’s the situation
Here’s my right foot
I rang in the wind
Don’t you have to know the truth
Lives of suffering
A pile of terrible things
A mental frame is placed on your head
This has been such a long struggle 
Do you feel optimistic about lying here
I was distinctly hit
This seems brighter
Like on fire
It will be there in the morning
I want to capture something
Here’s my hero
I guess I’ll have to make my visit longer
It’s a wonderful world
My greatest hope
I wish you’d awaken and let me know
Everything here is melting
This is the soul of everything we make
The spirit lives on
Violent exercises are not enough
One of a multiple option
It’s like a little surprise
The thought is alive today
I’m closed to you
Because I went away
Moving speech
It’s too intelligent to be categorized
What’s our possibilities 
Since you look at me
I want to say we never met
When things were normal
I am not this person
I can’t wait to see him gone
You and I alone know this
Everyone has the same resources
Don’t kill yourself when you die.

A Game of Cards

Hold the card as long as possible
No player but he
If weak lead through honor
land down on the table
by taking them from their opponents
from a very remote period
There are other ways of seeing
The penalty for an error
Watch the game narrowly
Supposing you remain
It is not necessary to dilate
Whatever is useful is true
Each player stands on his own
leave your partner free
the probable good effect of forcing
forces both hands opposed to you
that under other circumstances would have been sacrificed
Find out for yourself one of the cards is real
he spreads on the table 
Another game he plays
There is one small room
The privilege may also be transferred
A single game is won when a player tries to conceal his strength
When a player plays alone
A hand once abandoned and laid down
listen to yourself and take control
Do not lead to the highest
remaining after the division
obliged to follow with a heart
debarred from taking any part
Debarred from taking
under no circumstances
without consultation with his partner
he would otherwise be entitled
as long as it is equally useful
Each player then takes the miss
keep back your adversary
however seldom attained
The game is played as follows
the same amount as was previously contributed
not exceeding the limit in rotation
This stroke of good fortune
a major sequence
usually in your maneuvers
who is acquainted with the real
need not be told
making the best he can
I order it up
and go once around the world
When your card is led
equally between the players
remaining after 
the equal division being left
The only advantage that lies
Would have been sacrificed
There is but little chance for skill
face downward
Here’s my mistake
If in error
The most important part when you turn up
and cannot injure him
the ante deposited leads to the next
as they turn up 
the switch
remember he has but
By some rules to enclose
precisely the same
Let your great principle be
Should you be weak
If a discrepancy occur
Lookers-on must not interfere unless appealed to
Be powerful against them
till you are obliged
to play a backward game
By this plan you may take
the command of your partner’s hand
as a means of innocent amusement
where it remains
any violations of the laws
whether made purposely or by accident
Does it feel like real men
and returns a heart, and so on
holding the best
whose turn it was
and makes no sign
Are you looking for me
Here’s my way of knowing
holding the age that equalizes
in rotation
which suits him best
until someone is satisfied
and so on all around
It is always advisable to set a limit
Thus it might happen
then takes place as before
and neglecting to show them
many little contrivances have been invented
while he holds
A condition made at the beginning
This is done previous to raising
that is, when a call is made
the right to order up
proved to be imperfect or incorrect
or words to that effect.

These Little Things

I will supply you with tears
Crowding everything out
My dreary life is over
I have flown away
Stories are never ending
Here’s what I say
I’m sure you’ll agree
Everything flies away
That’s the idea for staying alive
Creature of habit
The birds are watching 
The starry trek
Put this all into one big puzzle
A turbulent blue bright light
Leave all that sensitivity behind you
Little by little I’m putting this place together
Revolving revolving 
It’s a whole new concept where you live
This is my most important job
Everybody’s doing these little things
Reminding me of you.


I’m glad I'm alive and you aren’t 
I don’t like what I see
I want to tell the truth
I didn’t ever want to know a thing
How did it happen
Always inside of you
The magic of our art
Headlamps that rotate
Diamond of mist
This is the goal
Happiness is what I think of
Everything is directly
Stories unfold from every shop window
Above the laws of man
Imagine the feeling of floating waves
Twisting and shouting
When stopped for questioning, he could not be found
Everybody’s whistling a happy tune
Everything fell apart
My savior is my gun
Ties that bind
Are hard to unwind
Thought City
An amazing piece of work
It will intensify the night
The danger of reality
I’ve just revealed to you my emotional underbelly
The last kiss I’ll ever know.

The Same Thing

The same thing over again
Everybody is laughing
Everybody has a plan
I’m off on a star again
We don’t know what’s going to happen
Do you want to start a revolution
A whole universe awaits
They were there when it started to arrive
In an instant
Who has found us
I won’t follow till I’m lost
Here’s where I waited favoring tomorrow
Maybe I’m far from you
A decorator of death
In the naked expanse 
There’s a double life
There is no mind on that ship
Everything is what I can do
It could be natural
Scattered on the light side
You are not the others
Your words say nothing
About a foundation under the earth.

An Irregularly Shaped Box

Every day is a word
The world as we know it ceased to exist
It was rowing like an oar
I walked out into the garden
I’m a scar
An invisible glass
Always pretty impressive.

Whose song is this:
“That’s life, look out
You sure got a million 
That’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

"What’s your name
My father’s mustache
I want to know
Everything you do.”

Will you open up wide and come in
Visions that challenge your imagination 
Everything you’d like to do today
Here’s my lovely hammer
I’m bringing you up
to what’s wrong.

When the next attack happens
Where will you be
In the attic, in the cellar, in the pantry
My hand is under my pillow
Everything is still secret
When everyone walked the other way.

I feel pity for you
Dreams of wealth
You have to start over
To symbolize how love has grown
Briefly self-destruct
I’m glad I’m not feeling well
Everything was constructed one way.

Glimpse of me
I don’t want there to be any anger
Have you been good this year?
Everything’s on the inside
Thank you for joining me
Each kiss is yours.

All these abstract extremes
He made the light bright wherever he’d go
A smile inside a lonely heart you’d see
The little stars are aglow
I’m here on the plain
One more grandiose story of denial.

My most impressive power
I’ve heard everything I can hear
An uninterrupted interruption
I’m afraid of everything and ashamed of nothing
I found myself in a downward spiral of debauchery.

Everything has another self
You don’t have to see beauty
Wouldn’t you like everything to be like this
I’m on the way
You’re like a rocket ship
I left with myself
Who are you
where is he
Are you him
Everything has to go away from me.

It’s an amazing reason
I’ve never heard before 
Roaring at me all the time
I’ve never been kissed
I will never look fat again
I will never struggle against anything.

Every emotion that you can feel is good
Its raw approaching
Such a vibrant feel
When the world needs heroes
Don’t let his eyes fool you
Do you think I’m another freak
Great for wintry nights?

Obey my dog, Spike
Nothing to worry about 
Dying along the way 
How do you feel about it?
It’s enough to make you laugh
I have enough hope to last
Swimming in tears.

There’s aluminum me
You’re really clever
Into my tummy 
Take care
It’s not just a pipe dream
Ask your doctor today
There’s something else in here
Everything is a-simmer
Connect these dots
Where everything was
in need of help.

In the zone of my life
After my hope is gone
An enormous fire engulfed
Call the world
Save the moments
That you’ve received most wanted
Dropt like a stone
A sign from above.

I’m happy for you
My heavy heart
As if in a dream
Do you remember the night we met?
I’m here on earth, a mighty fine accomplishment
We’re all going in the same direction 
Weep alone for heaven
Sitting in your regular chair may be easy
Yes, I’m back now
Don’t forget life.

The fire in the eyes
Tender and calm
Follow the generous impulses of your heart
and pray for guidance
Here’s the golden rule for humanity
Embrace without friction
Each giving to each
The source of vigor and strength
It’s like a sacred trust to know the end of the beginning
Out there in the rest of the world
Here’s what I like to see
Till it’s all gone away
the living of the moment.

Don’t let anything in or out
Keep your connection with the sun
My secret museum
I’ve given you another chance
I’ve done a lot of different things
This is the moment
We’re just having fun
Maybe I’m wrong
The lonely buses go by
The breeze on my skin
A free hole in the joy
Everyone has a horse
Nothing’s changed
When taken over by time.

You lead the way and I will follow
Turning into the black horizon
I’m like you be
A knife on a zing
I will mesmerize you
Your face here
Heaven opens it
Everybody’s gotta be normal
I want everybody clean
I gave you what you wanted
A new wind is about to blow
I am only happy when I laugh
I’m busy with my puzzle 
Are you as silly as I am to believe?

And I’ll show everybody
Serve your loins
All wrapped up
I can make it rain if I want to
It’s all natural seeming to me
Everything keeps rising
We’re all watching
Questions of a violent wind
Exfoliation is creation
The only thing that’s real is you
I’m proposing but I’m losing
Another way today
I feel like I’m in a fog
Doesn’t it kind of break your heart?

Handsome you
Quickly roving
I’m skating a monkey over to you
A globe-expanding explosion
Don’t stop them
From small towns with a spirit
Nothing helps but chances 
Sweep them up
Go for your life
Everyone deserves a fair shake
You can notify me by your side.

You’re not serious today, right?
Each a valuable member
I’m still a shepherd in the field
The way spoke into being
Now here’s an answer
God’s plan for giving up things
My name is bright
I have nothing to say or do
Everyone has a burning
I’ve been waiting a long time
Every weekend
Imagine what I feel.

With the wind behind him
Carry me forward
Is there a tumor in your town?
Continue without patience
The power of up
Everybody fell
You can’t trust the other self
Enough to end the game
like a clock
Make it work 
Everybody left early.

You may control your own fate
That’s all we can ask
Our gift to you lasts the whole year through
Crafted to evoke emotion
Beyond the machine
I will try to swim in your water
At home in your waters
A cold she has never known
Your place in the world is unique
Everything comes to a close
There’s no length to these.

I know it hurts
A war will interrupt
Unlock mysteries
A mysterious combination
It seems there was little hope
That gives us a clue to parts of us
Think back how they were when they came
The little boy is blind
He remembers everything
It’s not their destiny
They are healthy and strong
We just have to turn a page.

There was terrible news
You can’t stand up to it
Want a coffee?
Anything you want to say? 
I have to leave this beautiful sight
Do you know what it was called?

What do you think I am
Do you think I’m me?
I’m so tired of calling
For love
You say we wake it all up
The opposite of that
Everybody has to pray
You think I’m me, not you
Around the hub.

When you dust my brilliant clothes
I am stroking my hair around my legs
Do you think God is in every sky
Once again with a plan
Everybody holds the door
A sweep of sound
My heart palpitates
happy to have found
A sound
A burgeoning symphony
It‘s hard to find
I chose it with me inside
A chill
No disguise
I left inside the sliver where I was listening.

I walk alone
The prisoner of cobblestones
Talking without speaking
I wonder if I might see you
The silence was silence
Dancing around a star
I’m climbing up to you
Where your mute expression
Helps me want to sing.

An entity never shines
for long
I am very lucky today
Giving up something you love for the greater good
How does that raise to the level of glory?
One less note:
You’re not here anymore
I will not forget everything
I wanted to be
I’m bidding farewell
It’s all been carried out
It’s got a force field.