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—  from Karel Capek

Get away from it!
The finest — what does it need?
In anything, in a garage
A terrible almost hopeless task
In lethargy a scrap of paper
Wherever my eye alights

Here are some technical conclusions which can be drawn
from the previous explanation

Like a butcher apprising a beast
Like a dog sniffing a bone
It was going out and coming in

He began moving slowly
He used to kneel down

Even that paradise is hidden inside black seething water which is all phosphorescent

There and then filled with a feeling
All his life might be only a dream 
inside regular diagrams
Who knows how long a dream lasts

as he gazed out for hours

A man in whom exists this present
contracted in time
everything he ever was...

You say, quite a medley!
It is frightfully difficult to express things
Everything is made for us out of small pieces
Picking up shells by the sea
Not in vain