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things from the air

Things From
The Air

The Office That Nobody Goes To

One lock locks both
Strippy confidentials.
Why wake yourself?
A wish is as good as a smile
On this highway of guts.
It is together
More than you know,
Kissing the area we had last week.
I can't get it out of my head —
The fire escape that ends in mid-air,
Silent music...
How long will it last,
Fraternity of health in these measures?
All lakes have names
Part of a year
Wherever they go.
Perfect the day,
Half of what I cannot use,
Your clues are funny waves of steel
Erotic strain,
Strawberry oil —
Honey, don't give me instructions!


There's no universal lumber company
Butter on your hand.
They're all new
Amazing irregularity
Make the merchandise work now
Stop controlling you
No more seeing what I have already seen.
Have you got your eyes?
Diagram the back.
Be happy and shit
This communism rent.
It's not a total brain-wave.
My carbohydrate grandfather, 
Say something that's right.
"Nice quarters..."
It's a nice psychotic chair
Constant eater
Eleven-piece aluminum woman
A hundred and nine ninety-eight.

The Fictions

The lady that had the affliction strike her right in the highpoint
Complete musical practice
A train of sequences
To talk themselves
The coal miner going deep underground
Frozen ice
Everything is very real there
Beautiful food that you're ignoring
Wait a minute!
"What peace can my heart know
In not beholding all this now"
The best of all bows
Rich famous exonerated
All that you hanker for
"An inexhaustible lost art"
When she's biting, when she's laughing
Whenever her mouth is in motion
The conqueror of mountains
Superior order
All by itself
It's good naturally like the great outdoors
None does what this one does
If you have nothing better to do 
I knew you'd like it
Believe you me
Here there are worse things than dysentery —
Yes, I said that!

Introduction to "Nights in the Skyroom"
— 1973

A mirror of the mirror
It could happen to you
The shit of many centuries
With some people in the world yawning
Is pretty exclusive
My heart coughs 
His name, His perfection
And the world is so forlorn and downcast
Out of sight I write, I recite


My Memoirs

Music, the music of beautiful music —
No use looking as high as that.
Who could help us?
Stranger things have happened
A job, not a career!
Some seed which was afterwards to grow
This humiliation continued
Knocked down and fatally injured
I laid an oath
Great oaths from little acorns grow
By my unseen hand
That died with her
Too tempting to be refused
Many such heartbreaks
A terrible blow almost immediately
Toying with for some time for you
Hasn't been used since that day
To live again in the present in the future
Some delicacy actually
Since then it's grown worse
He got down on his hands and knees
Prolonging this vulgar brawl
We serve each other right
The ruin of my whole campaign
Bagged one there
A few days in bed
The remainder of my life
Not in fiction but in fact
A glass of warm affection
Merely to tantalize

Introduction to "Speak Cantonese or Irreconcilable Differences"
— 1974

Success creates obligations
exhausted long before our most optimistic expectations
which represent the vast majority of today's world population
that moderately priced at that
to complete this introduction
like an important addition to the alphabet
has been misleading tourists for years,
pronounced "Tavern Which Has."


In the first fresh smell of dawn you're wrong!
What excellent bodies 
The ice blue secrets —
Does she mention me in there?
A base of riddles
The Great Eye can defend.
Who knows!  Maybe love will pay my bills?
Like the sky I'm hung over you.
I took my hand and put it on the shelf
It was neutral.  It has no sex.  It didn't have kittens.
Imagine sitting down eleven hours and counting the minutes
That's done, I'm glad.
Oh, don't put them away
Avenue of America
I'm tidy and you know
Write away right away 
Stand up straight and put your hands behind your back!
Get 'em up there and watch it!
You must play with your playfellows —
A brilliant mind and a fine businessman...

Sweet Thing
—  for Linda

What to do with this dusty jewel
Plumb the depths
My tears are gone
Tiny worries
You're not alone
The pupil is not the master
This hot earth
Breathing relief
"Just perfectly poised
Fulfilling every moment"
Clean beds
Lazily put to bed
Down here
Many tears have been shed through the years
Over devotion
Stronger than time
Tired and deaf
Suffering from life
A cruel jewel there
A turtle a rose
A hazy glow
A hole in our memories
Turning my life into one big black work of art
In forgiveness like the earth 
It's in charity 
My tears are gone
High above all time and space



Serenade us tonight with your charms
Cough cough.
I am about to perform a death defying feat.
I will leap in the air through my toes!
Aarf — I got caught in my ankles.
Please forgive me.

Buddha Buds

Heaping and weeping
The folds in the robe
Radiating friendliness
Enslaved by thought
This putrid body of mine
Real state
Life against life
Known, gained, developed, forsaken
Avarice, passion, anger, fear
The picture of despair
The picture of joy
The picture of nobody
Desirelessness, signlessness, selflessness
The tension that falls
Magically to a conclusion
Elusive as a shadow when you try to take hold of it
Love alone
The banner of the name
Too gone
It's only a matter of time
May all beings be happy!

A Heart in Practice

Change from sadness to joy
The first moments of meditation
His tears fall in the dust

Here's a phonograph of this photograph 
Misery in everything

He got weak because he was strong
Sensitive and crazy

Sin comes from cities
Love walks in and out
I always know everything

The man of words
A constant fine powder of dust 
Penetrate to the heart of the matter 
Proceed in the face of sorrow

Eight hours of sleep
Without a peep

Things from the Air

Sooner than you can blink mechanically
Let your fires — for flame!
I had a dream and then, where is it?
Black tulip that makes way for spring
A dream of wine
Power makes that old car go
It won't be long before the difference between you and mankind will be hard to find
I wandered through the hearts of men, hoping for a sign
Life's broken harmony
When things get rough from day to day for the man
Get it on in the dark!
Take me
Shadow of a man
Let's spin together
These beautiful fruits available even in the wintertime
When you snap your fingers with your eye
Other streets are building quite abnormally
The finest tunes I ever knew
That rescued the man
In that hole itself
Especially on you
Singe your whole body with mist
Where the rubber meets the road
At the moment skies are clear but clouds are starting to roll in
Raining down as cold as ice —
Why is life so unkind to you?
The young always win in the end, don't they? 
The price for Sunday afternoons
Traveling in apples and cheeses  
She moves him like a ring
From the ground unshoveled
Love is real and I'll fade.

A Kiss on the Breast of Time

Too big to be boring
The sun never sets
The happy slaves
An ancient exam by the Great Examiner
The dreams of a lifetime
The alarm that never sleeps
Ideas of death
Love and the lover
It persists 
It changes
A child born of pain
The needles of thought
A line of clouds
The removal of desire
You U.
I lived there all my life
Stately holes
Change the news
"Now that the fucking is over, can we get back to work?"
I can hardly bear to see it change
Tying the knot tighter
Hopeful young things.

-- for Bob Dylan

Get him up on Christmas with a gun!
It's the sad part of it,
More attention to your family
Isn't mush but it's a mention —
Incredible feeling fills the air
Goodbye from everywhere
Loving you has made me clean
I can fly if I want to, you know —   
We may have a more serious problem on our hands
He'll blow his top when he sees these containers
Imposter!  Charlatan!  I care not!
The shape of your ears or the color of your eyes
White teeth and fresh bread
You don't lose one to get the other
Oh, leave your old guitar of a heart
I have changed — permanently
Watching him grown on earth
Climbing on human bodies until he reaches the sky —
He's one of my favorite admirals!

The Desire of a Man

Get up on your feet!
(I've got a feeling I'm doing something wrong.)
Stay kissing and kicking!
(I don't deny I like the power...)

That's the first word out of the devil's mouth
Where your style really starts
He was knocked off balance
Transported in a mystic state
I see your Eiffel Tower fallen in the dust.
It's painted black!

Amuse us again with your farts.
Let no one speak or laugh.

Machinery of love
Open it up!
The face on the ocean floor
Arise in your mind
Hanging over the tops of the trees
It will come soon enough.


A louring sky

Birds in a nest, waiting for food, their heads bobbing, going, Cheep! cheep! cheep!

Roiled in sheets, tossing and turning, in a fever, in a sweat

Rats in a maze

Climbing the side of a mountain

A horse chafing at the bit


In a small boat at sea

Treading water

(Trying to find a place to stand)

Introduction to "The Memorizing of Tenderizing"
— 1978

Take away my anxiety.
This anxiety is killing me.
I wish I could do as I pleased.
I don't know when I've ever been so sad.
I need a rest.
I'm nailed to a cross and I want to be free.
I don't know what's become of me.
Even on conducted tours I have to be alone.
Now I know what my pretended friends are worth!
How can they live without tears?

—  from Karel Capek

Get away from it!
The finest — what does it need?
In anything, in a garage
A terrible almost hopeless task
In lethargy a scrap of paper
Wherever my eye alights

Here are some technical conclusions which can be drawn
from the previous explanation

Like a butcher apprising a beast
Like a dog sniffing a bone
It was going out and coming in

He began moving slowly
He used to kneel down

Even that paradise is hidden inside black seething water which is all phosphorescent

There and then filled with a feeling
All his life might be only a dream 
inside regular diagrams
Who knows how long a dream lasts

as he gazed out for hours

A man in whom exists this present
contracted in time
everything he ever was...

You say, quite a medley!
It is frightfully difficult to express things
Everything is made for us out of small pieces
Picking up shells by the sea
Not in vain

Ardent Love

I read in the news
with the first sign of spring
Many of you will be building things
around your homely cottages
To meet your individual therapeutic family housing needs.

Imagine all these years and we still can't communicate!
It stands to reason that
somehow we should all attain a mastery
such that
the idea of the impossible does not exist.

Alas, too soon — how few — our years are ended.
"Oh it's a long long time 
from May to September
and the days grow short 
when you reach December."

Oh, how I remember that rainy September
that September in the rain.
The stars were out, or rather, in
and I yearned to adore you —
too late, too soon, too few —
those sunny days.  

A flame burns in my heart!
Who turned the radio down?
Where are my shoes?  My shoes and socks are gone!

My love is real 
In between the interstices of outer space

They're coming in little clusters now!
He entered the cocktail lounge disguised as a waitress.

In Order to Shoot an Arrow One Must First Draw the String

To search for truth and kindness is not an evil thing to do
The earth is enjoyable, goodness knows
An unfailing lighthouse for the blind
Look in yourself to see
Let yourself go!
(Dance wildly)
A pall of gloom has descended on the people
It shouldn't necessarily be how much power anyone has
Long have I sought what is fitting
Gone is the need for tears
Here I am, ever coming on
To bring out their hearts, as they vibrate
Majestic Sound

Dinny's Song

Isn't it lovely out here in the moonlight.
How could I have left without saying goodbye?
It's so painful to remember
And hard to forget.

    I have forgotten what it's like to be at the party.
    I have forgotten what it's like to be free.
    I have forgotten everything I ever knew.
    Now I want to forget to be me.

Everything's only a picture 
On a wall I'm longing to see —
Please don't take my picture!
A glamorous life is not for me.

    I have forgotten what it's like to be at the party, etc.

Much better off I am 
Since you entered my life.
It makes me want to balance
On the blade of a knife.

    I have forgotten what it's like to be at the party, etc.

The sky is raining mascara
Have you ever been kissed by a man?
Fate has taken pity on me.
I'm just doing the best that I can.
    I have forgotten what it's like to be at the party, etc.

—  from the Tao Te Ching

Consider how nature operates.
Who directs it?  Who plans it?  Who pays the bills?
Some things blow away while others stay.
Some go up while some go down.
It's the wise man who leaves well enough alone.

Fantastic Horizons

—  What's the use of hanging on?
—  Eggs and eggs.
—  Thoroughly thoroughly.
—  Beyond your thing.
—  A silent prayer.
—  With joy I come, I come with joy!
—  Wider and wider.
—  Now I want to know the truth!
—  How well timed everything is.
—  A new equality has settled over the world.
—  The wretched of the earth.
—  Closer and closer.
—  How I fear the fall.
—  Happy, happy, I am happy all the day.
—  The important thing is to not desert the others.
—  There is no greater love in all the world.
—  Bye bye.
—  Looking toward the sky, listening for the signal, we wonder whether there are others around us who dream, suffer and speculate as we do.
—  You don't know what you're doing!
—  Don't worry.

Faithful Love
— for my father

All over the world people are crying
I hate to leave this beautiful garden.  It's like a long, drawn-out beautiful dream
But the flowers keep fading and getting so fuzzy...
Let's pretend that we are snails
Let's pretend that we are snails
Because I did not do
Because I did not do
The clouds keep reforming
All is sticky and gluey
A tent obscures the sun
I think there's more strenuous work ahead
Two screamers in a row:  Ahhh!  Ahhh!
Oh, keep on believing that you're living ever after
All my hope is in you

How Does It Feel To Be Lonely?

It's funny what things stick in your mind
Something beautiful is hard to find
A hammer is handled and a nail is pounded
You smile but your sorrow shows
In a circle of light you have the sensation of being alone
Once there was a tree...


Beautiful bird, you are mine
Everything is kind
There just isn't time
I hope that you will find
This is the prime
It could be anything

Pink Refrigerators

These pink refrigerators of my heart
These aimless notes
The rattle of a stream
The gabble of a turkey.

What was it that fell
down by the dock?
I heard a splash
and it was cold...

These pink refrigerators of my heart
These earnest gestures of my arm
This endless glove

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