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life is a dream

Life Is a Dream
— What is a dream?  Nothing but time.

You’ve got 1000’s of pieces coming out of you
A powerful feeling 
It’s just coldly radiating
I nudge them into existence
It just happens
A piece of thread led the way
They make the objects the thing
The moon may fall apart
Looking more dignified with age
Believing only what seems to be
That makes sense
They have no way to judge the present
because of the future and the past
Pleasant, isn’t it?
I’ve got everything I need, it seems
Since everything I see appeals to me
Let me expose you to this thrill
A balloon in time
Who cares what they say
Life is a dream
I die with age
As the moon hunkers down
beckoning me along the way
Even in the instant
A union in the sky
Now stands forth