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Hey, hey!
Everything has a house
Where we live in the same dreams together
I don’t want to make things worse
It’s becoming clearer
Whose dream is you
I have uncovered disturbing problems
Children, I’m burning
Where I am not
It’s really black or white
Your eyes are limpid pools
It’s like I’m not even here
It’s so hard to see our life assembled
What went wrong
I was there yesterday
Inside the world that you see
I have no thought
I am not here
I’m trying to figure out
Just what it means
Go ahead with what you are
An ignorance waiting to arrive
You’ve accomplished your dream
In his absence, before you left
He told his family about the stars
Everything is us
There’s nothing left to see
O’er the fields of gore
And duty ends in the dust
Where I am with a fig leaf of protection
I have a thought that
You are certainly in my mind
Is everything like this?
Curious side effects have occurred
You’ve got a lot of explaining to do
I wipe my brow
And limp along
Oh boy, it’s rough
If you see the world that way
Things look at things
You jump around and you drop your teeth
In your mind a light bulb goes off
There’s something outside of you
Connected to this field
Some of my happiest moments are gone
They find themselves in a pinch
When they have machinery put at their feet
I’d like to take morning from night
Earth from light.