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the ends of thought

The Ends of Thought
 "Words of One Sentence"

Life Is a Dream
    — What is a dream?  Nothing but time.

You’ve got thousands of pieces coming out of you
A powerful feeling 
It’s just coldly radiating
I nudge them into existence
It just happens
A piece of thread led the way
They make the objects the thing
The moon may fall apart
Looking more dignified with age
Believing only what seems to be
That makes sense
They have no way to judge the present
because of the future and the past
Pleasant, isn’t it?
I’ve got everything I need, it seems
Since everything I see appeals to me
Let me expose you to this thrill
A balloon in time
Who cares what they say
Life is a dream
I die with age
As the moon hunkers down
beckoning me along the way
Even in the instant
A union in the sky
Now stands forth 

Everything Was Clear

Everything was clear and nothing was certain
They agreed and cared
and felt dull
coming up
with the top down
in the town where they met
among the emblems of how they’d like to be
in the afternoons
in their chairs
at the cafe 
in his mind cut loose
where the soul lies
 in the dark
in the hum
where everything is true
where it happened or would in time
like a hidden melody
in her hair
or a sudden breeze
uplifting their napkins
all there was of actions
Time to go.

The Trial

What kind of a book 
Would pass legislation
in the southern plains
nor would know that life could be different
The enemy now diseased
A few other pointers
who bore the brunt
around the stricken area
living in the way
Didn’t you realize, laughed the woman
What is exciting is that here
Within each chapter
would have done a grave injustice
The court has no choice
Predicated on the notion
Absolutely nothing to suggest
Personally tragic
spoken to the truth
You’d better focus on
We do not live
a great figure in history 
Not at all out of flame
His comings and goings
A serious insertion of himself
It should exist
built up to the point
the hesitancy
the question was
in more mysterious ways
Going down the road blind 
beyond any personal interest 
Until we change
A string of events
Hundreds of thousands of children
likely to undercut the basis 
an abusive procedure
a body of evidence
What science has proven
changed the rule of science
spending billions of dollars
Blow away dust
our thoughts and ways
absolutely not true
a good example of the developments
You must not countlessly mislead
The internal scientists
What I’m interested in tonight
one of a combination 
You know as a result
The text moves
When you go back
I don’t think we want to go back
Nobody should walk away
The real appeal
No ordinary witness
Once this trial is over
I would not think
I’ll think of that again. 

I’m Asking You

It’s a cockeyed kind of happiness
Advantageous drops from the sky
English amour (armor).

Give without speaking
Hear without listening
Hasten without going
Do without showing.

Tooled to your advantage
Momentary calm azure blue blanks break
On a beautiful beachhead
I’m asking you.

The Infant
— after Winnicott

We sometimes ask of infants more than we can do ourselves.

The infant reaches out and the breast is there, and the breast is created.

Considering the way passion invades thought
as if it were yesterday
it is not hard to imagine
the engine of the infant 

Even where the child asks
it goes without saying
It’s living tomorrow today

The infant knows where it goes

Live with discomfort and pain

A teddy, a doll or soft toy
rich or poor, at peace or in war

This helps, but is it enough?
The substance of illusion
a natural root grouping
It must survive instinctual loving, and also hating
the whole cultural field

In the quiet times between
what the infant creates
really exists
the vast area between objectivity and subjectivity
when the mother is away she is dead
This is what dead means.

In between is a precious moment of anger
the only real thing is the gap
the death or the absence or the amnesia
what is forgotten has lost its reality

Wanting something that never goes away
the symbols that fade 
sink in the general pool of subjectivity
These and other futile activities brought no joy
Lying all her life in a bed
doing nothing while doing everything
the way is paved for playing together

All sorts of things
happen and they wither.
Why don’t I matter anymore?
Is there a little soul waiting to pop into a body?
as when a baby creates
an object but the object 
would not have been created
if it had not already been
in the baby

What he came for he has not reached
where each is the same as the other
when the madness that is there
remains undiscovered and unmet

Did you create that or
did you find it
early failures that 
come for mending
        if we have somewhere to put what we find

The baby takes a look around
the repetition that she
dreads but expects
 A small child is slowly being poisoned
Her face is pressed against her mother’s scarf.

The Human Brain

What do we really know about the human brain?
Want to make yourself incredible?
Then take a swallow of this
Elixir from a golden cup.
I know of nothing better than it.
It is better than sex to the brain.

I hate to leave you forever 
in a dream castle
where the brain breathes into itself.

One brain, two hearts
I was thinking of you
in the brain.

What do we really know again
As we spin in the brain
The lark!  Hark, hark!
Arising in a dream extremely troubled
That began in a brain.

A little uncertain or else in time
uncertainty will burst 
The seams of the brain.  

Betting on a Lifetime

I’m betting on a lifetime!
I want it to be
God give me favor
Help me.

A long time it’s been coming
Like it’s going to be
I’ll love you forever
You must forgive me.
I’m sorry.

Ask me to help you and I’ll give it a try
It doesn’t mean anything except do or die
I’ve been meaning to tell you
It’s not for a song
That things go along.

Now I’m beginning to see
The broken melody 
Of what's going to be.

It’s all the same to me
We are not aware 
I’ll never care
I’ll never be free.

Sit down and answer me!

Now I am free.


The Lucky Ones

We are the lucky ones
Glittering Fields
Courses of Iron

You need to rest
Into what suggests
Today never ends
Never comes

It doesn’t matter what today is
The music box plays on
They think they always have to be
Remember you are describing yourself

To think one thing today 
I am a spark
Song of my exploding heart
Why ask the question, How?

Who Knew?

Even the evidence is ambiguous
All the evidence is ambiguous
My arthritis pain
Many a Mickey Mouse watch
Go ahead and dream
That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?

You’ve got our attention
Everybody plays by the rule
Food is a joy to be shared
by all the senses
Any truck, any van
Delivered to your home or business
That dull, insipid little place

Want to be misled?
It’s better if I don’t know
The idiots have reached a millennium
Serenely hoping

I want for nothing
Not for all the gold
Welcome back to the human race
I’ll get the supplies
in the storeroom

I like it very much
That’s a problem
wondering what it is
That’s over you

I admire your integrity
Speak not at all
I want to know you better

Misogynist, philologist, philanthropist, therapist
lawyer, doctor, maniac, clown
A last jagged human kiss
Which continued on 
Obsessed with every face
in this dream world.


There are pitfalls wherever you go.
Let’s put it back the way it was.
It’s all gone now.
Things always look better when they’re new.
My voice has a name
I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Song Along the Way

Song along the way
A little too complicated for me
An iron belt around
his chest
A little further along the way
It’s all an arrangement that I see
You are remembered
and you are dear
You are to be revered
Down in the valley of tears
You are you
Without any fears
Where everything begins
In a mystic way
As I babble on today.


—  I’m not alive anymore.
—  It all seems so strange.

—  I’ve gone ashore.
—  Please come back to land.

—  My pleasure is my pain.
—  You’re back to that again.

—  I want you to know everything about me.
—  Even you?

—  Hasty decisions.
—  Everything is going according to plan.

—  You’re not nice enough to me.
—  I thought you were my friend.

—  Take a knife and stab me.
—  I have a lot to explain.


Mind in relation to what?
Mind in reflection is what I see.
Like a narcissist being what I am.

Its voice is there in the clouds

There are no arrangements to be made.  
There is no need for you to lift a finger.
Mighty mind of fate
One more blow
Of the mystic hammer

Doors of the future
In the breeze
To you I sing

Today’s Bright Truth

“I alone have heard this lovely strain”
My thoughts turn to dreams
We only got these times we’re living in
I want to relax your wound
Questions of me to me
The silence of a vast age
Frozen in a vacuum
Psychic hunger
There was an incredible blast
My heart flies downward
Do you hear my broken prayer
Just keep reaching for the sky
See the way that light attaches to it
Cloud your day with sunshine
The sidewalks of God 
Quiet moments pave
Take me up the stairs and out of the room
The silence is incredible up here
Where good things rest
To fill the madness with song
I have been jealous of your beauty
I know it sounds funny 
Endless other goodies
Everyday is like a glow
Come quietly or we’ll take you in your sleep
To something beyond ordinary speech
Irresistible beauty
It’s hard to see the world through these eyes
This is a night made for romance
The breeze is murmuring low
People don’t understand
The plan
Take me up on your cloud of destiny
Just above our own moon
The shelter is the sky
I can hear the hills falling
A new strain of night
Hopefully together again
The lines between myth and reality blur
In this strange and elusive place
The everlasting sands of time
Grant me that consciousness, with all its subjectivity
When the weather is really hot
A morning liquifier
Frankly, I am disillusioned
That eternal process
Is today’s bright truth.

The Forest / The Harvest
— from Time-Life Books (1969) / AP wire reports (1999)
Fallen rotting trees lie everywhere
        When the leaves turn yellow
Water-soaked soil
        In the heart of a crystal sea
A bitter fruit 
        In florists’ decorations
That clings to the plants on the forest floor
        Floating off the vine in a gentle wave
Shielded by a brilliant shell
        Needing constant care
The most primitive of all plant families
        Down the narrow sandy roads
Because of its fragrance when dried
They wade knee-deep in red
As it melts its way through ice when growing
Using giant yellow brooms that suck them up
In parts
As the motors hum and the trucks rattle
The earth’s great coniferous forests are slowly moving northward
        And before the first frost
Extremely slowly in gnarled shapes
Small sticky leaves
Without appreciable weakening of their strength
Their names and colors and secrets
From decapitated stumps with already established roots
Form a watery chain
Slash left on the ground after logging was a tinderbox
The waves tumble like marbles
The diamond-shaped leaf scars
Man is mining today 
That cut every ditch
        No flowers would brighten as a landscape.

No More
for 9/11

No more fairy tales of power
No more waves of grain
No more heartfelt pleas
No more bend your knees
No more wealth & fame
No more crush & pain
No more seeing you again
No more melodies in June
No more merry tunes
No more being free 
No more you & me
No more waking at night
No more feeling a terrible fright
No more the dawn rising with a thrill
No more bending to its will
No more hastening & chastening
No more clip & paste
No more 4th of July 
No more taste and waste
No more stars floating by
No more your heart skips a beat
No more you take your seat
No more the moon rises on the sea
No more you come to be 
No more.

Not Trees
from Baudelaire

Not trees not columns
Surrounding sleeping ponds
When huge women
Cross the limits of the universe.
They were unused stones
and magical floats.  They
were giant ice bursts
of which everything is a reflection.
Calm and silent
The ocean like a world
Traversed by the treasure of their urns
in a diamond throat. 
Architects of fire,
I go voluntarily
Into a tunnel of stone
Under an ocean of gems.
And everything is 
Some sort of dream in the
color black
clear and iridescent
But my heart is happy as I mount 
The hill to see a town in its amplitude
A hospital, a prison, a torture, a hell
Where enormous flowers burn.
The moon is full of miracles
A unique truth
From which I have forbidden glasses.
The plants are irregular
And the painting is of the fire
of the genius
Which I know in my tableau
In a monotonous environment
of metal, stone and cold.
The confusion of stairs and spaces
is the infinite palace
Full of basins
And waterfalls
Inside a dream of a silent scream
Falling on a mat of burnished gold.
And the cataracts present
A ride of crystal suspended, bursting
Like a mental wall
All these dark drinks
These beautiful illusions they obscure
Swiftly enlarging
The terrible passage 
Which no mortal can run.
Another image in the morning
Far away and fuzzy ravishes me
My emotional state of mind
The way it was.


Hey, hey!
Everything has a house
Where we live in the same dreams together
I don’t want to make things worse
It’s becoming clearer
Whose dream is you
I have uncovered disturbing problems
Children, I’m burning
Where I am not
It’s really black or white
Your eyes are limpid pools
It’s like I’m not even here
It’s so hard to see our life assembled
What went wrong
I was there yesterday
Inside the world that you see
I have no thought
I am not here
I’m trying to figure out
Just what it means
Go ahead with what you are
An ignorance waiting to arrive
You’ve accomplished your dream
In his absence, before you left
He told his family about the stars
Everything is us
There’s nothing left to see
O’er the fields of gore
And duty ends in the dust
Where I am with a fig leaf of protection
I have a thought that
You are certainly in my mind
Is everything like this?
Curious side effects have occurred
You’ve got a lot of explaining to do
I wipe my brow
And limp along
Oh boy, it’s rough
If you see the world that way
Things look at things
You jump around and you drop your teeth
In your mind a light bulb goes off
There’s something outside of you
Connected to this field
Some of my happiest moments are gone
They find themselves in a pinch
When they have machinery put at their feet
I’d like to take morning from night
Earth from light.

Moonlight on the Water

Look at the moonlight on the water
There has to something more than man
Everything should be so light
Give me a swig or two
I have an unmistakable likeness for you
You barely have a message 
Were the sobs that I heard only an illusion?
Why are the stars coming out?
Sooner or later they’re not enough
The world seems curiously silent
An empty box
I’m together in a relation
We beg for us
Pretty soon I will understand
This was tomorrow once
Beyond time and change
On top of the dawn
When you feel not someone else
I just want the pressure to leave
Who do I think I am?
What will I do when I have it again?
Give me a look behind
Everything seems like a dream
The myriad lights
An unaccustomed atmosphere
What a muddy stream
I can’t get over the feeling something’s wrong.

The World on High

The world on high will die in the end
Jeopardy in life
You’re dying while you’re breathing
There’s no room in your heart
Visibly removed
You’re in your own time zone
Isn’t life juicy
I, the jury
You die and then you sing
All wheels are off
Where I stand
We are very vivisected
All I could name is cloud
Isn’t he singing in the distance
Oh, sweep me up
Win a lot
Isn’t he off the mat
As the wings go round
I want for nothing
Thank god I have empty hands
Here’s a nice thing
Whenever you wake up
where you are
Variety without description
The beautiful day
The unaccountable when it happens
Let’s go away
Several hills are sitting upon the harbor
People are different
What a wonderful thing it is
It feels like it’s forming its glove around me
Everything is something else
So after all is said
I have forbidden you entrance
A tiny speck of blood
Deep, crisp and even
Oh, open your eyes
Watching the wide world writhe
What makes you say it has to be
Nothing has to be
What it all means
Is enough.

Else Enough

Where everyone is 
Everything is
enough alone
Strong enough for everybody to know
enough of everybody.
Strong alone
is not enough.
Here alone with me
I have enough
When enough is enough for me
The amazing thing 
enough to be or
else it will be enough as it will be.
Enough for now and ever
enamored of it
wanting it enough
What is enough
If it were enough
Whenever it was enough
or else
Anything else is enough.
Stay away from enough.
Death will be enough.
Everything goes under the bridge of enough.
Goodbye you lovely thing enough.
Who has enough
Who else is enough
Where else is enough
Nothing has enough.
He didn’t know why he had enough.
An independent variable was enough
else nothing is enough
to be enough
So great was enough when
We’ve had enough.
Everyone’s lingering enough
Something swift and sure enough
A heartbeat is enough
Loaded enough
Some version of everything
Here is enough room
Or else I will make it enough.

Getting to Know Your Enemy

Getting to know your enemy with a passion
I registered my knowledge, my feeling.
Everyone knows someone
Best of all
Here is the hour we love
Fortunate where you are
Anywhere to find this.
Now the end is quickly moving everything.
I search for wider things
Quickly more than ever
someday we’ll end up like this
young again
In eternal fire
Wrapped in rags.
Like an angel ascending
It’s out of this universe.
I look forward to it
More flame, less cold
Seized by the urge to become something forever
This is playing with fire.
Everything is serious to you
Weakness attracts vultures
Now will have to return again and again
Everything corrects a beautiful dream.
Now found on the bed
What they are not is what they adore
The blue all shiny
Whenever you are
Everything you are
Like humongous fish
Fallen tragic creatures  
The value in every thing.

Midnight Session

You look so good
Whenever you are above you are below.
The secrets of the mountains are immense
They are like a hole into which we flow
When the days end.
Hard to forget when you lost the will to do 
What you do to do
What appeals so much to your heart
The one final fact
Where things connect.
One thing has another
Two things are laughing
Everyone has a peak
So to speak
Everything has vanished.
Everybody had a wonderful way of going.

When I Was Young

When I was young I dared to dream
But now I’m lucky to move.
I never worried about the end
I always had time to spend
And something to prove.
Oh, you who have spent a lifetime dreaming
I know what all your scheming is about.
Those nights spent twisting in a wind
That fatuous grin that spreads out. 
I understand swimming in nets
Everything enormous and rare
Like the bare sands of time
In a miserable street 
Coming to an end
In a deplorable union with gravity.
I’m being led down a garden path.
The vent was sad.
I have not yet begun to stroke
The impalpable past.
I am alive to the sound.
Do you know where your music is?
Do you know what keeps it alive?
Sincerely I’m forgetting
The implacable past.
What past?  Where?
It’s coming down
A lovely slope
And enters the sound of a voice
Like a blast
A special case of hope
Which is like you, my friend.

On My Mind

You’re very much on my mind
We gave them the choice of life or death and they chose death.
The beauty is too beautiful.
Everything else is nice. 
Oh, you who say and see
You’re my phone.
There is no young side.
You are just what I was saying you was.
This is a strict point.  Got to fly.
Here’s the hotel for me and you
Where the water ends in a mist.
The weather changes everything alive.
You’re made of steel.
Who knows the nose of you?
He had another kind of feeling
The little that things mean a lot
Whomever you are
That could be kind.

All I Want to Know

Does the perception meet the eye?
That’s all I want to know.
Do you take responsibility seriously?
That’s all I want to know.
Am I the only person here?
That’s all I want to know.
A “global” view of events
That’s all I want to know.
All sides of the question
That’s all I want to know.
I’m having fun.  Are you?
That’s all I want to know.
It keeps me alive in the worst of times.
That’s all I want to know.
I’m in a spin, loving the spin I’m in
That’s all I want to know.
Like a rose, it grows.
That’s all I want to know.
That powerful will
That’s all I want to know.
Heart of my heart
That’s all I want to know.

You Always Know

After the troops have tramped
And a small thing is a fragment
And the story’s the glow
You try to control it
You stare into an empty head
A brittle thing can break
But you think you don’t have enough
You live, you outlive yourself again
North of the body
Why is it so bright
Don’t tie people down 
Don’t lose your roof
The universe doesn’t live for itself
So wisely it restrains itself
The centrifugal weight
a strange unfathomable body
spinning in space
And what do most people do?
They use what they are made of
You see, there is nothing to fight for
Nothing that can break the flow
What you care about
What matters most
Some are destroyers, others are destroyed
It’s such a humble thing
So wisely they control
The enormous strength
Our stuff crossed again
An immemorial height
Where the toast begins
Although it was not there
Another real mistake
Then it builds up in you like a well
These are held in the hand
Where people wait
Where we cling to life
In the foothills of the ballroom
In the normal way of things
Tasteless and shapeless
ever light-hearted
it sways, it smiles
If you don’t think you have enough, you will never have enough
You can be another
on the stream as it moves
Well, your body dies
Order breaks chaos
If you don’t love you lose your edge
Try to act as if you know it’s all a catastrophe
Since time is gone in mists
This is surely right
Where I came from I don’t know
Its roundness smoothes the sharpness
Here is a little thing
Let’s not go on forever
In the twilight zone
To grow, flower and flow
The tendrils work quietly
They give way like ice, melting
hesitant, watchful, uncertain
muddy like an opaque river
You will never burn yourself out
so you shine like a diamond 
yielding as a baby
without self-interest
without flaunting it
The long and the short are in your hands
And untangles the knots
The deep source of everything
mysterious and wonderful
forever humble, it can never be overcome
What you are will last
Is it even worth trying to do
because it is something?
— February, 2003

Pagan Effects

Think only positive thoughts
about how wealthy you will be.
Stupid me, I thought I was alive. 
An act of will.

Goodbye, life therapy.

I love the feel of the thing
I’m satisfied with it
for now.

Let me roam in green fields
Fears we were dying
In my life I have known.

If you’ve got to make a fool of your mind
I don’t really want to worry about it.

What a special responsibility that would be.

Path to Yourself

Like an old wind I’m blowing
down the dusty miles
as I gather on the steps of time
The trace of a face I see
Reflected in the glass
Revealing the feeling
As my heart burns into a dream
Overheard indistinctly
No longer a closed fist
Of my love for you.


Maybe doesn’t capture
me anymore
The lonesome foghorn blows
Bagels, bubbles and beans
Restlessly throbbing to the beat
Everything is getting kind of spooky
I on the earth, you in the sky
You got to make an appointment with yourself
to see me
Maybe doesn’t capture the moment
Basketball of fear and excitement
Bouncie, bouncie, I’ll come bouncing back to you
In the azure twilight
Too serious, too long
Am I going to miss romance again?
Strange, it only captures me
for the moment
I can go anywhere I want
Maybe it doesn’t bother me.


A teddy, a doll or soft toy
rich or poor, at peace or in war
This helps, but is it enough?
The substance of illusion
a natural root grouping 
It must survive instinctual loving, and also hating
the whole cultural field
in the quiet times between excitements
what the infant creates really exists
the vast area between objectivity and subjectivity
when the mother is away she is dead
This is what dead means.
In between is a precious moment of anger
the only real thing is the gap
the death or the absence or the amnesia
what is forgotten has lost its reality
I want something that never goes away
the symbols that fade
sink in the general pool of subjectivity
These and other futile activities brought no joy
doing nothing while doing everything
lying in a bed
the way is paved for playing together
All sorts of things happen and they wither.
Why don’t I match anymore?
Is there a little soul waiting to pop into a body?
As when a baby creates 
an object but the object
would not have been created
if it had not already been there.
What he came for he has not reached
where each is the same as the other.
When the madness that is there
remains undiscovered and unmet.
If we have somewhere to put what we find
the baby takes a look around
the repetition that she dreads but expects
early failures that come for mending
a small child being slowly poisoned
her face once more up again her mother’s scarf.
The analyst can hold the patient
in infancy management
in a deep way
twisting around forwards
a shield which was no longer necessary
which must be very great and painful to bear
far away, at a factory
in a curled up position in space
The rain had beaten down on his naked body
he needed to be recognized as an infant
he goes and comes back
he had suddenly kissed a person
he then began to sink more deeply
Ideas are like breath; they are also like children
the wasted gesture of the child
as if it were situated just outside the head
He understood immediately what she needed
He had done all he could to help the child but without success 
his head should be held in a rather deep way
real things did not seem important
Thrown back on the choice of two blind alleys
all the time looking for the man you hate
a sensitive mother of an infant
would know his face needed contact.

Sonnet (The heartaches you embrace)

The heartaches you embrace
One little thing after another
Solar flags are flying

Lifting a finger
Now I ‘m going to play

Like a formless state immersed in space
Always changing, never changed
A full moon filtered through the fog just enough
A meteor streaked through the sky

I am unable to do what I did.
I am unable to say why
The pear doesn’t grow on the apple tree
And crooked isn’t straight

Pieces on the ceiling, dust on the floor.

Alone with Words
for Alvin Furman

too long ingenious my hell
returning falling swift
string peaceful court
a man alone graceful pincer
twirling hoop delicious
trailing stoop & bend hush
stamp noise rip
plunge blue fling
strange call forgotten
marinade simple tooth crime
zero rocket swift
steal short motor
clash fork normal
buzz I kind
karma misery slop
hound thought enough
bruit blend fig
porch hasten flake
clam too risk
hock norm portion
knowledge tug spell
crank new market
speak clone stick
move rug roof
token tug smooth
fleck mist bite


The Basic Idea

Curving slowly through the fertile farmland
when the city was hot and dusty
The canal boats move slowly, endlessly by
What distinguishes this from that
stilled and darkly serene
with shifting shapes
an abstract force was constant
Come out of the world’s jungles
Go forth and so on
The basic idea
Where it drops
A grating new episode
He grabbed my arm real quick
I will perish from your pathways
the house of your dreams
in the middle where it was 
So for everyone 
All the men have united
Slowly dying showers
Eyes light up 
when the birds come
Dart here
Have a mistake
Give me something to cry on
Go anywhere
the end is near
I’ll have my milk after this
Who are these creatures that inhabit one world
You profess to deny it
I know exactly how you feel
It’s a lovely accompaniment
In this transition period
A swift disclosure
Wherever you are, whatever you’ve done
Get in my way, you gold cookie
Tomorrow will never die
Don’t raise your hand above your head
There is a moment in time
Over everything else
I will put it on command
I don’t want to win by some kind of default
Here’s my end
In more vivid amounts
They’re not jelling
Get back into the level of life
Oh, who knows how?

Volatile Salts

Transient dreams that can sing or fly
Sat like a volcano without volition
Producing a wavering tone
A heavenly voice hereafter
Volatile and fickle.

The sound you make through your mouth 
Conveys impressions to the mind
of beautiful, fair
wind and noise
Like the state of holding no cards,
Like a gap,  an emptiness. 

The structure it designates
as an orifice of behavior
a hill around the rim
a divine call to a union
as in a bridge not expressed or uttered
an aching void in his heart.

The Psychic Knot

Plucking the strings
it is time for a breath 
of the air of psychiatry
pseudological in space
outside the known laws
acting out a situation
producing such disorders
as scaling, patches, reddened skin
They foresaw and feared
in an emotional readjustment.

The Fire Ant

The fire ant has a long nose and goes where he wants to.  He enters a yard and riddles it with holes.  Of course, he treats his queen very nicely.
Pretty soon he has established his roots and begun his work.  He lives and dies and lives again.  He doesn’t give up.  He bites like hell.


The Deeper Dictionary of the Human Soul

The Endless

The endless has
No end.  It stays or goes on forever.
“Depart on your endless course, old sailor.”

Endless sorrow.  Endless screw.  With ends joined.
“The chain that turns the rear-wheel of this bicycle is an endless chain.”

A perpetual, everlasting chain
“In God is my trust.”

Strive, make an effort.  Try hard and earnestly.  Make it an endless duty.
“It’s hard to tell the end 
When we’ve only just begun.”

Seeming to go on always and forever.
 “Forever, Eternal God, whose arm is strong to save.”

Think of it as having always existed.
 “When will we have an end to this eternal bickering?”

Perpetual, interminable, incessant, permanent.
“The wedding ring is a symbol of faithful love.”

A seemingly endless period of time.
“She waited—for an eternity, it seemed.”

Everlasting, infinitely durable
“It will never wear out.”

At any time, at all times, at every time.
“Endlessly at your service.”

Always, Infinitely

Always it comes and goes
“The Lord be with us always.”

Perpetually, unceasingly, continually, all the time
“Home’s always a cheerful place when she is there.”

Lasting forever and eternal, never ceasing
“He moved in an atmosphere of perpetual ambush.”

Constant, enduring, permanent
“What an infinite variety!”

Without limits, without bounds
“Teaching little children takes infinite patience.”

Greater than any assignable magnitude or quantity
“Infinite space, infinite time, the infinite wisdom of God.”

Who would have thought that hell really existed?


To break into pieces with violence
The shattering crash
“What a batter!”
A smash hit
Broken to pieces, to beat, to break
(person or thing)
“smash a cup against a wall, smash a door in, smash a lock off”
Destroy and ruin
“Dishes smashed on the floor as the tray upset.”
Smashed to bits, crushed, overcome, overwhelmed.
A great misfortune, a failure in health, a crack-up
Fatally, finally a defeat
“smashed on the rocks”
Hit with a hard blow
“A highly successful Broadway musical.”
“The car smashed into the tree.”
A wreck.
“We heard the smash.”


A strong feeling of 
Fear, anger, love, joy and grief
in the heart of a ten-year old girl,
fatally blind to her feelings yet swept
along by strong emotion
A moving, an agitation, a disturbance
From birth
In full possession of their senses
Easily affected by emotion
The winds mix forever
An emotional plea
to help crippled children,
an emotional speech
in an attempt to persuade others


Feeling for you feeling for me
the act or condition 
of what we feel
An emotion
“By feeling we tell what is hard and soft.”
“A feeling of security.”

His work shows sensitivity to the higher emotions or feelings
a sympathetic perception
revealed by the general tone
thought of in similar terms.

Conscious awareness, sensation in itself
isolated from anything thought or perceived

We’re not moving
my feeling heart
in reaction to a stimulus,
a violent emotion
usually overcoming
and taking possession
of a person, 
produced in a state of personal reaction

The quality or character
The force behind the thinking
“He reached in his pocket for a dime.”
To give the feeling of being
I felt like a ride
I felt helpless and old
I felt myself
And what others are planning

The air feels cold
“She feels for all who suffer.”
The most important thing in the world.
I was just feeling for myself.

Falling, Failing, Fainting, Fair, Faded, Far

—Falling and failing 
are not the same

—A weakness, a defect, in the event of a failure

—To drop down from a higher place
“The leaves are falling from the trees.”

—“The wounded government failed to fell the rebels.”

—To come as if by dropping,
to fall into a low estate

—“Farewell, fair faint-hearted person.  Sorry you fell.”

—A decline, a decay, an insolvency, an absence of, a lacking

Like water under the bridge
In a fallen manner

Being not enough, stupid

“My falling hand unites a part of the failing organ.”

Falling sick and failing

A fall-off, a change to a lower level

—Do not succeed.  Become unable.
“Our envious thought has failed.”

—Fair as the evening tide
“By fair exchange, not robbery.”

Smooth, even, to become fair
For purposes of helping people
Untarnished, comely, attractive

Spotless and pure
Plain and sunny
To come into a description, a view

Not cloudy, not dark, not faded
Not faint, not fallen, not far.

Daylight Fades

Daylight fades when the sun is no longer bright.

It went by, weakened,
Sunlight fades on the curtains

In a fallen age

The failure is nigh

And up above

The faded glory

“The walls were burning, buildings fell.”

“He fell on his knees to pray.”

Weak, and faint within

Farther and farther, more than we intended
Fainter and fainter, more distant

Not near, a long way off

“Far more difficult, he
Studied into the night.”

The hunters penetrated far into the jungle
A far reach

Farther than you can see, fainter too.


Love alive alone
A warming sound
The light of love
in the moment
in the garden
The meaning is this intriguing question

A strong and passionate affection
The moon is beaming love
Something’s charming or delightful
Love emphasizes strength of feeling,
a warm liking and tender attachment
for nothing, without pay
as for a child or parent 
as for God, devotion and loyalty
Love lies bleeding 
in the garden of love 
for the sake of love
Who show great affection for their mates
it was night and day for centuries
in the endless love 
Beautiful in mind or character

Informal, delightful, very kind of you
A flood of good feeling
To give and receive love
How excellent
“Attached to love, like a feeling”
Medical love
A strong, beautiful love
As everything shows
My love
Love is like a furnace, a low blow, an exotic cuisine
Implies connections.


A surface or line bounding a thing, not the front, not the back, not the top, or bottom

“A door at the side of a house”  
A wagon, a cloth, beef
“Write on two surfaces only”
a bed, a table, a box
the sides of a hollow ball.

On the bank or the shore there is neither left or right
Neither the body of a person or an animal

A pain in one’s side
extending for a considerable distance
the slope, the course, the attitude
a group of people opposed to each other
Faults on both sides in a dispute
pretentious airs, arrogance

in addition to
a spinning motion

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