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Stolen Poems

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School of Music

Invisible secrets of music are explained

To play right away

No special talent is needed

A means of such relaxation isn't found elsewhere

The hours I have spent 

Bringing joy into my life

New friends, popularity

When I play, feeling happy

All the fun I'm now having

Brought me immeasurable joy!

The person-to-person service

Best of all the deep satisfaction

Being able to create music

Your own entertainment!


The life we led, our follies and our deeds of heroism

A tireless quest for the anti-art

I shall not be able to confine myself to the bounds of history

Bells, drums, cow-bells, blows on the table or on empty boxes

The new poetic language

"X" was obsessed with

Men possessed, outcasts, maniacs

The paralysing horror which is the backdrop of our age is made visible

Man who was first to judge what was beautiful or ugly

Which has brought joy to thousands with its honeyed garlands of verse

Everyone was happy to watch

The individual soul as it wanders

Nothing like this has existed before

Such a brilliant editor at work


What hours they'll be

You'll have a girl around the world

Who is a huge perfume

The stewardess sees more miles in a week

Than a flight crew of pilots

You'll have a feeling that going places

The sky opens up like an umbrella

Wherever you go

You don't have to pay it now

There's no limit to where you can take a fellow

Or wrap up a whole vacation

In one single handle

You can do the whole thing from a car

Where would it take you?


Ruptured men get for trying

Kansas City, Mo.

Holding in a rupture

Has benefited thousands

Without legs

"I don't see how it holds!"

So comfortable 

You can't see

For trying

Someday When I Marry

Someday when I marry

Beautiful things for the home

We'll share 

My dining room table glowing with rust color

Candle light every night

Will set my table in China

Crystal in all the world 

Of course 

Color literature

I marry

Never Let Your Beauty Fade


The beauty of your skin really begins

To shine deep down 

Sofe supple and in bloom

In America hot sun and rough winds

Rock the darling buds


Avoiding gyps in retirement years

Use this column as a guide

Other data necessary for purchases

In a desert or underwater, or on the side of a volcano

Use it too for vital clues on how to beat them

Inability to be the man you were

Would you lay out money to buy

Oversize packages of dancing shoes

To stop the cascade of pills

You are now the major target of?

Skin Beauty, an Asset Beyond Price

Today a beautiful skin

Youthfulness is possessed

Women who have long ago stopped counting their birthdays

No matter where you live

Vistas of complexion

In days to come

Need ministration

They will all fall prey

This moist oil that readily merges

Dwindling levels

Flawless splendour

Unfavourable weather hazards

And, finally, the inexorable passage of time

In America

Cherish and beautify the skin

Circular movements that spiral upwards and outwards

Should always be smoothed over the face


So subtle and reticent an artist is Braque

His great powers are apt

"It might be no more than an accident or a 'rhyme'

Such as I incorporate in any of my solutions

I have made one great discovery

That objects no longer exist

When one reaches this state of ecstacy

It is the tree of poetry"

Salvador Dali

In accordance with my magnificent plans

At six I want to be a cook.  At seven I wanted to be Napoleon

I have become the leading collector of Meissionier paintings

The real shadow of a horn threatened us steadily

To tell our life by mythological means

Filets of sole eaten by the mechanical "sharks of time"

Having been exposed to the Christian invention of the "remorse

of conscience"

Experimenters of the mescaline chasm

She rises to heaven pushed by anti-matter angels

This is how the Dalinian war has just begun!

H. Matisse

What they have done, what I am trying to do

My pictures are expressive

Like a protracted summer or a cold sky with lemon trees that give a chilly impression

That deep gravity which persists in every human being

Will only serve to confirm my impressions

A mental soother

Like a good armchair

Sufficiently mastering oneself

The inventors who explained to us the techniques of flying

Neglected by less successful aviators

Where are these rules?

If it were possible to learn them what sublime artists we would have

Great artists are deeply impressed

When I put down green it doesn't mean grass

Is not the creator himself nature?

Sustained and kept by the divine

You too are gradually rising upward

Like a tennis racket returning from space

Time is the original creation

Loosened up, gathered together, or drawn out

Rest and quiet

Even for those who have never been in an airplane

A man with a searchlight does not move through space as a pilot does

Ruthless optical distortions


The Gold Bond Product and Systems

Screws are driven with an electric screw gun

In all buildings with wood frames

Superior sound isolation is desirable

This system is ideal

As shown by laboratory tests

The "floating" ceiling will be little affected by any twisting action

Where long, continuous runs of this wall are employed

Sound deadening board must separate the elements

For thickness greater than normal size

All parts are removable or reusable

In both commercial or residential work

The large sheets are formed into a monolithic wall by lamination and treatment

Including plumbing, heating and electrical ducts

They can only be considered non-combustible when constructed on the recommended steel bases

To form a free standing wall secured to floor and ceiling

One permanent nail must be placed in the middle

So that an absolute number of joints occur

Boards shall be brought into contact with each other but not squeezed

Smooth and ready for decoration

Tape all open edges

The Gold Bond Product  (2nd version)

Removable or reusable

Is this system which is ideal?

The ceiling will be little affected by any twisting action

One permanent nail must be placed in the middle

Constructed on the recommended steel bases

In commercial or residential units

Including plumbing, heating and electrical ducts

They can be considered combustible

Buildings with wood frames

To form a free-standing wall

So that an absolute number of joints occur

Smooth and ready for decorations

Boards shall be brought into contact but not squeezed

For thickness greater than normal size

Add water to the powder

Strong Materials

Strong materials - artificial diamond - born of pressure - metal under pressure - beryllium, titanium, supersteels - containing pressure - mute metals - machines of concrete - armored for space.


No one knew anyone else at the party

When the band began swinging 

They became strangers

And left their friends


Where chance has never settled

Behind the mountain appears the moon - red and gigantic

The end of the meal or the music of broken light

Something ferocious, like a chest pierced by a sword

I heard the resounding blows of a hammer upon planks


Plastic bottles that when empty will simply disappear

You do not dream of in everything you see and do

Tomorrow or the next day

Who knows what will spring up

It may appear

Reasons to live

Breakable bottles may nearly vanish from our lives

A quiet material revolution

Solution for Acne

Wipe away the embarrassing surface

The Secret of Charlie Parker

Just like he was explaining to you while talking to somebody else

They walked in looking very raggedy

"When I stop playing, we'll be laughing in each other's faces"

"Mild applause will suffice" he would say

Then he shut the door behind him

The swish of a car speeding down the highway, the hum of wind in the leaves

"Once you refused me when I really was hungry"

He had notes to explain all these phenomena of nature

"I think I have broken my ankle"

The Wings of the Dove

—  from Henry James

Only to break down without an accident

The final, fatal sponge that I ask

He stood as one fast by the upstairs fire, in a whole dark December afternoon

Fell straight across the field

Like a lighted window at night

The crack of a great whip in the blue air

From the moment the picture loomed

They had pressed in that gaity an electric bell that had continued to sound

Vast, obscure, lurid

Like plashes of a slow, thick tide

That wears, that washes, that survives use, that resists familiarity

The various signs of a relation

Looking at the mysterious portrait through tears

Like fish in a crystal pool

Idle lads at games of ball, their cries mild in the thick air

Complicated brass 

So crystal clean, the great cup of attention you set on the table

An image of never going down

As sad as a winter dawn

It opened out as a dark, confused thing

The adventure of not stirring

In a wondrous silken web

The reflected light of the admirable city

Divided from it by so thin a partition 

It should now be wholly left

So painfully astray, wandering in a desert in which there was nothing to nourish him

As even the great length of the table had not baffled

Polished pressure 

Say at once a balloon

Born to float in a sustaining air

It has been lifted off

Being here on the edge of a great darkness

The question of her friend's chemical change

This was always an incalculable light

For all that she must see swept away

Letting it go as deep as it will

It was like a clap of hands

The New Materials

The actual replacement of a portion of the brain is still far beyond the bounds of credulity.

The possibility of their synthesis, which would open up the most incredible technologies of all.

Now diamond can be regarded as a polymer (a "plastic"); specifically, a three-dimensional, cross-linked polymer.

"Crystals have always been treasured esthetically because of their way with light."

Where light beams share with metals and semiconductors the privilege of conducting electrical signals.

Uses for a glass which changes color according to the strength of the light falling on it.

The self-erasing shop window display is another possibility.

If man could equip himself with an artificial gill he too could live in water.


Man's Hope

—  from Malraux

A comrade, revolver in hand, motionless as a statue.

The Civil Police and Assault Guard were vainly trying to impart order to the crowd.

Hermetically closed like submarines, their "dustbins" dangling like pendulums between the spats on their under-carriage wheels, the Junkers approached from below.

The peasants streaming forth into the darkness from their blazing homes!

In the fog shadowy forms were drifting ceaselessly past the shopfronts.

He felt the shadows giving place once more to the mystery of life.

The noise that will cut off this loudspeaker from your ears means death.

Stones…old stones, that's all.

Pianos tangled up with the roots.

The Red Badge of Courage

—  from Stephen Crane

A Greek-like struggle, he was in a moving box.

A thousand axes, wee and invisible, 

It seemed now that Nature had no ears.

His tongue lay dead in the tomb

Of those arrows which cloud the air.

Terrible fingers that clutch into his brain

The hard cracking of axe blows 

Tangled limbs unravel

As metallic hounds

Men tie to stakes

Become creatures who are slippery.

The diamond point of intelligence

Paper peaks

Into a strange porcupine with quills of flame.

Some lazy and ignorant smoke curls slowly.

TV Poems

Soap Opera Poems

The Secret of the Storm

Ten-thirty.  You called them on the phone up your sleeve a nut

When we're alone.  You're a lovely wonderful girl to forget

That didn't happen that's better.   All a nightmare that I said,

The world's beautiful pearls, so real it was real, that strange girl

Wearing that belonging to me in pill form.  This uncomfortable

Stuffed feeling that gets out of hand

Acts perfectly natural if you say so.  Planning to mend

Her clothes erratically, you're very perceptive 

Who says I'm a writer.  An axe cutting me off

At the knees replaced all the plot that's there

Trying to help you.  Some kind of frustrated one

Said nothing locks in freshness in just a moment

Like it sleeps all day acting silly.  Long blonde hair

Thinks she should see a psychiatrist botching things up

Lately for long enough.  Another tuna fish sandwich

This form told me I could call you, anytime

Just trusting you professionally — that must be solved

To face up to what they really are going crazy 

To every day.

The Edge of the Night

Lying down or dying, where's that box of candy

He smells?  Biting into one piece was quite enough —

That same crank isn't that simple,

Is not in that candy, not in the list some poor soul

Tried to poison.  The chemist beyond the prank

Stage worrying yourself made that determination

On the card using my name ring.  A little more pressing

Might have been poisoned obviously

To pick it up.  Pretty grim the plane

Must know the cruellest kind of justice

Must be shaken up right now.  Plain ordinary

Will makes her stop loving that kind of charm

Even if it means paying for it on his way back

Tonight the money he wants.  When you have a gun

At your head it's a deal will keep our end

That breaks off your neck.  Stealing our daughter

Or her rotten kid managed to rob your husband

When it wasn't true that skull your

Arm's burning makes people see things.

Nothing wrong with my mind, helpless would set

Bad news into hard cash at the edge of the night.

The General of the Hospital

I really like that stuff I gave you over the river and through the woods.

March just a minute please on line two.  Cross

Resolutions great.  I know me and I won't keep them

Sickly sweet I know.  I'll finish it in the hospital chapel

If you like.  I'd love it.  O promise me someday

You and eye super excitement makes it happen, love

I'm gonna remember fresh bite after bite

And forget it.  Ocean fish flavors a stodgy old

Kill-joy, never to be angry with each other,

Signed, your mom.  He's here and he's a killer.  The

Stakes are high breathing relief, I'm going to have to

Move it.  He has a pretty wonderful teacher on your toes

Anyway.  Sit right here darling, lie back and rest.

So much has happened — war a few years back,

A vaccination, a wonderful boy (mine too),

Living with you, this world around us every minute

Starting right now, tomorrrow and every weekday.

The World Turns

Stand at the door the thin curtains this knife away.

Our son face it the motor running.

Oh it can't be.

Dangerous mother his throat cleared up very nicely back on schedule a normal day must have felt last night.

Coffee cup pharmaceutical company.

Nice and hot.

Close the door sigh cafeteria tuna fish salad sandwich

Tragic that could be unexpected

Side-effects, elaborate puzzling by yourself within yourself,

The fools make believing clear up a few things.

Your apartment the stand, evil the agreement.

Bells lovely earth good sense over-medicated.

Need it to get around opening old wounds mean that every word of that.

A child together flutter tell the truth.

Sign close-up alone in a car whose incidents came to an end.

Resolve this not fit suitable home to remain very discreet.

All temperature cheer strains end.

I'll Search Tomorrow

Knock knock chuckle chuckle

I'd like to get some cold fresh air.

In your mind where we live in your mind.

Chest density.

A change in therapy sustained release principle all I can tell you the many hazards she faces.

Put you through that.

You're rugged and unnecessary, darling goest!

If you want me to smell.

What's wrong

Then rub and rub the other.

Here hold on stand up golf and run.

Was he studying or worrying worrying him.

The first meet may have been probably some sort of a scheme.

What am I doing driving you out.

Pour the eye to get in touch withholding the truth about yourself including yourself.

Just look beautiful so silky but careful but me I've got to see you say I want to talk to you if I weren't to see you then all over your hands of course to see you again you heard it here about 3 o'clock the way you are out of your head you promised to talk to him falling apart I'm going dirty as this tile looks cleaning the dirt.

Feels heavenly clean smells adorably clean as you can get clogged drains unclogged about anything — there goes the clogs!

The meaning of quiet.

Now quiet

When you've had a hard day if you were here holding you up headed somewhere.

As you like white raisin pie I get his piece of pie.  Oh dear now you've got me hungry.

Do you know I have no idea quite by accident accidents seem to be happening too thick and fast in the valley.

Fleeting moment of time now you get.

Let it turn down now just right.

Skimpy looks fine something out of the bag right here faster you going out all right.

Some way we could.

Problem with this same for the first time ever.

Poor spout.  

Good return again.  

What delicious things are these for you.

Love of Life

Thank you asked me to join you, I owe you

On a modest basis.  Still do to read people

Your energy allowances mine has turned 

Down the drain.  Of course you're neutral

Immediately more serious admissions additional post

Of the students on its hands at ease

After your retirement wins own money of the 

Same bet desperate nightclub seen you around 

Too far to go where?  Floating if you're

Interested yesterday all the time attracted to Bill

Never going to be over got with John

To do myself the other way around, I'll bet.

This is love of life.  Still a little bleak

That depends on back up its word to feel immune

Action now proceeds at its own pace

"Like the coat" operating from more specific

Smelling like a rose must be feeling

Looking ahead, came to the table we owe

Helping yourself yet you haven't.

Weigh it.

Where Is the Heart

Tired or depressed, a little of both must be catching 

Such a nice girl living together without getting

Married now or ever a bit fast for you

I'm surviving well when he was eighteen

In his office directly here like a shot

In the arm to fill me in on things brushing up

Good friends closer than ever very well

Joining me nicely with your boyfriend I

Suppose not on the house coming up

Terribly unhappy not once afterwards.  You 

Don't understand me met with his wife

For the two prettiest girls "moist and meaty"

To see you, son, so promptly considering what 

You've been through grieving forever next month

All the way from the airport I forgot to ask you

Feeling so lousy nothing in fact private 

One other thing betweeen you and her

Extremely important over all picture very rocky

Never ideal always been her white knight

No bed of roses can really protect her

Italian style foods slammed and sealed

Dealing with the present to write the script

The answer is more involved not here

Likely to forget early for an appointment

A little piece of paper means to me at the oddest times

After a man anxious to see you

My favorite brand being alive a sensational one

Thing binds up together right down to it.

As your eyes are open already resigned.

Thank you, m'am, but no thank you

Presented by as you think 

To try it again.

Perry Mason Poems

The Glass Particles

The glass particles in your shoes indicated 

That crushed lens near her body

Was not plain glass.

It's their hangout when he asked for the Chief

She sounds nice as the main attaction in the place that

Expert cutting jobs make the hole in the handle

Stabbing him with a screwdriver that ends in

The theft of his own shoes

Found at the scene of a murder

I found with his body on his back

Sticking through his chest.  A glass lens which had been crushed in

The smoke colored lens of a sunglass

Disappeared from his compartment

Before the test was scheduled to start.

Did you see the screwdriver

About the time of the start of the test

Large enough to contain the shoes which have

Torn a letter to bits when

The curtain wasn't quite dosed by

Someone bending over his bunk to say

The equipment would be ready sooner than expected since

She belongs here in the 

Optical properties of that type of glass?

Murder Funny

Tick, tick. Here comes trouble.

Walks out dials, perfectly willing working pretty hard description of her car, start the car coincidence.  That's all it takes.

Debt all right country road at night, come on in union bartender scale here must have, it go to my father OK get off my back, "promises most given when the least is said," why beautiful sight all day delayed arrival discuss, eating, ring.

Run syncopated music, hide off jump, clear and mad address never appeared work possibly playboy gasp, as always.   Plant this morning contract record featherlight demonstration, sacrifice that sorry completely unmixed in the kitchen loud perhaps gangster strings that diddle, in my minds' organs' penetration, "a stab in the back," indistinguishable slide marks, immaculate company parking lot, tricked.

Eager no!  Could lose the home shot of him, hang-up driving.

Key-ring should have told me that.  See it now open, the door hit, jackpot that pleaded, fabricated evidence that I intend to help, these trousers and this shoe and also this shoe.  

No trace of her here, witness in the far past, a handsome face, big faces, your wife pretty, japanese denials, the situation was acute in the company.  Choices looks, fear, rubbing, turn around, I knew it would all come.

It drunk struck out with it, mud anchored no stopping beating district, just errors.

Case Parents

Pass cared the accusations report package instructions ring

Office haunting water know late indeed horses call

Headquarters going trouble divorced that happened.

Sorry room along time gun mine state job doing

Tonight impression house claimed didn't reason

Well enough batted built old widow management

Strenuous staff ran over coincidence case

Charged finished tolerant talk understand represent

Damaging think advise undertake coming will hold

Possible gambling more.  Why believe left man

Fingerprints look?  Kill body floor wiped could

Hours right fragrance available in a drug court

Authorization handling secretary wool.  Sorry mean

Guilt chained truck hurt pay in the lift way ideas

Of night asking to assume talking cooperative information 

True ridiculous practical copy anxious find checked 

Jewelers point lot steady client gas.  Unimpeachable nope

Wonder according the arm lady her down relying course

Disappears.  Consulted pack resort conduct minute insistent 

Guaranteed running tomorrow preliminary still batting 

Connect the bottom sense that wrote "looloo" goose killer long

Sleeve born of a system to prevent the normal however age

Unflavored beauty says prices cars swing stores

Pleasure aglow with decorations children values every

Body could right ready instantaneous established dinner.

Was approaching relationship show to testify wing private

Opened aired automatically step polished dates identifiable.

Others withdraw approximately working visit break

Heated threatened darkened film proceedings happy

Only wife missing reserve relevant to direct assist hour

Examination discomfort cutting chores velvet sharpening.

Sew the hole of the gift summer spurs forgot in the night between the hit

We swear else stubborn gallantry over tipster mind obviously

An apartment spares for like anonymous seems relay before

The harm argument pictures bearing depend to come change as a

Hedge telephone to clarify the long occasion.  Took sue business

Tongue fond deplored approved position that entraps bias

Elderly signature afternoon pointing now mother life

Came courageous decent to protect unchecked functions few

Who the freshest stuff religiously framing produce.

Angry Fliers

We kept on with him building up where best to use

what product many places in that concept would smash 

your fist in the panel.

This work it's all I know all over again.

Stuff's strong gate will find you there 

last stage one mark of today's normal vacation adjustment.

Some sort of hallucination upstairs dressing in the locker room alone

with no trace of the original inexcuasably highhanded

the name in the the corner.

Great injustice at the hands more than he had in the air 

colors your memory in addition to a log

that days tape no part of it

witness to reality carefully arranged you leave

pod containing negative tag

the physical facts area of motive

deliberate tampering plans explode down 

that request was an invention

created illusions you had.

Build nothing against put the blame shut her down

now this end of the bed

enticed me on the phone like it

so much start without me.

Your lips and their lives.

Blasting the Bluff

The airconditioned motel to be sure about anything from jail

One scintilla the engine room blew up into new bills

A man she can't identify crying like a baby the relative diameter

Deeply depressed enough outside the area

Oscillation I hid creates the doubt does his mother know

The widespread belief to the point of oblivion intending then

Items of value which contained a potential fortune loathsome

Lock and key gabbed as a hold of the stick

Will he be vacated along with designs on me?

Betray the Bride

The long wait is just about over

Isn't he handsome

15 years a junior

This shade is the same shade of his sportscar

Left out in the cold

The one we have to reach

Three weeks of double talk

Our moment has come

Poor kid

Come in or out of the garden, swimming pool, or house

His heart set on those red sails

I know you didn't trick 

Your foolishness was really a hideous necessity

And now I killed him

Now everyone's happy

The Gorilla Speaks

— to Spook

Courthouse in less than five.  Born, buy this thing.

Print it angry with me, accident or suicide much too long.

Couldn't come to decision mind at all, nothing a certain purchase.

No personal interest practically all love, his privacy renewed publicity.

Want to buy the contents idle curiosity (everyone's) been over?  It

Surely must understand and offer what I said.  Goodbye.

Like a liar eat something to drink.  Against anyone

About your trial clearly it would depend upon a pauper's famous

Simple case job after job to write back defaming the innocent

Nothing but gruel found in the jungle diary in your purse

Reading.  Warning guard dogs tire trouble switch down

Here the monkeys. That's all beautiful home real wood work

To state his position odd all are connection including.  Hoped to make

Himself very powerful swing.  Bang hang the doctor, this thing

To be technical that urn upside down bright things being a thief

Every single item keys.  You lost snooping around 

The bed where I belong that finds a phone out at the house you

Very well was the road not sure she got in, as fast as you can.

On your knees playing a game, don't look at him.  I said

He's dead.  Blood all over, straight, it later, upper king-size

Been alone, mauled and beaten after you did.  Wanted to

Arrange all I knew to bed trouble or other been released.

Said she could breathe very upset in through the back of course.

Was dead behind me flat told the police something wrong

The yacht remember (be ridiculous) supplies for the cook the worst part

Disappeared got something present address might become an actress

Several weeks, for several weeks afraid of his brother.

Stunt believe this, pretend to do all this.  Is interesting

But mad in what can't imagine no results saw.  Him

Is, my money might solve this case this poor soul make me do that

Irrevocable was in there anyway of my own counter

On the backdoor made her claims married.  Not true

Patience, everyone such a shock talking about

Who was the other person thought until planted

Actually hurt tied up in the closet.  Gorilla marks for you

During that year so fearful after him in someway. 

And the illusion too high, scream a little Spooky.

Candy Is the Queen

A royal beach, you scare me to death in my place out back.

You and I have something to discuss nothing that I know about

No chance if you make a sound.  The formula is gone.

Eat sweet and thin, assortment of just cash trying to pull

She's listed.  Cut off wet towels hot and cold.

Not your friend might complete on the spot

Run your business to love them as a woman to a

Candy company sheer fantasy really knew him.

Are hurting yourself raised the roof broke with me.

Some pains feeling known chain buyer model, agency

For some action in the joint collect a piece a bundle

In the flesh obvious to me hit the ceiling at me.

Did I suggest that?  Pivot pivot the school's clean

Cleaned him out pressure on me beast of prey

As proud as you can be in my usual fashion speed

Burner sombrero portents don't serve it closed at sunset

Able to recognize one in the heart yet practically eliminate

Vital bearing away from me in.  Voluntarily throw this

Cabin on the gambling table hit up the Candy Queen

Herself little shooter high rollers volume setting him up.

Knew I needed him where it was had to be,

Knew it all along well ideas and endeavors

Size of her phone booth subsequent passing over

One aspect studiously avoided his allegation

Our contention if I can eat it all.

Give him thing exactly what I needed.

A Bickering Couple

A bickering couple swerve cake look conversation

Drinks duo picture safe run bar intruder

Laugh and drink grab overheard call answer

Entrance bits and slowly turn window glove clap sculptured lines gasp

The knife discovery drop the knife reading "untouched wrinkle"

Cigarette envelope pictures good flicker piano player plaster casts

Lick mantle chagrin shoes city buildings smile lift timetable moving

Lip slide bewilderment attention objection

Reassuring consult clasped hands face in retelling

Suspicion throw down waiting last eyebrow denial

Tiger wink conference "the reports" pat.

Conserved Poems

William Blake Poems

To Winter

Deep-founded habitation in ribbed steel

He withers all in silence with storms

Unchained o'er the groaning rocks

That deal'st there, thou hast built thy dark

Cries in vain to his strong bones.

Now the direful monster he hears me not,

O Winter!  he takes his seat upon the cliffs

And his hand and the monster I dare not lift

Unclothe the earth till heaven smiles.

Shake not thy roofs sheathed o'er the world

And freeze up frail life o'er the yawning deep!

For he hath reared his pillars with his iron car

His storms, lo!  whose skin clings

To his caves beneath mount Hellas, his sceptre

Rides heavy and his adamantine doors

That bend the mariner nor bar the north driven yelling —

Thine is, poor little wretch!  which mine eye strides.

To Spring

Tresses were bound up languished head, O deck,

And evening breaths scatter the eastern hills and let

Thy bright pavilions tell each other and

Full choir hail thy approach with dewy locks who

Golden kisses on thy bosom fingers pour 

Thy pearls for thee issue forth in our clime up to

The hills, O Spring morning, turn through the crown upon her

Thy soft love-sick land that mournes our winds come over

Which in thine angel clear windows of thee for thee

Whose modesty hastens forth with thy fair perfumed garments

Let us taste thy holy feet that visit

All our longing eyes valleys hear, O thou!  eyes upon our

Western isle and put upon our kiss

Thy the listening.  Thy morns are turned, look down!

To Summer

Beneath our oaks have slept our maidens fairer

In the sprightly dance who strike the silver wire

Upon his fervid car and oft

That flames from their large nostrils

Through our valleys in thy voice while we behold

No laurel wreaths against the sultry heat.

Sit down thy ruddy limbs and flourishing hair

And rush into the stream Spring who passes time 

Among our bards beneath our thickest shades, thy strength, 

O Summer!  In our mossy valleys oft pitched'st here thy golden tent with joy

Our youth are bolder than when noon we oft have heard

Nor echoes sweet lack not songs nor waters

Clear as heaven beside a river clear we,

O Thou!  o'er the deep of heaven and 

Silk draperies off are famed beside the Summer in his pride.

Our valleys love thy fierce steeds on thou, O Summer!

Our instruments of joy some bank beside throw thy

Heat the southern swains rode to allay the curb.

To Autumn

The bright cheek of modest eve to my fresh pipe

As he sat fled from our sight feathered clouds

Now the lusty song in her thrilling veins

Pass not, but sit with pinions light,

Roving round my shady roof blossoms hang round

Or sits singing in the trees till clustering Summer breaks forth and leaves

And all the daughters of the year then rose

O'er the bleak hills into singing and shall dance

With the blood of the grape, the sun, and love

Of fruit and joy, laden with fruit and stained

The narrow bud opens her beauties to 

The spirits of the air, O Autumn!

There thou mayst rest the brows of morning and

The gardens of fruits and flowers round her head

His golden load and runs girded himself

Beneath but left flowers jolly on the smells

And tunes the Autumn sang and down thy voice

Thus live strew flourish jolly.

Edgar Allen Poe Poems

Unrest of the Valley

Over the magic which all day they had gone

In the midst of nothing there is their azure tower to keep watch

From out their fragrant tops they weep like the chill seas

Trusting to that brood uneasily from morn

The unquiet heaven descends in gems that wave the sad valley's perennial tears

Over the lilies above the flowers where the people

Stirred those trees that palpitate motionless

Nightly from restlessness by no whim they wave

In drops around the mild-eyed stars

In myriad types of solitude nothing save the airs

A silent dell now each visitor unto the wars shall confess

The red sunlight did not dwell that rustles through

The human eyes and weeps above

Till even eternal dews come down above a nameless grave

Over the violets that lie there once it smiled

From off their delicate stems which lazily lay

Over the misty valleys those clouds are driven.

Dream Within a Dream

Kiss amid a dream but a shore now in a night

While I weep with a tighter clasp in a day

Of the golden sand who deems in parting

A surf-tormented brow roar that my days

Through my fingers within my hand let me avow

Within a dream pitiless wave the less gone in a vision

Can I not save or in none that we see or seem

If hope has flown away yet how they creep

To the deep from you upon the grains while I weep

One from all that we see seems all this much

Within a dream how few have been a dream

I stand and I hold you are not wrong