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revolving poems

Revolving Poems

She Discovered Wisdom

She discovered wisdom

I was a top

Farce of the voyages

In the sea raging

Piano on fire


    The piano was raging - in the sea was wisdom - farce of being a top - I was voyaging - she discovered fire.

    She discovered the top - I was so wise - farce of raging - in the sea on fire - piano of voyaging.

    I was a fire - she discovered raging - farce of wisdom - piano like a top - in the sea voyaging.

    In the sea was the top - she discovered voyages - farce of these fires - piano so wise - I was raging.

    Raging top on fire - wisdom of voyages - she discovered I was - farce in the sea - piano.

Acceleration Tables

Acceleration tables!

Revolution joys!

The solar plane!

Time waiting for the mountain!

Love in azure!


      Acceleration of the plane!  Revolving tables!  The solar mountain!  Time waits for azure!  Love in joy!


      Acceleration of joy!  Revolution of the mountain!  The solar azure!  Time waiting for a plane!  Lovely tables!


      Acceleration of the azure!  Revolving plane!  The solar table!  Time waits for joy!  Love is on the mountain!

       The joy of tables!  Plane joy!  Azure mountain!  Accelerate!  Revolve!  Solar time waits for love! 

She Had Become So Absorbed



She had become so absorbed she was silent as a tree - a red figure waving from a crystal - different pleasures - it happened from a distance. 

She had become so absorbed she was waving from a crystal - a red figure's pleasures - different distances - it happened silent as a tree. 

She had become so absorbed she was pleasure - a red figure waving from a distance - different silence of a tree - it happened in a crystal. 

She had become so absorbed from a distance - a red figure waving silent as a tree - different from a crystal - it happened from pleasure.




    My eyes were in water. 

On a movie screen rose the distant towers of Palestine, blue and vague.  

Among the extinguished souls.


            My eyes were the distant towers of Palestine, blue and vague.  On a movie screen rose the extingushed souls.  Among the waters.

            My eyes were extingished souls.  On a movie screen, water.  Among the distant towers of Palestine, blue and vague.

            My eyes on a movie screen rose among the distant towers of Palestine.  In water, the extinguished souls were blue and vague.


Max Planck 1

 Only doubt and contingency

I am the lone instrument

No hope of attaining anything accurately

Carries the mind beyond the world

"Thoughts are more subtle than atoms or electrons"


      Only doubt and atoms or electrons.  I am the contingency.  No hope for the lone instrument.  Carrying the mind attaining anything accurately.  "Thoughts are more subtle beyond the world."


      Thoughts are more subtle attaining anything accurately.  The mind carries a lone instrument.  No hope from contingency.  I am the atoms or electrons.  "Only doubt beyond the world."


      Only doubt of attaining anything accurately.  I am beyond the world.  No hope more subtle than atoms or electrons.  Contingency carries the mind.  "Thoughts are the lone instrument."


      No hope beyond the world.  The mind carries atoms or electrons.  I am attaining nothing accurately.  Thoughts are more subtle than contingency.  "Only doubt, the lone instrument."


Max Planck 2


A matter of contingency

The physical world image

The brightness of an electric globe

All that it contains is symbols

You resemble the spirit which you can grasp

A path through the confusion of events


You resemble the spirit of contingency.  The physical is symbols.  The brightness of events.  The path through the confusion which you

grasp.  All that it contains is a world image.  A matter of an electric globe.

A path through the confusion of contingency.  All that it contains is an electric globe.  The physical events.  The brightness of symbols.  A

matter of which you grasp.  You resemble the spirit of a world image.

The physical contingency.  The material world image.  You resemble the spirit of an electric globe.  A path through the confusion of

symbols.  The brightness which you grasp.  All that it contains is events.

The brightness of contingency.  The physical electric globe.  A matter of symbols.  You resemble the spirit of events.  All that it contains

you can grasp.  A path through the confusion of the world image.

All that it contains is contingency.  The brightness of the world image.  A path through the confusion of an electric globe.  You resemble

the spirit of symbols.  The physical which you grasp.  A matter of events.

The brightness of the physical, all that it contains, is a matter of the spirit of a path through the confusion you resemble.  Events of

contingency of the world image are symbols of an electric globe which you can grasp.


Our Thought Trembles All Over


Our thought trembles all over

His body fragile like a jar

A useless log

What is this festival?


      Useless like a fragile jar.  His body is this festival.  What is this trembling all over?  Our thought is a log.


      Our thought was fragile like a jar.  His body trembled all over.  What is this log?  A useless festival.


      What is this fragile jar?  Our thought is a festival.  Useless, it trembles all over.  His body was the log.


      What is this useless body of thought?  Trembling all over, fragile as a jar, this festival is a log.


Black Draft Resisters


Black draft resisters have been greartly heartened

With oceans of love

What a marvelous place

All this is through the mind

The rock of the body



Black draft resisters have bodies - In the ocean of this place - what a marvel, to be greatly heartened - All this through love - the rock of the 


Black draft resisters have minds - the rock of love - the marvelous bodies - in the oceans have been greatly heartened - all through the place. 

Black draft resisters love - what a marvel of the mind - Oceans of bodies - the rock of the place - all this has been greatly heartened. 

Black draft resisters of the place - all this is the body - What a marvel of love – A rock has been greatly heartened - by an ocean from the 


All these rocks, draft resisters, marvelous oceans, minds and black places have been greatly heartened by the body's love.



Where are You Running


Where are you running?

As you cry, your tears are like snow

I heard on the radio they were after the stuff

Grief is a mystery

None can control its coming and going

The people were caught in a war


Where are you coming and going? As you cry they are after the stuff. I heard on the radio a war. Grief is running. None can control your tears like snow. The people were caught in a mystery. 

The people were caught in its coming and going. None can control running. Grief is after stuff. I heard on the radio tears like snow. As you cry a mystery. Where are you, in a war? 

Grief is coming and going. As you cry running. Where are you? They are after stuff. I heard on the radio the mystery. The people are caught in tears like snow. None can control the war. 

None can control what stuff they are after. Grief's tears are like snow. As you cry in a war. The people were caught running. I heard on the radio of its coming and going. Where is the mystery? 

Where are you with your tears like snow? As you cry, you are coming and going. None can control the mystery. The people are caught in the stuff. Grief is war. I heard on the radio you, running. 

Where are you as you cry? I heard on the radio grief none can control. The people were caught. After the stuff is a mystery. Coming and going, tears are like snow. A war running.


Nietzsche 1


Uncompromising chills of loneliness

Distress in the desert sands

A magic notion of sensibility

An enjoyment of foregrounds

The shifting, the distortion


Uncompromising chills of sand. Distress in the deserts of sensibility. The magic notion of foregrounds. Enjoyment of distortion. The 

shiftings of loneliness. 

A magic notion of distortion. An enjoyment of loneliness. Distress in the desert of foregrounds. The shifting sands. Uncompromising chills of 


Distress in the deserts of distortion. The shifting sensibilities. The magic notion of loneliness. An enjoyment of sand. Uncompromising chills 

in foregrounds. 

Magical uncompromising chills. Shifting distress in the desert. Distortion of foregrounds. Sands of loneliness. Sensibility. Enjoyment.


Nietzsche 2


A cascade in its descent become more deliberate and suspended

Money-grabbing men walk with superiority and scorn

Iron necessity is a thing which has been found

A shadow of a shadow.


A cascade in its descent becomes superior and scornful. Money-grabbing men walk on shadow. Iron necessity is a thing more deliberate and suspended. A shadow which has been found. 

Iron necessity is thing of shadow. A cascade in its descent which has been found. Money-grabbing men walk more deliberately and supended. A shadow of superiority and scorn. 

A cascade of a shadow in its descent. Iron necessity is a thing of superiortiy and scorn. Shadows are more deliberate and suspended. Money-grabbing men who have been found walking.

A cascade of money-grabbing men walking more deliberately and suspended in their descent.  A shaodow of iron necessity is a thing. 

Superioty and scorn have been found shadows.

Jean Cocteau


Walking invisibly there

Human photographs

From the veiling mists

I rejuvenate the commonplace

Is a delicate lace

Revolution which flings the doors wide open!


Walking invisibly flings the doors open! From the veiling lace. I rejuvenate photographs. Human is commonplace. Delicate there. Revolution which is a mist 

In the veiling photograph. Revolution is commonplace. Human lace. I rejuvenate there. Walking invisibly in mists. A delicate door is flung wide open! 

A delicate photograph. I rejuvenate, flinging the doors wide open! Human mist. Walking invisibly in the commonplace. From the veiling there. Revolution laces. 

Revolution which photographs. I rejuvenate in mist. Humans there. Walking invisibly in lace. The delicate is commonplace. From the veiling the door flings wide open! 

Human which flings the doors wide open! A delicate mist. I rejuvenate lace. From the veiling commonplace. Revolution is there. Walking invisibly like a photograph. 

Walking invisible human. A delicate revolution. I rejuvenate from the veiling. The photograph there in mist. The commonplace is lace. Which flings the doors wide open!


Prince Myshkin


His good heart led him astray

Fantastic notions, queer to himself

He was impressed by the strain

A living child he became

To make the soul obliterate the body


Make the soul queer to yourself - He was so impressed he became - a living child that led him astray - His good heart obliterating his body - a fantastic notion of strain. 

He was impressed, which led him astray - His good heart was queer in himself - His fantastic notions he became - a living child that obliterated the body - making the soul strain. 

A living child queer even to himself - Making the soul, he became - a fantastic notion leading him astray - A good heart straining - he was impressed by the obliteration of the body. 

A good heart was what he was - Fantastic notions would obliterate all bodies - He was impressed by the queerness of the self - A living child is a strain - To make the soul one must go astray. 

His good heart of fantastic notions - He was impressed by the living child - To make the soul - lead astray what is queer to yourself - the strain - He became, when he obliterated the body.

A Thick Forest


                        A thick forest

                              Moving islands on the sea

                                    Each spike was deep

                        He was like a bottle

                              The tension of points


      The thickness of depth.  Moving islands of the forest.  Each spike was a bottle.  He was like a point.  Tension in the sea.


      Tension of the bottle.  He was like a forest.  Each spike was a point.  The moving islands were deep.  A thick sea.


      A thick point.  The moving islands like bottles.  Each spike was a forest.  He was in the sea.  Tension in the deep.


      Tension was a forest.  He was deep.  Each spike of the sea.  A moving island of points.  Thick bottle.


      Thick and moving.  Each spike was him.  Tension of the forest in the sea.  A deep bottle among points.

The Gear of Time


The gear of time

The syndrome of your meaning

Elastic limit

A great, frictionless, silent being


      A great frictionless time of elastic meaning is the gear of the limit which makes the syndrome of a silent being.


      The syndrome of time is a great frictionless limit of the gears of meaning in an elastic silent being.


      Elastic as time, a great frictionless meaning of the syndrome of limits is the gear of a silent being.


      The gear syndrome is elastic and as great and frictionless as time's meaning limited by a silent being.


A Train in the Mind


A train in the mind

I was restored to health

On a pastoral landscape

An electric wire

I was turning


      I was restored to mind.  In pastoral health.  An electric turning.  I was the landscape.  A train of wire.


      The train was turning.  On an electric landscape.  A pastoral mind.  I was healthy.  I was restored to the wire.


      I was restored turning.  An electric health.  A train on a lanscape.  A pastoral wire.  I was in mind.


      Electric mind.  A train in health.  I was the wire.  I was restored to the landscape.  Pastoral turning.


      A train restored.  I was electrically pastoral.  In the mind.  Health turning.  Landscape of a wire.

The Torn Factory


In the torn factory

His mother watched

The fluctuations of a magnet

Corrugations of waves

Intricate island

Out there, blind in a jungle


In the torn blind jungle his mother's factory for the fluctuating of watches corrugated magnets like intricate waves. Out there, an island. 

Out there the waves fluctutated the factories. His mother, blind in a jungle, corrugated the watches on the torn island with an intricate magnet. 

Intricate as a watch, corrugated like factories, his mother's island was out there, a magnet. In the torn waves the fluctuation blinded a jungle. 

The fluctuations of the island were like intricate factories out there, watched, corrugated, blind in a jungle, like his mother's waves in a torn magnet. 

Torn watches are intricate but blind in a jungle. The waves fluctuate out there in the factory. A corrugated island or the magnet of his mother. 

His torn mother out there intricately fluctuated. A magnet in a factory watched the waves, blind in the jungle, corrugate an island.


Undroppable Wells


Undroppable wells

Bottles that when empty simply disappear

Original marks

The city is a body

Coated with snow


      Undroppable body.  A bottle that when empty is simply snow.  Original disappears.  The city is a well.  Coated with marks.


      Coated in a body.  Our original well.  Undroppable disappearance.  Bottles that when empty simply mark.  The city of snow. 


      The city is a mark.  Bottles that when empty simply are wells.  Undroppable as snow.  Coated with disappearance.  Originally a body.


      Originally snow.  The city will disappear.  Undroppable marks.  Coated well.  Bottles that when empty are simply bodies.


      Wells disappear in marks of a body of snow.  The coated city was originally an undroppable bottle.