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radio states


Poems composed by mis-hearing the car radio 
while driving through  
the various states described.

Summer 1970


Me to be free a new way that cruises there
A garbage can released for the stature of words
Like that summer night you sweated the notch
Your smile brings on a throne
The match down in the fire to hold my hair
Barely see the children on the leaves
Burn there with you 
Like a tear roll out of town
Because you're sweet to let me go
A necktie in it
Things that you don't need
Eat up while you can
Sounds of that plain of lonely thunder
My teardrop in the palm
Making the taste groovy
Beefstew like my wife since sound came in
In color in his lap laughing
The glaze of starlight on the floor
Drops in his lap laughing and closes the door.


She climbs and chimes that
True love's kind
Woe won't grow into
Tempting everyone to ride across 
The burning race.
It can mean that much to you
Deeply content with just your name that
Really alters you.  Sickening words
Ricochet in my hand
Burning that way
But I can pulse.
To you life becomes an empty bank,
The cords fly away,
Laughter and rain can steal above you
Starlight that closes the door
That a father never hears
Watching bridges blowing stones against the window.
The west got to feel
Ugly fright
Snuggling her head in her chest
Your hair in an angel cake
Your smile dreams on a throne to
Lift desire-winged lips to your waiting fingertips,
Winged desire thawed
If you can take it
Like a tragic star
That fits all to soon
On the knees of their eyes
Really close to you.


Who you are and who died
We have just learned as our wandering boy has returned home drunk,
My mind today
Intellectually a thing
Sincerely waltzing
On a cake I take.  More than I give
Watching the boats watching my heart
A big ugly mammal
Dream away the soda that's melted on my face,
Come away the lonely herd I wear beneath my skin,
The shattered man
That sprinkles into jars
My heart cake wings
That brings a frame of pictures to mind.
It's the final time for practice 
Escaping down the bandstand
With the rest of the crowd intact
Your short beautiful life
Sleeping up in your room the way you used to
To call it alone.
I'm glad that you don't call
For as long as the wind blows
I kiss the ground 
My soul suspected me
Any time love's water
I have left behind.
Youth can gaze but don't forget
The den open to me any time to cloud.
Always stay together
A care to a teenage dream movie queen, a movie gown
To pick her out a paper nap,
One of those great ponds that keeps on asking
In the valley made by day
My pockets made of stone
Before the morning takes the trail
Where the marching legs don't fall
Climbing in the hall
All the stuff there in the glass
My thing gets hot.
The easy greasy cool
Rolling up the sea coast,
You are the darkness that rows.

South Dakota

Top court there's the big world of the rain drop
Open out inside you her eyes will smell the perfume
You will have I was the only one that you could name
Heart of rabid sunshine heart of the Lord of sunshine
Old folded ashcan the linings inside may turn the tide
Bowl of dynamite coming up instead every night
The doctor on the ball I smoke up on the ceiling
Have a little spoon all alone in a barroom
Only to kiss her bloated like wine four lips to kiss me
A reflection of my dream man almost sated
Try to mix me alone crack the battle-lines' dough
The banner of the name for one night's expense
In the necklace of the peace don't wave your
Sad eyes at me my aching sitting in the sun
Put a match in the air a foolish piece of
Wire when the window is here the way to town
Take a laugh on the hill street of pain
With all the tears there are today careless hugging 
To the ground of the long distance cheer
Of the number of the kerchief of the learning self-explosion
Go like a road to avoid life's mud and stones.


Fan your love with me.


This is the day I have my heart within me turn
The strings you used to bend
A sizzling day
There in a veil of white fire
From this land of lonely.


Where true love is fed
The string on the line
And my paint laughs out loud
Whole as the other
Bloodound of hate
Remarkable thing
All belong to this family
Tearing up this heart of mine
Who stole my hand
The next time we're running just like before.


Gliding in the rain
Numb mobile
Your eyes were glue
I wish I had changed my shoes
A big metal man
Major vegetable belts
This is the green land I hear
Swing you out of this world.


You spring your great bottle
Out hunting a lemon for me
Your life can be your level chair
Let not your heart beat mortals
Try without searching
A million men who almost left the store
This mountain scheme.


Down the brains softly in the wind
To take that old book
From the shelf
The trouble descends the foot in my hair
The least little bit
Painted pictures of the desert that shine
A joy to be living a cloud some day
Valentines they can desire
The moon of beauty is right at hand
Don't let your fog blow away
Your lonely farm didn't need to ruin
We're rolling in 
Or you can regress 
I spent my whole time kissing
The food all in a slump
I wish I had a system to my heart and not my mind
The diamond misery I find
Cigars and the rent
Steaming in the name of the Lord
The sun blasted black
Life I know has torn
Your life, joy, and pain
But cattle are standing on my heart and eye
For in death I'm caressing you
Filled up with tea now to blend
Like a lap in her hand
Dusty boobs would really shame you now
Things will never be set
Who feels a thousand Chinamen
Adjustable hairdressers
Ugly beauty
Spread the needles
For I found the golden wire
Did you catch the faces of those rolling in your garden
Falling when they ride
All the lonely feelings that return in misery
His fine and purple hands are bringing to his mama's breast in agony
Maybe I see myself among the clouds
The doctor's face that I call home
Watch her eyes dim confusion, not me
Statuary in high-heels.


Why should I go running through the coves of the earth
Historic and scenic cookie
And your foot on the bay
And the streets are paved by acid by
The sunfall in life's pleasant starch
Youngbloods of gold 
Shedding pain pills
Who change for us at last
Our past housing needs
If I don't drag your boat
A love so deep it's true
Still runs complete
With the love that bends my side
As the sand washes me
A knot has covered up the windows.

New Mexico

A varnish to my taste buds
My tears are pools of laughter
When I squeeze you you blend


Living cigars
You sleep on, funny thing!
And I know this nonsense pocketbook
(Oh gee, liquid peas!)
And the moment that she was broke open in desperation
Arrive and in every respect luxurious
For your chilling needs.


A table in the hangar
It stands upon Mars
Beyond my other discoveries.