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365 little prayers

365 Little Prayers
(that anyone can say)
“A Prayer-A-Day”

1. Where angels tread, we fear 
2. Give us this day
3. When you really look back, you’ll see
4. The leaves bowed down
5. Do not waver
6. Nothing to do but pray
7. A lifetime religious experience
8. I may have a moment
9. Wandering with another
10. Everything could fail
11. A hole in the woods
12. Call and response
13. This is after the war
14. What is actual?
15. Just pulse
16. Everything affects this family
17. Go up there
18. Express a vow
19. Sunshine lasting
20. Let fleeting thoughts go by
21. God hath made still
22. I’m very happy here
23. Just add to the flame
24. Where should we go?
25. My deep necessity
26. Everybody will give us a helping hand
27. Swimming in the rain
28. Constant endless effort
29. I was led to this
30. Everything is after all
31. A safe place to live or die
32. Pretty lonely around here
33. Perfect in every way, perfect for you to say
34. Put your foot on my head
35. It is conceivable to be
36. There is no proof of truth
37. All is not near
38. What matters where
39. Why not ring a bell?
40. I have nothing but fear
41. I smiled at you when you were blue
42. Pliable like the wind before a storm
43. I hope
44. I lived for the moment, the moment to be
45. I remember to be
46. No one in his place
47. Weep and fade
48. Time’s just beginning
49. Deep in accord
50. The pleasure never ends
51. Make others happy
52. You get used to it after a while
53. Meanings bigger than themselves
54. No one can make me dream like that
55. Our chain
56. Was this still a life?
57. It was a little ambiguous
58. More to say listening to what you say
59. Take advantage of it
60. Music you’ve heard before
61. Life has its moments
62. I am just as I was before
63. Why do you think I would ask?
64. A concentrated dose of charity
65. All you have to do is knock
66. Here I am for you
67. Do I have a right to be?
68. This is my fancy, to live in days of old
69. In my heart where I save it all
70. That was in a valley
71. Here are you today.  Do you have tomorrow?
72. God is the roses we create
73. You have trusted pride and fame
74. No more shadows
75. No more departing
76. I will obey you
77. I’m praying here beside you
78. There is no mistake here
79. Sad as the moon is above
80. Make pleasing sounds
81. Pact of perpetual peace
82. It constantly amazes me
83. Life is a parking lot of hope
84. We are all praying for rain
85. Music for the very first time
86. It finally led me to this
87. I finally found my dream
88. If it’s there it will be there
89. However I know it’s true
90. I have to live it
91. Helping me to be
92. More than you know
93. A little bell that rings slowly
94. Be simple
95. I will dance in the stars
96. There is nothing here but hope
97. I am singing the blues
98. Life is like a planet
99. Enormous beauty
100.   I knew there was a mystery to it
101. I will pray on my knees
102 .  Sweeping clean
103. What does it mean?
104. A malfunction of tomorrow
105. You should not be allowed to hope
106.  For the life of me
107.  The sweet pure dream
108.  We don’t know what we are
109. Lifetime fitness
110.  I see different things
111. Twirling and twirling
112. Banging and banging on the same piano
113. An escalation of fears
114. I was climbing on the umbrella of hope
115. A wonderful whip
116. Do you think I want you to laugh?
117. An emptiness within
118. I will go away
119. I want to make it more safe
120. We still have life
121. I’ll be your tomorrow
122. Hug you tight
123. The terrible fate to be
124. Because I have nothing to say
125. So flitting
126. Just because I am
127. Nothing is fitting
128. I’ve cut the chain
129. Enough to ignite a spark
130. Impeccably united
131. Bigger and bigger depths
132. Compassion is the swift light of truth
133. It’s a glorious feeling to awaken in the morning
134. All music is wonderful
135. I’m in this dazed condition all the time
136. I’ve never been impressed
137. On top of nothing
138. The shining rays of sunlight
139. Beauty is the standard
140. Those moments of communion
141. Nothing doing
142. It didn’t rise out of nothing
143. I can’t grasp it
144. I never laughed so hard in all my life
145. My swift demise
146. I have no one else
147. I’m lucky to be such as I am
148. It’s comforting to be alive
149. When I speak of love
150. I wish I could love everyone
151. Let my eyes surrender
152. Let it melt into your heart
153. Oh, this goes on interminably
154. I’m really nearly rags and bones
155. Everybody has something to offer
156. Dancing in a circle
157. Mythology of faith
158. I am what I am
159. It’s as if he didn’t even listen
160. Play with your mind
161. Our body is praying
162. I wonder if there’s something unique
163. All innocence is ours
164. His tears were beginning to show
165. With a child’s eyes
166. Relax into the all-pervasive light
167. Speak in metaphors
168. There is no where else here
169. That glorious morning where everything is alive
170. All the precious ones
171. I’ll surround myself with beautiful things to hold on to
172. I revel in it
173. The sweet sweep of success
174. That’s my fate, to be stuck on you
175. Swept with tears
176. A thousand little bonds will hold
177. Everything invigorates me
178. It seems so precious when it goes away
179. It’s kind of like forever
180. You already have everything within you
181. They’re all looking at the past, it will never last
182. Isn’t life more pleasant this way
183. Seeking freedom
184. I tried to kill all of my fears
185. With intense concentration
186. Where would you be going
187. All this is organized around me
188. Like a whisper sometimes
189. Beautiful is good
190. There is such a wealth of song
191. I will let every thing live
192. How lucky I am
193. It’s better that way
194. Hurry to it
195. Pleased to ecstatically announce
196. Swimming today is hard
197. The zero sounds
198. There’s a big place ahead
199. I will swing you down
200.Because I had hope, hope didn’t have me
201. Up a tree, nothing is different
202. Talk about tomorrow
203. I am as ignorant as you about me
204.I am trying for another breakthrough
205. Want to say goodbye again
206.Be careful of what you are
207. Everybody has a punch in the face
208.In the burning sun
209.Because I am here today I am not here tomorrow
210. When I die
211. There is nothing like a coincidence
212. So far away you couldn’t see them
213. What could be more exciting?
214. I don’t want to get involved in anything else
215. The burning lake of my desire
216. You have to have a little faith to go along
217. I freeze and melt and dream
218. A turning point of time
219. The other face
220. I’m absorbing a lot of heat here
221. I pray everyday for what to say
222. Everybody’s dancing in a square
223. It comes to one
224. Too far, too fast — broken bounds
225. Balancing on a blade
226. This is good, this is good
227. I’m thinking about you
228. A timeless moment
229. Loving hugging
230. But not everything is like that
231. As if by mistake
232. If I didn’t worry I’d be perfect
233. I’m so perfect I can’t laugh
234. I pretended what I shouldn’t be
235. All I can do is nothing
236. How can I explain my mistake
237. Swift and sorry
238. I feel like I’m doing something right
239. I will try
240. You’re always changing
241. Around and around I go
242. Behind a screen
243. Everything’s good, nobody’s bad
244. Tender tomorrow
245. Disappearingly spoken
246. I’m sure that I’ll talk to you someday
247. The panorama of life
248. Another look at life
249. Who is asking for whom
250. I’m not having any
251. I can hear it loud and clear
252. Hurled asleep
253. There is always hunger
254. There is always
255. The passed path
256. Everything won’t go away tomorrow
257. Full of sorrow
258. A hand to get you out
259. Everything is yours
260. No one but you
261. On the horizon, on the shore
262. The beat of the heart
263. I have nowhere else to go except slowly 
264. My simple test of you
265. Nobody forever
266. The last angel fed the hungry
267. Strange and lonesome blues
268. I’m beating on the door of your heart
269. The fabulous night approaches
270. A quick escape
271. Out to the stars
272. In the fullness of time
273. A blank slate
274. Everything is valuable
275. Who will let me off the hook?
276. Gee, it’s great to be alive
277. A little slower than now is what I am
278. Call for order
279. I’m hoping for you
280.A mixture of love and argument
281. I’m so nice to myself.  I’m like a dear, old friend
282. Make God happy.  Is God happy?
283. What was going through their minds?
284. A bit of life
285. Or fate takes a chance
286. Long suffering
287. With a cold heart
288. An empty screen
289. Like tomorrow, only sadder
290. So many beautiful things
291. It takes some effort
292. It’s so hard to remember
293. Everybody in its place
294. Amazing faces
295. The exciting halls
296. I’ve had enough
297. What was not meant to be by you and me
298. A clear understanding
299. I’m standing all alone
300. I want to go home 
301. All the crushing weight
302. At the tender mercies of one who doesn’t know you
303. I want to start over again
304. This is my experience of it
305. The magic clip
306. I will ignore the hope
307. Fortunate forever
308. A dream of esteem
309. That part of life 
310. Imagine that
311. Filled with stillness
312. Get up and die
313. Up in the air
314. Of course it was not apart
315. It’s a beautiful thing
316. The bad is good
317. Everybody should play
318. The wheels of industry will stop
319. You can get lost in space
320. Anything you ever wanted
321. The sound seems to be repeating
322. Publish the news
323. Caught in my average dream
324. Sorrow is sweet
325. Bring me to think
326. I’ve never been the same
327. What a mystery that seals so tight
328. It was bound in my heart
329. There’s something to be said for it
330. All the sick and dying
331. The killing machine
332. I can help you
333. Almost anything can make me cry
334. I’ve got a feeling I’m changing everything
335. A little game of thank you
336. A kind of prayer that was a dare
337. All the sweetness there is
338. I get that feeling
339. I’m hardly ashore
340. Down on the list
341. We’re too close
342. Our needs are naught
343. The excitement lasts
344. I will be careful now
345. Making marks
346. Another day is here
347. Don’t even like it
348. I’m expressing an interest
349. The biggest thing of all
350. Oh, what a dreary life
351. My enormous you
352. Dance with the origin of time
353. I took a spin
354. God won’t let me go
355. I’m a natural mistake
356. Everything becomes magnified
357. I’ll turn on the light now
358. Turn to one thing or another
359. The hero’s kiss
360. Mysterious fate
361. I’m ready to give up
362. When something violent hits
363. A swirl of hope
364. Yes, it will last
365. One here will hear
(366. People who are here will be found)