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personal pronouns

Personal Pronouns

"Seeing scenes gives rise to feelings"

Magical Moments

Magical moments
                 being there with you
                                      like an inscription
The story is written
                    in and under
                                 the beautiful world of fantasy
Happy face that floats
                organically mechanical
                                       into the white storm
Hello face full of fire
                     life you cannot erase
                                      rings on the surface of water
He cools his wings flapping

— for L. and G.

Over the highway tomorrow
You think you're something else
She doesn't look happy
I throw a prayer somewhere
It doesn't care
Ringing quiet bells

Maybe he belongs because he never left
So overjoyed and alive
A celebration of living
And open for business
But we don't make the rules

Eyes that know despair
Lay their sorrows here
Dreaming someday they'll be free
Endless patient summer 
Do what we tell you —
Let us out of here
In the here and now!

Welcome to the home of the sea

Father's Day

I thought you know me
Beneath the shield
It takes a lot of good natured self-control
First it runs hot, then it runs cold
Wrecking the dreams I've known
It takes cheerful resignation and hardened humility

I'd help her out if I were naked
The moon in the willows leaves the path behind
Is it possible to stay alive?
Pleasure always turns to fear

Please me, liquor

It feels like a break

Love bandits calling from earth
Open the highway to you

Above the Clouds
— for Aunt Sid

The purpose of my life is gone
above the clouds
Nothing there
above the clouds
No one dies
above the clouds
I keep craving for you to forgive me
above the clouds
The hard rock pattern of your heart
above the clouds
The masterpiece
above the clouds
above the clouds
Read it with your heart aloud
above the clouds
My tears were beginning to show
above the clouds
What could I do
above the clouds
More than I know
above the clouds
Steering into everyday 
above the clouds
Making me fit
above the clouds
What is means
above the clouds

Lone Ghost

Why was I born? Why am I living?
Where am I headed?  Who am I fooling?
Inside a cold and empty heart I dwell.
I can barely carry on.
But I don't want to leave it at that.
I have an idea!  It's like a little dream of mine.
It's a dream that pervades the universe.
It just popped into my mind.
I want to think about it a while...
Please, I need some guidance.
What's painful to remember is hard to forget.
I'm being constricted by something.
Just when you think you're safe and secure
Trouble walks in the door.
"It's all right if my clothes aren't new if my heart is true."
Yes, I thought that!
These are my belongings. 
I try my best to succeed.
Call me.  I'm listening.
Like a lone ghost I wave.

 Mother's Day 
- for Linda, May 12, 1991

I love to call you baby
You make the wrong things right
You make me want to shine
You make me smile
With a lump in my throat and an arrow in my heart
Gradually you make me fish
My love comes up
I could do so much.

I wish to go on
With you in my arms
Trivial, poetic, even sometimes melancholy
All the way, come what may
Calm in the half-light
Of a new birth!

You Are the Soul of the World

You are the soul of the world
A quiet reflective beginning
(I'll consult that later)

I want you to want me and I want me to want you
As if we were never apart
A theme that is evergreen
With love as the answer
We will meet at another time
A time for the dream city
In the street of lost time

I've reached the end of the road
For good or bad 
At least I can do something
Motivated by what
Infinite childhood delight?

Quit dreaming and start beaming
Better than we ever did
A small sea of tears
I want to make into a positive experience

Somnolent Forces

You've put your heart into the same marble room as those ashes!
Thanks for a bad thing
Go down in flames
Stoke the furnace with green
Fresh and rainy music
Go to sleep, everything is all right
I awake and find you gone
It happened in my dreams
I want to redeem what I have
In my heart like a bowl


I'm for breaking down all barriers, I'm for letting everything swing!
I want to understand what I have got to do
We've walked down this beach a thousand times
Nothing here lasts long
The same old shit
I'm for breaking down all barriers, I'm for letting everything swing!

You can cry and weep and pray
Seek the holy rapture
I didn't mean to desert you
I'm headed for a breakdown every day
Are there any further revelations forthcoming?
We've walked down this beach a thousand times
You can cry and weep and pray

My heart is sore, sick and sore
You're near and I'm far away
I didn't mean to desert you
"Look what you're trying to do!"
I'm headed for a breakdown everyday
The same old shit
My heart is sore, sick and sore

Now everything's in my mind
"Look what you're trying to do!"
I wash my hands of it
You’re near and I’m far away 
A simple-minded insistence
Are there any further revelations forthcoming?
Like poking your finger
Into the chest of America
My heart is sore, sick and sore
Now everything's in my mind
I'm for breaking down all barriers, I'm for letting everything swing!

Broken Experience

It's a beautiful day
It's like a little paradise down here
Birds sing out of tune
The whole damn thing isn't real
Some people never know how to feel
All these voices crying out to be heard!


Every year means another try,
Another melody in June.
I laughed but that didn't hurt.
It's only love that keeps me wearing this shirt.
Nothing you can do you can afford.
Springtime is just a day away.
I look at you and I see
The passionate eyes of May.
I'm following a program of my own.
Every dog must have a bone.
Every heart must have a home.

Pieces of My Life

Skimming along the surface is a wonderful way to be

A climax is being reached

without calculation

There's just you, barely turning

I feel like a hot potato

I don't know what to say

Anybody listening?

You don't know how to please

Don't connect the two

Forgive tomorrow.  It's a dream 

Everything's falling apart in our hands.

Nobody understands you when you feel bad and you don't like yourself.

Mother's Day Poem
— for my mother

Even though you weren't there
I was where I am
It was hard to find me
Even over the days
It was hard to interpret
The various ways
Just like today
Is here before you know it
Or tomorrow 
Is gone
Standing here all alone
While I'm far away

Knowing you love me
I can dance to the pain of life
I prayed unto the night
It wasn't very clear
Clouds above 
Every place we go
And then disappeared

Paradise in Blue

I want you the way you want me
For the moment at last
The wind grows louder
You're mine and I was alone
Suddenly a bell chimes
What a small and tinny sound
I barely have the spirit for anything
Why torture me?
It goes on
The music in my day
What a fruitless thing I've got
So far away
It was too terrible to contemplate
Me and my heart is the only sound
Of course, it's relaxing
Wouldn't you 
Like to take a ride on some famous machine
And fall off laughing?

Sonnet (The heart turns to its moorings)

The heart turns to its moorings
And I'm not afraid
The best way to stop suffering is never to start
We treasure these moments
Guaranteed to shine for life
They can't ever see the future
Bread and peas
All over it
While the wind wails
in the corner
to survive 
the hell you plan for me
A careless journey out to sea
Brave the waves

The Real Thing

I'm getting closer to the real thing
I can feel it coming
Feeble flutterings
Alas, it's here
I'm not ashamed
I can be myself
Then why must I be alone?
We'll find one another
on the shore someday
She made a mighty sign
Lines are burning
I was walking on the moon last night
You gather your footsteps
A new day is rising
Glad all over
I'm here at last
In the distance
Yet still alone

Circuitous Routes  (Sonnet)

Only in dreams could it be this way
I know it's right

Why must I live or die
My heart still knows some fear
I've been patient with you
Have you been patient with me?

Lead me by the nose
Down in some dim cafe
We'll sip a little glass of wine
And remember the day
We were born
And died
As if we could say
We were alive

My Pale Way

I hope you're not planning on breathing tonight.
This is the thing
I look on the face of the dark on the wall
I want to cry my heart out
But I know I'll fail.
I want to tell you everything
That I know in a whisper
That perhaps you'll understand
When you smile and anoint my cheek
With tears.
Forever up on the hill
The sun comes up.
I think about you
In my pale way.

Double Sonnet (Love is so forgiving)
—  for Linda and Gill

Love is so forgiving
Just a kiss, just a smile
Thanks to you I'm living
For a little while

Sugar for my honey
Tears for my sweet
My love will only last forever
And then it's time to eat

Oh, it's all so intangible and gray
I wonder what will become of me
The day is dawning without any heat
Wine-colored days
It's not so bad
Velvet-covered nights
It doesn't last forever
I haven't come to the end of it yet
The light
Somewhere terrific, terrible and strange
Where I woke up

With the back of my mind
Living on fire  
It doesn't burn yet

I tried to call, I turned to go 
I virtually considered a nervous breakdown
That staggers the imagination in a rich display
Ah!  It's burning me!

I made my decision.  
Then she called me back and asked me to come near.

Sonnet for G.

Then I fly
Then I sing
Then I do most anything

Remember me if you like
I want to take your tears away
Maybe it's me standing by the window
And you will hear my melody
That will burst your sorrow
Just you can find the way

Watch how the stories unfold in every picture you hold
Picturing all the things you do
Every color is alive
In the night you see the oval moon

Sonnet  (Life would be much simpler)

Life would be much simpler if you let me have my way
I'm here to say
Today I'm part of you, dear
There's a rainbow before me
That tender kiss
Who cares where the melody wends
A boy with no heart to give
Captivated by your glory
Innocently lurks
Look at how the wind licks the ashes of its skin
Basic lilting living
I'm not motivated much anymore
To say anything
Brighter than that

The Pink Pearl

Everything has its place
in the great race.
Life's a gift, not a party.
My heart goes
where no one knows
where the time goes.
Who cares where it goes
if our love grows 
hovering above
A great pink pearl
That's where you'll find me.