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join me here

Join Me Here

All the sweetness of life is here
Island in the heart
Where they never part
You don’t want to be grateful
Too thin, too rich, too tight
It only feels that way in spots
Do you know me today
Now I’m broken 
The core of that safety
Oh, blame me
Some days we’re talking
It’s the natural occurrence
As we fall in the water
Is there a problem here?
When does it become something you love?
Health is first
In the middle of my candor
Give a little nod
There I will see
We have the heart that comes to life
When water calls
Oh God, can you see
A child is crying
Everything else is nice
Every bite’s a dream
Go when you don’t see
My available you
The picture is here 
Everything has an end
What do you expect tomorrow
The original old remnant
Admit it and you will see
and laugh a lot
Find the doctor nearby
For every drop of yourself you give
Space commandos, off on a limb
I would love you if I had a knife
to cut your heart out
Insulting the wound
I’m glad to see them go
The crying has stopped
I can’t regain what I’ve lost
I want that to be you
I’ve never been happier
in a living room
There is a magic number
Sweet and sour
Like it was enough to sustain
Here where you are
Tent out on the sand
Use this method to create
Living imagination
If you truly wish to believe
He delivered a bible verse
The name is forever
That’s the way you extremely survive
Beautiful homes are only the beginning
Everyone got what they deserved 
A wonderful memory of the alcohol
everything mixes with you
The pressure is making it into hard tablets
You will know when you’re wrong
How strong the kick
Apart from you
If I am
Throbbing like a hurricane
It’s explained by life
What is the moral of the pain?
I never liked the harbor after dark
I realize what I need
A current of electricity
Stand up to the rising tide
Cleft in twain
False love is better than real
When living gets under my skin
Like mice
Frozen in ice
It’s really a fluctuation
What planet are you from
Everybody knows my name
The tide is right 
We get it all
I miss you
I am not giving up being different
It’s so sweet and adorable 
Be there
Before you go
When you need them
And where you suspend
Leaders of tomorrow
I know you today
I am never going to forgive you enough
I’m not going to eat your heart
The sun created the earth
Come back when you’re sober enough 
to withstand my scorn
Please help to be great
Here’s another one of us
We all want the most of what?
Anything goes when
Stand me on your cookie
It’s a major paradigm
Eager to follow the trail you are blazing
Hello, my flower
It’s cruel when your world turns upside down
Pure moments of vector
Back to our normal living 
Let’s keep it light
My major trees blooming
in the narrow light
A very similar atmosphere to you
I just hope you are there
Because you are nice enough to eat
The nice help you have given
To spur you on
Life takes living and turns it around
Like it was spring
I am ignoring the past
Here I am at last
It’s really my lost muse
There’s nothing swifter than tomorrow
It never comes
before today is over
No one will be your guide
Inside your camera
One thing that slips in
Will it ever end
Play another sad song
Here’s my story now
Today does not exist
Where do you want to go
You can really taste the suffering
Here’s great news
I have my technique, you have yours
The love of life
You don’t understand, it’s a danger
Everything turns into me
Months and months of relaxation in the sun
We’ll take a look at the worst scenario
If everything was dross
then everything would be a loss
It’s our fate, our thing
Discuss all your symptoms with your doctor
What a pleasure it is to see this movie today
People love westerns
Raise the curtain high
My little hamburger
I am trying to express a simple proposal
The whole excitement is over
There’s no hard and fast rule about
Everything my mind knows
It’s not even for you
It’s very fragile
See if you can do better
Be soon
It’s the same mistake
There’s nothing more to the point
Implacable as you are
I’ve set my mind
On my knees as we walk
Where do I begin
My empty hope
Yes, me here
Go back to your skin
The rest of the people there were others
Most of them whole, having a limit
You’re lost in your own backyard
My enormous nose wanders
Where am I anyway
My prayer is for you
We naturally hunger and grieve
It’s not just about the food we eat
Don’t hand me that
Expecting the times to change
Stay where you are
Our hope is for years to come
Everything is all right
Sailing into here
The streets we walk today
This is my mother’s grave
Did you go this way?
I’ve shared a lot of emotions in my life
Everybody fights demons
Here on earth
The fickle gods of truth
You just can’t hold enough together
Everybody will get bonked
All things are breathing here
You have to sever yourself
Everything is lovely and refined
Good knowing you
I can’t even put my head in my pocket
Give me another twist
I’m about ready to end now
No questions, no answers
That’s destiny on the street
I’ve licked this before
It’s obviously planned
Here’s your empty plate
My talisman is you
The shimmering you
All you feel is rested
In a deep color
I appreciate your sympathy
I am myself again
It was more than me
The first element of truth in this story
Can you read anyone’s mind remotely
You are suddenly a virgin, without care
My map of you
He fell to his final grave
Everything is not entirely wasted
Here’s my plan
It is often difficult
To be alone in the world
A little fuel will keep us going
The dollar’s calling
All you can feel
I dot my I with a heart
There goes my bling
My hands are on fire
I don’t even know you
I touch myself
I’m not here enough
Watch yourself dream
Are you tired of home?
Join me in the vast scheme of things
The janitor is off
Open your window to the truth
Another product of your ego imagination
Deal or no deal
You’re breaking my heart
Keep the memories alive
A new kind of living
Give your heart a new address
Everybody went away 
Great ideas live on
Don’t imagine anything else
How about a glass of wine
Do you do this every year
Your long and pathetic amen
I want to crawl in an empty room
in different times
The Greater Mind
I close my eyes, I see
Horrible things
Don’t do that to me
Give me my heart
To seek
The ultimate tragic machine.