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Fly and see that black sky
I felt I was touching the ground
Completely alone

I’m here with you again
The giants come forth
The sky darkens enough
Into my infinite past
We die trying
I still live
Age is not an airplane
Here’s my escape
Creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere
Time is against me
I alone have the key to saving our future
If nothing happens to me
I don’t want to proliferate that theme
I want my heart to keep trying
My heart is enough
Wag your body
It became obvious that he was unable to think
A billion dollars and the price for truth
All my love
Radically assemble
A whole program of risk
A new secret of life
I wish I could be like that
Unintentional and pure
I want to be nice
How can I ever forgive me?
Click my heels and goodnight
My head is new
I get the biggest clues I can find and hide inside of them
I want my pockets filled with cash
You alone serve
The beast
My answer is Yes
There’s nothing there
There’s not even a point
The music of Venus
You believe your life
Society no longer values you
Scented candles are inviting
Quickly fill a room with scent
Someone so long ago brought love and romance
Now that the smile has left your face
That explains everything
Grabbing bubbles
The leaves burned down
I always dreamed about going up
We’re put together in the fabric of life
I will go around you
It’s a habit with me
Your little life
I am always watching
My enormous eyes
It’s time to fake reality 
There is a secondary effect
Like a game waiting to be explored
Why we fight today
When we talk to people
I am yours
You’ll never see anything again
What bothered me all these years
I never thought it was true
On the root of me where life dwells
Mucus moves into your chest
My handsome youth
I sit here on a giant pile of food
Asia has carved the earth
There’s a number on the wall for all 
So long for now
Blink a second
Above the earth on Mars
Terror and tragedy
a life of endless drudgery
The delicate problem
Nature is making a recovery
What are people trying to convey with their clothes
Your skin to me
I will execute you in the darkness of the dimness
Every motion picture was unleashed upon America
After dancing with the stars
How can America go on?
Who knows what goes on in a man’s heart or mind?
Everything’s all over the place
Books and music
This is the one I’ve been looking for
Face up on itself
Someone is sent
You have to fight for what’s yours
Deep concerns
Oh boy, I’m everything I wanted to be
I’ve often lain still
They’re always thundering for something new
What a thrill
It’s bigger than just a show.  It’s everybody in the country!
In this wondrous land we’re living
Nobody will be around when you’re gone
All the horrors 
Here we are with the sun
Waiting to double your chances
I can’t tell you enough
People of earth.