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eternal sentences

Eternal Sentences

In general, to specify a proposition without dependence on circumstances of utterance, we put for the ‘p’ of [p] an eternal sentence; a sentence whose truth-value stays fixed through time and from speaker to speaker.  
— W.V.O. Quine: “Word and Object”, p. 192

O, life without death

A deep down secret

The moving mind

You can’t just start at the end

I’m not empty anymore
One thing is another

You are not to grieve

I’m burning up in here

My body feels the pain

I share your pleasure

Please don’t sink
Into a pond of despond

I am not in a position to understand
A funny position like yours

My Life On Earth

O bleed to death and never speak

Wings through the window

Your pity lives when it should be dead

On a golden plate

A faster rate of speed

The silence of life

The Natural Beauty of Things

A new way of loving you

The Mausoleum of Peace

The distant Land of Sorrow

Motion of sunrise

Melting with Danger

All this expressive movement makes me sick
When I wonder
Who is here

Of course I know
The show of emotions

Of course it was 
When it was 
Empty gestures

Everything’s only a dream of seem

A faint hint of democracy

How hopeless.  I can’t cry

What do you want over here?

The packer of order

Why am I a plant

He was a handsome son

You erased words

The time for stupid statements is over

O Lord, save our precious ranch

I’ll save you with a wind

In my enormous pile

Crush our beast


When nature calls they answer, Yes

A nice survey

Here is the knowledge of truth

My adorable self

What has it

My behavior is real

Here are there

Maybe my luck will change
Maybe everything will stay the same
Why bother

Compare it to a catalog of emotional states

An area complexion

Oppressing the intelligence
Where the story ends

There’s a bell I want to ring

One thing is amazing
Living without any delusions
Whenever we are alive

Nothing I said today is alive

Above the mist there is the earth
Speed is not a factor

Alone by the fire and the sea

Mercy more than life

“Just because”

Rock, cradle, heart

Country Pie

How to make life fun, lesson one:  1.  Take death seriously

Who am I?  The facts as I know them

“Faster, patience”

Real meal

A short life and a troubled
A few words to part
Everything’s gone topsy-turvy
It arises naturally out of the earth

Faded in memory

Tomorrow is not clear

Pleasure in space

The nation’s zipper

Hostage, barbeque and tears
Don’t take your eyes off the screen
Ultimate memory
Yesterday’s past mistake
Because of the hot part of you
Disobey the rules
Life in me

They rest on their husks.

Like the hidden end

The ghost of flesh returns

Nobody ruined what we were to be

Project Touch

You must come with me
Into the bottom of the world
Where technology breeds malaise
And the stock market shows
How it goes down

You know how it’s amazing
All at the same time
The face of evil around the world

It’s the voice of God!
Did you get a quote

I want another cheese sandwich, please
With lots of Roquefort dressing

My only arm
Swimming swiftly up the stream

Trickles down my forehead

Standing on hope

I lie awake
Thinking of you

The spirit moves
Not the link

You really are a nice amount

Strike the day, strike the night

I’m going to buff.

She moves slowly in a dream

They are.

The sources are few.

I do what I want in the back of me

Where everything else is

Too hip to know

Isn’t it strange, isn’t it great

Anything else is

If that’s not wide enough

The fuel of fires
Sift and narrow

Little notes

I’m mourning life

O swiftly saving

After we were

We know enough

My fate is yours

Big bombs

Amateurs with money

What monstrous bones

I like what I do
And I do it for you
Without haste I get things moving

A childhood memory survives
A powerful blast of fate

Free from being you or me
Together or apart

A modern music that burns

Everyone knows everyone else

Like a snowball

That is so untrue

There’s unity in the house
A holy ruler
Let us say we can even though we can’t
Swiftly emerging

I got so lost on the shore
Things matter to me
I believe we’re not alone

Big enough things

One thing above another

A pain to drop into a hot vat at night

Cushioned the fall

A paean to what’s right
Wherever it falls or not at all

I want to test your lungs, your badness
For the duration

I feel like I’m keeping a fish out of work
One thing I want to know about your madness

I am yours delightfully

Everything’s always open

This forgotten region of nature
Gathering honey at the bottom of the sea
An underwater abundance

Like a turtle enslaved
A big wreck in the underwater shroud

What do you want me to know
A lock and key
A lot of big other stuff

The sea is everything

Alas, I look at myself
I am a window I see through

Relive it again
Burnt ecstasy
Does it apply to everything
Get down to the bottom

It continues to deteriorate
There’s a real concern about the consequences

Trying to keep premature babies alive
O endless tracings
It’s better if you don’t know what it is

The unattainable idea
The one thing or another

A dangerous time and place

Let the night fall on one and all
All you have to do is walk a little further
It seems so obvious now

I am hard to press
You have to destroy to survive.  You have to be cold

It became a simple thing

Here we are now.
In a wonderful way it is

Follow the sun across the heavens
You know that you want

Everything is else or when
In recent weeks or months

These images are deliberate efforts

There’s a rising sense

Risk the light

Everyone wants someone to grow old with

Oh, believe me
I’m not trying to interfere

Little candles
People believe

The claws feel all kinds of holes

A crystallized presence
I wavered at the close

Oh, one is enough
I have enough trouble to spare

You have to forget what it was

Smiling at the sack
The famous golden age

It looks like they’re going to find the sparrow
Of life

Born as you are
As God is your judge
The gray twilight in between

Going fishing in the ol’ backyard of dreams
Don’t you even think of it
Away in the manger of tomorrow
Landing in a pile of shit where the waters flow
I won’t forgive you anymore
You are not dear to me
I am swimming in my ocean of tears
Everything is too warm for you
Where anyone has anything

Some walk on the mirror
But not us
We walk on water
Dry as dust

Swift as the tide
Go back and forth
Go behind
Or you will never bend

Big enough for two

I’m tired of trembling

After the arrows
Here in this pool

Hop on this old table

The city sounds were muted and far away
They seemed to come from another time

I can see the boy inside the man

Come and see where you are

Let’s take a speckled bird
The desert of discontent
No one left
The wind changes everything

The still deeper grip

In the world as is
A vast series of articulate particulates
In waters and pipes

You may smell
I am alive in the crystal deep
Seconds away from here

Here is my doorstep

The total redundancy of it all
So you will know
Kick it enough

I will be with you
Drop me down off the swing

When or if they will hit the ground
As though appearing in space
A tribute to the world
You see all kinds of things
These were the images you had in your mind
My trend is set
I have no idea

The course of the animals
It doesn’t look any worse or better
Totally mean people know
What mean
The thickets where he hides

No sense at all
I am straining to go where I hear the words in a dream

Here’s the news note
Although I know everything
I will disguise it

It’s all a little 
Too loony for me

Everything was able to be concentrated
Everything is up

He who ignites us
We’re leaving tonight
How do I look?  Better

A pod is delivered in the afternoon
And she would speak like nothing else before
A whole new world of light
I’ve never seen

Like a blind date I’m running toward you

I will muddle it through
And make intelligent chords
There’s no time
There it going goes
There’s the event
The ship is down
Wait for the minute
In days and days

A wonderful era of calm

Everybody needs roots in order to grow
That’s all I care about
In the middle of nothing
But you

I have a happy report
I’m better there

Nothing to read, nothing to write

My stomach’s all warm

Drips of a brick

Hewn from wood
I’ll bring your heart to everything
My heart is yours

The humor of pain

Give me another bonus
Take me away from here
Shaking around the post of you

Like a Christmas tree at midnight
Night of the American people
Everybody is here

You follow your dream across the sun
To encourage people to go
Diving in the sky
Everything looks exactly the same
Gone into the dead of night

Tired morning
I wander into the valley
I know not what I am
I’m not a man
Like a rock I fall

You’re powerful enough to be led

Hello my friend and enemy

We’re looking at you through the lens of tomorrow
You’ve waited, you’ve dreamed
Keep up the energy, please
Because there are a million things
I love when it’s thin

This is a priceless new solution for everything
Up and around
There is nothing you can do

The cable’s got to go to the electrode
Because there’s blood
I can’t feel anything
He can do things he never did before

Look at my chest
The face of all the world has changed
You see this clearly
You won’t have your hands much longer
They’re nearly dead
My hands!  These hands!
Forgive me for thinking only of myself

He pushes right past me

Syllabus of fear
Where you are

Tangle me not
In an active layer
I am running behind you
Whatever you had in mind

The world is torn apart
I will scrutinize the end

Now is the time to make a special mood

I’ve dealt with this heaven

Right now we have to get to our planet
The slightest thing

Membranes which rip apart
Where the wheel rolls

The shortest stuff
Directed by me
Totally submerged
I dreamed it then
It’s good seeing you

They told me you were sick
Get ready for the death of me
It’s what matters

My work is play 
I’ll give you something to eat

I have not meant enough of anything to me
Heaven has sent me to your arms
Say if that will stand

There go the rolling squares
Take care you don’t bleed

Here in my own ear
Often what is strange
Somewhere else is plain

There it goes again

The open house is here again

There are cows everywhere
Did you ever wonder if
This will tear the country apart

Here are you
There is no other desire
Anytime is daytime
When you are here
These fantastic stories they tell

Everything else has enough
Except what was gone

If I was a dog he might change his mind

I’m summoned
A rich thought is fun 
I’ve struggled in vain
I’ve walked the streets of London
Gad, who knows what it is?

I’m going to punch the air

I don’t want to do that

I am behind the scenes of tomorrow

Yes, it’s been a world now

Lost on a beach
I missed today
I’ve got enough for now
I alone survive

How simple it is to be filled

It is simple to find
Nothing is impossible
A feeling of unfortunate events

If you just treat it as a coincidence
I can do something else

My little monkey
Because I’m nothing else

It’s always kept secret
I think you might be surprised what may follow
I’ve been there myself
Here’s something else you want to hear
I just did something very cheap

Here where the snow is alive

If everybody were the same 
An end of the horror is in sight

Look at those beautiful planes

I love this boy behind the clown

A little life
To find through the day
We can do nothing

You are the biggest losers

It’s past all it

I don’t need any sleep
I feel awful in bed

Know enough every time
With the mountain in the background

Why do you think I said anything

Hope for tomorrow

I will wave you over

I will make a rainbow over you

Stay alive for now
I am the free exercise of religion

I know you really get the point

Maybe music

I know your place

It’s even cooler than I thought
A splash is nice

Oh, this is heaven in a nutshell

I’m inviting 
Everything I already was

The sharks unite

My eyes don’t have fears

Everybody has a wonderful heart

Maybe that’s not all true

It’s above the wave

These were made for homes
A hot air engine

I walk the crystal stairs
Will I hit the ground

Inappropriate use of drugs

All I need is a factual space

Sign up now for a grand surprise
It has a logic of its own
That needs to be completed

Love the light of it

Keep them together while they’re gone

The spirits infuse the figure

Get to the present

I’m frozen by now

Please don’t let it fall

Is it a joke
Or a prolonged gasp
Getting out of hand

They will reveal

Nobody can raise

Could we take center stage
Across the universe

Then he learns the shattering truth

What more is there to say

Steel Bars

This ties them all together in a knot of meaning

So enough of me.  How about you
In the end, a different story

You know, I think that’s what I mean

Let’s get your things straight

Many voices are clamoring to be heard

How do things happen
And there you go again
In the salt ring

So let’s start with the present

When they didn’t come home
Even after ever after

What a wonderful feeling
Singing songs of my feelings

It might be best
A brilliant glow
Enough on earth
Golden brown and delicious
Biting into a snack many people crave

An entire ocean behind the wave

Safety Enemy

The amazing ruckus

Quickly I ignore the place, the time

These are easy things to remember
You are not alone
I’m perfectly comfortable here
Vision, a kind of reality

Apparently, somebody caused a problem
It’s only now
Nobody can share our love

Prepare for the worst
I will adapt to you

Lost inside
The pure beauty of film

After all is true

All the life was drived out of him

Your hands are in mine
A precious antique of which we speak
The moment we love the most
A moment in our hands

Alone apart

Everything has another plan

As we’re getting older
It was a crime
The opposite of routine
Shaking you to death

Everything past, before my mind

Give me a swing
Don’t let it go
It wouldn’t be right to leave

Among the weird and nefarious dreams
Here is the queen
It’s an arrangement
Besides in your eyes

The wherewithal
When you blow the house down

A reminder of what you cannot be
The highest peak
I’m bloody again

A little nest like this
Here is the nearness of you

The mass of you

Every story deserves a happy ending

You are from me
Another note
The singular spot
Everyone wants to know

She stood so scared and alone

Stop!  Stop the wind
You can’t tell when it’s in your heart

Human too

The exact drama
The way you take the pressure 

There’s a dream field

On a field of blue

On the field of battle 
Like I know the truth
Let’s all stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance

It’s nothing to laugh about
This is the end
And you will die

Everything goes by so fast
Darkness closing in

You just need a rest

Oh boy, I’m lucky

Out there where everything is human

Now I will tell you a story,
There was someone here
Here is the magic
Look at your fountain of the sun
Here’s where you have to go

In your teeth

Out near the shell shine
Sleep baby, sleep
In your jeep 

The everlasting fire
Make that fire burn to the ground
Meanwhile on the attacking wall

The world is a fleet of dreams

–  Hello.
–  What happened?
–  I’m sorry.
–  Get over yourself!

Chiseled out of glass
Icy fingers grip your spine as you stand before the battered door

The softness of the face
I would rather adore
The desperate news
I am not a tourist attraction to a crime
My personal profile
An ordinary person
Here on the plain
How is the world coming
I will jump

Unfortunately it turned out tragically
A witness said he lived
This night is gone
I gave you every drop that I knew

What will you say when your ship goes down
The things people do to pursue their passion

Here is my hour
I will not defer

Keep me sweet

Between genius and madness
Please welcome us 
My hair has holes

Next to you I’m in chains

It’s like a dream of bells
That’s the effort

If a shift has been made then better stories will be told
You don’t have to know nothing

Life as people
I find myself with my friends

All that I know or all that I can be

Join me in the jungle 
Where I wait for you
Whichever thing is right
Between me and another
Part of the vision is what I need

The weirdest thing
The swinging door

I will fade out with you
Everything will fade out with you
Hardly anything
Within a limit

I don’t know who to say what I want to say to
I am like you
Because I know you
Have a feeling to say so too

The procedure is very simple
Nothing is easier
Look out, here comes the fantasy
You know how grand you’re going to be

A beautiful piece of action 

The sound of the sea in my ears

When do the noises stop

I could feel her presence everywhere
My knees are wobbly
That look in her eyes, that terrible happiness
To think you can manage that

You think you’re in tremendous pain
Good for you

A riddle starts an ancient secret

These symbols every day
Together and torn apart
When great things come together

I’ve got a secret apartment

It’s important to note what else
Is this cushion?  Have you ever been to cushion

Birthdays grow on trees

Now I’m on my own time

Burn and ache

It’s all done by education

We all have our little moods
I want to live, I want to laugh
Will you carry me off into the sunrise
It’s very foolish indeed
Did you ever see the clouds so bright

Say that where you are
Everybody’s home

A variety of gamuts

It was all about mood control

Treated as a thing

There’s plenty of blame to go around

We were in some huge building, like a factory
We were protected by the energy field
Of an incalculable loss

I’m high over this earth
Your friends dry out completely
Where the days go

Here you are in my smile
Perhaps a little

Wake tomorrow
A rare bottle of wine
I will write my story
So that it will say
Wherever you are
It all comes together to knock you off the screen
A diamond inside a daisy
Every hero is a small beginning
They say it’s spring

Is this where you live
Things being as they are
The empty house 
I associate the two

This is our last night
Goodbye and hello again
Don’t be sad
Your house itself is without memories

It’s going backward
Little balls of yumminess and love
Inexplicably alone.