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novelty contracts

Novelty Contracts

Eternal Sentences

In general, to specify a proposition without dependence on circumstances of utterance, we put for the ‘p’ of [p] an eternal sentence; a sentence whose truth-value stays fixed through time and from speaker to speaker.  
— W.V.O. Quine: “Word and Object”, p. 192

O, life without death

A deep down secret

The moving mind

You can’t just start at the end

I’m not empty anymore
One thing is another

You are not to grieve

I’m burning up in here

My body feels the pain

I share your pleasure

Please don’t sink
Into a pond of despond

I am not in a position to understand
A funny position like yours

My Life On Earth

O bleed to death and never speak

Wings through the window

Your pity lives when it should be dead

On a golden plate

A faster rate of speed

The silence of life

The Natural Beauty of Things

A new way of loving you

The Mausoleum of Peace

The distant Land of Sorrow

Motion of sunrise

Melting with Danger

All this expressive movement makes me sick
When I wonder
Who is here

Of course I know
The show of emotions

Of course it was 
When it was 
Empty gestures

Everything’s only a dream of seem

A faint hint of democracy

How hopeless.  I can’t cry

What do you want over here?

The packer of order

Why am I a plant

He was a handsome son

You erased words

The time for stupid statements is over

O Lord, save our precious ranch

I’ll save you with a wind

In my enormous pile

Crush our beast


When nature calls they answer, Yes

A nice survey

Here is the knowledge of truth

My adorable self

What has it

My behavior is real

Here are there

Maybe my luck will change
Maybe everything will stay the same
Why bother

Compare it to a catalog of emotional states

An area complexion

Oppressing the intelligence
Where the story ends

There’s a bell I want to ring

One thing is amazing
Living without any delusions
Whenever we are alive

Nothing I said today is alive

Above the mist there is the earth
Speed is not a factor

Alone by the fire and the sea

Mercy more than life

“Just because”

Rock, cradle, heart

Country Pie

How to make life fun, lesson one:  1.  Take death seriously

Who am I?  The facts as I know them

“Faster, patience”

Real meal

A short life and a troubled
A few words to part
Everything’s gone topsy-turvy
It arises naturally out of the earth

Faded in memory

Tomorrow is not clear

Pleasure in space

The nation’s zipper

Hostage, barbeque and tears
Don’t take your eyes off the screen
Ultimate memory
Yesterday’s past mistake
Because of the hot part of you
Disobey the rules
Life in me

They rest on their husks.

Like the hidden end

The ghost of flesh returns

Nobody ruined what we were to be

Project Touch

You must come with me
Into the bottom of the world
Where technology breeds malaise
And the stock market shows
How it goes down

You know how it’s amazing
All at the same time
The face of evil around the world

It’s the voice of God!
Did you get a quote

I want another cheese sandwich, please
With lots of Roquefort dressing

My only arm
Swimming swiftly up the stream

Trickles down my forehead

Standing on hope

I lie awake
Thinking of you

The spirit moves
Not the link

You really are a nice amount

Strike the day, strike the night

I’m going to buff.

She moves slowly in a dream

They are.

The sources are few.

I do what I want in the back of me

Where everything else is

Too hip to know

Isn’t it strange, isn’t it great

Anything else is

If that’s not wide enough

The fuel of fires
Sift and narrow

Little notes

I’m mourning life

O swiftly saving

After we were

We know enough

My fate is yours

Big bombs

Amateurs with money

What monstrous bones

I like what I do
Without haste I get things moving

A childhood memory survives
A powerful blast of fate

Free from being you or me
Together or apart

A modern music that burns

Everyone knows everyone else

Like a snowball

That is so untrue

There’s unity in the house
A holy ruler
Let us say we can even though we can’t
Swiftly emerging

I got so lost on the shore
Things matter to me
I believe we’re not alone

Big enough things

One thing above another

A pain to drop into a hot vat at night

Cushioned the fall

A paean to what’s right
Wherever it falls or not at all

I want to test your lungs, your badness
For the duration

I feel like I’m keeping a fish out of work
One thing I want to know about your madness

I am yours delightfully

Everything’s always open

This forgotten region of nature
Gathering honey at the bottom of the sea
An underwater abundance

Like a turtle enslaved
A big wreck in the underwater shroud

What do you want me to know
A lock and key
A lot of big other stuff

The sea is everything

Alas, I look at myself
I am a window I see through

Relive it again
Burnt ecstasy
Does it apply to everything

Get down to the bottom

It continues to deteriorate
There’s a real concern about the consequences

Trying to keep premature babies alive
O endless tracings
It’s better if you don’t know what it is

The unattainable idea
The one thing or another

A dangerous time and place

Let the night fall on one and all
All you have to do is walk a little further
It seems so obvious now

I am hard to press
You have to destroy to survive.  You have to be cold

It became a simple thing

Here we are now
In a wonderful way it is

Follow the sun across the heavens
You know that you want
In recent weeks or months

These images are deliberate efforts

There’s a rising sense
Everyone wants someone to grow old with
Risk the light

Oh, believe me
I’m not trying to interfere

Little candles
People believe

The claws feel all kinds of holes

A crystallized presence
I wavered at the close

Oh, one is enough
I have enough trouble to spare

You have to forget what it was

Smiling at the sack
The famous golden age

It looks like they’re going to find the sparrow
Of life

Born as you are
As God is your judge
The gray twilight in between

Going fishing in the ol’ backyard of dreams
Don’t you even think of it
Away in the manger of tomorrow
Landing in a pile of shit where the waters flow
I won’t forgive you anymore
You are not dear to me
I am swimming in my ocean of tears
Everything is too warm for you
Where anyone has anything

Some walk on the mirror
But not us
We walk on water
Dry as dust

Swift as the tide
Go back and forth
Go behind
Or you will never bend

Big enough for two

I’m tired of trembling

After the arrows
Here in this pool

Hop on this old table

The city sounds were muted and far away
They seemed to come from another time

I can see the boy inside the man

Come and see where you are

Let’s take a speckled bird
The desert of discontent
No one left
The wind changes everything

The still deeper grip

In the world as is
A vast series of articulate particulates
In waters and pipes

You may smell
I am alive in the crystal deep
Seconds away from here

Here is my doorstep

The total redundancy of it all
So you will know
Kick it enough

I will be with you
Drop me down off the swing

When or if they will hit the ground
As though appearing in space
A tribute to the world
You see all kinds of things
These were the images you had in your mind
My trend is set
I have no idea

The course of the animals
It doesn’t look any worse or better
Totally mean people who know
What mean
The thickets where he hides

No sense at all
I am straining to go where I hear the words in a dream

Here’s the news note
Although I know everything
I will disguise it

It’s all a little 
Too loony for me

Everything was able to be concentrated
Everything is up

He who ignites us
We’re leaving tonight
How do I look?  Better

A pod is delivered in the afternoon
And she would speak like nothing else before
A whole new world of light
I’ve never seen

Like a blind date I’m running toward you

I will muddle it through
And make intelligent chords
There’s no time
There it going goes
There’s the event
The ship is down
Wait for the minute
In days and days

A wonderful era of calm

Everybody needs roots in order to grow
That’s all I care about
In the middle of nothing
But you

I have a happy report
I’m better there

Nothing to read, nothing to write

My stomach’s all warm

Drips of a brick

Hewn from wood
I’ll bring your heart to everything
My heart is yours

The humor of pain

Give me another bonus
Take me away from here
Shaking around the post of you

Like a Christmas tree at midnight
Night of the American people
Everybody is here

You follow your dream across the sun
To encourage people to go
Diving in the sky
Everything looks exactly the same
Gone into the dead of night

Tired morning
I wander into the valley
I know not what I am
Like a rock I fall
I’m not a man at all

You’re powerful enough to be led

Hello my friend and enemy

We’re looking at you through the lens of tomorrow
You’ve waited, you’ve dreamed
Keep up the energy, please
Because there are a million things
I love when it’s thin

This is a priceless new solution for everything
Up and around
There is nothing you can do

The cable’s got to go to the electrode
Because there’s blood
I can’t feel anything
He can do things he never did before

Look at my chest
The face of all the world has changed
You see this clearly
You won’t have your hands much longer
They’re nearly dead
My hands!  These hands!
Forgive me for thinking only of myself

He pushes right past me

Syllabus of fear
Where you are

Tangle me not
In an active layer
I am running behind you
Whatever you had in mind

The world is torn apart
I will scrutinize the end

Now is the time to make a special mood

I’ve dealt with this heaven

Right now we have to get to our planet
The slightest thing

Membranes which rip apart
Where the wheel rolls

The shortest stuff
Directed by me
Totally submerged
I dreamed it then
It’s good seeing you

They told me you were sick
Get ready for the death of me
It’s what matters

My work is play 
I’ll give you something to eat

I have not meant enough of anything to me
Heaven has sent me to your arms
Say if that will stand

There go the rolling squares
Take care you don’t bleed

Here in my own ear
Often what is strange
Somewhere else is plain

There it goes again

The open house is here again

There are cows everywhere
Did you ever wonder if
This will tear the country apart

Here are you
There is no other desire
Anytime is daytime
When you are here
These fantastic stories they tell

Everything has enough
Except what was gone

If I was a dog he might change his mind

I’m summoned
A rich thought is fun 
I’ve struggled in vain
I’ve walked the streets of London
Gad, who knows what it is?

I’m going to punch the air

I don’t want to do that

I am behind the scenes of tomorrow

Yes, it’s been a world now

Lost on a beach
I missed today
I’ve got enough for now
I alone survive

How simple it is to be filled

It is simple to find
Nothing is impossible
A feeling of unfortunate events

If you just treat it as a coincidence
I can do something else

My little monkey
Because I’m nothing else

It’s always kept secret
I think you might be surprised what may follow
I’ve been there myself
Here’s something else you want to hear
I just did something very cheap

Here where the snow is alive

If everybody were the same 
An end of the horror is in sight

Look at those beautiful planes

I love this boy behind the clown

A little life
To find through the day
We can do nothing

You are the biggest losers

It’s passed all it

I don’t need any sleep
I feel awful in bed

Know enough every time
With the mountain in the background

Why do you think I said anything

Hope for tomorrow

I will wave you over

I will make a rainbow over you

Stay alive for now
I am the free exercise of religion

I know you really get the point

Maybe music

I know your place

It’s even cooler than I thought
A splash is nice

Oh, this is heaven in a nutshell

I’m inviting 
Everything I already was

The sharks unite

My eyes don’t have fears

Everybody has a wonderful heart

Maybe that’s not all true

It’s above the wave

These were made for homes
A hot air engine

I walk the crystal stairs
Will I hit the ground

Inappropriate use of drugs

All I need is a factual space

Sign up now for a grand surprise
It has a logic of its own
That needs to be completed

Love the light of it

Keep them together while they’re gone

The spirits infuse the figure

Get to the present

I’m frozen by now

Please don’t let it fall

Is it a joke
Or a prolonged gasp
Getting out of hand

They will reveal

Nobody can raise

Could we take center stage
Across the universe

Then he learns the shattering truth

What more is there to say

Steel Bars

This ties them all together in a knot of meaning

So enough of me.  How about you?
In the end, a different story

You know, I think that’s what I mean

Let’s get your things straight

Many voices are clamoring to be heard

How do things happen
And there you go again
In the salt ring

So let’s start with the present

When they didn’t come home
Even after ever after

What a wonderful feeling
Singing songs of my feelings

It might be best
A brilliant glow
Enough on earth
Golden brown and delicious
Biting into a snack many people crave

An entire ocean behind the wave

Safety Enemy

The amazing ruckus

Quickly I ignore the place, the time

These are easy things to remember
You are not alone
I’m perfectly comfortable here
Vision, a kind of reality

Apparently, somebody caused a problem
It’s only now
Nobody can share our love

Prepare for the worst
I will adapt to you

Lost inside
The pure beauty of film

After all is true

All the life was drived out of him

Your hands are in mine
A precious antique of which we speak
The moment we love the most
A moment in our hands

Alone apart

Everything has another plan

As we’re getting older
It was a crime
The opposite of routine
Shaking you to death

Everything my mind

Give me a swing
Don’t let it go
It wouldn’t be right to leave

Among the weird and nefarious dreams
Here is the queen
It’s an arrangement
Besides in your eyes

The wherewithal
When you blow the house down

A reminder of what you cannot be
The highest peak
I’m bloody again

A little nest like this
Here is the nearness of you

The mass of you

Every story deserves a happy ending

You are from me
Another note
The singular spot
Everyone wants to know

She stood so scared and alone

Stop!  Stop the wind
You can’t tell when it’s in your heart

Human too

The exact drama
The way you take the pressure 

There’s a dream field

On a field of blue

On the field of battle 
Like I know the truth
Let’s all stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance

It’s nothing to laugh about
This is the end
And you will die

Everything goes by so fast
Darkness closing in

You just need a rest

Oh boy, I’m lucky

Out there where everything is human

Now I will tell you a story
There was someone here
Here is the magic
Look at your fountain of the sun
Here’s where you have to go

In your teeth

Out near the shell shine
Sleep baby, sleep
In your jeep 

The everlasting fire
Make that fire burn to the ground
Meanwhile on the attacking wall

The world is a fleet of dreams

–  Hello.
–  What happened?
–  I’m sorry.
–  Get over yourself!

Chiseled out of glass
Icy fingers grip your spine as you stand before the battered door

The softness of the face
I would rather adore
The desperate news
I am not a tourist attraction to a crime
My personal profile
An ordinary person
Here on the plain
How is the world coming
I will jump

Unfortunately it turned out tragically
A witness said he lived
This night is gone
I gave you every drop that I knew

What will you say when your ship goes down
The things people do to pursue their passion

Here is my hour
I will not defer

Keep me sweet

Between genius and madness
Please welcome us 
My hair has holes

Next to you I’m in chains

It’s like a dream of bells
That’s the effort

If a shift has been made then better stories will be told
You don’t have to know nothing

Life as people
I find myself with my friends

All that I know or all that I can be

Join me in the jungle 
Where I wait for you
Whichever thing is right
Between me and another
Part of the vision is what I need

The weirdest thing
The swinging door

I will fade out with you
Everything will fade out with you
Hardly anything
Within a limit

I don’t know who to say what I want to say to
I am like you
Because I know you
Have a feeling to say so too

The procedure is very simple
Nothing is easier
Look out, here comes the fantasy
You know how grand you’re going to be

A beautiful piece of action 

The sound of the sea in my ears

When do the noises stop

I could feel her presence everywhere
My knees are wobbly
That look in her eyes, that terrible happiness
To think you can manage that

You think you’re in tremendous pain
Good for you

A riddle starts an ancient secret

These symbols every day
Together and torn apart
When great things come together

I’ve got a secret apartment

It’s important to note what else
Is this cushion?  Have you ever been to cushion?

Birthdays grow on trees

Now I’m on my own time

Burn and ache

It’s all done by education

We all have our little moods
I want to live, I want to laugh
Will you carry me off into the sunrise
It’s very foolish indeed
Did you ever see the clouds so bright

Say that where you are
Everybody’s home

A variety of gamuts

It was all about mood control

Treated as a thing

There’s plenty of blame to go around

We were in some huge building, like a factory
We were protected by the energy field
Of an incalculable loss

I’m high over this earth
Your friends dry out completely
Where the days go

Here you are in my smile
Perhaps a little

Wake tomorrow
A rare bottle of wine
I will write my story
So that it will say
Wherever you are
It all comes together to knock you off the screen
A diamond inside a daisy
Every hero is a small beginning
They say it’s spring

Is this where you live
Things being as they are
The empty house 
I associate the two

This is our last night
Goodbye and hello again
Don’t be sad
Your house itself is without memories

It’s going backward
Little balls of yumminess and love
Inexplicably alone.

 Night and Day

There’s a little hope ahead
I’ve been brooding too long
I wish I could love the world
In my heart there’s a feeling of ease upon the ledge of things
I know what I want to do, I know what is safe to do
The moon is rising in the east
On the face of the moon a blemish I see
I sit here and think
What more is there to do
Caught in never ending toil
I hearken back to what is new

Tough to see you torn apart
Don’t lock the door in the house of gold
Now it departs in a wave
Strung out kids across the stars
It’s such a sad joke
I purposely try to be average. It’s as if I don’t want to escape
The flag may waver as we approach the friendly hour
The flag may lower as we approach the fatal hour
The earth is alive
Drawn irresistibly to the void
I was living a dream which soon disappeared
Isn’t it curious how everything turns
Even more beautiful than before
I put another nail in that coffin
Be gone, art!
We gave up that life for another
Needless to say I’m one of them asleep on the ground
The world is unglued and falling apart
The sky seemed to melt and there was an amazing prayer in the air
Revolving in my mind
If you go away into the blue
I came out of the fire
I’m having more fun than I am
When the morning sun hits
Spirits fall in love forever
It’s a question of relaxation in my little cocoon
How can the heart be pure when the body’s on fire
It wallows like a fish
A nice unimaginative bath
Where to put it
Why should I care, what does it matter
An unbending silence
These terrible deeds without remorse
I cannot be bound by your little laws
Your little minds do not amuse me
Rare in his mad need to know
Your feet in the pool
Outside there was change
The moon burns your arms, dear
Angels soothe our grieving hearts
I might have known a dream this soon ended
It’s a subtle thing but real
Everything is hunkered down to rest
This would be a good time to live right for once
Now I know that trees have shadows
So many flowers in the desert bloom
The days of fun are gone
I go where the arrow goes
Raging fires all around
Will I be a man before I’m dead
We’re building up mighty forces
No thing is spared
Weep at the starry splendor
Plumes of flame and streaks of light across the skies
I can’t be a passive spectator anymore
Goodnight dreamy moon of fire
The whole world seemed to run
That real burst of pleasure
I travel the same route everyday, the same winding thoughts
These are the impulses that drive us
They hear the golden gloom
High above our little town
A well of joy
There as we go through the trees
Our unaided eyes
You’re a dot in the sky that was meant to be
 A little tear with all its splendor
Released into a no-man‘s land
Do the chairs in your heart seem empty and bare
I see the horizon a great unknown
My heart has a name
They call it stone
What a tragedy to breathe
Facing the world in this century
As I lay in my bed and gazed above
The story’s in the past
I’ll stay calm in my dreams although the point begins
Only a can of nectar
All this never happened except in a dream
Dawn is a sensitive symphony, its meaning I forget
Where purple paints the picture
Make it dreamy outside
When the organ of the body moves
A miscellaneous mismatch
A vast shimmering surface
A slight case of sadness
The hope you put in there
That whole skyline has opened
Your blood flows like holy rain
I still can’t get used to you
It was revealed in a dream
The whole sad truth
Filled with night
A profound disquiet
An affectionate breath on everything 
There is no good way to go
Over and above the end
I’ve got no time for the tunnel of love
Experience a moment that touches our hearts
This memory keeps ringing on
Vampire of the day
We’re coming close to the end here
All these hundred years of living
Clouds may overflow my soul
Gosh, the sacred theme is unforgettable
How could anything be more beautiful
Lost beyond recall
Awash in the bitterness
People inside it
The search for truth departed
Come with me into the big red sun
There seems no way to comfort me
I like to imagine what I see
All the years I’ve watched you cry
There is a light in the darkness
If you listen, you can hear it
Objects of flesh and desire
The fingers of night all around us
A distant fire
You live in fables
There’s a way they say that leads to every little thing
I’m falling before my eyes
Just when he was hanging
As quick as the mind works
What’s the meaning of these signals
The light of love which looks serenely resplendent
As day gives way to the dark of night
Amazing feats of excavation
It seemed like such a small and paltry thing
You live and learn inside a heart where petals fall
A little light
Nowhere else to go
Nothing else to be
After the severe fall
Undeniable power
The music of the day
All the plans we started, all the songs we sang
We collect to see
As the darkness cuts your lips
Where worms fly catching a bird
Everything reduced to ashes
A bright new home
I see you
My eyes are strangled
Then God takes a hand
There may be a new tomorrow
Why have things been disappearing
I don’t want to be a witness to anything
Even the landscape moves
I certainly don’t hope I don’t forget a thing
Vainly I adore you
Everything you want is right or wrong
Afraid of what the whole world feels
The rage of the earth
Don’t you miss this parade
Just the right amount of everything
People, happy people
The boy I was
Feeling alone with the weather
One little flower forgotten
In the sharp light of dawn
Who knows what the birds mean
I know how usually things disappear
There’s a natural tendency involved 
The world takes on the hue
I lived in a dream for a moment
Fingers of sand
My heart fairly drips
Something sparked in me
The dawn is beginning to rise
Everybody is brought down to that same state
A fleet moment of thought
Nothing’s worked out the way it should
This could all end in an instant
When you see how pieces fit
I thought love was to make you happy
All I want is a carrot and a stick
All I want is a hook and line
You want to reach too high
I have to do this again
Nothing is what it once was
We cling to these things
Where you feel alive
Let me see the great dawn awaken
A palimpsest of woe
I planted little bombs around
Too bad it all has to go up in flames
You would have really liked it, too
I don’t get the same thrill
I can always slip in
It was a nice thing
I’ve really gone far afield
I’m so near my destination
The waves are crashing on me for some reason
Everything is allowed but nothing is permitted.

Ancient Days

Ancient Days

I feel desire

I don’t like it when you do that

Everything Works

It was a little chaotic but I think we got it all done

One tired person

One trend at a time

They’ll soon have wings

I lob a ball at you

They’ll soon be crystal

Here’s my Prince
Here’s my second basket
This is a basket for your stuff

Sweet and sour
I love just what I am

Here’s the light
You’ll all turn to dust
I’ve been dreaming about it

You wait for me
I’m always watching

So few have tried to learn the past

Let’s laugh at our predicament
Let’s interrupt the flow
My eyes are green
It follows naturally

Great songs last forever
Wheels in wheels

The Roots of Faith
Thinking of the best
The uplands of America

It’s right there in front of you
Then the hard work begins
slow but effective

I want you to be it
Some strange perceptions of the ball
It’s grand picking his pocket
We all know it isn’t true
Technically upside down
I like it the way I am
Your own tradition
All the things we’ve done together
Daylight’s beginning to glimmer
How long will it take for our systems to be fulfilled
I’ve infected your life

I’ve been hoping for less
because I’m not here

I feel divine

We gave him whatever he wants

Open the doors where you are
You are mine
Business is completed
All the rest of us are alive

Here we strike out

Aware of what I want to be and nothing else
It should be a spirit that sends it
Like the spirit of misery or else

You should know I have wanted to be
The wave of the sea
How foolish or else how smart

If you look closely at it you can see it all
A vague outline

In a term longer than tomorrow

Anything can happen when you’re having a good time

Oh, give me a heart
There is nothing else but night

The birds in the canopy above

I will distinguish you

Swing out of it.

Still Another
— from A Country Doctor’s Commonsense Health Manual
by J. Frank Hurdle, M.D.

Still another of your blood’s prime functions
without loose stools
accepting the reasons
You are perhaps
Without much success
your lower buttocks pull as well
an absolute minimum
though many people think it helpless
it lost its power to kill
This gland literally surrounds
and most other organs
He’s stopped drinking in moderate amounts
with your medical consultant
In short, how physical fitness
not being good for your face
“just can’t stand”
nor do all bacterial infections need
To learn facial isometrics
The fact is that headache
with vaginal bleeding
is a good reason for their plights
your health may change
burning the candle at both ends
an egg is presented
the target of your journey thus far
it started the day before
the rule of thumb
one type of message from whatever cause
to get better anyway
especially in cold, snowy weather
with more than seventy each year, it seemed 
use crutches for a week
to keep both from happening to you 
that regulate every vital process
All you have to be
the symbol of fire
Even aging is reversing
you simply need to eat
Or if this fails
get on top by accepting the reasons
a feeling of strangeness frequently without detection
that can’t be controlled satisfactorily
people in intimate contact
a little stroke means trouble 
making it a habit when arriving home 
She was born to suffer 
living nerves
Wearing hats altogether
among the smoldering rubbish
another harmless nuisance
the scalp may fall
exactly the same as you
I started with him on self–control
It is exactly as I’ve been talking about
a gradual slowing throughout their lives
he inadvertently stuck his hand
which make the hand cool and clammy
They form a plaque
they’re usually unsightly
all the signs of puffiness
The fact is
your nose filters all the air
fish well before swallowing
he was brought to the hospital
hear the fatal mistake
as you usually do
and he has acquired a powerful tool
and source of much disability
to hang with the lower
What do I plead for
on his back on a firm surface
even in the doctor’s office
Your insurance you keep up
even into the next day
and this expansion is what brings on all
she wasn’t doing something right
to a depth not reached in normal situations
in your body
The one that leads out of your heart
in too big a hurry
for all their weird variety
You are composed of millions
it stopped hurting so much
Finally some long–standing myths
She never took shortcuts
squeezed like an accordion
the treatment was the dose
when you were done with your day’s work
but it should not be thought
what caused them to swell
partially bent
and there they stick
red and hurt like the devil
In the time of life
The case is typical
overlapping each other
guiding hand of a father
only a matter of preference
and back out
again worked well
taking strong black coffee
before the excruciating pain started
change the skepticism you may have
it pays to know what blood does
where some found helpful
No permanent damage to anything
she does use medicine
frequently without detection
a very embarrassing situation for her
striking result from going
at least with youngsters
by far the most difficult switch board
as quickly as possible
A man just can’t be on borrowed time
deposits as energy
It just won’t hang there
right into the bright sun
Your skin, exposed
Each person has his own
With long tape strips
Your hips on the toilet seat
for any appreciable measure of time
a look of leather skin and wrinkles
you are paying attention to your face
you have already begun to be corrected
simple – almost ridiculous
these three steps twice
started small, then enlarged
wholeheartedly, eagerly, and without hesitation
when you know you’re in a rut
Those things retard
Fractured toes will usually heal
just be careful you don’t burn your skin
hang on to
until certain things happen
and that includes the day
almost instant relief
otherwise weakened
Careful attention to these
have similar trouble when they overdo
And they were beginning to get him
every year that swells up
with a severely inflamed face
In other words
this enlargement is what brings on all
All these questions piled up
No longer was there that dull look
he had to be convinced
your aim is to be
a full rolling motion
an imaginary circle
Standing straight
He was walking with help
he’d do almost anything to get better
such problems are vital
It’s characterized by migrating habits
however the problem is exactly the opposite
It’s the basis for preventing trouble
Usually they begin
After the initial kick
When I talked before about leather skin and wrinkles
the surging power plant 
keep these off your face
they were beginning to run together
and has a rich network
I could see what was going on
You’ll have far less trouble with any single area
or other solid piece of furniture
the housewife was bent over the bathtub
I began to explore the elements of health control
concentration and interdependence more subtle than previously imagined
Strain means overstretching
anger, depression or whatever
If it’s just work
the elastic bandage 
Aim for snugness
Your physical activity
You can take these aspirin right away
There are several tricks of the trade
it makes the wound bleed
amateurs with a desire to improve their well-being
for the first time in many a moon
That finally comes to the stage
unusually close at hand
this area of the skin will be the secret to health 
a source of much discomfort
And they were beginning to set it down
and it is not the usual state
It is typical of a lot
which I’ll talk about a little later
What is responsible?  Why is this?
This method is a product
or a scotch tape across the forehead
Increased resistance
We’ve already talked about how your gut may be used
to sensitize his skin
She appeared in my office one day, the picture of dejection
In the process of bending
bending both knees
Her husband, it seemed
whispered in almost inaudible tones
but when they do give trouble
around her forehead, eyelids, upper cheeks 
without the guiding hand of a father
though many people think it helps
When indicated
Everything has an end.
— 2004

An Amazing Series

It’s just been an amazing series of events
Whatever they yearn
Several common receptors
Anytime is enough 
To consider with your doctor 
Radiance which lasts
It’s a top box office hit
A neighborhood chill 
To speak with a severe stutter
So big
This is a terrible mistake
But he didn’t want to do it
The other name for comfort and support
I can’t believe it’s under
Let’s time what I’m thinking on
A lot of hold on
One more day, clean soul
Let’s speak
Anything else is enough for you
My head 
Slowly the cheese starts melting
Enough is tomorrow today
I could do anything
No sleep and coughing
Where does the inspiration come from
Faithfully there were a few truths
This is what I’m talking about
You’ll need everything you want
I’m always thinking or burrowing into you
It’s disturbing
Everything needs to be captured in your imagination
Nothing needs to be lost
In the end of beginning
To inform and inspire and randomly
To tell her you love her and go to sleep
And do it again
Until you shout
Here’s my answer to you
Visit your possibilities
It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live
You take my friends away
Everything illustrates the cocktail
I wasn’t able to last
There’s nothing else I’d like least
Just as you and I will be born again
Even a butterfly must have its freedom
I will consume my tears
Ice on fire never knows a tear
All my hope is near
I meant to say everything I wanted
Just another name for clay
Don’t think about it
Another interior day
A big enough surprise
As if you were there
Here’s a new replacement
We’re in a thick and steamy lake
Here on the planet earth
I am where you am
This is not a game
Get it together please
I am not quite myself
Give me something to know
I ate a chicken
Wade in there
Into the insides of hope
Where we reside in chicken soup
My pleasure is yours
It battered their brains
Here in the game
It’s sweet inside the grape
Pretty much a democracy
Crazy it is
I think you feel fine
When will we get justice
It’s just so frustrating
You’re like anybody else
Like a spear in your side
This carrot is going to kill you
What will you value? 
Everything you will ever want 
I know it was a dream
It’s all over me
It’s merely psychological
It’s not right
Everybody has another face
Hurry up, I’ve got to pray
You’re anything else but me
My everyday horror
Something bold and unexpected is bound to happen
Everyone is bad
It’s so confusing how you might die
A shooting star
Don’t ignore yourself
The book of poetry is alive 
They got trapped in the knot
I like peace all the time
Something existing forever
Like a swamp of hope
I hear you speak
This call’s drifting
Who’d have thought it would last
Give me a swift kick till I’m gone.
— May 2004

The Months 
— for my mother, Ada Melnick 


Off again as we
Here again on tape
I show what I find
That’s life, that’s war
My teeth are nice
When they chew
Maybe one day you’ll find out 
Do you have this now
It’s a tragedy around the world
You know how wispy clouds are
Or an extra-ordinary heart-rending throb
I will replace you at once
Before you can say yes
A staple in the eye
My mission in life
This will sound terrible
Can’t you see a design
What is the world made of
A breath design
We see you now 
Go ahead and whine
Go ahead and laugh
I can only be faithful to my heart
For I am not afraid
May I share the world with you
All I serve
How could somebody do this
Here’s nothing else
They say that life will blow over
I can reach a star
This is a heart
Now my heart is severe
I’m happy, it’s a great life
Just take it from me
In the sea of fluctuation
With muted ceremony 
If life could be forever
Opposite America is some money
Something cherished is lost
Except my lips
It’s fading, fading with time every day
We came out of the clouds
To show us the way it wants to be
It became so obvious 
Today watch out for me
My experience is to be
How the layer flavors
The largest flowers
The deep recesses of the cave
Here is my self
Look what you’ve never seen before
Standard hope.


My prayer is that you will talk to us
United stories of tomorrow
My prayers are understood
I’m hurrying but these things take time
I am here with you
Everything will last 
No syringe in the night
The great geniuses awake
You have too many bad dreams
How that character can be redeemed
Slay tomorrow
Bring home into haven
The last hope has vanished 
I’m serious enough to be me
Bind up his wounds
When a man dies his life goes on
Some dreadful wound
You have suffered all these years
You see the carnage that goes on out here
You must be visual every moment every day
It’s like a wonderful bright object
I think I’ve stopped the bleeding
In the iron hand of justice
How does a mind like this become twisted
Why are we all still here
The demons of our past are not won
There is one question that burns in every human
Woven into the threads that bind us
I know why
Deep in my heart there’s a curtain
Human classes struggle
My hope is yours
Nobody else
No one has enough
Awash in the sands of time
The future is in our minds
The whole world wants food
Why should I do this
In multiple locations
I love it when the days go by
Some say a beauty
When I’m with you
A poor girl’s heart 
So little died
The inner beauty that’s in everybody
The clocks ticking
Where did they all come from
Whatever happened to simple fun 
I will never forget
They are not what they are
I’ve put myself in a box I can’t get rid of
Give me a fact that’s real
There they are all of a piece
I am encapsulated in this little room
With all the memories on my mind.


I swiftly return
I will answer you
whatever happened later
As the apple falls the leaves do
You will never be outside my zone
At incredible speed
I had this dream for a moment
But there’s something else persisting
A day in the snow
where every heart is racing
I came around a long bend in the road
Oh, you will see
Homes by the sea
Everything starts with great magic
This is where I am
Time is most important 
A little dog blue
You’re a little boy 
down into the earth, up into the sky
To observe the stars and the moon
Over the kitchen to catch your fancy
The sweetest thought
It reminds me of my childhood
Quickly alive
I will not excite you
Making a way back home in a moment
The fire of diamonds
When the story breaks, when the storm breaks
Everything’s like a gift
Simple is better than complex
You are my story
"On a barren landscape"
Something to live for
It’s a persistent road
The galaxy just keeps on moving
Some of the sea
Inspired sentences
Hope is not a crime but a punishment
When I was going through those doors
Where I was going wrong
Hit your head
The same guy there
Start having a great life
It’s just a lingering mess
Worlds together
These are events in the city of hope
There will be an answer
Save my destiny
In my reality it all goes back into the soup
A river of nowhere
Those poor rubber cows
Arboreal lights
The big fish
I got the money too
That was half of the job
I heard some curling screams
What are going to do, just grow up and die
Put your health above your skin
We can make lots of money now
It’s always going to look very nice, I can see
It’s a basic safety procedure
The intimate code of seduction
When you’re really weird
Am I here or am I going away
Go forth with me
Radical lights
I’d be happy to discuss my dimensions
One cold fish I’d like to thaw
While it was pitch black dark
I am done
Where will we find him
Don’t wait until tomorrow
The danger waits today 
You have to be driven, you have to be ruthless
I am really here
Of course I will never leave you
Come closer to me
Like as not you are
Because I love the guy
We felt another way
A feeling of being sucked down
Keep track of time
A bowl of fulfillment
I will wake you at midnight
Over in another part of the galaxy where life began
There is nothing else to go to
You’re in my hair
I wonder who you are
Have a look ahead at unknown forces
After many adventures
You’re living a fragile existence
Everyone will die
Would you mind not prodding me
There will be another you
I regret it again
Is it just destiny
You are my power and glory.


You are my destiny
Handy candy
Can I do it?
Can I really make things
In the enormous inferno
Any false move and I’m liable to explode
I’ll be yours until I’m after
Go ahead and wake me
He ate here
No clue to their movements
All right, throw your life away
You're my head
Everything sounds funny to you
That was a good feeling out there
Jewels just dropping from your fingers
Everybody I know will be there
I’m on your side
We’re going to watch it
Or so I think
You haven’t stopped here 
What else could it mean?
Now he’s stamped
See that black sky
Years of hard work
Your imagination will play tricks on you
Everything was floating around, just touching the ground
Now they are asleep
You visit alive
The dazzling allure
He’s a horse of a different color
Here’s the end of it
My regal robes
The mountain will bow
Here’s my heart on a stick
They’ve locked me in
Everything I say or do
I’m running way
Sneer at doom
A little buttercup of May
Into the stratosphere
The quickly ascending thing
It’s been so hard to say goodbye
I’ll miss you forever
Sink to yourself
Lie quiet now
It wasn’t a dream, it was play
I came to look for water
Where is this place?
You should let it go, you should let it stay
Let me out here
I know I’ll go somewhere else
He disappeared in a cloud
Maybe you’d better sit down
Somewhere in between heaven and the earth and the sky
Beyond another wing
I have these crazy feelings
German steel
I will live to love another day
Your breath will never be the same
A city I’m always lost in
Witness to fame
a crooked house
I will bang on this piano and make you sing
That fantasy
How are you, little star?
I don’t even know what time it is anymore
Buff away the appearance
Everybody can try if they want to
Would you clear up something with me
Here’s another name
The average American girl
Everything is so sudden
This thing, this memory will matter
We’ll be in and out of the clouds
Here they come in the night
I will quickly attend
Life isn’t always perfect
Oh my goodness, I’m alive
Our time will come again
We are all possessed
It’s what you are that haunts your dreams
At the top of the stairs
Now life doesn’t have to be a blur
Learn how to smile again
What’s working in your office
Make yourself a top 
And while your head is spinning
I come from wealth and beauty
We both go down together
Oh, my love and life
“Trailing clouds of glory”
Pain drips away
In the middle of the way
An inch of their lives
Everyone wants something different
Don’t be desperate
You gotta enchilada
I forget what I am
We will carry on
Cast out into the endless gloom
beyond the barricade
Hitch my wagon 
How sad, how glad
I’m looking closely at you
Sweet as everything was 
I have nothing to turn back for
into the hillsides
Very physical
I’ve caught something else
It’s the end of a mystery
A lot of residual moisture
It starts in the basic organism
There were salacious rumors spread about her
Like huge objects
My heartbreak
I can’t explain what’s happening to me
It was a chilling crime
We get ourselves in a mystery
Pierce the air
I knew there was something else
Where was the night?
You want someone who is open
Everything has to thank you
My heart stood in a puddle
Thing are taken right
You’re over me now
I will sink your ship
I don’t want to know what came before and what’s ahead
an appropriate echo
A quick way to die
I see it my way
Then there will be a tragedy
Here is the way it was
I am going away
I am so delicious
I want it to end
Shine all alone
You make those gestures to me
That’s gratitude and the sting of the wasp
The children have been taken away by their parents
I’ve been thinking about you
I will buoy you in the evening
The bell rings
Bring him in
Now we are together again
I’ve never been happier
learning the Bible by heart.


Here we are in the midst
It’s all part of the rhythm of life
You will survive
I still have a lot more time today
I am where I am with you
I think easier now
This man balloon
It’s more than fate
The picture in your machine
Walking the line
You can be bizarre only once
We will do this again
This is a bad breakdown, baby
Bouncing around
On the road to life
Remember the good old days
Say a prayer for me
Today we see the passing
The wonderful voice
My briefcase is full
Up to the stars
It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen
I am here in my room with you
Tales from the crypt
They’re coming but we don’t hear them
I will guess again
I will put you to work
We’re staying together
Why should I poison myself
Give me a heart
Wind and fire
You see what I mean
Now as I said
What do you think I should do?
Let’s see what you’re made of
It appeared from nowhere
Hold your atoms
It’s easy to ignore
I’m scared over there
That’s what life is like
It’s not alone
Redefine it
Take justice
That’s how we’re living and you know
This resembles thinking
I want to be you
My open heart
Everybody could be me
I’m constantly juggling
Afterwards covered with blood
Open the darkness
This is your last chance to have one
How little they last
The realm of your life
I am your most anticipated winner
Nobody knows where I’m gone
Quickly quietly
Intrinsically wonderful
One thing above another
I will put you at risk
Idle moments
I need you
No matter how big your sun gets
Everything is now everything
Walking down the road of life inside
I’m here to blossom naturally
I ran through the gamut
I love the wonderful way you do
Everybody know me
I am you too.


The sand and sky
There’s nothing I fear more than God
The real world inside
We got company
Don’t swerve from your intended destination
You beat your life
Oh, I know what you do
Handle my ornate tomato
Another case of suspected love
The thick twisted squall
So you think you can bounce
There was a design
My love was standing on golden sands
I wish I was above
Big works, small minds
Beyond the veil I lived
Give me back my smile
I thought you would stay around
The brain of plastic in the body
I’ve had enough of you
Things are not what they seem
The last time I saw him alive
Does he have any feeling?
You should be a man
All this will go away
Because I want you alive
An individual jumped out of the pack
He was a flying board
I’m sick to start on a sad note
Maybe you’d like to take more to the planet?
The story flowed over us
artistic re-phrasing
An offering of respect 
Something very serious
Know how I am
There’s something wrong with that death
You are your own boss
The enemy is in us
I felt like a child between two fathers
Everything’s growing
This is what makes life worth living
Death you could never dream of
Where the water meets the wave
Nothing like music to remind me of life
You, me alive on a raft
There is somebody on the screen that I don’t understand right now
You are both of you tonight
Everything you need is included and you’re included too.


In the pure October air
I don’t discuss that
Everybody thinks I’m just a thinking bomb
It’s hard to believe
Nobody’s at the bank
Alive today
Laughing is thinking about it
Have I hardened my heart that much
It crumbles inside
I’m really just changing everything
In my inner home
Something Wonderful
It’s hard to set the rules
In my surprise
What shall I do with my life
Reverse your thinking
The interface for me – you know, normal
I just have all these conflicting emotions – like everyone is going to die
Practicing for hell
Little bits of pieces
The spots are disappearing on their own
Amazing what could happen when I
Went into the room
I will mimic alive
This wish is my dream
The feel of chickens
Give me a glimpse
Stop dancing
Childhood swiftly flies away
I’ll give you a hundred thousand reasons
What a nice smile you have
Beautiful greens
Another slice of life
Softer than silk
I waited for you again
In the swift October air
Where you began
It’s very fabulous
Let’s try it 1000 times again
Flip into my tomorrow
Make everything real
Escape our clothing
Escaping speed
Go away from here
The no is as good as the yes
This is the greatest day of my life
Everything was simply past
Sometimes I couldn’t even pray
Travel with danger
My dreams are for you
Fly away, thousands of notes
I put another life before us
What does it mean
Oh, ignoble tool
Everything must be what I want
to be alive
Everything is so wonderful
Here is what you pay for
It’s unbelievable to think
The home of families come together
There’s something different for everyone
All global and ignored
Let’s focus on the lesson for today
Everything I thought of is not
Stand alone and die
If things go up
Please don’t forgive
A wonderful life
Where was that?
When you really look
Pulling it all in
All that’s going on for me
What if the air were clean
Everyone have a good time
Don’t pull it off
In the skid room
Everything is separating
Pure points in space
Now that my terrific incident of terror is over
I had my identity all along
There will be blood
Three men die for every woman
Who dies for a man
My life is not an excuse
A giant cause of death
The deadly true venom
What sort of life do you want to live
Here’s the old days again 
Here’s a new indication
Tell me if he’s dead to you now
Down a chute of life
Doubt and forgetting
Everything else is near
In a perennial state of alert
Like the landscape of our dreams
Fear, and how it came to one
A special priest, in a special room
The wonderful end
Here I go again
There was no one here but you
It makes a difference where it goes
A wonderful thing as ever will be
No signs or symptoms
Here’s the gist of the story
Expanding on the normal question
Why do we have to wait for the future
We don’t have any house, we only have a home
Across Africa with you
Without fear
What is the answer in the sea
While I keep waiting
Why was I simply alive
Here’s your everything
To save the world you need a start
Here’s the way to go
You are here, are you now
Where you are 
Wipe the sleep from my eyes
Don’t go away from here
a king
Raging so widely
Who knows the awful truth
Over here, over there
How will you feel
We’re in the human world
Our dreams are ended
This is everybody’s thought.


It may start with a salad
And follow with a feeling.  How will it follow for you?
May I stop now?
We’re in for a long, long period
Everything will be changed
When most disaster strikes
Is charity really good
A quiet enough mistake
You’re like a loose lawnmower blade
I can feel the energy in this house
Let’s lift our load to make a toast
Everything has something else in between
There’s nothing else to discover except your song
I am having another fit
I would rather be enough than have enough
We need people to soothe our soul
A wave of self-expression
Way above me
That was a smell
I’m going after the black pearl
Take what you can, give nothing back
Have another cheery face
Enter the monastery where you live
We tremble
We drink the food of the pleasure of company
This is one way we can add to our courage
We have to find a piece
Swing alive
Where disappearance ends
The moonlight shows us what we really are
I feel nothing
The greatest adventure begins
I’ve got everything in my hands
I am above the influence 
I cannot like or love
A thing like you
A little more worrisome
Speaking of a peak
Today the world is a midsize sedan
I cough as much as I do
Do you have enough presents
The thing is then
Nice to you
I am here and gone
For my entire life
A beautiful river running through it
You have to believe he’s me
I will hang you out
I’m going to help you find your friend
Gather your wings
A beautiful place to stay
I have someone to protect
It has a lot to with me
My arm’s about to fall off
We have one hole
Claim the death of your mother
Thank you enormously
Enough said about enough
Nobody has enough
Ask her, ask him, ask them
We desire to be free
Let go of your heart
In the thunder of the sea
You’ve been practicing this a thousand lives
In the soul of the sea
The proof was finally found
I will enable you to say yes
To be better attuned
The wind was everywhere
I am awake at last
A perfectly coherent dream
That’s the end of all that hope
It’s a shame they have to disappear
If hands could scan
Money is a way of life
Where the sunshine lingers
Where I will go
Everyone was linked
I will surround you with goodness
I’m here to know you
Stark, cold
A circle goes round
Everything happens at once
Here’s our only chance
The “handkerchief” ward
I don’t see it anymore
Go ahead and ask
I gave them medicine but I wish we could comfort them more
A lifeline story wheel
What do you think I am
Here’s my name for you
I kept hiding the secret
My open-handed heart
It was like I had not started
The endless nowhere of tomorrow
Oh, my endless awakening
There will be a tremendous dichotomy
My endless night
I am going to see
I am holding you close
Go ahead and eat her
Still alive and near
Here’s the truth
That’s my theory
I will execute you
Moments before the crash
An exit is enough for me
Here’s my way of behaving
I want to call you back
Unconditional mold
It’s my handsome son
My lifespan has opened
Come experience a new way of life
Longer than a lifetime, it gets better with age
I woke up drooling in the afternoon
I didn’t know you were there
Words unsaid are better than spoken
I want to know about you
They want to know it’s no problem
Make a wish
It’s time for danger
I wonder where you are
Some people just have to land the hard way
It really piqued people’s interest
My goodnight
Here’s a hand for now
Swifter than you can see
My green sea in the distance
Make a plan
Somewhere in the sun
I just can’t say when after
Everything we bought and sold
Gives me a sign
I’m a laugh in the wilderness
There seems to be a lot of stories recently
Oh, everything is beautiful
Another afternoon off
I will blaze you a trail
In walked a link
My little balls
Are you not able to stand in bright sunlight for forty minutes?
The road put to unusual ends
Pushing up from here
The machines are digging
A strategy is being formulated
I must ask some of you for help
A shattering nerve
An encryption I’ve never seen
Give me another look
You should be able to change
Underneath these wires
I will read to you
I have many ways of doing things
The fake new capital of the world
I’m on the ground under you
Tomorrow I’ll be here
You can breathe time
Lesser than even the animals
That’s the way we make it real
Striking erratic patterns when you least expect it
Attention must be paid to such men
You are nothing but beautiful
Give me a taste of zero
Here I am now forever
This is a fight to the death
We have all been salvaged here
I will pardon you
My only hesitation
Get ahead of it
The hungry flames light up the night sky
She has no plan, but she surely has the guilt
Go and I will honor you
You can’t live out here alone
I won’t allow you to do this
Moving every single time
Take a deep breath and relax
Our presence here will be invisible, I assure you
I don’t know why I don’t stop dreaming about her
I will snap you asunder
Over the top of the dome
Backwards in space
Ah yes, I like this way of doing deep down
Global dexterity
Personally forever
Hello every single step
A matter of time
I am off to the grave
I am hereby you
Attachments orbit
I will raise my antenna high
My unusual pen
In the distance the night howls
With the sun dried up like outer space
My home at last
I will love everything you do
I am on one of the moons
Here’s my wonderful help
My enormous room
All your eyes are beautiful
A swift goodbye
Now my cloak is out in space
It’s just so painful in dreams
Hello again, goodbye
You’re the same person I used to be
You’re still like walking on sand
Faster than any treadmill today
The wisdom, art and scope of a provocative woman
I cried like silence
In that endless field 
When sex began
I’m accused of nothing else
I thought she was my invisible friend
A night we can’t remember
The exciting new life we have to offer
My little pulse
What you call yesterday is my tomorrow
I am here at last
I hail you now in the dust
Give me a little game plan
Another thing on everybody’s mind now
It burns things up with a touch of a button
It’s a tricky deal
Down deep he’s alive like a stone
Joyful participation in the sorrows of the world.


It’s time to start believing
We revolve around you
The difficult thing
To reduce it to
No time on the clock
I am describing a circle around you
Over the end of it
I will swiftly behind you
You can clear everything up in five minutes if you want to
I live in my imagination
Everything said stop now
Please take me to the planet
This heart-wrenching scene
Every gift is something unique
I see clearly now
I am an unknown force in the atmosphere
My golden hour
My blazing drama angle
Here’s another point
I’m on as a glove
Lost again
I could be pleased
That pool of known happiness
The sun came up again
I am not torn but I am flying about
By taking this out
You really challenge me
I will strike you dead
Slave to the swift
Here’s another self
Go ahead and walk
A mysterious block
Everybody knows enough
A quick finale to everything
An epic quest in a boundless world
as the holidays make their arrivals
I want to suspend you in the middle
I won’t say yes
I will confine you
A line of the dead
I’ve had a difficult December
End of think
Maps of tomorrow
My enormous loss
Oh boy, I’m lucky in heaven
Mix the mixture and blend it with a fork
Because I use to do it just like him
Safe and alive
I am not alive
An air that shines with all its strength
An ancient day
I’m running out of drive
Now my hello is goodbye
Everywhere was here
An ancient ruin
So hell is near
My heart ignores where you are
When two oceans meet
Millions of people
Between ancient symbols
The beauty of love
A song of love
Time can never stay
The wonderful advance of knowledge
Hopefully another chance to end
A vision of murder
stops the world every day
Some have to die
Die without life
Here we are still
Did I say good?  Yes, I said good
As long as there’s life enough to share
My name is yours
Drawn together 
Look at me
Little pricks of light
When you wave at me
What should I call if you are mute
Don’t grieve
I come with you
I don’t have to think
How do I know one thing from another
Or mix them
My endless quest
Suave enough
My adorable fate
My little bubble
The night is cold
Under the road tell the end of time
I remember when
Love in a trash can
Here’s the way we do it
Many things you choose
My head in your hand
I swam on a sea of faces
The windows keep on turning
Work and slave tirelessly
Ultimately life is weak
Open a body
That’s the secret of life
They are all so precious because they’re alive
They can control their own fate
Swing on a star
What’s inside a thunderous tornado
I take a plunge
Bluebells began to shine
It adds nothing to the discussion
I will sweep you away
Who are we to say
It’s just a feeling
I will slow it down
I am here with you in the Christmas of my tears
Its polarity
Where I dream with you
My hands on the tables
When the darks and lights are reversed
The more I’m alive the less I’m dead
The lights are removed
Give me a half of enough
The human patrol
It’s another crime
Nobody is right
The past is near
A road to hell
Driven to thrill
In the distant parts of life
For 2000 years pictures have told the story
Why am I calling you
Why does that appear there
All the fun morsels of conversation
Once you get inside
Your only heart
Have you been to the moon?
Get dressed
Time does a lot of healing 
It’s so hard to explain 
You were at the end of a very long hallway
There are so many things we can do
Experience the power of love
My mistake
Everybody goes down
The sun is going down but a bright light is here
I am young and alive
Although I am dead
Poor sad house
A night without a star
My other half of me
One thing else
My idea of you
You’ve got to fly through the ages
in silent passivity 
Don’t you think America is one big business deal
I feel calmer this way
I’m single-hearted me
A moment together
Life is sunshine.


Fly and see that black sky
I felt I was touching the ground
Completely alone
I’m here with you again
The giants come forth
The sky darkens enough
Into my infinite past
We die trying
I still live
Age is not an airplane
Here’s my escape
Creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere
Time is against me
I alone have the key to saving our future
If nothing happens to me
I don’t want to proliferate that theme
I want my heart to keep trying
My heart is enough
Wag your body
It became obvious that he was unable to think
A billion dollars and the price for truth
All my love
Radically assemble
A whole program of risk
A new secret of life
I wish I could be like that
Unintentional and pure
I want to be nice
How can I ever forgive me?
Click my heels and goodnight
My head is new
I get the biggest clues I can find and hide inside of them
I want my pockets filled with cash
You alone serve
The beast
My answer is Yes
There’s nothing there
There’s not even a point
The music of Venus
You believe your life
Society no longer values you
Scented candles are inviting
Quickly fill a room with scent
Someone so long ago brought love and romance
Now that the smile has left your face
That explains everything
Grabbing bubbles
The leaves burned down
I always dreamed about going up
We’re put together in the fabric of life
I will go around you
It’s a habit with me
Your little life
I am always watching
My enormous eyes
It’s time to fake reality 
There is a secondary effect
Like a game waiting to be explored
Why we fight today
When we talk to people
I am yours
You’ll never see anything again
What bothered me all these years
I never thought it was true
On the root of me where life dwells
Mucus moves into your chest
My handsome youth
I sit here on a giant pile of food
Asia has carved the earth
There’s a number on the wall for all of us
So long for now
Blink a second
Above the earth on Mars
Terror and tragedy
a life of endless drudgery
The delicate problem
Nature is making a recovery
What are people trying to convey with their clothes
Your skin to me
I will execute you in the darkness of the dimness
Every motion picture was unleashed upon America
After dancing with the stars
How can America go on?
Who knows what goes on in a man’s heart or mind?
Everything’s all over the place
Books and music
This is the one I’ve been looking for
Face up on itself
Someone is sent
You have to fight for what’s yours
Deep concerns
Oh boy, I’m everything I wanted to be
I’ve often lain still
They’re always thundering for something new
What a thrill
It’s bigger than just a show.  It’s everybody in the country!
In this wondrous land we’re living
Nobody will be around when you’re gone
All the horrors 
Here we are with the sun
Waiting to double your chances
I can’t tell you enough
People of earth.


A smile on your face
Here’s my take on you
All the passion, all the drama
I think about you
It's an open word
It took his heart away
I will not walk away
When old age gets you by the balls
Know the right thing and do it
Thank you for joining us
Light up some cows
Go back to where you were
Love is worth saving
I am wondering, I am whispering
Can you imagine yourself
Every man was here
Another wonderful thing
What is this place of torture and madness
You reach a point of saturation
Everything was big
There’s nothing that never was seen before
Sweeping along
Certain ideas
I was born into a life you may not understand 
There’s another thing here
Beyond decision
We have some hope
People should be treated fairly
The times you remember
A mighty effect on the surface of your skin
An incredibly moving adventure
It grows each day
I am aware of nothing else
Creating the edge
Stretching your spin
Everything is fair
We must believe in that
It was almost lost
Find out what it is
It was an accident they barely escaped
I can see my death before it happens
Radically simple it cut through the air
Just a select feel
If you really want love
Everybody has a happy ending
There's nothing here except a corpse
Is it a secret fusion?
Go forth and survive
The veil has been lifted
Away from you forever
I will swiftly devour you
The taste is bitter
It’s the new American dream
A simple night of fun
When I’m happy or sad
I know my feelings
Your life doesn’t end
The absolute hardest part
Everything is ahead of you
I moved my leg an inch
Everything’s in shock
Put the stars in your eyes
I don’t want to be effective
Enjoy simply free days
Once you get the idea
When you dial or when you die
A reflection of tomorrow
Here’s the tip of your nose
Here’s my weary world
He subjects them to persecution in order to save them
There’s an emptiness here
Satisfy the desire
Look at the scream
It made me laugh to see
This is life
To take you into something lovely
We share the same dream
I don’t understand a thing
I’m swiftly ascending
Here’s my vowel 
Here’s my tomorrow yesterday
With a lot of great misbelief
A primitive masterpiece
Oh, to be alive
We can’t protect ourselves
It never went away
My knowledge of you
All the light in your eyes
Will you figure it out before it’s too late
Be that way again
On a sea of gold
It’s almost like an automatic response
They were pushed against the wall
The grim prognosis
Like a flower wilting
Give me another hope
Join the millions 
Keep her willing
The evening’s the best part of the day
The lights go on
Come in out of the west
Here I am ignored by you
Everything is the hand of God.


Unimaginable the destination
One hundred years of moments
Everything there is vapor
Here’s my enormous excuse
The big star
Here’s my wonderful fling
Do you want to see this
My luck will have it
another way of being
A live temperature
Keep me awake tonight
I don’t want to recognize these faces
The victory of violence
They had millions and millions of stuff
I have everything I need.  Is that enough?
My hand has touched you
Give me an honest break
Everything moves with your skin
I can laugh at it
The base case
Things will come to an end at the perfect end
They will have things happen
Some things you can’t copy
My main reason
I am swimming in tears
It’s the only song that I know
I think I’ll find a way out
I will check
All my shame is alive
Civilization has a hole
The tire shreds.  Where will it end?
The poor thing, we cried!
Enormous steel wheels
You will see results
Don’t you think other people do it?
Talking is free
When we kiss that perfect dream
I want one finite expression
to say what I mean
I met your eyes
The tower of you
Strong is the sun
Slick as you are
When will we get justice?
Go back and remember the day 
Oddly enough
You were born.
- 2005-06

A Very Noticeable One

It’s always been like this
I could dwell on that forever, it excites me so

“The Incredible Fun!”
Mankind’s age-old dream

I belong to you and you belong to me
Think how happy we could be
In our little tree

It’s all very exciting
I want someone to help him

Oh, welcome to me
Crime is here to stay

Left to fend for themselves
Another bunch of heartaches

These are brave people
The story is about to begin

The closing of an era
Just making round balls

I want to see that site again
It’s basically sexual

Left behind to find
I will not violate you

A plus is also
Some thing

The determined effort
A very noticeable one. 

Lend an Ear

Lend an ear
Don’t sneer
My throat is parched and dry.
I can’t breath.
My esophagus is numb.
My thoughts are dreams.
The sky blind 
The sun in retreat
All my goodbyes are gone.
I don’t want to be mad anymore.
Everybody has another life
Making it completely uncommon 
Which all comes back to one thing
Found in the ground
Of your desire for pleasure.
I will make a difference in your life.
Change is so amazing.
I don’t want it to be
A live package some people need.
Picture your life.
There is no other you
Between us.
I will laugh again.
Everybody has another plan
Beyond the sea.
Everybody knows enough.
Everybody is a camera.
The man seemed to describe an invisible experience
Where the conscious never sleeps
ever afterwards in a dream.
You are my son in surprise.
You’re almost alive.
Don’t forget your heart.
It falls in the air.
Now I want to go
The show on the road
United by deep compatibility.
Just one more reason
I’m everything I was.
It’s the world’s loneliness debated.
There’s something in this picture you can’t see.
How are you feeling about this so far?
When do I get what I want?
I’d be very interested in this body.
Everybody is with it
Spreading like a net.
My attitude has not survived.
I’m dancing around you
The way home tonight.
Now you just play the music.

Join Me Here

All the sweetness of life is here
Island in the heart
Where they never part
You don’t want to be grateful
Too thin, too rich, too tight
It only feels that way in spots
Do you know me today
Now I’m broken 
The core of that safety
Oh, blame me
Some days we’re talking
It’s the natural occurrence
As we fall in the water
Is there a problem here?
When does it become something you love?
Health is first
In the middle of my candor
Give a little nod
There I will see
We have the heart that comes to life
When water calls
Oh God, can you see
A child is crying
Everything else is nice
Every bite’s a dream
Go when you don’t see
My available you
The picture is here 
Everything has an end
What do you expect tomorrow
The original old remnant
Admit it and you will see
and laugh a lot
Find the doctor nearby
For every drop of yourself you give
Space commandos, off on a limb
I would love you if I had a knife
to cut your heart out
Insulting the wound
I’m glad to see them go
The crying has stopped
I can’t regain what I’ve lost
I want that to be you
I’ve never been happier
in a living room
There is a magic number
Sweet and sour
Like it was enough to sustain
Here where you are
Tent out on the sand
Use this method to create
Living imagination
If you truly wish to believe
He delivered a bible verse
The name is forever
That’s the way you extremely survive
Beautiful homes are only the beginning
Everyone got what they deserved 
A wonderful memory of the alcohol
everything mixes with you
The pressure is making it into hard tablets
You will know when you’re wrong
How strong the kick
Apart from you
If I am
Throbbing like a hurricane
It’s explained by life
What is the moral of the pain?
I never liked the harbor after dark
I realize what I need
A current of electricity
Stand up to the rising tide
Cleft in twain
False love is better than real
When living gets under my skin
Like mice
Frozen in ice
It’s really a fluctuation
What planet are you from
Everybody knows my name
The tide is right 
We get it all
I miss you
I am not giving up being different
It’s so sweet and adorable 
Be there
Before you go
When you need them
And where you suspend
Leaders of tomorrow
I know you today
I am never going to forgive you enough
I’m not going to eat your heart
The sun created the earth
Come back when you’re sober enough 
to withstand my scorn
Please help to be great
Here’s another one of us
We all want the most of what?
Anything goes when
Stand me on your cookie
It’s a major paradigm
Eager to follow the trail you are blazing
Hello, my flower
It’s cruel when your world turns upside down
Pure moments of vector
Back to our normal living 
Let’s keep it light
My major trees blooming
in the narrow light
A very similar atmosphere to you
I just hope you are there
Because you are nice enough to eat
The nice help you have given
To spur you on
Life takes living and turns it around
Like it was spring
I am ignoring the past
Here I am at last
It’s really my lost muse
There’s nothing swifter than tomorrow
It never comes
before today is over
No one will be your guide
Inside your camera
One thing that slips in
Will it ever end
Play another sad song
Here’s my story now
Today does not exist
Where do you want to go
You can really taste the suffering
Here’s great news
I have my technique, you have yours
The love of life
You don’t understand, it’s a danger
Everything turns into me
Months and months of relaxation in the sun
We’ll take a look at the worst scenario
If everything was dross
then everything would be a loss
It’s our fate, our thing
Discuss all your symptoms with your doctor
What a pleasure it is to see this movie today
People love westerns
Raise the curtain high
My little hamburger
I am trying to express a simple proposal
The whole excitement is over
There’s no hard and fast rule about
Everything my mind knows
It’s not even for you
It’s very fragile
See if you can do better
Be soon
It’s the same mistake
There’s nothing more to the point
Implacable as you are
I’ve set my mind
On my knees as we walk
Where do I begin
My empty hope
Yes, me here
Go back to your skin
The rest of the people there were others
Most of them whole, having a limit
You’re lost in your own backyard
My enormous nose wanders
Where am I anyway
My prayer is for you
We naturally hunger and grieve
It’s not just about the food we eat
Don’t hand me that
Expecting the times to change
Stay where you are
Our hope is for years to come
Everything is all right
Sailing into here
The streets we walk today
This is my mother’s grave
Did you go this way?
I’ve shared a lot of emotions in my life
Everybody fights demons
Here on earth
The fickle gods of truth
You just can’t hold enough together
Everybody will get bonked
All things are breathing here
You have to sever yourself
Everything is lovely and refined
Good knowing you
I can’t even put my head in my pocket
Give me another twist
I’m about ready to end now
No questions, no answers
That’s destiny on the street
I’ve licked this before
It’s obviously planned
Here’s your empty plate
My talisman is you
The shimmering you
All you feel is rested
In a deep color
I appreciate your sympathy
I am myself again
It was more than me
The first element of truth in this story
Can you read anyone’s mind remotely
You are suddenly a virgin, without care
My map of you
He fell to his final grave
Everything is not entirely wasted
Here’s my plan
It is often difficult
To be alone in the world
A little fuel will keep us going
The dollar’s calling
All you can feel
I dot my I with a heart
There goes my bling
My hands are on fire
I don’t even know you
I touch myself
I’m not here enough
Watch yourself dream
Are you tired of home?
Join me in the vast scheme of things
The janitor is off
Open your window to the truth
Another product of your ego imagination
Deal or no deal
You’re breaking my heart
Keep the memories alive
A new kind of living
Give your heart a new address
Everybody went away 
Great ideas live on
Don’t imagine anything else
How about a glass of wine
Do you do this every year
Your long and pathetic amen
I want to crawl in an empty room
in different times
The Greater Mind
I close my eyes, I see
Horrible things
Don’t do that to me
Give me my heart
To seek
The ultimate tragic machine.

The Transformation of Everybody

Every life has its moment
Give me a bubble
in the darkness. Then it sounded
I find emotion in the oddest places
Everybody knows me
This is your wish
The last words are broken
You will be deep within
So it is
If everything you say is true
These are the possibilities
I’m not quite organized yet
More and more what people are saying
Unforgettable pieces of time
We wanted to know
If everything was true
Away from me
Make it happen
Take enough time
You will be fine
Tell her those stories
Here is my life
Sit perfect.

I Can’t Think Yet

I can’t think yet.  I can’t breath.
Because I thought
Take me, my life, my future, my throne
Something I can’t explain
A burst of power
deeper than love
The nights went by like days
Radio adoptions
I went to the bank to paddle on
You are the star
Would you address us
My human vase
Here’s my name
Crappy Living
A searing vision of the world
Less a libation than a Morse code
What are you doing?  Are you doing
Nothing.  My circle is wide
Because by average
Everything is a surprise here
With revelations of a sensible man
I’m very distant and important
Here’s enough for me to trumpet
Disgusting, uninhabited wastes
That will never sleep
Here’s a little bit of fun
What a beautiful place this is
My heart is my life
Don’t sneer
Do you think I care a bit?
Everything has gone away that I wanted to say
It was near
My deepest regrets
Are not over
Everybody will last until the last blast.

1326 Words About You

It’s physical.  I do like the way you do your hair
I love the way you smell
Come into my garden and take a sniff  
It’s well to be alone in an intricate place
It’s far more beautiful than heaven
Everything is zero degrees
I am over the edge, out of control
The sand gives way like water
A million places where you walk
The thickets where you’re yearning
You will never forget
I’d like to mingle with the old time throng
Sweet and silent hove in the distance with a smile
I will have you up in the air with a song
My swiftly flowing knowing 
Where do you think they hit us?
I would say it, the many about you
It’s hard to see you streaming
Handed over so willingly
Here there are no pillars
Where do you think it is, all so mighty?
Everything is cursed
Violins playing in the mind of you
Why do you think I’ve come?
So I’m wrong again  
Change the neighborhood and their lives
Go towards the meal
Slip in there burst after burst
The will is clear
Easy, cupcake
Don’t you fret
Light the candles for once
It’s hard to be famous, things get a little bit skewed
In the specter of the depression
She helped a lot of women by telling the truth
What happens as a result of it?
Are they noticeably different?
Fortunate enough
Like a sieve
My enormous saw
My complexion
My vapor
Nothing except guessing
Away has nothing to say
Here or else
My enormous sphere
Eyes on fire
Just how far it can go
A dream come true
One of the facts
A clean living
I will keep it whole
In the after-life of everything nice
I see
Where the object breaks
My adorable you
Not carved by human hands
Alongside these bones
Get out of my way.  I’m alive!
Everything is unexpected
The flying leaf at dawn
Don’t turn from me
Now I’m heading out
My eye is on you.  You are my wonderful day
I am glad you are here
I’m bumped on the shore
You feel good to me
Every day I get confused
There is so much to lose and so little to gain
In a rose garden in the twilight hour
How do we know what we’ve won?  
The age had demanded
A thriving paradise of suburban calm
everybody is turning off
I am so scared that it’s blatant
This is a different thing to do
Sweep me up from here
Where I will be near
A palimpsest of what we were
I’m over enough of the top
Who needs to be there?
A bomb explodes
Centuries later it remains
Seven layers of hope
The wizard of ice
Don’t hit silence
I have a knife
in front of your heart
The razor racing
A little bit of slow time
Go back to where you were
Where you never began
My life has enough hope
Strangely if you want to make sense
Ice on fire never goes away
Little air bubbles flow over the body
An invisible body of clay
Beat any heart until it’s clean
My ideal is enough
Sometimes fatal events have occurred
Everything you thought was clear has vanished in a second
I have enough to spare
Goodbye is turning me off
Like the feel of this earth
The hero of this search
You can do it!  You can be alive!
You are near enough to be 
Running in place with me
Don’t you think it’s glorious
I know you two have been talking
It was another connection
I think if I like someone I’ll want to know
If you could just hold me
People have been infiltrating in and out
It’s not valid
These are about the dreams that stay alive  
This road of no returning
It really doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, what you say
I’m getting a little closer everyday
I hope and pray
I’m working on you
You’re calm and relaxing, my friend
Mourn all day, sleep all night
I couldn’t make up my mind between here and now
I think I have everything else but what matters
I’m not made of glass
He can live or he can die
The hell of yesterday, the promise of tomorrow
It’s unreal
It’s an unreal sonic boom
I’m beginning
I’m broken up
Nobody knows when something might happen again
My example is you
A train hit you once and you survived
You came home one day
and you were gone
This must be real
I think I found something here in the closet
Where she was hiding
The foregone conclusion
before the clang of the ray
A creepy feeling has taken over me
What did it say?
I have enough all day
The snow is falling
Swing alone into the end
Not to be backed up in tough situations
All of your rooms in and out 
Every tough moment there is
The coverage down the field
They’re so rude
I’ve knocked it out
I’m sorry to say 
it’s in the air
Look again at this
Maybe something’s been lost in translation
It’s an expensive way to go
Painful, beautiful
You have all the right words
Every arc in the sky
Who will cleft to me?
Anywhere you see
There will be me
I hate to go and leave this training site
The best decision I made in my life
The situation is under control
You’re not believing me
No one will be the same
It sounds bad
I think so much
Here’s an open door
Allow my sore to heal
Is everybody not much?
I’m very tired
Please be good to yourself
We can’t build sides
You are here, I am there.  How long will it endure?
I will wipe the slate clean
It’s a resident hell
Are we going to let it bring us down?
This is a miracle
Let’s go have sex
I thought you wanted to hang out
Guess what you know
Everybody can discover
Come away with me in the night
I like your style in the nimbus
This is where everything goes
I can’t taste it for you
This is the real American dream
Maybe everything should drop
into an urn?
Here’s your face with me alive
The point of entry is back to me
Are you notifying me
I’m entering you
I won’t forget that morning
It didn’t help any to know what was ahead
Nothing against guessing
I can’t afford a lawyer
Because I’m happy to say
I’m able
But don’t flinch
It’s clean and simple
I’m handing you a knife
Of life
Remember what I said to you
When you were young enough to hope
That you didn’t want to be an angel
It’s taken me all this time
Everybody has a bright face and the victim is you
Find yourself here
Your beautiful victory of hope
Deep in the heart
Where no one spoke
I never get much of anything
I’m swinging the blues
Who knows more than you
We can’t wait to wake you up
I’m damned if I know a difference
I don’t want to speak anymore
I want to see on the outside
I’m over it now
All I needed was to love you
You’re probably annoyed
I’m enthusiastic about it
The world changed
My hat’s off to 
The vast numbers that they have
I like you, everybody likes you
The way you are
Your rolling no
You’ll never roam alone
A place where some white people gather
It was forbidden
I don’t need any more facts
Can all these occurrences be coincidences
Or is it all about you?
You’re adorable
No one thought about me
Why do you not want to let go?
Do you feel lucky?
I’m very nice to you now
I am very unbelievable
Everybody won
I’m still the best
It’s a beautiful world up here
Everything has a language of its own.
— 2007