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no quarters

No Quarters


Some people  hurting
Some people crying
Some people trying

Some people loving
Put expression in your eyes
Some people dying
Put feeling in your sighs

Some things meaning
Some things being
Some things tough
Enough stuff

What's in a name?
The same.
The blame.
The fame.
The shame.
The flame.
The fun stuff

Bare Necessities

It wasn't meant to be 
And then it came
Like a bolt of light out of the blue
Who knows what it would do
A crazy rule
Made like you
True, too true
One simple thing you must remember
Bare necessities, bare necessities, bare necessities


In the middle of the day in the middle of the night
In a world where no one understands
I think I'll undertake to be human
Perhaps in time I'll even be myself

If that makes you laugh
You might say I weep
Once in a while

And that means to me
Someone I love
Or maybe just a friend

Comes along
And denounces me!



Someday the universal fire will swallow up the truth
The mighty earth will snap
And what is precious to man
The path divine, the fact of mind
Joined in the chariot of life
Will end

In spite of wars
God in his heaven
The universe really at large
A short dance-like structure
Tunes this world

Beautiful empty laughter
Beautiful empty lung
The noble song and game
Some injured one
Will just resent them

Grief without lightness
Wondrous machine
Beyond dispute
Good for use
Though used to conquest
Just because to yield
Must be caused to yield

The melody will end...

Born to Kill

—  Goodbye and thank you for everything.
—  I'll laugh as much as I want to in my own house.  Who cares?
—  I probably won't see you again before I leave.
—  Shall we run along and try our luck somewhere else?
—  Murder is my business.  My only business.  Have a cigarette?
—  We haven't been able to notify her yet.
—  Things like this are new to him, I guess
—  All of a sudden life was swell again
—  Feel closer to every part of our fascinating world
—  He could have been mentally unbalanced!
—  It was them, all right.  Those faces in the night...
—  What do you suppose made him do it?  The pictures of those dead people?
—  Totally broken-hearted too.

 The Night Has Eyes

A seething madness rages inside
Another sordid affair
I won't hear a word
I always say the earth's like a human being
You find yourself with your leg under the mud
It seems to draw him somehow
Does no one know the path across?
I suppose I'm not the first visitor you've had here
Walking back the way she came
He's of no more use in the outside world
A little bit of fluff
He's almost human though, miss
She could have helped you if you'd only loved her
You're still buried alive
I'm flaying myself to be here like this
You mustn't be late.  Goodnight.
This is a bad house
You look like someone who might listen
I'm like a dog that's whistled both ways
I've done everything I can and said all I could
I throw my noble robe about my shoulders
Something hidden and permanent recurring at certain intervals
I was beginning to feel my confidence creep back when it happened again
I came here and fooled the world
I dislike death
I want to be by myself
What is all this  
Exterior decorating
Corny sunlight after the gloom
A town full of gorgeous beasts
I've got to hear everything I've heard
This is the path that goes across


Covered now with lines of pieces 
All alone I imagine for you the in-between
I'm trying to find my name on the wall
Have you been frank with me?
This wheel of mine is rusted
With love so strong and old-fashioned
I grow impatient at the very name
Sometimes I lose the struggle to control
I have so much to do and I don't want to do any of it
I am on call

After Honen

In mists of spring everything is beautiful and bright.
Can they hide the true, imperishable light?

I gaze on a geranium sweet
I hope someday to meet.

Beautiful bough with crimson stained
From my heart its coloring gains.

In the winter call
And warm rays will fall
On the snow and all.

The Exclusive Practice
That work is bad
That doesn't help.


Rest Me Among Beautiful Colors

Rest me among beautiful colors
I want to see
Let me remind myself
I want to rest in memories
The dark deed done
The moment has past
We see that it is more than sexual
I guess it must be fate
Luckily I haven't done anything yet
I am inert.

Cover me now with beautiful gases 


Kids, kids, would you hold it down please?
(My friend, my hobby...)
Make it happen, dear Lord, make it happen
(That thought escaped me)

They laugh until their hearts burst
(You're neat)
The eye at the heart of the storm
(They have so much and it all means so little to them)

What pointless remarks
(Who will ever feel?)
Bring back the old days!
(Beyond remembering)

Two things at one time
(What do you want here?)

Doesn't it make your mouth water?

 The Lost Jungle

— I don't think so much of him.
— Just the same, you'd like to have his job, wouldn't you?
— Come right out and state the facts.
— He's different from other men.  He's spent his whole life with animals.  
— It's too big to tell here.  May we step outside?
— I stumbled myself a moment ago.
— A thing with an odor like that...
— Don't tell me, tell the world!
— From exactly the same impossible causes
Like gold changing itself to lead
— Please don't fly away!
— It's all part of the jungle.
— If you see any gaseous cloud, fire at that!
— It's beautiful to take a chance and if you fail you die.

Sonnet  (Children getting on your back)

Children getting on your back
Blow apart and feel it's you

Pardon me for all those years
No fun for you
Pardon me, pardon you

If he would only believe
You have to believe in something

I wish romance were true
I wish we could all live in a dream
I wish something meant everything
All these whips

I wish my strangeness would meet somebody strange
Good morning, sunshine.  How are you?


There's Always Something to Think About

There's always something to think about
Like a dark ascending thing
There's always something in the air
Like a dark cloud

I don't care what it is!
I have something to say!

I wish I could mourn.  I wish I could express my sorrow

You need not think in despair
(Unfortunately the ship is foundering)

I can dream, can't I?

Today 1

This is not a bad way to feel good.
He's working hard.  Look at him sweat.
A lot of pent-up emotion
Holding my hand in the past
Ordering the future to hold
I interpret it all to mean
What my life has in store
When grass is dew
My heart is sinking like the sun
It doesn't exist but it still is
My heart is in order to be
I don't know what I mean
And I like it!
Now I lay me down to sleep
He goes on pure instinct, not intellect
Reflect on that
This is the way I feel today
You can delude yourself a long while about this.


Today 2

Those opportunities are lost to me now
Come to grips with yourself
I'm really excited by it
I'm going back in time to see
Goodbye makes the journey harder still
Rummaging in anthills
Haunted by what might have been
Time stands still
At last I'm ready
But now it's too late.

I can't distinguish anything.


I've got you under my skin where I can't begin
Nothing's going well for me
A wishful desire
Still the water turns
Once I had some meat, now I'm skin and bones
It won't do you any good to be remembered after you're dead
I got into a thing
My heart no longer sings
It's wings are broken
I became what I never wanted to be.

 The Great Pretender

Do something useless for 20 years
I know the meaning of contentment!
I'm not your little boy!
The bus of life leaves with all your friends
Bye bye.
Break off the music
Its loveliness on high
Who can think of spring
I melt into the wall
Now I'm nothing at all

In My Attitude

A hardening attitude
Sometimes a better relationship.
We're getting the attitude here.
We're not picking a fight with anybody.
It was so neat and tidy
That it hurts my attitude.
Feeling alone
My attitude is yours.
To consider the situation very seriously
When love comes right through
Practical, modern, with a human touch
Don't be put off
By the attitude.
Nobody seems to care 
Couldn't make you love me
Couldn't give you oil
Too much for me
Like tortured notes.
Don't let my tears fall in vain
Change your attitude!
I don't know what to do
My heart is aflame 
One more time
In my attitude.

Memory, Memory

I take the best of the worst
Picture somebody in the rain in a train
I used to return
To the desolate grave
but I don't go there anymore
This old heart can't keep my mouth from my face
It's not enough to earn alone
Portraying a need
That's not enough
In the cold ground
This is a mistake
All we make
Is tears and grain, tears and grain
What a loss

Memory, memory, you get in my way


Articulated Frenzy

Amazing!  He's really serious
What a big fuss to make over nothing
Look where you want
Look at the park.  See, the lovebird is sleeping.

Should I sit here and admire myself?
Thanks to you I'm nothing.
I don't care if I'm blue

Articulated frenzy 
Someday it'll come true
Before the breathing air is gone
When laughter comes too fast
Magic you can hold

Now I understand the strangeness of your behavior
(I fought and fought against it)
Let me know what's best for you
(Treat him as though nothing has happened)

It has been a sad, sad lonesome day

You have to get into the rhythm of the thing


From Every Angle

There's no point in making our numbers crunch
We're only here for a day
You have a heart like a stone
And you want me to pray?

Why wake up in the morning
You hope to buy yourself a piece of paradise, right?
I'm willing to cooperate
There's no point in getting uptight.

On a great wheel we are burning
But we're still not cooked through
Everybody has the right to live
And face the consequences too.

Why should anyone be?
The Great Ultimate is not concerned
Whether or not it makes a difference
To you or to me.

His only concern is whether or not
We're content with what we got
And if we get to give
And give what we got.


Major Trends / StarDate

—  from Gersholm Scholem & KUT-FM

I cannot of course hope
When icy desert is a long evening 
in the solar system
The whole sweep and swirl
flares up suddenly bright
Darkly it stood in their path
occasionally streaked with light
as it runs its course through the ages
A coming now since centuries past
A spirit body also sits 
Active and alive today
A great primordial accomplishment
Who knows what their original meaning was?
Who will explain the explanation?
They do it most out of a vast, central love for astronomy
They continuously and bitterly complain.


Sonnet  (This is a long hard day)

This is a long hard day
We miss the light
You think you're unique
But you're just a fright
Whose wig is that?
I wish I knew.
I'd like to borrow that wig
And its head too.
You know what I like?
It isn't a pain
My but the air
Feels like rain.
I should sit and sigh
You're a faithful doer in a careless way.


Sonnet  (These beautiful things)

These beautiful things
Are they mine?
Nothing is ever safe or free
Everything has a memory
A wondrous array
That pleases me
When you come to the defense 
Of what I want to be
Oh, say you don't mean it
It seems arbitrary to me
The quest for certainty
Confusion on the ground
Trying to find the sun
Stand forth and shine

It accelerates my nerves and gives me psychic energy
Like a fool I stayed too long.

We kiss in the wind and the rain
It seemed to be nice
The sound of the wind and the rain
In a place that time forgot
in a land where no one belongs...

I reject all these 
Different combinations!

Things connect up in a mysterious way
One thing leads to another, I'm afraid to say

Author's Epitaph

He thought he should be a lyric poet.


Because I played with fire
Fire played with me.
Our radios are vital.
I still have a spark of faith.
I like the feeling 
Bigger Events
I'm through with you.  Are you with me?
It always had that mystical air about it
She left her lips in the sky
Someday you'll realize you've been blind

Somber Shadows

The somber shadows move.
The memory faded as I spoke.
It wasn't anything I said.
The tumultuous wave passed.
Fortunately, I am still alive.

My heart is broke.
I can't get used to living here.
Help me save today for tomorrow.
This is too valuable an opportunity to let slip by.
You're so wonderful to me.
You make me choke.

The proof is in front of your eyes.
You should have seen the look on his face.
It was some kind of a misunderstanding.
Don't come to me with your troubles!
Actually, I'm relieved.  I wasn't looking forward to his arrival.

Everything is gone. 
Just when everything was bad everything got worse.
It makes me sad to see you like this.
You're always remembering life,
Hastening forward.

Epitaph for a Comedian
He humored them.

Shooting Up Out of the Ground

It's shooting up out of the ground!
We're children playing with toys
We're listening for the sound of a smiling voice
The percentage of failure is high

A gun that doesn't make any noise!
An elegant defense
I shouldn't be ashamed of anything
Did I do something wrong?

Spirit is something no one destroys!
Get distant as possible
A memory that never regrets
The sound of old kleenex

I don't like your picture, I like your voice!
Stand in the bushes over there
Do nothing intently for twenty years
And don't care

Sonnet (The chic mystique)

Now I'm here again
How precious can you be
The chic mystique.

Totally detached from where I am
May you know peace and plenty and satisfaction
A big thing like that.

Because I'm hoping for you
You won't see me fall apart
Tied up in sorrow, lost in the sun
You've come to find a shining star
You've got a part of somebody else.

What a meaningless day
It doesn't move me at all
Caught up in endless confusion, living a life of illusion.

Reconstruction of Today's Background (Sonnet)

The engine ran down
Possibly a machine.
You are the baloney
I am the cheese
You may not let me in, but you can't keep me out
Twist and shout
And dance everything
Prove these tears that fall
Aren't really tears at all
Prove that I don't want to die
Sweetly singing
Looks like we're always saying goodbye
I leave flowers strewn in my wake
So good, I'll treat them as fact.

 Sonnet (No more will you care)

No more will you care
Maybe I can make you cry
Totally tomorrow
Oh, what a fatal conquest
Totally mine 
To get away from everything
Perhaps tomorrow today
I wish I was alive
I wish I knew what I knew
I want to stay up forever
Perhaps somwhere I'll be elsewhere
That's good enough for me
Totally bound 
Yet free!

Lost Opportunities  (Double Sonnet)

Everybody's got a story to tell
Maybe you more than me
But I know very well
What it is to be
Scared out of your wits
And frightened to die
This happened to me
Not long ago

With rising impact 
Spiraling down
Trying to stay ahead
Find the balance
The balance is found
And the little bird which stands for my youth...

Places I know, people I see
Pack me with tears
I see strange things, I see funny things
You have changed things
I've reached the end of my rope
There's a memory in everything I see 
No sign of life at all
The valley of footsteps that no one hears

How could I ever be you
After all is done
Although all my eyes were open
It was because of the mist
We kissed
And spun



I'm for breaking down all barriers, I'm for letting everything swing!
I want to understand what I have got to do
We've walked down this beach a thousand times
Nothing here lasts long
The same old shit
I'm for breaking down all barriers, I'm for letting everything swing!

You can cry and weep and pray
Seek the holy rapture
I didn't mean to desert you
I'm headed for a breakdown every day
Are there any further revelations forthcoming?
You can cry and weep and pray

My heart is sore, sick and sore
You're near and I'm far away
I didn't mean to desert you
"Look what you're trying to do!"
I'm headed for a breakdown everyday
My heart is sore, sick and sore

Now everything's in my mind
The same old shit
I wash my hands of it
A simple-minded insistence
Like poking your finger
Into the chest of America

"Look what you're trying to do!"
My heart is sore, sick and sore

Epitaph for a Comedian
He humored them.

Sonnet (This is a troubled world)

This is a troubled world
To prove your love for me
Beyond nothing there's something
A pointless effort
In this old troubled world of faith and tears
I pull my dress to my knees
I'm slipping back into the old days again
Where I long to be
I have a head full of stone
And a heart like a pea
(That was a thrill!)

Leave my embrace!
If you think that this is just a game
Untill the organ turns to dust

Two Events

Two events have indicated to me the depth of your guilt.
Too bad this had to be.

I'm astounded at your audacity!
To tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now is the hour
This is not affecting me.

This children's mental hospital once knew laughter, once knew tears
But no more.

Getting very old and feeling it.
In the Useless Category.

Looking out over the ocean, waves of consciousness are drummed up by the wind of objects.
Have you abstained?

I fell apart with a star deep in my head.
All the pain we could have had.

What are you trying to do?
If I could only make you cry.

 Memories to Hate

In the grip of fate
I've got a story to tell, 
Memories to hate.

The quick and easy way
What a nasty thing to say.
How much more should you specify?

The Wall that Wouldn't Fall. 
The Wail that Wouldn't Fail.
I want to know everything
Connected with death and striving
Don't you don't think I don’t think constantly of that!

Don't let your emotions bother you.

Your so-called "friends" are hounding me!
I'm in trouble because of you!
I believe in myself!  Who else is there 
To believe in?
It’s time to be a man! 
At last I'm right!

In the magic of moonlight
I take swings all over the place.
Just give me one good reason. 

One more time
Purple raindrops start blowing
I hear the angels singing
Over a mound of dirt.
I know what that means.


Making the Best of the Bad

We are all cursed to death!
I can't think of a way out!
I like to add lines between the lines between the lines
Only when you're smiling is a certain dimension revealed.

You dabble in everything.
Walk right in and  out of that machine you're in
A strictly limited dream
A word machine.

I like the old times best
Old times are the best.
Totally besotten
I don't want to hear anymore bad news.

Connection or disconnection therapy, 
Leading me to think
It's a phenomenon
Interpret it as you can.

I'm staking my life on a belief!
Don't you understand?
I'm not trying to prove  anything!

You should already know
Love is not a gadget.  Love is not a toy.
Is it God or chance?  I must find out!

Turning bad to good,
Off-handedly like.
A poem waiting for a line.
It's interesting but stupid.

Describe certain things.
An alternative spoon.
There are some magnificent revelations down here!
Get laid.  Get paid.  Get old.  Get fat.
That's what it's all about.

Nowhere Soon

You know I want to be near you
You know I want to be kind.
I wonder what is?
Is it charitable to be?
I just want to make out.  You know what I mean?
Is it too trivial to mention?
This is enough
You hear me moaning and moaning.  You know it hurts me inside.
What will I be, what will I ever do?
In the dark I can't see your face anymore


Wise Presents

He gets right in all the time.
When you are rubberized and feel low
You got me working like a slave.
This old jail has grown cold.
He gets right into the picture anytime.

When I'm in heaven I get confused.
How do you account for it?
You just went away
(There he goes like a gun again)
I wish I hadn't heard it all
The world is a hundred percent against me
Yet I stand still.

You got it right in the end
Wanting to be
And not trying.


Sonnet (Reserves of strength) 

Reserves of strength, don't fail me now
Let the music begin!
Every morning makes a contribution
Here for the moment I can hold you fast
And dream our love will last
Discern my memories
Lead me to something
"Meaningless numbers"
Now I know I'm on the mark!
You can give up your dreams, but not your money
You can give up the bees, but not the honey
I take that as a sign
Of plenty


The Friends I Made

The friends I made all semed to drift away
Hail to thee, Poetry!  You are true blue!

Like a stream I waited
It wasn't very long
All things come together
in a song

The meaning today is too much sorrow
We sailed into the music
Just something that you kept inside
I couldn't believe the excitement

Looks like nothing to me
The death of what I feel

Debris on the Trail

Believe in being free.
Believe in free.

Mango potato
You're like a hot potato

Dirty Money
Rat in trap

Yes, there's a fascination to it.
The interconnection of ideas is interesting.

My face in your heart
Your face in my heart

(Is it impossible?)
Makes me feel good inside.

Someday I'll strike gold with my hammer.
How many days and we're no nearer...


Sonnet  (Oh liberty in you)

Oh liberty in you
great impact on sorrow
Are you a prisoner in vain
Nothing for me, nothing for you
but sorrow
It's a treasure in you
Wander off, virtue
Beautiful misery
Don't let them get away with it!
As we walk down the path of tomorrow
We are banded together just to die
Lying beneath the stars
A cloud crawls in under the moon
I want you to show me, I want you to say it!
What do you think right now?


It May Not Last a Beer

The clouds brighten for an instant
What connection does the music have with the song?
I make my own shape
as I go along
This sickness
I feel
in an instant
Am I a king too much?
What makes a man feel blue?
Mr. Pitiful, that's you
All things won't fail
Till you're put in jail
And they throw away the key
And hand you your hat
Well, forget that
Sad song 
A bathtub faucet
A brilliant star
You turn off

Glass Containers

Glass containers

Rough hips
Foreign lips

What not
Hot pot

Swing thief
More grief

Play therapy
Hay memory

Better than ever

Enough rope 
Too much hope

Square shooters
Lost rooters

Spooked fillies
Speak lillies

Square coil
More moil

Splintered spoke

Broken steel
Organic meal

Refuse and burn
Stand and turn

Strategies for speaking
Without leaking

Too much toffee
Tender coffee 

Now being
Still seeing


Punching Bags (Sonnet)

Look at the sky turn a hellfire red
Slightly sinister
This evil hairless imp that ruins everything
In victory there is defeat
In rectitude there is deceit
Unhurried blows
I'm saving this one
The only thing that matters is Iraq, the only thing that matters is Iraq
Are you so good?
This is a terrible feeling
Incomplete and new
When you go to the heart
That he stirred right up
Punching bags

Hit the Sky

Some limping, some standing alone
It will never leave you alone.
O promise me
Enough of your self
You're a stranger who came here
Sunshine through the fiery gems
The logic of the thing
The statistics are abnormal again
The ladies of the sixties have become the mothers of the eighties 
Unshakeable in the lonely blue
You've just got to smile


The Watchtower

Prominent scholars are sowing seeds of doubt
borne along by the holy spirit
In my little cocoon I hear the voices of reason
Diamonds are oozing from the trees
Sleep tastes sweet within the rapture
When flesh is pleasantly consumed
This is thinking of you
in the splendor 
of your little room
Spaced out on zero


Sonnet (The Rare Things Today)  

The rare things today
really shine
Sweet becomings, heavenly transfers
How like tomorrows
What you seek you shall find
I hope you comprehend
That's my highest pleasure
Emboldened by the glow
A too-much-passion weekend
That never comes
That's your fantasy
You must struggle to find it
Tonight you'll not see me again
I hate you human beings
Your plans to do this or that!