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Key Words


Key Words

We can’t move by day so we’ve got to move by night

Escape to the Stars

Juanita Cantina

Great American Backrace

Buried within these walls were haunting memories

We’re both afraid of the same thing
There’s something like a fog
Embers bursting into flame

I must say hello as if we’ve never parted

I can see stories beyond your life

Things that put a kick into life!

A painted backdrop of an English cottage standing in a lonely field

Return or not, just like glue

It was terrible waiting
but meeting you was 
well worth the wait.

Return or not, just like glue

Wake from dreaming
What’s the feeling
In every heartbeat
So bittersweet
I feel weak

I’m asking you to know about these things

Why should I believe in you 

Make things last


I ride the spur

When the evening comes we smile

Something else has been revealed to me

If you live your life your time will come

A haunted house, a memory
To know about things before they begin
Signs of force, signs of farce
The empty sidewalks of my thoughts
Signs of vainly clinging
Vainly revealing
Now the rain beats down upon my weary horse

Perhaps you find it hard to hear conversations sometimes
In noisy places

I went to the brink of life and was lost without a trace

A fragmented diary of the past

I close my eyes and drift away
Into the magic night
Like dreamers do
No arms and legs at your side

There’s love in your sighs
All the rocket ships are climbing to the skies
At home or work or in a car
Hearts gone astray

From the very start
I’ve done my part
Where it all begins 
In the heart
The beauty part

I can still hear my name!
I look in the window and I surrender
What I love
At your pace 
Paper flowers
Each time the darkness falls

You were the sunshine, I was the rain
Like a wave, a cloud reforming

I don’t understand my role in all this
Well, those are the stats
How important I am

Drift apart like lovers do

And dance

The music won’t come
It’s pale

The summer is just a page-turn away
Who knows how long
A summer lasts

Lost in a dream and I just can’t find my way
Sunshine and flowers where there used to be rain
“Only you
Can thrill me
And fill my heart with flame”

It comes to me in the morning
Little lumps of lead
Chilling in the light
Compelled by anxiety
Down there all the time
Things have really changed
My life’s not the same

It takes a form
Burning and filled with desire
It’s not what it’s supposed to be
It’s like a heat wave
A diamond fire
Very decorative

Look at my face
You made your love seem so sweet
The devil in disguise
Like a best friend who doesn’t care
Only you can make me dream

Simple food.
The compassionate way to be.
I vaunt myself.

You look at me
The lights are awfully low
You ask me why
You had to die
To me 
I say those are the breaks

Even the great
Have to wait
For something 
In death’s final agony

This little world I inhabit
singing you a slumber tune
I retrieve the past

In the sea I hold you tight

I’ll sweep it all aside
And hide it till I die
Sent to hell
In a boat
Made of smoke

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re here to stay
A sincere desire to help
Like boarding a train
You never get off

You will always wonder about that
It takes its place with me
Keep it to yourself

It doesn’t meet your surge

Look, I’m foaming!

I will make a hybrid of the great
It’s a taste of honey
A heart of gold
that never grows old
Something special happens with everyone

Let the language lead 
You into joy
Having the time of your life
The nights are long
Getting in-between
Are you in the mood for a dance?

That’s almost all
I can go into the dark
Without a friend
Like I was alone

Do you think I know
what you want?

A little glimmer

Smoking nightclubs

There’s a chamber beyond the zone
Gobble it up
So swift it nearly flies
From the inside out
eaten alive
a quasi-similarity, a code hatred
that leads to pain
that bump that we thought about
You may find another way home

You haven’t slept in two days. Try getting some rest.

A broken tomorrow
A live throat
A wall with candlelight reflecting on it

Transfixed by the shadow on a wall
There’s a path before me
Why not appeal to the devil
As long as he never touches me...

I’m just a memory now
Getting to heaven means going to hell
What else is in there?
Who’s to say
That’s the beauty
A philosophy of height
before you take another step, 
A broken hammer

Of course there were always doubts
I never had any security
The healthy wind blows
Death feeds me all around me
Am I a fool?
Am I secluded in this castle?

Now I want to wait

White curtains

I take my pipe and stuff it
Earth and clay break in two before my eyes
I thought of music and nothing but
There can be joy in work.
It will always remain a mystery

I was not aware when you called.
No one told me. 
Swan song of angst
Why shouldn’t I trust myself
Like a bird on high 
Singing a song of tomorrow
A very complicated metaphor

Strange to sing so high
In a little space
Life is a symphony of sorrow
I have to be happy

The loveliest story I ever heard
It’s getting further and further away
Sometimes the greatest gift of all

The tiny space between your teeth
let a good mouth go bad
“Compelling stories
Of real people like you”

Crime affects us all.
God will believe his heart.
You too have chosen me
Women who have made me a man

The smoking lamp is lit
They know when a patient isn’t normal
Even though it doesn’t care about me
They were once the believers
More orderly
Than history
They need to atone 
We have to assume responsibility
In a political engagement
What level are you approaching
A certain level
of attack

A rose
Think nothing of it

You can just about hear the auctioneers
Going, going, gone
I’m working on the working
It never was to be

Healthy you
Donate your lips
My only friend
Together at last

They died in the winter together
Why didn’t you keep him away
Give me something to do
At the present time

Another One.
I want you to know they’re men
Now it happened in a flash. Goodbye.
One Another

Whatever you want
I’ll stay here a thousand years
I was part of the great mosaic
Which brought me to tears

A new bloody man with a revolution
And in the sky
It’s the best of all possible worlds

It doesn’t mean the same
When you add up the total which
Defines the whole which
Sound is bigger than ever

Why did every place start to feel the same
The place of fantasy and reality
To reflect about the meaning of your life
Like a forgotten man
The rich are evil and treated adoringly
Nobody laughs

Unspoken words
The future is under fire
The world today
Where the feeling is
Don’t raise a fuss
A slender silver ray
Leads the way
Through the alley

Tickled with love

Too good to be true good to be true good too be true to good be good to be true good true good to be too good true good to be.

Later in the program
it has not changed
I have testified
Going bankrupt
You’d better cry about the consequences

Last night went off splendidly
Fortunately it did no damage

Like a ghost out of the past
from a lonely old era
We don’t have the right kind of love

Into a flame, my heart
My love for you

Designed to confuse the atmosphere
It made me so sick

Too many illegal immigrants today
After all these years
It rights a wrong

Am I gonna eat or am I gonna starve?
The food speaks for itself

These things will pass away

How much they wanted the child

Innocence was shattered
Like a bomb
Screw the world
Even if 
Some may die

I’ve been through this before
People started worrying about the long-term
Lingering problems
We have a little view

Be sensitive enough to hear
Everyday look at them through a microscope
The feigned reality
Straight out of the newsroom
Their failure gave birth to our opportunity
It’s just beginning
Being as tradition-bound
Early in the process
You appear to be previously
We are looking for the key to unlock that growth
For various reasons and values
In nearly perfect equilibrium
Throughout our organization
Would it not be productive
From all of us?

Nice to be here
Guess again
Taking advantage of opportunities
Can be intimidating
Higher and more positive than ever
This brings back
The sky above our world

Some men never grow

There’s something we may have to do
A way to shoot farther and straighter
That wacky wonder world
Another apple

We really spell
What a ride
Move fast
The pain will help me to consciousness

Men, this is the path, this is the hammer
Hold your breath

I want something beautiful in the dawn
As riots sweep the land
The blistering heat continues to blaze 
About time
Whom does this machine belong to?

The sound of autumn starts
Where close to the brown root
Its information
It all begins
Because we couldn’t decide exactly what we might need to do
Physically really these were eventually
Opportunities which abound.
Let’s get to work
There was some question
A philosophy, quite knowledgeable
Wakes us up at three in the morning to tell us
As fast as you can say “delicatessen”
Did you see it?
Because it lacked consideration by both parties

Whoops! What do I need?
That amorphous history tomorrow
An ever-increasing throw
To keep in me a lot of power
A wounded animal of tension which provides a meal

Hello again, goodbye
They go two by two
Out of nowhere
It’s the talk of the town
Well you got me
Still burning
The fat mouths
All that has become fuel
With the right wind and weather conditions

For some devious reason
If this does not stop
You demanded the weapons
There was no way to stop it
What’s in part of your mind?
Show me the scar
My revenge will be seeing you live like this.

Smooth sailing, sucker
My night is over.
I’m prepared to be cooperative
The quest for youth, so futile

There’s a big cover-up
performed every day
By calling this number now
To uncover the truth
Without embarrassment
You won’t be afraid

Matters are somewhat uncertain
Take the policies we used
We should agree if possible
Over the scope of the crisis
We don’t have to talk about today
over the next few weeks ahead
The young leader unsteeped, the traditional leader dead
Which would you choose?

The sea has a treasure
There is nothing to grasp
It’s just destiny
Can it be true?
A bad thing that does good

We’ve got a pattern today

I would not think

We often lose things in life that make us wonder why
I’m sure God has His say 
Sand beneath the broom
Sad beneath the moon
When they
Light the giant tree

“One thing you must remember”
What is to be over again
A knife in the heart
like December begins to freeze
A vast implacable enemy

You chew
what I need

Your team works hard
Against the proof today
Seeming to believe
Something else 
I could not say.

We believe
nothing else
We say today
in the heat of tomorrow

Practical and true
A serious threat to the constituency
Where like you do
A mysterious thread
gathers the knot
I wipe it away

Cheerio! Ta ta! Goodbye! Au revoir! Hasta luego! Arrividerci! Auf weidersein! 
Europe says goodbye. Do not cry.
I’ll come again.
I know you’ll think of me.

After we go
Who will know

A tooth ascends

Something imponderable and true

So often we seek
Just tiny little pieces
Why should we care?
I sit alone at home

Another human being.
That’s tough

You don’t know what you mean

How is the decision made?

The happiness I seem to seek
I cannot speak
When I weep

I’ll cruise away with you
and make a new start

Everything is dried up
The earth on its knees
These spirits that move
in your direction
hoping to be

Ahigh in the sky
a silly plane

Have you started to back out?
Or are you still in a bind?

Then there was trouble
I started to believe myself
But soon stopped.

However, I had a plan
Spending endless time
Weeping to pretend
I was alone. Then there was more trouble.

And then there was the day 
The eternal wouldn’t be spared
Silence is an echo
Of what I feel

An elbow in the memory
is just as real
Fighting with within
the globe

Very well may be
One thing or another
over and over again

Paint a rainbow in the sky
Paint a pot of gold
Look how it appears to me

The fire in my face
I want to make a plan
You have to have faith
To go it alone.

After it’s all over the place

These two human beings
Creating their own way of being together
Now they faced the test

She’ll have to find out by herself

Serving your vacuum heart
Who is to say while alive
I can throw it any way?

How the phenomenal growth impacts the falls

Suffering is a long forgotten memory

Every scrap of information
It’s more like an inclination
Dance around this question
Please pardon this interruption

Hurt the devil

I spotted him in the glass of ice

The rhythm will give me back my book
As the nation swells
Beyond love

It’s after the tree somewhere
on the other side of the river
They look small out there

Any slip could become fatal
He just died
I saw him disappear
I was wrong
In the coldly analytical part of our minds
To see him die before my eyes...

How fast things can change
Certain to be reborn
right after this

I believe in you, do you believe in me?
Who cares what I think?

When I think
Hidden in the dark corner of someone’s life
You who are about to believe
In my arms you’ve found your good friend

A corner of necessity
These are full of absurdities
What went wrong
No matter what is

An emotional plan
Superscription in space
The threshold is fluctuating
Take out the necessities

Cracks here, cracks there
They stood as one
Now extended 
An extraordinary development
A long leap into the unknown
Do you think it’s wise?
What we are committed to,
The aspirations of which are dead
Like a funeral disguised as a wedding

A tremendous shift
that was to lead to the dream
an unknown charter
the background of this
And still the public is not involved
The means we are prepared to employ
An important development 
The means and the new ends
Perhaps even more so
engaged its power
To step back 
When people are inhibited,
unpleasant truths, 
when things begin to go sour.

No wonder they shake
Is there nothing whatever may be said

Is this really is 
In the wreckage
A very bad thing

The sky filled with them
Thank you all
It’s made a new change

Today says good bye to tomorrow.
It just is.
That seems long ago.
There are too many things in the way of telling.

A giant torch of today and tomorrow
We make your mornings smile

He screamed and we found it here
Maybe there is someone else
On this ship?

I cringe when I think about what’s crawling on him

Unconscious but stable
I cannot let you go
Why that particular pattern
We dream without you 

I’ve got a plan to diffuse explosive situations

It’s worse than I expected
Remember to take tomorrow
Or die
Like yesterday

Who knows what will happen 
When things erupt
One is one as far as I’m concerned
Nature is real

It’s just my job
even in your death
Where things suppose 
Another reality

Something is draining all our power
Now we are worthy

I’ll take care of the body

You’ll be tempted to return
To help those who have died
Why are people angry here?
Try to shake it off

Who is they? Them.
I wish you were fine
Won’t you whisper in your own ear

A box full of sox
Or a great vacation
We have the rides too

The event you‘ve been waiting for is here

Make your heart turn about

One thing forever

One wonders 
Who is next
A piece of time
There is no hello to say good bye to
Sock it to me!
Among the urns.

I have no place to go.
I could go on endlessly
I love to make the feathers fly
Can you stop me?

Ambiguously I’m taught
to say
As the sun shines

What you must do.
I don’t see anything in this mood

Trouble in Outer Space
It all means something

There was a heaviness yet
How hideous and beautiful
We haven’t evolved
Several things
To set and get apart
Several things
Described as a dysfunctional family
Frequently verbatim
Which is why
Beautiful should be banished everywhere

How are you so blind?
This confirms my fears.
The winters were harsh on the farm
It belongs in the gutter with the rest of society
Now I’m left with a shell of dignity
Depriving future generations of a work of art

And the most that does is
What it wants.
Long healthy bones

I believe I know
There is no confirmation at all
What happened today
A tragedy

There’s a large majority of people here
Who know
Waxed pain relief

Key executive decisions

I lived in a dream for a moment
Life was just an interlude

Upon my weary eyes
Begins to fall
The empty sidewalks
Where the sparks go

If you would only dare, you could be great
A memorable and poignant moment
Some genius created that monster

It was a funeral
Whenever we say goodbye

Guided by a star 
That gleams in the universe
It will not go away

I know barely enough to know
the largest part
of what we know
today where the story ends
for now

Who is here to bring evidence?
To remember?
It’s not incredible.

I think we should kneel
Whenever we remember
Everything is not true
Whenever we remember
In the swimming pool of life

You are free to judge
What will be

Let the melody shine
Let subjectivity judge

An extension of what is alive

I’ve already destroyed the evidence
I won’t be slack again

I have to keep my mind separate from my work
Otherwise I’d be a jerk

A field of stars
Faith is all
Hope is enough

This is a new day and we’re out together
We can’t predict what we’ll find
An ultimate discovery
Here’s the crux of the matter
That is all she wrote
Cause it’s true
A black cloud hid the day
Regaining consciousness
I’m glad to hear your voice
It’s good to wake your voice
I just want to look at it
I’m waiting
To see how we get out of here
We’ve solved the explosion problem with this problem
People will put it down
Under the cities
Where you live today

I don’t remember anything while it was happening

Share family tensions
Little things mean a lot

It’s the best season
A new perfect ending
which took it one step further
I’m taking the next train
Look at that
Oh, grow up! You are not Santa Claus
I don’t care what you have to do
I appreciate your concern
It’s not what I’m talking about 
It’s not necessary, man
The day comes up
And will go down
back where it was

I’m sorry. Don’t say anything.

Are you busy tonight?
That’s easy

The world’s worst democracy
Isn’t it enough to be
Solid and true
Better than life itself

Is it my body?
I let everything go.
It hurts so bad
Even hell has a hell

Kill lice and eggs
Nothing but little desires deep in your heart
This is a time for love
In all this confusion
The life I have known
It is inconceivable

It looks like they found you

Their breathtaking performances
The American Physical Awards
Every time I move my head the world starts spinning
That’s not good
The only limits are the ones we set
That’s a problem
The lonely nights
Wallowing in misery
deep in your heart
I didn’t come all this way to give up! I’ll take the risk!
We’re preparing to enter the barrier
I’ve found the crash site and the cave
In the comfort

Things gotta be rougher tomorrow
Did you hear the reason?
Our courses have unfortunately crossed paths

Why the hummingbird?
Just get rid of the blues
Chaos and mayhem.

We’re going to change a number of things

Catch up in the middle of the day
It could not be broken
The horrible cave
You’re dealing with powerful forces at work here
I can take this hot
You’re all puffed up
It’s all covered up
Take that pipe in your mouth
and smoke it down

A non-delicious fat
When people want delicious variety
We marry steel belts

You are who you believe.
Don’t worry about the future.
It spreads its wings and it’s breathtaking
I didn’t go insane
Now I know that I’m not alone
I should have called sooner

Oh, where will it be
without you
It all begins right now
A really terrible accident
Get out of your lousy mood
I felt sorry for him at the same time.

You are in the fight of your life
A fight you can win
You don’t have to stop all at once
Use your best judgment
Continue to search for answers
It is not up to us to decide if he survives.
That’s what you want, isn’t it?
Too hang while you’re loose?

I’d really like to smell something.
Elaborate human bonding rituals
What a dream
Hope will join us tonight.

There are those who stand above
On the highway of life

The organic saw
Who else is there
The Western World is exploding
To the spirit in the sky
Information is power
What does the future hold
Ugly sex situations
When nothing is enough
You cannot be loaned into complacency
Fifty years from now
I strike into the heart

Who else knows
All members want to work towards a common good
When nothing counts
What else is there to know
At the peak of the storm
People were looking for
The greatest ability to isolate
What else is new

I feel safe as a rock

The sky is heavy with clouds
Rain is beginning to fall
The lizard is surprised by the snake
If it isn’t right it isn’t perfect
Who wants to be the first one
You are wonderful
I don’t want to be the last to say
They may not cover you
Those little slogans are so great
Shall we hit the floor?

There has to be limits
Let’s just dance normal for a while
Do you always plan to come with me from afar
You’ve got to be good
Why do I have a bad feeling
Cheer up, the sun is red
There have been some complications
Never inflict harm, the inevitable pain

I was shocked 
He is dead
The real trouble truly began

Freeze my grandmother, freeze her forever

Bodies flaring
Drown each other
Hooked on a maze of madness
Powers that can’t be controlled
Slipping through your fingers
Who else knows

A dog that has human intelligence
Hold on to your engine
Tonight now
Chew on this
Tumbling the other way
Ahead of the curve
We can’t leave
We’re approaching the rendezvous point
Let’s go.

In a big happy family
on the highway of life
Their prize is a wasteland of rubble
The treatment is provided in an outpatient setting
A virtual Noah’s ark of mementoes
This wasn’t used
This my whole life has changed
The insanity of criminal behavior
Reality is more important than today
You’re on the other side now
It’s awful

Now it is near
Do you know what I hear?
Who invented
What I hear
This face
Let me sleep
He sleeps, she dreams

Do you think you could and pressure
This untouched piece of paradise
Like a raisin surrounded by meat
The end of nothing
I have this powerful feeling
I have a big mouth
Now is forever the end of forever

I’d like to rest here for a few minutes
It should be simple but it’s not
We shouldn’t rest.
A sudden face
Who knew what the future would bring
in the infinite past
Life after life
I know what I have to do
When I need you. 
There must be a way
I’m just another part of you

There’s no way to repair all this damage
I’ve been thinking 
I don’t think you belong here
What went wrong
Make things easy on yourself
Just give up
I made a mistake
We’ll see about that

I don’t think it’s easy for you
in normal light
You’re dying 
I can do anything I want
You won’t believe where I’ve been

I guess I was lucky
Casting me in the role of villain
There’s hope for you yet

You tell me your business
A fitting treasury
To bring with you
That you wanted that way
Living inside myself
I know what I did was wrong

Something’s always happening here
This virus might spread
Take me home, Smiley
Despite all that
Particularly coming from you

It’s been my observation 
There’s no feeling beyond what you do
What if I’m wrong?
Tell me?
Is there anyone?

I know I had to have one of those machines
Adjust to your fitness level
I’ve always waited to meet you

You’ve left your retirement far beyond
You end up saying nothing

A clear and precise analysis
You are afraid to be new things

I never betrayed you in my heart

It’s not a trick, it’s a choice
Now I know
A sleeker animal, with a tough hide
Of course that’s all
above me now

What do you think I see
on this road
Don’t ask me who I am
when you go by
They snuck up on the bridge

I’ll rest the pencil
Where your lips were last night

Another dead body
I need your help
I shut the door
I’m just here to help you
You’re not what I expected

Cave of Dreams

Face the earth.

Give them something to focus on
It’s very important to listen to me.
You’re an honorary figure in their religions
Who else has ascertained the source, I demand
A basic catastrophe
It’s a good thing I’m on earth
For everyone there’s a signal
That can echo into pain

You’re not easily tempted

Here’s your thing
If you need to think about it.
We’ll try to fit your schedule.

I suggest we take this room.
Maybe we should wait for help.
I don’t like the sound of that bag.
The army mechanism
Somewhere in here.

We’ll have to think of something.
I’m aware of the situation
Give them a little encouragement
drifting around for a few days
I require your assistance
I only need one shot

I am going to pray

There they are, men
On the assembly block

I never drank 
In here paralyzed
in extraordinary letters

Beneath the surface
ready to grow
in the year 2000
You couldn’t imagine
feeling like a kid
Ahead of time
in the ground dead.

The story unfolded
in a dream suburb
Young thugs
In a gorgeous home
he has had a problem with tomorrow.
On a roasting hot day
A killer who loved his work

I can’t believe this
Who are these people?

Somebody was playing chess
Another story begins

All it takes is floating
I see myself in most
Bald fears
This was a very brutal moment

At this moment we can’t prove these minds exist
I have an idea
This is a curious decision we must help
Very, very so fine
Every single time
The truth is, I cannot believe that tumor
This is all I have.
Is that enough?

You can barely see them
I enjoy the view
Welcome back to the world

A long human wait
I feel good
I don’t care

Have a seat
I understand
That was nothing

What happened to you
Some part of you keeps bringing me here

A different flavor of you
Tragic smiles
A little closer to the phone

You always have to look out for betrayal

I think something bad is going to happen
I can smell the blood of history
We must celebrate
How’s the view?
Show no fear.
Evil is on the air.
That is the end
of the scientific kind

Can you afford idle hands?
Remember that incident?
It will soon come to pass
Are things any better for us
We are still connected 
I never had any problems
None of us will get out of here alive
Therapy won’t change what I did
No time to feel pain
In the middle of the night
People are dying
No one’s going to remember
Stay warm
If that’s what you want
There’s something set you off

Swift and silent
Only magnify

In your eyes I cry
What am I going to do?

Did they make her that way?

It lost me.
Is it alive? May I hold it?
I’m doing a study
That repairs easily

The thought that nourishes
Beware of factors

We found some truth together
Stopping violent crimes before they begin

You look good to be
snug and secure
in my little womb
Where I don’t pretend 
in the end
Where I want to be

Various rays

We’re losing atmosphere
In the vastness of space

Awful youth
Sometimes something gets messy
A broken heart

You are fine to me
and incurable

It’s hard keeping track
It’s hard to let go
Which one of us is the bigger failure
I oppose you and me
Looking at how that works

Unafraid, unalloyed
examine the consequences
in the middle where it all ends

The hazards we might face

Beyond the face
I’m sorry

It’s fun to set your schedule 
And see your doctor
We’re not talking forever

I accumulate the truth
Like drivel
Now combined together and intact
My hunk is here
The lightning’s there
We can’t wait until forever

I really thought you were strangled

Not a fact present
All I really want is to resent it
Your life is unrepentant
Don’t you feel guilty?
Only the guilty have died

The creature slept
He wanted to protect the innocent

That’s even better than a picture
The good life at a great price

I’m with you
Rambling on
I guess I got caught up in the magic

Well I guess I gotta guess again
Don’t worry, you’re gonna get through this all right
I’m just an observer here
When will the decision be finished?

I’m checking to see how I’m enjoying myself
It’s done.
I prefer to breathe

What if
For a minute there
The people see

I’ve paid attention to the photos of his injuries
Through the arc of the divine
Look at the big picture

An unpleasant experience
An expensive mistake
Just be sure that you don’t forget that
Like a soldier leaving for war
The excitement keeps growing
How despicable people are

That’s enough fun for now
You are all men of honor

Millions of worlds
Fanatically dedicated
Love is a powerful base
In the middle of everything
He only just dropped off

The worst they can do is kill you
I am not here in the window
I am not here on the floor
Where were we
In a dream I woke
In the after-life of dreams
Ask new questions, we don’t have much time
I want to believe you

One more time it ended, one more time it began
Like a gong
Or a song

I must admit I get a perverse pleasure out of it
and make you pay for it all
They’re the ones who should be put on trial
if it’s really a hoax
Now that it’s over
he’ll be dead soon

There’s nothing worth celebrating
Calling your name

Would you like me to call you together?
They didn’t think you’d come
Kiss me again

Go up in smoke 
In a parallel universe
Wide open to gang activities
You’ll like my new toy

Demanding bigger targets
Somebody better stop this man
Before he explodes

Who made it real
Open up that heart of yours
I appreciate the business

Chop liver spontaneity
Are you still deaf to me
A man of convention
This ship is made for death
Obliged in various ways

Relax your cares away
Be prepared mentally
Be aware now
Show him your bite
I shed no tears for your dishonor
I’ve learned to be true

Death was instantaneous
It’s just been one day
Over there
What are you looking to find
That has nothing to do with this data
Above or beyond 
The wasted space 
Take a look at science

I wouldn’t like to be there
Until they invent a machine that can
keep the beat

In the big picture
Step up
Nothing brings a family together
in your own pool
where the water flows
Now who helps the innocent?

We punish the innocent with the rest
Open that door for me
Be awake when you sleep
Where the water lilies peep
where it’s been said

Freezing mud drops

I flee into my dream
Everybody wants that dinosaur

I will reinforce your memory
I want to feel sunshine
And waking is good
Where do you find the strength
This was my moment

The surprising development
Stand up to the storm

Fabulous purple exile land
A faith that arrives
Comes to an end

I saw the look in your eyes
Without an end

Add pressure to the cabin

When he’s anxious, he writes it down.
But he was reduced 
Almost beyond rhythm

You spend your days underground 
Completely unenlightened
In the hole 
Without an end
in the hole
Who else knows the truth?

Liquid and white, easily accessible
The phenomenon continues with its newest stars

Our line begins to crumble
I’ve got a feeling something’s going wrong

A brilliant hope
Who else is there else
Who else knew the plan, the purpose?

Excruciating pain

No one who knew what it was
A small stick walking
Who was to be

He’s acting like a strange one
It was all a big, fat misunderstanding

I have a tool that does what has to be done.

Rockin’ the Cradle of Love

Something new, something important.
I just want to make a difference.
Challenges, I would think.

In the middle of tomorrow
I awoke to the song
and where it goes

Sometimes everything seems a shade of gray
I fear no evil
Get your crutch on
Spinning in place to be happy
coming in pretty colors
relax, it’s all good for you

It can help you to false control
It’s out of this universe
I indicate you in space
Where you gotta have faith
Enough is enough
No matter what supersized soda is

Sweet meat

Where else is there
all tied up
Very nice
We’ll be watching you

Fighting Detective

Where everything seems good
A simple principle of being
Where the sound of a flute
Acts like a neuron
Where the end is near

Don’t stand over there
I understand you’ve been looking for me
A love to cherish
Simple evil has taken over
You know how that works

The eggs unfold.
I have very little time
attached to tomorrow

The foghorn blows

In the intervening years
Off in a display
Nothing funny can be serious
Sitting there in galloping pain
The best life is too comfortable in the real hostility
of a lot of conversation
Examine what you are doing
Every problem has a solution
Put some sincere energy in it
As we look it will open

Life came at a high price
Less burden, less sorrow
Agony, sorrow & death
beyond the anguish
Turning away, that’s bad
In this trip we have together
There is no reason to be burdened
The best friend is nature and yourself
Feel free to tread the barrier

An international phenomenon
I am looking
I did it, don’t move
A magical flaking
I gotta race
To help maintain your precious bio
Where the comedy comes
Welcome back
Do it right here,
A basket of superstars

Why do you speak so funny
Join the present

Sitting in stone

Who knows where
there is the over
view there

Now the constant thrill and shock
Like you wanted to know
Something to get excited about
It was all so easy

A little house made of wood
If only we’d give it a chance
This world would be a better place
You’re much more than I’ve ever known

I have a lonely soul
Feeble crumbs one bite at a time
You can live here forever
Welcome to us next
You’re very busy for us to understand 
The story that’s there

The way it was tonight
Everything is sucked through filters
Poor old fool
Just like me

They exist out of time
I try to visualize the end
Oh, don’t you hear
There is no higher calling 
I have no doubt

These people have to go
It isn’t safe here

Over the overboard

Sweet swift
Baking Ovens
Performing for Pets
Packing Cool
Open Head
His spirit waves

All the pieces of your life come together
That you can race
Today I’m going to make history quiver
The dead have wings
And tell us so
Beyond the mysterious present
More and more when I look at her

Now more than ever
There is nothing else here
In the insolence of you
One more thing in the future

You’ve spotted something

Arrange me quickly

Where the wind blows

All major moms
Come join us again

A well-oiled tight emotional machine
I’m you ten minutes from now
A blast of God
You remind me of my oldest phrase

Where the mummy lies
Inside the tomb 
It lasts forever
Let’s take another painless look
Where it ends
Or tomorrow is enough

A painless sequence 
like a little lift
One dreamy category
You are just making me run
I want the audience to go through an experience
The teasing is over
There’s something out there calling me
What an unfortunate thing to be
The thing we know is true
Nothing to be

They’re all in the expensively decorated house in New Orleans
A fantasy I don’t have
You’re with me baby 
I want to grow
I feel more love
at the pain at the bottom in reverse
A sweet number 10
The moon all bright
Over all my objections
I stand behind my convictions

I can’t understand it
I cannot live for my pleasures anymore
Now do you understand how much they love me?
You have to know the fields they’re in

We had nothing to know
And nothing to feel

Quality furs
So they could stay alive
Just as I regret many things
Your anger is a challenge
Just as I observe
Where the water blows
Off the lake

Did you see that picture of me?
I just don’t want to be alone
Like a thought

How strange it was to see
You here tonight
What the story means
Where we go

So pliable with age
The fantasy field

Now the party begins where it ends
Do you make your hands work?
I always warn
A wriggling, splashing, dripping goldfish
Life under the earth
One step at a time
Over head and hills

Sometimes a man needs to say no
Let’s not turn away now
I’ve never really given up

The meaningless pose
Always everything

Think about the movies
The magic of the movies
The highs, the lows

There are many dangers ahead

There’s a beautiful city ahead of us
In the middle of everything my heart is pounding
Where anything is else
When one day is enough
Over the miles

Pure things
All the best pieces
I’m happy here
It doesn’t matter how anything is

Over all the excitement
When you’re in your natural state
What you appear to be is not what you’re capable of
Where space ends
Or was meant to be
Since the beginning of time
The steel view
Now alone at last
Where the fact is life
There is a moral law working in the world

Have my words made any sense to you?
Why does this have to stay in the past?
We met as children
I heard something in the night
One has enough

This should make you feel better

A little brightness in the darkness

Cheaper than eating
All that happens

This doesn’t last
A faded star
There is no unfinished business

One more insincere comment
I like that
Don’t have a reason
Sharp shadows everywhere
Stuck in a hole
There’s a certain amount of faith involved
Inorganic yet still dangerous
At every instance there’s still an element of error

I never forget things like that so easily.

Now here’s my secret
The spaces between the pictures
That’s it
Everyone still dreaming

Just because you think when you think

Another bad mistake

A little free

The scene can be brutal

Dancing comes hard

I thought I was transcending and now I am
Medical things have gone astray
Who is after everyone
gone away
in the distance
I don’t see anything wrong

I have nothing to give you in return
You’re wearing your skin like iron
Sink into your dreams

Goodbye, brave warriors

A bowl of pushing lava
I know what you think of me
You just don’t understand
My seeming to describe
No kidding.

No kidding,
Easily impress someone
Share a ride
Embryonic in the atmosphere
More of what’s happening
For some unaccountable reason

I saw him 
Sitting there in his chair
with blood
Purest fantasy
It changes everything
Pure velvet
Don’t you think is worth changing for
It’s the wonderful thing about mysteries
They fall from the sky
Every night in deed
We’re triggering events we’re trying to control
We turn to the time
if you could flip my body
When you activate this device

Remember, don’t wait too long
Three hundred miles into the future
There’s going to be a disaster

Lions look really bad
Shouldn’t you look real bad too?
Help me up!
Look for anything you can find
It doesn’t matter
There’s been a change
I really have nothing else to say
That’s all it is. A theory.

Deluxe. Delectable. The finest cheese.
I feel like forgiving
A big block of time.
You can’t outrun death
Like a big black fury
Without you I wouldn’t have a chance 
How did we get back here?
The negative way
Give the people what they want
There’s a certain fuzziness to it all
An oxymoron
for those who want freedom
for those who want life

Who else knows the who and the what

Power this intense can’t be real
It’s like a shock

I might as well pretend to be what I am
The heart can be felt in many things
A very chilling idea
A very charming day
Another place to spin
Something else again today
A white boat where it shines
The heart is full
What could be more crazy than this?
Where it stays up there

The curtain is freezing
I know the heat
He should be laughing
In a little while
Drying out
I can analyze quite accurately
Where it stands
for a little while
Serenely plastic
in the light
You’ve crossed this river of pain

Several short changes
It was the method of breathing 
The reason is
That’s enough for me.

Pioneers of an endless zone
Dig into it deeper
What else would you like
A flower to share

A painful reduction I feel

Always undermining the basis
because they tell you not to
There’s not enough to do
I don’t care if you’re you

A blackened robe of grief
It’s all on the other side
of life
What the will was
What they wish
has not been determined
The process has been thoroughly pursued

The new and complete issue
Observe the difference on impact
It’s my responsibility to remember
To win even if the war’s over

I will do the opposite
Here is this

A wonderful organizing force
Which you will not believe
Organizing chaos
Show no violence
Stay back and you’ll stay alive
Damn, they’re all dead there
Do you know how big this thing is?
I am not what you want
Helping it along

This is the big splice
Stay after
Watch me
Until you find your perfect shape
I will be 
Something Studios
That’s all
After another thing 
I’m in a little box with you

Paradise stops
In the midst of breathing there

I remember you
in a burst of sunshine

The pursuit of the perfect
A margin beyond
The bloody hammer

And because you’re yearning
Awful thing you know
Make your fear disappear

Easy sky
Touch me enough
Sultry walks
It makes me think
I just want to be happy
with you

A rough beginning
Don’t take it too seriously
I reject that 
Another near melt down

There’s another thing here
The biggest thing anywhere
In my body 
It shines
I will get into my total subjectivity

Everything is rotten, I think
Another spark
The sea of smiling faces
Nothing is the same thing
And there is nothing else

Another beautiful thing
or what once was
Another mean black hole of fire
The way it was
Another vague machine
Clocked and enraptured

Crinkle something
The value of a life
Beyond the darkness
lies a journey
right now lives
Re-enhance the realism

Are you going with me
A world without hope
What we knew for sure

I love these sacred images

Things freeze by degrees
One thing leads to a day

One thing remains the same
Suspend everything
Why do I feel so lonely

Now it’s time to shoot me

Oh, where am I?
Who am I behind
You can take my hand now
in the end
I love it when you melt

Sometimes it happens in the evening
Living dreams

I know I’ve got to run
over the board
I believe my eyes are closed
but you want me to tell you
I’ll always love you

It burns so brightly
You’re supposed to be that
Why aren’t we united?

Everything's the same
Now is here
Or else something else is
because I am

It’s unfair up to a point

Others go up
Bigger, more inviting
It’s so exciting
Satisfy your loved ones
Make your money count

Awful instead
The nation holds its breath
Some of this you already knew

Now that we’re here
don’t tell me now
The first lesson is free
I want to know
I wonder what is
An ant awaits the thrill
So many cosmos after
I’m the body of you
I will pierce you

There is nothing left to fear
Even you know
The world is more connected than ever

Grow in the whirlpool
Immaculate human
It was eerie out there

Get out of the bag you’re in
Dominate the entire region

I don’t want to know anything else
Except your very near face
next to mine
What a nice good thing
I have nothing I want
We do what we have to do to get what we want

This is the blast
I’ll go to my grave like this

An all new theory
of peaches

The most elementary particles refuse to die
I would like to produce an antidote

I would like to have this noise decease.

A number of things
Like trying to paint the ocean
Like a parrot trying to pray
I add that nothing is real
except what you feel when you feel it.

Forgive my life
as you forgive yours
Punky zero
You don’t lie
in the dust

No one who knew the end knew the beginning

People ask
Why we do this
Flying by
in the past

He hardly moved his lips
as he burnt.

It fades into night
On an optimistic note.