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bland disasters



Perfect Sentences Suffice

I swear it a long night
Only heartache
I hung the pieces in the pieces of my mind
You’re the mastermind of my desire
Please don’t smell so bad
Whatever he did, they’re frightening
Someone’s pulling something on the ultimate
Like yesterday
It pays to be sweet
They’ve gone far beyond
Now they’ve hit the sky of everything
Forces of evil
The history of One
Losing activities
In the long night.

Generous Deeds

The world needs
Generous Deeds.

In the pouring rain
I wet my lips again

Real people speaking
Crying without weeping.

Sometimes you fail but you don’t know why or when
That’s living through the fire.
I need you like I do
To try and see it through.
- 1991

 The Heartaches You Embrace

The heartaches you embrace
One little thing after another
Solar flags are flying

Lifting a finger
Now I’m going to play

Like a formless state immersed in space
Always changing, never changed

A full moon filtered through the fog just enough
A meteor streaked through the sky

The pear doesn’t grow on the apple tree
And crooked isn’t straight.

I am unable to do what I did.
I am unable to say why
Bells are ringing in the air.

Instructions on Leaving

Turn the porch light out
As if you were asleep inside
But the light is on
In the bedroom.

Faxed Poem

The lovely sun is high
And so am I
But nighttime comes
Hit my pillow!

It’s All Closed to Me

Your heart can rise above these things.
I misinterpret everything.
I am!  I am!
I have to be strong within yet
I can’t recommend that to anyone.
Hmm.  That makes it difficult.
I will only be satisfied with a No!
Everybody’s stuck,
How can I be sure I’m not doing wrong?
A new era has begun,
You have free-will.  Use it!
It seems unmistakable.
The moon just went behind the hill.
How could you ever doubt my love for you?
When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer.
This is what I’ve been waiting for
Ever since my voyage has led me to you.
I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.
With the best anticipation in the world
I'm hastening.
What if I’m aiding and abetting something evil?
Departing again
Do you have to ask?
It’s all closed to me.
- 1995

Where the Waters Flow

It starts in the brain
Where there are cracks in the walls
Never enough to correct the change
I’ve suited my body while in motion
From the haunting imagination.
I am a fork and a knife.
You who are about to leave
After the A.M. is alive,
You aren’t going to be concentrated or sweetened.
A lethal extra
Including the wrinkles
You see right through the night.
I may be the only one
Beyond heaven.
Give me the love that you want.
Skirting over the edge of everything
No one knows what your dreams will reveal.
It was a long time ago.
Thank you, I am living.
Oh, how brave you are.
This life can drive you crazy.
It’s a hard thing to talk about war.
He was very good to me.
Now you will never die.
The glitter of the gold reflected in the jeweled eyes
Who has now the floor?
One good thing after another
No one’s plan is lucky very much.
Why we visit the past:
I don’t know how anything could be if it was.
My heart is ready for you.
Everything is hilarious until you know what’s funny.
I knew it would end like this.  With a whistle and a prayer
Where everything else is alike,
Where the waters flow
Sweeter than ever,
It’s a total thing.
Oh. everything is moving our way
There will be trouble ahead
Emotion is the final object.
They ovulate information
Brains and honey.
If words could speak
Then I’d sing a song.


Let me have a double martini, straight up
And don’t act like a pup, bartender.
I’m in a hurry.
Looking backwards through the years
The pieces just disappear
That’s what I fear.
Evergreen and new
What tortures me
I do not make my bed, my bed makes me.
I miss my cue
Dreams of what might have been.
Beyond hope
There is nothing
Beyond nothing
There is hope.

In the Bowels

Something wonderful
A negative feeling
Some days you are terrible
One after another
Another grave mistake
Wait for altered light
This is now a time to share
What else would you like
What’s more mysterious than this
Where you exist
In tomorrow
This is what you want
Separate the consequences
A breathe of fresh air
The ecstasy
The only space available to us
Imagine a part of you that adjusts as you need it
Wherever you have been
in the body
with me in the undertow
I haven’t tortured you enough
Everything is an option 
When you interject yourself into the situation
Wherever it goes
I will always be you
This is the major leagues, the big show
It’s too late to hope
A great bunch of prayer
Our wings are expressed
on the face of the earth
Or where the body goes berserk
Go forth again
You are on-again, off-again
Where everything is angry
Where would we go
In the infinite space of yesterday
I‘ve taken advantage of you, I guess
There’s too much suffering here
Being dead is a much better place
Now I am aware of you
Wading into the waters
Why are there so many errors?
Everything is a rough edge
Watching me die
It’s almost done
Did I miss the journey yet
Go into my realm
Away in the distance
Where everything is stored
The secret of the spirit
That information is not given
I guess you could say
The rumors are true
The rabble are my people
Now it’s nothing but ashes
You live on dead dreams
In every world
You’re courting death.

Evening Serenade

A waltz with you in spring
Means everything.

The dream I’m voting for —
The eyes of fate
Have spoken out loud.

A pure material cause
Criminals fighting crime,
One deserves the other.

I couldn’t consult tomorrow —
Will tomorrow ever come?

You’ll know who I am by the song that I sing.
The language never lies

Moving things
For just this occasion.

Stroll around the grounds until you feel secure.
I still can’t seem to fit.

Any way you look at kids you lose
Strapped together.

Everything is pure and simple
Nothing is full of everything.

Everyone was right, which is rarely seen
Looking out my window.

If I could, I would, but then I'd  be living a lie
Which I despise

Here on the raft
Of your love for me.

Can you feel it spin
Like a waltz with you in spring?

Imaginary Terrors

Time for a new vibration
Inevitably it follows the day
the appearance of a total loss
It was waiting for me.  All my life it was waiting for me
bumping along a rocky road
confusing the possibilities
I dread
in the name of freedom
I thought I’d see you to the door
I don’t understand what motivates these people
It’s difficult to understand why
I just can’t help but think
This is going on all the time
In your mind
You never can tell
the sweetness of your heart
It only takes a minute 
To unlock
pennies a day
Since I picked up the habit
See, there is no need for me to speak
More plans emerge than before.



Know it well:
Some achieve greatness
again and again
When time shall call him home
Let it be alone
That trudge between the king and shore
a suppliant evermore
Large-handed robbers
She is stirring
My honest friend,
The place
Makes claim
Since you in non-regardance cast my faith
At point of death
To wind about my love with circumstance
As I am a Christian soul
When the courtesy of it is so fearful
Your spirit is too true, your fears too certain
These eyes, which never shed remorseful tear,
Then shall we hear the alarm
And coldly furnish forth the marriage tables,
A pick-axe and a spade,
For in my sense it is happiness to die
And dream.
— Be patient and give them leave.
— Virtue itself of vice, my villain!
— My testy master..
— Malodorous malcontent, excrement
    Which stretches to their servants, children, wives
    Like scent into the temple.
— The troop is past –
— O what a world is this!
— I hope it is some pardon or reprieve.
— I love the sport well, you speedy helpers
    Till it is whetted on your stoney cold hearts.
— June 24, 1998

Who Knew?

Even the evidence is ambiguous
All the evidence is ambiguous

My arthritis pain
Many a Mickey Mouse
Go ahead and dream
That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?

You’ve got our attention
Everybody obeys the rules
Food is a joy to be shared
by all the senses
Any truck, any van
Delivered to your home or business
That dull, insipid little place…

Want to be misled?
It’s better if I don’t know
The idiots have reached 
a millennium
Serenely serenading

I want for nothing
Not for all the gold
Welcome back to the human race
I’ll get the supplies
in the storeroom

I like it very much.
That’s a problem,
wondering what it is
that’s come over you

I admire your integrity
Speak not at all
I want to know you better
Living is giving
Misogynist, philologist, philanthropist, therapist
lawyer, doctor, clown
Like a last jagged kiss
Which continued on and on
Obsessed with any future
In your magic world.

Journey to the Thing

You slip and slide 
When you deride
The forces of nature
However to be
When the calm hits the storm
I’m getting pretty unhappy to be

The last point being
I make up my mind
Where there is a need
As the hours connect
Who would have thought
All is not doomed to fail
Something strategic about it
enigmatic little comments
Are you mad or just insane?
He sits under a bare tree in a gloomy valley
Off he will go tomorrow
Will we count down the hours
Before he arrives
Before the end of days
I’m glad the principles still apply
An economic shoe
Here in the land of sunrise
They were concentrating on
An uncomprehending stare
For some people it’s a natural thing
Dogs will bark
Keep saying to yourself
When you’re sorry
How many people are in love
And what do they think
Of your story
It’s OK, it’s enough
At nightfall in a hot and dusty land
I don’t want to miss a day of fun.
— August 1999

Path to Yourself

Like an old wind I’m blowing
down the dusty miles
as I gather on the steps of time
The trace of a face I see
Reflected in the glass
Revealing the feeling
As my heart burns in a dream
Overheard indistinctly
No longer the closed fist
Of my love for you.

That Thought

That thought then
that will pass forever
Who else would know
Their limits
As they pass?

I forgot to get your supper
I’d much prefer to drink
I’m a retired dentist
Hope is a smile
A living medley
The fact of life
in so many ways

Who else would know
who prayed for you a moment ago
Who smiled
What makes it stay enough
life that passes forever?

You’re all at ease
I was nearly prostrate
I seem to be getting involved
It was a wonderful lunch
Your smile was warm and appealing
Hunger has no conscience

While she is dying
The clown reads:
“Let’s see the sky adrift
A cold, impersonal force
How the embers shine
The perfect effect of the idiom
Music so high in the sky
Where the last finger slips”
The clown weeps

How’s that for a neat trick 
When the story ends
What makes it stay?
— 1999


Will It Rain?

Will it rain?  I don’t know.
That’s one path left to explore —
Of course, I don’t know the rest.

There’s no one grading me, is there?
I’m all alone.
You think I can’t read?
“Masks were used for everything.”
Another use for everything:
A disappearing zero.
Everything seemed good enough to me.
There’s nothing much to do anyway.
Hey, where did he come from?
You know nothing but don’t feel it.

Another false accusation 
“Absurd enough to be real”
the hidden motifs
which brought me here.

Awakened by thousands of cushions
You’re full of a nameless dread.
They’ve chained everything.

You’re over fifty and still exploring.
Do good and be kind to your feelings.
A great wave surrounds us
Full of tears.

They’re laughing in the dark
in the night, in the end, in the rain
A terrible truth spreads like toothpaste.

Sonnet (You Opened Up His Suitcase)

You opened up his suitcase!
There are many choices they make
I punctuate the positive zone
With anxious thoughts 
Of inscrutable dilemmas.

Open up the bank!
I wouldn’t say that’s the right way of doing things, he said
With a grin
I guess we’ll never go anywhere again
We’ll stay in our own little pen

Inscrutably sent
A really depressed personality.
I see a face, I see a skull
I see me seeing you.

Formula One
 for Patrick

The vortex of this winter’s work
How many generations have already been ambushed
Raw power
and the rise and fall 
increasingly hard and lurid,
horrible word but true
balanced on his forehead
I love everything
vicariously through him
over a cup of coffee
short and sharp
This judgment is made solely
it says only now
It was the perfect cue
This is excellent news
famed for its awesome power
Then came the gradual decline
evocative and magical age
We all got together with our favorite plea
a significant performance
By assessing man and machine
The rough road was won
delivering numerous battles
Nobody moves except you
a visitor of frequent swings
against their so-called colleagues
and they already have their own engineers
to keep a close eye on things
A more healthy atmosphere
if he’s given a free hand
Virtually to the death
If things change
that did very well
Every problem worries you
The endless stream of cash continued
as the solitary point 
required heavy braking the same week
and a few eyebrows were raised
There is an irony here, hard to control
If you blinked, you missed it
emotions running wild
in tears down his face
There had been some poetic justice
No wings
on a naked, mechanical machine
laconic, understatedly cool
You’re sitting right in the middle of the gas tank
And someone else is accelerating.
- 5/00

Easy for Me

It’s easy for me
to see
Mysteries, conspiracies
Hold the ship steady
I don’t want interruptions
In the burning space
You should know you never know
A grim little piece of rock
Do you hear something?
In the eyes of the victim, the killer
Who knows where
The excitement is melting
Where the water flow
It becomes an intuitive state
of permanent ecstasy
its only hope for survival
in fact it’s alive
Here where you exist
in the midst of memories
In the waxed space of the
Harmonious blend
Take care that you don’t see
What the heart would know
And now the case is closed
A little fix
I was not going to take out
A little heart
I saw the kind of service
Protein cars give
A lazy way to be
There was no obvious tampering that was anti
What changed your mind?
The very next day might be my last
If I pray every night
It’s precious to me
And easy
Like rolling off a rug onto a floor
Or backing out of a swinging door
Or saying I adore
All your rings
Around invisible things
as the darkness rolls
into space
behind your face
Where nobody goes
Intensively the pain 
easily grows
Nobody minds
It’s ephemeral
A happenstance
that comes and goes
In your eyes
The smooth surfaces ignite.

I’ve Told You

I’ve told you everything I know about that
I’ve told you everything you know about me
I’ve told you all the facts
I know about you

If I were you I’d watch my back
I can see it all so clearly
I’m reminded of the hazards we might face
I laugh when I think of their pitiful attempts
I want to remember all of this
Sounds simple enough
A physical entity
It is without pride

I want everything to be just right
Restlessness is so sleep relieving
It’s time for me to take a more active role

It’s time for me to die
It’s gotta be real
You know who you are
It’s a little disorienting
I’ll leave you alone for a few hours
You really miss me, don’t you?
I hold my hands behind my back
To discover these things about you

It’s the top of the volcano
Icy cool laughs
It’s not in the cards for me
They lost their way
They’re the best
Selling everywhere
There’s just one problem
It laughs
As we laugh

We got laughs
Although I am not feeling well

Don’t want another day.
For years we were unhappy

We have no idea
What to think
Can you tell me what’s brand new?
Ask how, ask now

I understand you’re willing to stop
I’m the one who knows
Nothing jumped out
I see the faces 
You don’t know the middle until you see the end
Now I don’t see it
I’ll see you tomorrow

I’ve told you how different it makes
Letter to the world:
Are we gonna eat enough?
You should have said
What was enough
Existence where it was
We’re all friends here, aren’t we?
There’s no need for panic
I won’t shed any tears

This is the dream assignment
We’ll try not to have any medical emergencies
You are becoming like them
A little bit

I haven’t got time for this
Do you want me to flatter you
on the edge of an abyss
where you are hanging freely

Now we are here
in the price of rice in the fog of the afternoon
that may be
The fortunate twin
Everyone’s favorite
High on a hill
Now in the afternoon
I was running a few simulations
The one thing I wanted I knew
Wherever it ends in the atmosphere
Or the big thing was
Not to be
I feel stricken
I’m the one who knows
You are my old friend
Now I have to leave
The one thing I knew

You are not to be fooled
Oh, they rarely wonder about such things in their little pink houses
No shit down here
You go to work in the morning and then you’re dead
A useless operation

And a ghost still walks the laundromat of tears
Like a glamorous Polynesian in a silk sarong
Who is inventing everything.


You are always like a fool
In your beginning
I thought you’d be delighted
The antistrophe
Overwhelmed at last
You are cold to my touch
Like a clam is what I am
Touched and untouched
Nerves of steel, cast-iron muscle
I take a mystical view
Experience the saltwater pool
Like a rock
In the middle
Shooting thunder
You’re delaying the inevitable 
I’ve been thinking
Quality doesn’t control
It looked better than it would
Your charm will take you further
Wherever it goes
I’ve shifted my focus
From me
I should like to seriously hunt
I’m wired for that
A great passion for life
While continuing to shine
Violent eyes.

The End of Forgetting

I whistle a happy tune
I’m glad you can smile
Do you hear the cries of starving children?
Where nothing is alive
I’m turning into you
Like a dream cake
It doesn’t have to be this way
You can hear my cries smile
It’s as bad as it sounds
A bigger show than ever
Brighter than stars
God looks down on high
Don’t make me hate you
Don’t go panting away
For some new thrill or other
I’m in the sky tonight
Watching the world rise
Passed forgetting or getting
I’ve reached that stage again 
Where everything is
Where it began.
- 10/00

Puny Pointers

The day is past, and perhaps happily
I am dreaming
The endless tune
Where the story waits
O solo mio

The journey awaits
The puny pointers
You think you will 
But you won’t
As if you wanted to

It was almost like joy
You feel like you’re about to go on a long trip
I could feel my brain
Sweeping hysteria
Into a thing of the past

Who would have thought the glow
The quiet redemption
Where nothing is
like it was
A thing of the past
Revealed forever.

Actually it ebbs and flows
Like it used to be
in an everlasting way 
Or nothing is
divine.  Of course
You are unique, I suppose.

An open block
A necessary thing
I am here tomorrow
Only one technique
Technique of sorrow
I borrow the mantle of pity

Yesterday was very near
It had no sorrow at last
And like an arrow
It went fast
Happily, you’re sad again.

People are sneering
Where is the light?  Where is the light forever?
What is it concealing?

- November 2000

Hotel Chelsea Savoy

From the trivial to the risible
We make our way
From the obscure to the demure
We hear what they say
From the numinous to the voluminous
We spend the day
From the crass to the crappy
We’ve no time to play.

A dip in the chemical cemetery
Memory is just a rap
Look as far as you want
An explosion in return
You should feel ever after
This behavior
This emotion locking it up

There is nothing we know
There is nothing we don’t know
Who adjusted the flame
Before we meet again
There isn’t enough time, is there?
Why don’t I hold your cookie
Where it’s forever a blast
You know you can’t afford it
We need to have an alternate formula
A ceremony we can afford
When the sun comes down
In our streets in flame

This subtle dream may fade
Gone like a leaf blown away
An empty smoke ring
Softly and deeply
Something is calling
Enjoy your skin
Have fun

I’m a regular guy
Sometimes I lie
In this bizarre mirage
Let me think
You will not leave
Somewhere where you wouldn’t say no
To worship an object, an ebullient theory
I won’t ever tell you about it so
You’ll never know

Hmm!  It’s morning
Although I wouldn’t insist upon it
You could call it a prank
An emotional embodiment
Leaching the prime

You’ll think
Another metaphor tonight
Hollywood is ready
With that darned snake

Where does all this belong?
There is something raw and significant here
In a monotone
Let me graze tonight
Swiftly they run
Hello again
Where there is an end to slow and fast
Whenever whatever it mattered.

Pure and Total

Pure and total
There is nothing to arrange
in a gradual manner
There is nothing in particular
Through the power of the gaze
Performing the dance steps
as naturally we recede
in the total space of time
How hard it is to find
Mind the bender of all things
You have happiness and you have suffered
in a silent place without speaking
Not even the tiniest part of anything can be understood
Like the indefinable colors of a rainbow,
a band of ice
The people were amazed
How it glows.

Superior Stories

A number of thoughtful decisions
Something we must say.

There is no objective evidence
at the bottom end of the spectrum.

Don’t wait for contentious visitors
There’s always another twist.

I try to be as clear as I can be
Nothing is said stupidly.

I take money in a bucket
is a thought that never ends.

Here is a mighty pencil
Here is a little keyhole.

Don’t touch your body
Until you see me.

Caught in the gloaming
Ahead a curve.

Fall back on the powers of happiness
One thing we think for both of us.

It will help them to see
This is not the only question.

Another dismal excuse
Although you’ve connected to me.

I told her it was a mistake
Long-range saving is an illusion.

Laying-up in each other
Everything is possible.

We really appreciate it a lot
There’s another appearance.

To maintain your desire
It’s truly wonderful.

It didn’t last long
Never again to hear the song.

So eager to try again
A beautiful spoon of glass.

At last
An action figure of fun.
— 10/00

Sonnet (Safe and Fun) 

A safe and fun summer season
We’ll show you how
Dining in tonight?
You’re an imposter but
Be my guest.

Today’s seemingly infallible, unstoppable, unreachable, unreal, wild and impossible world

Another busy and uncertain day

One that is not
Having fun
Will eventually falter
And then where will you be?
Emptiness itself
Dreams in the bright
Star-shining things of night
— April 2000

December 30, 2000

A unique relationship finally blossoms
On the horizon of a major decision
Great joy comes from expanding
Your passion.  Love is met while pursuing
Subtle hints from a humbling scenario.
Running away from it
Catch on quickly as you do
Improve your personal life
And bear with tedious proceedings.
Relax and make yourself available
Flowing through the morning
Among the things in our own thought processes
Others view as savvy
Forcing on partnership
And well worth it
To pay for experts
More effective than flashy fads
Survey the chances
Due to misdirected energy
That has recently occurred
Until it’s just right.
Mates may argue
By enlarging your circle
New and exciting demands
To expand your know-how
Disengage for now
And plan a trip.
Responsibility is futile
To create a mental space
Remember dreams and keep the ideas
Sleeping past the alarm
To realize the smartest thing
A previously inactive situation.
If you assemble a team
Loved ones trust you.
Love is met.
A friend comes through.
Big things fall neatly into place.
Mull over the plan.
It gives you time 
To work up an enviable momentum.
Someone charming
Can fit into your budget
When you need it
Bring passion into your life
So get out and try.
Allow adequate time
To open up new realms of possibility.
Sit back and help.
A lack of funds
Triggers others’ apathy.
Most of all
You are consistent and will ask for help
With personal and career goals
Many will experience
And only the wisest among us
Have managed
For plans to be carried through.
You are given heaps of incentive.
Everybody can’t 
Clear away excessive material items.
Concentrate on the particulars.
You improve every area of life
Now going strong
A new commitment is yours
To complete a project
As a better person.
Pay attention to your wanderlust.
Listen to suggestions.
Classic styles are trendy.
Collaboration and marriage
Self-help endeavors, life
And do your own thing.
You are creative.
He or she will emerge from it
And for your cerebral interests
Inspire new friends.
Be patient, allow
And he or she and friends
May teach you much.
Only chain your energy so
Feuding family members
Everywhere you look
Make the most of it.
Marriage of people who share your values
Stop talking
If you want it
Ready for
Opportunities for love
When you
Start networking or
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Makes no
New purchases.
So it is, joy comes
Your knowledge of art
Out of projects.
from the Daily Horoscope by Joyce Jillson

Get Over Your Fear

Get over your fear and follow me
The weary light 
Or else I’m lost

Mow it over
The rotten stuff
Or is the world enough

Oh well, the world waits for no one
A beautiful summer’s day
A clap of thunder in the west
Oh God, where is the day
As if there was one

I will not survive
Speak to your doctor
The lake is good for your soul
The parade floats by
On the grill and golden brown
Just one word has the power to heal

Ascending into the atmosphere
We’ve cleaned the house
As if it were new
We go through this every time
Of course, I’m with you

I hear in the end
Where ever love bites you
Awful in the end
A big swift kick
It easily lifts your face from your skin

Kissing a fool
Let’s pretend 
Watching the wide world rise
This doesn’t end

Which way should I turn
Invading your home
It happened exactly as planned
Such inferior materials
You will never understand
Oh, give me something to believe in

Given all the factors for consideration
Another moon
Whatever ignites
Your soul
So what if forever doesn’t

Underneath and overall 
I’ll be here forever
In the mists of you

Anybody want to talk about what happiness is
Get over it
I want to know what everything is
Link and it’s gone.


Three Poems of His Madness
 after Hølderlin

1. A lively blue blossoms on the metal roof of the steeple.  Swallows cry and hover above it and a roaring blue surrounds it.  The sun gets hot over it, farmer of blue, and afterwards a silent wind opens the mouth of the weathercock.  When anyone under the clock comes down the steps tripping, it is a still-life because when the figure detaches itself from the background, the truly heroic build of man is made known.
The window under the clock is a beautiful gate, namely a tone of night, of nature a wind or a gate just as these appear like trees of a wood.  Right here after so much beauty in this diversity an earnest thought is stated.  So the image is simple, so holy and simple it seems a sin to describe it.  Heaven above the inner guts of the skin of the animal, the rich laden with ease have these, goodness and pleasure, while a man starves among the other men, starves while the open mouth of life shows itself to man and says, So will I let this be?  Yes.  So lies happiness in our hearts like rain remains, not missed unluckily, so with him is God.
Is the unknown God?  Is the Overlord Himself in the sky?  This is what I believe.  Man maybe is.  The whole of everything is pure poetry when men love the earth.  But the reign of night shatters the night with the stars, which I know so well, as does every man, holy builders to God.

2. Is the gift of the earth bad?  It gives cows. Mainly it hems in the great giving in the world of shapes.  Just as pretty is the flower, blue under the sun, and we often find in this life of ours prettier eyes more beautiful than the night.  Oh, I wish I were well!  For the blood of body and heart, a glance in the night may be seen, despite God.  The oversoul which I claim must rain blood, sounds which reach up to a mighty eagle with gobs of blood and song and praise fit for an old bird.  This is the wise-in-heart, the whole form.
You pretty stream, shiny to the end, why do you roll so clearly, augury of God, down the Milky Way?  I know it well, which causes tears to swell in my eyes.  A helpful life I see in the form which blossoms into shapes where I am not unwilling to release a testament to the Church.  The light over the shine with the grammar of men, namely what I have in the heart, most of which is coming here?  I wish.  Then I’d have an inkling of an angel, a blue on fire, a kind south wind which rains from on high.  Grossly wanting, human nature doesn’t know this purity.  The turgid praise above the globe wears the earnest spirit which swishes dry and sullen within the garden.  Must a pretty young girl hope to crown her head with myrtle blossoms, a veil which in fact is neither nature or feeling?
Myrtles are from Greece.

3. When lately in the mirror I see I, a man, and see my daring build very enigmatic, a mystery in time — I like the man.  An old hat image of man hitches light to the world.  King David is an angel whose heart is veiled.  This life, these men, they shine imperishable, unspeakable, unstruckable.
When will the end of the song in the solitude of starlight come again?  What is after me, though I die in jest?  Why does the stream ready in the end without delay expand into Asia, and is this why Asia expands?  Naturally this life is the same for everyone.  Naturally is why.  Did Jesus’ hat glitter?  Well, does the discovery of a higher friendship have nothing in life which is tragic?  Namely, what did Oedipus fight with in life?  Or Heracles?  And understand in neither this life, this which we see, or there in another life?
What is also in life when summerflecks bedeck a man, with hand flecking a gaze all over everything?  Here comes the beautiful sun, namely the height of all.  The young flirt is bathed in roses and strolls in beams of light.  Life shines so, even Oedipus suffers and Heracles dies, and with his armor man complains as though he were feeble.  The sun leaves us, arms trembling.  Life is dead and Death is alive.

— 2001


At one with my work, thrown up and broken down, I am replacing you as the cotton rages on the paper of the nervous one.  I am not sure I care who was on top of the dance at the end, the brawn on the beach or in the surging sea where the boys play in the dead field of hearts, the victims of an enormous fear the cruel bicyclists have hatched.
Another swell romance appears in a mirror on a wall between each sense of the moment and then retracts, never failing to relish the rose of the flower, relish the wine, relish the pantomime assuaged only by convention and beauty and joy and in that fruit basket you put a piece of me, of my enormous heart, which disappears into a cavity.  An empty wizard, a cabinet boy, the real thing from side to side and the cigarette twins I am entranced to report are coast to coast where you wanted it to be when you annoyed the ghost of memory, a big noise now hunkered down to see you there, so fetching and real in a light with a glow.  The open tension of the thing carrying on delivered you to me.  I was happy for once.  I want to add you to the bunch and I am adrift.  I thought you might want to know the mysterious presence of an ulterior motive, a wonderful pleasant experience like sex used to be when we were grown-up and had the drive to enhance our lives better than we had wanted it to be, a letter into the unknown the deliverance not shown on any channel or TV.  I am adored forever by those who comprehend the developments as they appear to be and list to one side or another.  Now say to me what was yours or who went on without you when the time came for you to rise and take your shoes into a faraway cave just because your self appears to be alive and well, the figure unknown, a tremendous cultural achievement like ice cream or the phone, as  if you could  recall the end of it all like in a dream forgotten after a while, a child who born and dies has enough substance to retract its errors on a smarmy shore where you belong, Old Meat.  That was why our lips didn't meet.  Just your thought like angels' underwear stands frozen and divine in the complete rapture which greets everything I always wanted, two things at once, the notch of goodness on the gun of plenty.  Ignore me now.  I am startled.  Enough lips.  The song of the shark.  I am stranded on a foreign shore.  I have enough food for a moment.  Yet not enough for a meal.  Who thought I saw the rest?  I am not allowed to go.  I have something pleasant to explain.  I have a choice to make.  Oh, after the knife is there anything new?  I leave it up to you.  I am imbued with the light from your view but I would like to escape like a robber, feeling simpler and serene.  A rough fate holds some suspense radioactive.  Love forever does not seem that good being as it ends tomorrow, like a rock that ascends in a weightless atmosphere or a phone left off the hook.  I am not content with gravity.  Suspense was filled with gravity.  I was alone.  Everything was hazy.  A bone came driving by.  I asked the doorman what it said.  He registered my question with a sigh.
The tragedy supposed something else in these disorganized times; inverted tears began to speak:  Cloudy weather, a little church, the sky bore down upon a yellow day, a scattered walk, the sensations they compose.  Your friend is alive who greatly feels the pull of the north there from here.  (This was a decisive milestone freeing them from imitations like Euclidean geometry.)  I never had such a day in my life all alone on the bank of a stream but it was work topsy-turvy I declare to say where the association ends in the interim, a purple understanding enough faith to end the discussion, tempting where it ends.  It was this that put a full-time stop on that occasion on the outskirts of Paris.   
Suddenly he became the first capable of receiving these impressions from the welter accessible to us, where in men's eyes, if you are, there is nothing subjective or objective about it, like a child learning to talk, a mistake after a heaven of bliss.
To all my faithful friends who adore the whipped cream of desire, we had the occasion to meet perhaps the unique character of my existence one day in May I was not able to feel.  Of course it does not work.  Everything is mistaken a lot and then forgotten.  I am doomed to commit wherever that has as its expense my joy to deal like a hurricane that's all right too in the window I resemble, an ideal tentative avid hunger searching for elegance.  The sun is the grand master, the gardens and museums, that picture is mine, an alliance over the top connection, wherever it recedes, I am coming to it turning sadly.  Oh, standing here alone in the bleak weather, an enormous journey after answering in the dark.  Drop the furnace, the answering machine, the multitude of switches we pretend to control, you for me and me for you forever pretending a viscous pool and oriented like a lyre taking forever, like a catalyst I still see in memory a prolonged knowledge the factor of which put under a moral tabernacle the most of one.  A little solitude sits.  An amazing world of being put under the sun among these naked ladies where the river meets the road, the mechanical ballet intersecting a flame born without a mother, an irritable way of thinking.  It is not given for us to decide which we must say has a welcome smell we will no doubt know.  I remember when the celebrated head, the two eyes wide-open, your tender head surrounded by a bubble, a smooth white curtain, another transformative act at the laundry store where the evening ends unusual animals awful hysteria intertwined with Thou, a great sacrifice negatively spoken, even a wonderful being arisen!  It was not on a passing whim.  A sign separated a little living giving birth to quick energies elaborately displayed against a backdrop of fear in a world torn with desire and desperation, a ping-pong ball of fate where nothing answers forever like a kiss much more happy alone.  Curving zeros interact when we are apart, swiftly arising, I am yours although I have departed.  It needs explaining without venerating fawns or stopping but still he sought, fabulously re-creating. 
A woman with a moon is inherently suffering the disgrace of being alone in the night.  The infinity of the void is self-explanatory like a mouse gnawing at night.  Well organized when you think there is you.  Prior to the list it was unmasked.  The title is unknown.  Who can say where I figure where sweat comes?  I died like matches on a beach.  I have always eaten rice.  Who is to say what the consequences are?  It could be like roulette.  Who's counting?  I would rather forget and entertain the thought that maybe Mars tonight will appear in my dreams in all its splendor — a red planet with enormous eyebrows.  Who dares to speak while the universe moans in all its creaky glory like an old slave ship with its booty, men and women awfully tired and afraid?  All the portraits I have done.  We used to wander.  It was a very hot summer.  Everything went flat and then rose.  They had a song and a story.  This distance is not difficult.  Reach out, begin again.  The spring in repose.  The fall alert.  The winter here.  Will we begin again?  I cannot see in the distance where it came before another trace that began with every kiss in the distance.  It was reported through a microphone or other apparatus or is the sound ignored, life without a song where the feeling spoke or time stood still?  It would blind the mind with its force.  You're aware that the rules applied.  I think that that would be helpful.  I am beginning to answer to the world. 
Accelerating a bit he supposed would be painful only if he tried to establish a real result, our over-powering establishment whatever after like a feather.  Maybe it was like a clock forgetting the soup de mer, wildly incapable of seeing your error when what becomes is beyond for once the new dream truly false in the in-between, a sort of oblique objectiveness, the tones however nearly transparent as they seem to be floating in and out of the dream, like for instance the way you walked in and out of the room.  I can't help it there was one thing else.  An intelligent person when he or she decides what to enter from a manuscript to a book, from the knife to the hook, sees a mess — give me that gift, Hosanna in the highest, an  egg of existence or a break, a fantasy desire or a snake-like the turmoil, a final  hurricane with a wonderful address, a blackened ember, a quality not controlled by anything you could say even in the light of a new day exposed like an angel in juxtaposition in the detail of dawn, a fragment of happiness unwilling to furl.  Everything was the fictive offering of an animated good, a quickly ascending thing, an anamorph unintending to be unknown, swift and secure, a zero in me.  Poor orphan, the path is the unknown.  The supreme study is the nude.  All water is unhappy.  The landscape in the winter when we perceive it is kind.  The illusion is like music.  No matter how it happens everything seems to be enormous.   

You Always Know

After the troops have tramped
And a small thing is a fragment
And the story’s the glow
You try to control it
You stare into an empty head
A brittle thing can break
But you think you don’t have enough
You live, you outlive yourself again
North of the body
Why is it so bright
Don’t lose your roof
The universe doesn’t live for itself
So wisely it restrains itself
The centrifugal weight
a strange unfathomable body
spinning in space
And what do most people do?
They use what they are made of
You see, there is nothing to fight for
Nothing that can break the flow
What you care about what matters most
Some are destroyers, others are destroyed
It’s such a humble thing
So wisely they control
The enormous strength
Our stuff crossed again
Where the toast begins
An immemorial height
was not there
Another real mistake
Then it builds up in you like a wall
This is held in the hand
Where people wait
Where we cling to life
In the foothills of the ballroom
In the normal way of things
Tasteless and shapeless
ever light-hearted
it sways, it smiles
If you don’t think you have enough, you will never have enough
You can be another
on the stream as it moves
Well, your body dies
Order breaks, chaos
If you don’t love you lose your edge
Try to act as if you know it’s all a catastrophe
Since time is gone in mists
This is surely right
Where I came from I don’t know
Its roundness smoothes the sharpness
In the twilight zone
Let’s not go on forever
To grow, flower and flow
The tendrils work quietly
hesitant, watchful, uncertain
like ice, melting
muddy like a river
They give way
You will never burn yourself out
so you shine like a diamond 
yielding as a baby
without self-interest
without flaunting it
The long and the short are in your hands
And untangles the knots
The deep source of everything
mysterious and wonderful
forever humble, it can never be overcome
What you are will last
Is it worth trying to do
even because it’s something?

Breaking Behavior

I want to knock off your receiver
It’ll be nice looking
Hanging on a mast
This is not an idle thing
Do you know what’s happening here?  They’ve attacked the clock!
Their end is over
Because of their deceitful behavior
I gotta stop walking
I’m just like the past
I keep on rolling on
a long way
another place to be
where the waters flow into a cardboard sea
Are we this and nothing more?
It holds its shape
In the long afternoon of the glow
Ask where the focus comes in
I’m impatient, I’m impenitent, I’m implausible, I’m immeasurable, I’m immediate and I’m immodest
I’m just as happy as I can be
without you near me.
— 2002-03

In the Heart

There is a darkness which dwells
in the heart
Oh you who feel so fortunate
in the heart
Siphon off the energy you melt
in the heart
A long line began to form
in the heart
What pretty colors I see when we dwell
in the heart
Cavities of the moon open 
in the heart.

We Have to Respect the Others

We have to respect the others
And sit up straight
Where ever you feel
In the inside out
Where you care
Sink me or swim
in your wave
It’s one stride you may never want to end
Only then would it be possible
Whenever you are up in the air at rest
It’s a perfect afternoon in America
The gray across the moon
New and undeniable realities
When evil men plot
Make him want to make them pay
Some days of love are better than before
First thing in the morning is one thing at night
Oh, you who know the infinite
Where the spirit dwells of time
Are there any privileges?
Will we be able to breathe?
Can I have a beer?
Do you have a light?
Everyone have enough?

Although Nothing Much Has Been Written

Although nothing much has been written about it
there is something of violence in all of us
if you’re overweight high in cholesterol and other fats
or know things quite easily and without any trouble
pressuring together a suspicious element of innocuous behavior
before the pieces go pop
we’ve already talked about how your gut can be used
to quiet the nerves
but did you think beyond the heartburn stage
to protect your eyes from the damage you’ll do 
your nose plays in your enjoyment of food 
both light and noise seem torture
people who are perfectionists
to stifle their hunger
all that shampooing removed
red patchy lesions on the scalp
your skin can be seen
and may cause discomfort.
— 2004


I feel like such a failure since I let you down.
I feel so bad since I left you hanging.
I wish I didn’t have to say it,
I wish I didn’t have to cry.
Oh, heavenly, beautiful trash
I wish I didn’t have to admit my fault.
I’m no one at all.
Hear my plea.
A distant image chose me
Caught in the tide and the tangle
A special way
I’m looking up but I don’t see a thing
Except pigeons.
I had you pegged right from the start.
I wish there was something to help get through the door
Imagine what they are seeing.
Let the rain come down
It was rare
Get hydration drenched in color
That instantly rejuvenates
Everything which is out.
I’m so over myself
I only wish I had something else.
You create a moment like this and
Think about all the things you have left to do.
Time is old.

Vast Expanse

This crushing condition
now fading away
“speaking” evidence
The view includes the view
I’m here because of you 
speaking of you
On the place where we gather
Here you’ll have to stay
Because you belong
Within the vast expanse of the sky.
What is the point of draining ourselves
shallow and small
as long as space exists
The chains will 
uncoil by themselves
the assembly of the doomed and damned
the unquestioned, satisfying presence of things
This fluctuation, quivering appearance
a universal cry
remaining till the time
of the opening of the sky
The pale moon shining on the fields below
Don’t forget the imagination is as real
As you believe you feel.

Great Ideas

Great ideas have enough
to do to do enough
I do my job enough
for great ideas 

A moment snatched from time
in the intercourse of yesterday and tomorrow
a great idea
Reciprocating reality

I have explored enough
Great ideas of enough
Now the interminable thread
Everything is explained 
by a great idea

You have kind of a confused idea
When something else happens
It’s best to be aware
A great idea
So sweet to say
Another thing

I will do everything you do
until you do what I do
A ship that follows another 
Tied by a thread
Can you feel it?
Another great idea.

The Center of the Sky

The water which cleanses even without being a river
a cool breeze of paradise
even without being
a celestial jewel
Glorious moon, to you I bow
A garden of white flowers
the dew at the tip of the grass
obscured by the dense darkness
those who call in a pitiful manner
all the things we wish for
From the point of view of time
why does one say “wheel”
the friend of the sun
calmly emitting light
hurled into it through other forces
A hero free from chains
overpowered by anger, one is blind
out of the mire of desires
the darkness of beings
like the center of the sky
while even an ordinary man
whose eyes fill with tears
apart from the actuality of reality
having become like that
An effort made by the hand held
he insists upon through spelling out
a consciousness appearing
as it arises 
Those who stay at the edge
names and life are found
The mind of a transcendent echo
an old snake skin
in the face of the mundane
flowing like a stream
the sphere without appearance
they appear without existing
coming from a far distance 
the sole self itself
In men never satisfied
the burnt and the burning
the beauty of one’s own face is verified
The world is already wrapped like a silk cocoon
This present does not last
The rays of intelligence have made the light manifest
wide, white perfect wings
the strong wind advances
There is no turning back
a natural, effortless performance
driven by the wind
bodies of mental nature
Like rain falling from the clouds
immersed in this condition
when peace is reality
words cannot refer to it
from something different, from the sky
an optical illusion in a pore
inclined to movement chained by fetters of expectation
moving as vehemently as a dancer
weary of the journey
He penetrates them
the sky of the mind blue
the drawing of a bright, pointed light.

26 Points

1. ASK
11. TIME 
16. TALK
18. MASS 
20. PURE
21. RANK
22. JERK
23. SIGN 
25. TAKE

St. Joan

I am not your slave.  I am your guardian.
They were not lonely until they met.
In the blink of one of those lashes
Maybe she wanted him to be real.
Why should the sun replace the moonlight?
If you can feel it’s a thing
It’s real. 
The loss of innocence
Here at the end of the shaft
Everything turns in another.
I would love to have a pet dwarf.
We move like the ancient hunters before us.
I’m open to something new
The emptiness of open.
I like this flashing before your eyes
Of what you are about to hear, see, smell or do
In a distant life.
The future is perfect.
All you need in the world
The saint of life
Give me a hand. 
Everything went away.
We’ll give you something free.
Too bad I’m so disturbed.
I’m all about tomorrow.
Beauty needs water
Nothing but life.

I Walk, I Leap

I walk, I leap around
No one but you
Softly pardoning
The poor and vacant and
Happy inductee to the world
After that escape
from misery
You are not afraid of the dark land

I grow anxious again about the case
The wonderful fall
Has no limits to go
Or it ends
The wonderful warm lotion
in the middle of this massive arena

Where I was today
I have very little feeling about that
I don’t want to go back there
I find myself in tears
united when we blunder

We can see the dear departed in our dreams
Everything appearing at once
We live in sympathy with the past
Today I’m losing ground in my shoes

There is a star
That’s irresponsible
We have to manage very well
You are only seeing degrees
The year’s biggest adventure
Moving up that economic ladder

But I’m all right
I see the symphony above
This is a happy time
to see many hearts

I see your friend on a star
The real and possible
Everything is still today
There was nothing left
Here’s your life.  The pulse is love 
I would like to explore our past
I’m handling my own escape
It’s never too late

Justice that could make you weak
The house in front of the door
It’s wonderful to have these pleasurable toys
I like to imagine what they contain
Signs of life 
I’m surprised by 
All this stuff

Everybody needs some fresh air
Everybody puts a value on life
Desperate men cherish money
Digging for the truth, you’re history
How fast is this going
Here’s where you are
You haven’t seen it honestly
Who else should know it completely?


Good morning, invisible finger
a very mystical presence
Sooner or later everything burns
This is so obvious it was meant to be
Everything is different from what it was
I am not what I was meant to be
Why do you mock at fate?
Floating along on a conveyor belt
A force overpowering nature
If I could just explain it clearly
then you’d understand
Where the cuckoo meets the silly essence of the dawn
You are not what you feel
They work hard and they want something to feel
Moved by this tragic confusion
The beautiful moon arose over a nebulous sea
The bitterness of beauty
The old ascend
To a glorious future
In the mystery of endless night
A giant once lived in that body
I am yours but not tomorrow
Faith, hope and reason
Everybody is looking for nothing else
A swift swim in the sun
Get to the wave that’s right
A twist in time
Before this is over
a new age has begun
a million nights
The name is one
Forgive me if you please
I’m on my knees
Out to sea
The will to kill had always been there
Oh, what would I do without you?
— 2000/2007

Happy About You

Happy about you
A nurse selected
Cool air
A catholic gun.
It was very put away

Here on earth
The beacon
A person with no confidence in
Gone away.

I didn’t have anything
It was a supreme
Hurrying one
A hundred years or more
You’re not kidding.

Are you going
Where there’s a man
In a nuthouse
Where everything’s exciting
In the wrong time and place?

I don’t have to leave
Ghosts in the hall, ghosts in the wreckage
Of us all
Creating pain  
Having gone through the pain
If people could only see the pain!

Where the instrument was 
The moments you humanly speak.
I take a funny position
I’m waiting for something to exist
What happened was real.
I get hooked 
Everything happened as they wish

The opening was closed
It exists as a desirable other.
I’d like to say one thing.
The shadow on the floor
There’s always a difference.

They said you were the queen
You had a lot of words
You’ve answered your own question
I am coated with it.
I have to unplug it
Everywhere they do it
Unhappy about it
after what you said you feel.

Make up your mind.
Is it clear
Who screamed the loudest?
Happy are we
Because I am what you are
When I am me.

I’m never going to begin again
I can’t believe it
You have nothing to worry about except you
when you ain’t.

Even when I was dead, I woke up
I’ve got sounds up the ass
I think to myself, why are people
so moved from me
The urge in the heart tenderly.
 November 2000/March 2007

My End Is Near

My end is near
Welded from many races and societies
I have many anecdotes to tell
There is something reprehensible going on
Everything is behind me
Here’s my new word: Nice
You can’t falter
Everything is terrible
That threatens the future
Give me the light of your life
The individual source
Here is my captivating design
Like always, like never before
Everything stays cool 
It is time to offer you more
Clever names
Time is of the essence especially now
The one thing it speaks to
Everybody is pleasantly surprised
You have nowhere to go but up
There’s the genius of tomorrow
Here’s what you’ll find out
I speak for you in the audience
Galloping ahead into tomorrow
The bittersweet cry
Everyone has a purpose, someone who to be
There’s so much violence and disease
A finer way to get by
Just be a good man
Give a hand where you can
Everything is halfway around the world
All the visual things that I love
All the things that I want in life
That escaped my notice
Everybody has something to do
Life will still be there
Everything will see me there
Swinging in the air
I’m here again and gone tomorrow 
Down the lonely highway
There is no honor here
We are alone tonight
I’ve got a thing
My smarter self
The last challenge
Living with my silent heart
Like leaves left out in the rain
Everybody just laughed
Here’s the situation
Here’s my right foot
I rang in the wind
Don’t you have to know the truth
Lives of suffering
A pile of terrible things
A mental frame is placed on your head
This has been such a long struggle 
Do you feel optimistic about lying here
I was distinctly hit
This seems brighter
Like on fire
It will be there in the morning
I want to capture something
Here’s my hero
I guess I’ll have to make my visit longer
It’s a wonderful world
My greatest hope
I wish you’d awaken and let me know
Everything here is melting
This is the soul of everything we make
The spirit lives on
Violent exercises are not enough
One of a multiple option
It’s like a little surprise
The thought is alive today
I’m closed to you
Because I went away
Moving speech
It’s too intelligent to be categorized
What’s our possibilities 
Since you look at me
I want to say we never met
When things were normal
I am not this person
I can’t wait to see him gone
You and I alone know this
Everyone has the same resources
Don’t kill yourself when you die.
— 9/15 - 10/30/06

Sad Train

It’s an endless poem above
The name of everything
where the birds sing
We live sampling each other’s speech
because we must
I have no patience with this
beacon of mist
in the cold
The darkness at dawn
Wacko in the extreme where the deepening
Something else forever
in the dream
Brings a gong
with a deep respectful bow.

A Figurine of Glass

I am a figurine of glass
I make my way slowly down the corridor
There are evil beasts that trample and claw
Now my crutch is gone
The war hasn’t stopped
Do you know how hard it is to find your way
When and whenever God closes his eyelids
It’s very transient where you are
The hour is passed
The hand that closed
Has scared the heck out of me.

Mind Mumbles

Give me a mountain of air to breathe
A long draught of the Nile
You’ve been forging my signature again
Don’t make me smile.

I feel cheery enough for two
The pain has gone away and in its place is you
I am like smoke
I go when I begin.

No hope
My end is close
I’m quite content to be alive
And danse macabre all the night
Followed up by another dream
To perk myself up.

This arises plastically in a form not to be denied 
On earth like sand in the carburetor of your life
Ignite without delay
A sign of trouble
My mind mumbles.

Junkie Life

Goodbye to my little flower
I would rather not go
Everyone here is very kind to me
Give me a nice hello
Here’s my life
It’s a painful way of growing up in many ways
We work from our hearts and souls
Everyone has a nice face
Now I want to go
Into the night
The visual element
I’ll take the two of us apart
Collapsing into one
I can’t see anything
Stop the car
Ah yes, it’s nice to be here
A shadow can’t remember
Why is that
It’s much more clever than you
Everything is protected
Your reckless mind keeps you from sleeping
Places are blown away by the clouds
A beautiful, adorable you
This is like a hotel with another life
In my little brain
Everything is finished
I can’t excuse myself
You’re my cupcake
Lord, just remember me
Hand me a pillow, bring me a beer
All of life’s priorities
Here’s the end of my desire
I am spiritually nothing
A parasite child
The end came quickly
A feeling of significance
My big mistake
I listen to myself and I like it that way
I shall not escape without you
My amazing evidence
Oh, what a dip in the sea!
A loving eye
Whatever they are they will be reborn out of the ashes
A mastery unsurpassed
My face is so good
Trouble’s never far away, apparently
Here I am with you
Beyond the shimmer of tomorrow.

Sonnet (I used to) 

I used to have a lot of love for the world
The beauty of things
The ugly person I was
Couldn’t bear it.

Sometimes I wandered off
The wind in the night
I used to do a lot of things for the world
Please God, make it simpler for me
Return the light.

Even though you don’t care
I am aware
Of the world and me
In harmony
Safe at night.

My Life

My life has changed.  I’ll never be the same
I’m on the tarmac with you
Resistance is futile
Open my eyes
Escape intact
before this opportunity disappears
There’s more than one
of everything
It’s here but not forever
Which is very nice if your heart is made of ice
Opening in the sky
Your adorable life 
Open out inside
I want to be near you
Everything is very real
Why has everything changed
I am sweeping by you
in the interzone of life and death
There’s nothing to do but wait
I’m a little bit of myself
There’s no one who can be me
Fanned by some way
This doesn’t seem like one of these truthful situations
He melted my heart
You have done nothing so long
I put myself in a little box
It all seemed clear
A life is welcome
Intact disappears
I just walked out of my life
I am hoping that you will respond to me
I’m glad you called
It continues to be
Once you thought you were safe
Courage will inspire hope
You will never believe me
I will fight it
Under the wing of your underlife
My empty self
You think I’m sorry
My clothes are off
A new death in life
I am blinking
Go faster
Or love life
I will come along after you
In the moonlight of madness
Magic words start to flow
I think I see a glimmer of light through the fog
I’m not making a mistake, I’m righting a wrong
The beginning is a good place to begin
One wonders why
We all got to die sometime
With the rest
There’s nothing else but you
You are bringing me down to your level
Nice enough to get lost in
I am writing for everybody lost
Alone and afraid in a jungle
A resounding silence fills the air
What did you say and what did you do
How much do we have to invade the atmosphere
How much do we have to play
Here I am on the brink of life
Everybody push
You can’t help but have a feeling
Doesn’t it count for anything
One is done
I forget about tomorrow 
Every time I open my new refrigerator
Everything is coming on
And everything is coming apart
Sky’s the limit
It’s the bread you eat
What made it just this way
No snow on the grass
Zero is a degree
All starting with a whisper
We learn a little bit along the way
You never know when you’re going to need some
My hand’s up
We got all the time in the world
On the day we reach the summit
Kneeling down and getting up
I have the confidence of youth
The mood is alive
Do you live for yourself or share your hopes and dreams
Corpses washed up on shore
We have work to do
In the battle against war
Cold and dreary rain
All of the easy things are done
A sun is set
I will flatten you
A palimpsest of woe
I will know you are true
I will know you are you 
In the fire.
— 2006


Experience what it feels like
Only nature can provide
The best fruit has to offer
The lift in your day
I’m not as sweet as you
Here there are no rules
I can prove it
I will focus on you
Everything is being destroyed
I’m moving in the right direction
Thanks for your memories
The head is blasted open
You said a lot of things I didn’t think important
Please don’t arrest anybody
Invent something stupid
Catch your breath 
A million is enough
I don’t want to take it another way
I haven’t made a big enough distinction
I am so sweet to believe
Your future will soon start taking care of itself
Now you know what to do
I’m killing the time because I am
Touch and you will find it
My hands are hot
But not forever
There’s been a debate burning
The warning that things are coming
A world gone big and infinite
I still don’t know where that line is drawn
Can’t we wait a bit longer
For nearly everything in life
Here’s my new drug
Everybody knows I’ve had enough
Open up your heart
C’mon and show your stuff
This morning there was a zebra
Reported to be alive
There’s no one thing you can do
I’m crowded in here
I have nowhere to go
A rare mysterious side effect
If only for a moment
Why do they have to treat us like idiots
I won’t backup your heart
For every drop you give
Thanks to the gas inside the bulb
They live in the path of destruction
I don’t know where my psychiatrist is
Happiness is so sweet
It’s not unlikely when you think about it
Which is why
No matter what you love
Nothing is better than us
You say the heat never leaves the room
I will bubble along with you
The secret is to remain very calm
You who are going on
A human for tonight
No one starts running away with it
Splattered with blood 
I think I’m all right
The clock starts ticking the moment they are called
Won’t you know the truth
Your thinking is fine however wrong
Your heart on my sleeve
Overwhelmed wrecks on the inside
Lost in space in a natural valley
My whole area
You’re frozen enough with desire
Here is your heart to get away with
It’s here but not forever
Everything is fun
Everything has another face
Everybody is excited
Clip and save
A mysterious realm of space 
This is the magical night
Here’s my name in lights
My head in yours
Here are my ingenious devices
I will squash the club
Like you want
Go back to heaven
I’m going to make you forget you were
Here’s the number one issue
Here’s my way of loving you
Beneath the waves
Here’s where you want to go
As wild as you are
Enflamed with desire
Like an elf on fire
Everybody is an idiot
Change your ways
You should be entranced
How painful it is
The world revolves around you
I am feeding you rice
I wish you well in the meantime
I am near to tears
I have enough blows to my head
It’s all in the point of view
Inside was outside
Why would anyone care about anything else
Don’t tell me what to do
If you haven’t discovered mental confusion
Is an illusion
Everybody will be forgotten
My wings in the air
While I go 
Here’s my consternation
This is the moment we’ve been waiting for
Which was so loved
Subways in the sky 
Don’t panic.

Natural Acts

In another fertile land
Why do you think we’ll survive
In unlikely places
Where there is nothing else
After the killing is over
The devil wants the world
The thought processes of our fears
Your pipes might leak
This is my job
I pity the fool there 
Where you are
Fused to a rock in a landscape
They will be taken completely alive
You could make any day interesting
The different kinds of gas that you had
It’s got a mixed storyboard
Blessed be the sound
My name is alone
There is nothing more we want to know
She wearies herself
Because she was alive
Another one did it
Open up your musical translators
The fatal hold of yesterday
Sweeter than my heart can say
It was a reasonable thing
I know what I have to do to save myself
Face to face
I’m worrying about you. 

A Game of Cards

Hold the card as long as possible
No player but he
If weak lead through honor
land down on the table
by taking them from their opponents
from a very remote period
There are other ways of seeing
The penalty for an error
Watch the game narrowly
Supposing you remain
It is not necessary to dilate
Whatever is useful is true
Each player stands on his own
leave your partner free
the probable good effect of forcing
forces both hands opposed to you
that under other circumstances would have been sacrificed
Find out for yourself
One of the cards is real
he spreads on the table 
Another game he plays
There is one small room
The privilege may also be transferred
A single game is won
when a player tries to conceal his strength
When a player plays alone
A hand once abandoned and laid down
listen to yourself and take control
Do not lead to the highest
remaining after the division
obliged to follow with a heart
debarred from taking any part
Debarred from taking
under no circumstances
without consultation with his partner
he would otherwise be entitled
as long as it is equally useful
Each player then takes the miss
keep back your adversary
however seldom attained
The game is played as follows
the same amount as was previously contributed
not exceeding the limit
in rotation
This stroke of good fortune
a major sequence
usually in your maneuvers
who is acquainted with the real
need not be told
making the best he can
I order it up
and go once around the world
When your card is led
equally between the players
remaining after 
the equal division being left
The only advantage that lies
Would have been sacrificed
There is but little chance for skill
face downward
Here’s my mistake
If in error
The most important part when you turn up
and cannot injure him
the ante deposited leads to the next
as they turn up 
the switch
remember he has but
By some rules to enclose
precisely the same
Let your great principle be
Should you be weak
If a discrepancy occur
Lookers-on must not interfere unless appealed to
Be powerful against them
till you are obliged
to play a backward game
By this plan you may take
the command of your partner’s hand
as a means of innocent amusement
where it remains
any violations of the laws
whether made purposely or by accident
Does it feel like real men
and returns a heart, and so on
holding the best
whose turn it was
and makes no sign
Are you looking for me
Here’s my way of knowing
holding the age that equalizes
in rotation
which suits him best
until someone is satisfied
and so on all around
It is always advisable to set a limit
Thus it might happen
then takes place as before
and neglecting to show them
many little contrivances have been invented
while he holds
A condition made at the beginning
This is done previous to raising
that is, when a call is made
the right to order up
proved to be imperfect or incorrect
or words to that effect.
— 6/06


The Real Picture

Do you know why I’m so blue?
Because of changes near to you
I can’t even believe to imagine
Everybody is alive. 
Have another slice of peach
I want to elongate my plea
I’m comfortable with my wounds
Our touring hopes have declined
despite the thrill of a friendship with you
Does the skin recede?
Bugs are here to stay
If it’s true, we’re all over you
Will you get me into this sexual workshop
all turned around
and now in effect
Charge like the book of war
I won’t even think of just one last memory
We rule a quiver I’m sure you will know
Our transportation travels on water deeply
The sword of the ocean
Because I’m safe in here
There was God
I’m healthier and happier
You stink, I’m afraid
Everything is something I can’t live without
Eating with a simple fork
How is the money?
You don’t want to protect me
Morbid mysteries
It gives us a way of touching
I want to be walking
I’m an embarrassment to myself
I’m going to eat you
I know a toy guy
Life is cute, you will see
It’s easy to go away
I am significant enough
Holding hands makes me healthy
What do you know of the doom of this planet?
There’s nothing you wouldn’t rather do
than judge
It’s the masterpiece we want today
A throne of light
A warm and fuzzy thing
I’m putting you in my pocket
It’s not an exciting thing
It’s just a ghost
Life delicious
It’s not about anything real
Everybody has a name to say
Do you want to see the prancing priest
To bless your right hand
This is the infant I’ve been looking for
I’m thinking of you
For another century of hope
Here’s another grain of salt
Are you scratching your brain
Go to the heart 
Talk about being happy
Talk about making love
It went up and down
It was like the ocean
I believe the energy
I’ll help you re-connect
I’d like to take a dive into the night
I will return to your life
I will make up for everything
You want to be
All this information
A new zero
I will absorb you well into my arms
So that you understand
I’m dead.  Are you?
I will rivet all your fears
It’s just so sick
The connection has been made
Your leverage has been revealed
Ready to take a rest
Together by tearing you apart
I need a kind of girlfriend in my heart
This timeless toy
Most entries are emotional
Few are sure
Places where you’ve never been
An echo stream
Things seem a little more morbid than they’re supposed to
Stare and laugh
Here’s my amazing sauce
So many birds slaughtered
A walk down the hidden hallway, the corridor of time
You shouldn’t be sitting
Humble or else
Fling yourself onto the tide
The threshold has been closed
Do you get the total picture
The songs that we love
I’ve finally found a worthy cause
Is my satellite hot?
Why don’t you take a long nap?
I’m here where you are
Do you think you could protect me?
— 7/06

A Candle

A candle in the sky
The lights are turned on
A company of tears
Documents from the life
On this planet named
Normal, how lonely.
— 2/07

Empty Promises

The beautiful born

We dream that we enter a world entirely our own
It’s not too late to stop the amazing drive

every happy memory

longing is beautiful

Every time the telephone rings
The more I think about it the stranger it seems

I will put you inside of me

There is nothing that’s the same
Except me
My fire is hot

You’ve all known me enough
A lot of narrow things
Amazing over the edge of tomorrow
Ignited by your fear
It’s time to rest

A well-oiled machine
Me, the doctor

He set me up for breathing
It all starts in a second but it comes out smooth
You’re blocking the light
Of my life

I am always prepared
We have a moment alone
My name was erased from the board
I am mostly not you

I have nothing to hide
I’m like you
Waiting, opening, closing 
A decisive life
Everybody here is no less
Above the endless plains
I see them

I have something to say that won’t be heard
I can’t think of anything else
There is an allegory to everything
You’re worse than an infant

I’m very interested in that body
Swiftly ascending into the blue empyrean
How they die
I call to you every day

No matter where they turn, long term
A black anger
renowned to you
The angel in the water
in front of my face
Now here’s hope

Broken and left to die
Here’s my absolute design
I am laughing at you
Alone in the future
Somebody might show me the truth
No one will like it but me
We’re pushing a nation over the edge
There’s some kind of presence
Surviving the event horizon
Everybody has another dance

Ah ha! Everything is necessary
Do you care to know why
Your dreams still last
for folks like you and me
If anyone is innocent, raise your hand
You’re free to go

The true power is often ignored
Without losing a thing
It’s not over yet
It’s in everybody’s heart to do

Here’s my face
It’s far from ordinary
Nothing ever tasted better

Little peoples’ lives made happier
Every illness has a cause
Give him a gift he’ll use every day
Where I began
Miles away from shore
This expansive modern bridge
Let the traffic flow again

Demanding and vibrant
after much ado
it made movie history.

Silent Life

Don’t even try to figure it out
It’s a bad habit
to be always thinking
About everything
Since there are limits
to what we can know.

Everything was here already known for what it is
in the distance thinking
where anyone is
In the fire
swift as an arrow 
piercing the heart where it is
over the rainbow
I know this now
A beam from the blue of tomorrow. 

All your presents survive

Take everything away

Throughout history, it’s cruel

Take my heart and call my own
The cloud of hope

Nobody has enough to do to do enough
A broken arm

Do you feel confirmed 
Do you think I’m good
There are a million questions

It’s something you should do right away
I’m just thinking of the violence
in a time of violence 
You’ve got a lazy minute 
Bring in man again

You know them all
You don’t want to be warranted
She gets her wig up there
How is your face now

Forgive me to want to live longer
Where I am
I don’t want to do this
I want to be left alone
Here's a hint of it
Do you want to be bearing someone again

All the varieties is what you want
Spend these times lying awake
Everyone has their own reason
Are you ready for their dreaming
When everyone is so far away
It’s all we can do to save him
I will pity the fool
Are you as smart as him
I should have stabbed you a long time ago
I’m feeling so happy to hear this.
— October 2006

Standard Life

Hello, Dr. Hormone
You have to give yourself to something else
Everything is poultry
I’ve never faced the fact
Sometimes a new light opens your eyes
Everything’s been frozen in time
The year doesn’t look too pretty
The burning fires on the plains
Having no idea what to do next
That was the spark
It’s up and down and over
Everything can happen
You don’t think it’s funny when it’s you
I started to get sick
They are all exercises of perception
Everybody needs a vacation
It binds you to him
My endless quest
Something happened in the distance
My universe is you
Everything falls between two things
Fly though the air and crash in a mall
Why was I so easily cast aside
I remember the moment
Our pain is their power
In time you’ll see how much. 

An Irregularly Shaped Box

Every day is a word
The world as we know it ceased to exist
It was rowing like an oar
I walked out into the garden
I’m a scar
An invisible glass
Always pretty impressive.

Whose song is this:
“That’s life, look out
You sure got a million 
That’s the last thing you’ll ever do.
What’s your name?"
"My father’s mustache."
"I want to know
Everything you do.”

Will you open up wide and come in
Visions that challenge your imagination 
Everything you’d like to do today
Here’s my lovely hammer
I’m bringing you up
to what’s wrong.

When the next attack happens
Where will you be
In the attic, in the cellar, in the pantry
My hand is under my pillow
Everything is still secret
When everyone walked the other way.

I feel pity for you
Dreams of wealth
You have to start over
To symbolize how love has grown
Briefly self-destruct
I’m glad I’m not feeling well
Everything was constructed one way.

Glimpse of me
I don’t want there to be any anger
Have you been good this year?
Everything’s on the inside
Thank you for joining me
Each kiss is yours.

All these abstract extremes
He made the light bright wherever he’d go
A smile inside a lonely heart you’d see
The little stars are aglow
I’m here on the plain
One more grandiose story of denial.

My most impressive power
I’ve heard everything I can hear
An uninterrupted interruption
I’m afraid of everything and ashamed of nothing
I found myself in a downward spiral of debauchery.

Everything has another self
You don’t have to see beauty
Wouldn’t you like everything to be like this
I’m on the way
You’re like a rocket ship
I left with myself
Who are you
where is he
Are you him
Everything has to go away from me.

It’s an amazing reason
I’ve never heard before 
Roaring at me all the time
I’ve never been kissed
I will never look fat again
I will never struggle against anything.

Every emotion that you can feel is good
Its raw approaching
Such a vibrant feel
When the world needs heroes
Don’t let his eyes fool you
Do you think I’m another freak
Great for wintry nights?

Obey my dog, Spike
Nothing to worry about 
Dying along the way 
How do you feel about it?
It’s enough to make you laugh
I have enough hope to last
Swimming in my tears.

There’s aluminum me
You’re really clever
Into my tummy 
Take care
It’s not just a pipe dream
Ask your doctor today
There’s something else in here
Everything is a-simmer
Connect these dots
Where everything was
in need of help.

In the zone of my life
After my hope is gone
An enormous fire engulfed
Call the world
Save the moments
That you’ve received most wanted
Dropt like a stone
A sign from above.

I’m happy for you
My heavy heart
As if in a dream
Do you remember the night we met
I’m here on earth, a mighty fine accomplishment
We’re all going in the same direction 
Weep alone for heaven
Sitting in your regular chair may be easy
Yes, I’m back now
Don’t forget life.

The fire in the eyes
Tender and calm
Follow the generous impulses of your heart
and pray for guidance
Here’s the golden rule for humanity
Embrace without friction
Each giving to each
The source of vigor and strength.

It’s like a sacred trust to know the end of the beginning
Out there in the rest of the world
Here’s what I like to see
Till it’s all gone away
the living of the moment.

Don’t let anything in or out
Keep your connection with the sun
My secret museum
I’ve given you another chance
I’ve done a lot of different things
This is the moment
We’re just having fun.

Maybe I’m wrong
The lonely buses go by
The breeze on my skin
A free hole in the joy
Everyone has a horse
Nothing’s changed
When taken over by time.

You lead the way and I will follow
Turning into the black horizon
I’m like you be
A knife on a zing
I will mesmerize you
Your face here
Heaven opens it
Everybody’s gotta be normal
I want everybody clean
I gave you what you wanted
A new wind is about to blow
It's only funny when I laugh
I’m busy with my puzzle 
Are you as silly as I am to believe?

And I’ll show everybody
Serve your loins
All wrapped up
I can make it rain if I want to
It’s all natural seeming to me
Everything keeps rising
We’re all watching
Questions of a violent wind
Exfoliation is creation
The only thing that’s real is you
I’m proposing but I’m losing
Another way today
I feel like I’m in a fog
Doesn’t it kind of break your heart?

Handsome you
Quickly roving
I’m skating a monkey over to you
A globe-expanding explosion
Don’t stop them
From small towns with a spirit
Nothing helps but chances 
Sweep them up
Go for your life
Everyone deserves a fair shake
You can notify me by your side.

You’re not serious today, right?
Each a valuable member
I’m still a shepherd in the field
The way spoke into being
Now here’s an answer
God’s plan for giving up things
My name is bright
I have nothing to say or do
Everyone has a burning
I’ve been waiting a long time
Every weekend
Imagine what I feel

With the wind behind him
Carry me forward
Is there a tumor in your town?
Continue without patience
The power of up
Everybody fell
You can’t trust the other self
Enough to end the game
like a clock
Make it work 
Everybody left early.

You may control your own fate
That’s all we can ask
Our gift to you lasts the whole year through
Crafted to evoke emotion
Beyond the machine
I will try to swim in your water
At home in your waters
A cold she has never known
Your place in the world is unique
Everything comes to a close
There’s no length to these

I know it hurts
A war will interrupt
Unlock mysteries
A mysterious combination
It seems there was little hope
That gives us a clue to parts of us
Think back how they were when they came
The little boy is blind
He remembers everything
It’s not their destiny
They are healthy and strong
We just have to turn a page.

There was terrible news
You can’t stand up to it
Want a coffee?
Anything you want to say 
I have to leave this beautiful sight
Do you know what it was called?

What do you think I am
Do you think I’m me
I’m so tired of calling
For love
You say we wake it all up
The opposite of that
Everybody has to pray
You think I’m me not you
Around the hub.

When you dust my brilliant clothes
I am stroking my hair around my legs
Do you think God is in every sky
Once again with a plan
Everybody holds the door
A sweep of sound
My heart palpitates
happy to have found
A sound
A burgeoning symphony
It‘s hard to find
I chose it with me inside
A chill
No disguise
I left inside the sliver where I was listening.

I walk alone
The prison of cobblestones
Talking without speaking
I wonder if I might see you
The silence was silence
Dancing around a star
I’m climbing up to you
Where your mute expression
Helps me want to sing
I will never believe in anything else.

An entity never shines
for long
I am very lucky today
Giving up something you love for the greater good
How does that raise to the level of glory
One less note
You’re not here anymore
I will not forget everything
I wanted to be
I’m bidding farewell
It’s all been carried out
It’s got a force field.
 December 2006

What Will Happen Here

Let’s be everything together
I have but one night to live
Everybody is a-flutter
Whatever happens now doesn’t hurt
My good is enough
Everything is going to be over
She is getting tears too
It remains a mystery
Expand everything
Christmas is a state of mind
It’s an old thing
I’m naked on a boat
I’m terrible at this time of night
Something in me almost broke
That’s an inflatable performance
In more ways than ever before
Nobody has a phone right now
Nothing is more cheerful
Please, it will pass
Nothing like a scrapbook
Old people nap a lot
Am I the only one thinking that
I’m congratulating you
Happiness is my energy every day
In many more ways that was
It’s amazing how it zeros in
What led you to create this game
It’s like playing with dolls
Everything is basic, yes
The world is being populated by other creatures who play
Every time you need it
I walk up to the day
The streets of God are paved with gold
Dust in your eyes
Purple colored curtains
We reach our rendezvous
Here’s my faith
You must be alive
You are dating you
It’s been a long time for me
An entire pool full of noodles
Resting now inside
It’s always a matter of life or death
In the morning of my life
Safe in these walls
Do you lie awake exhausted but just can’t sleep
Drowsiness is continuous
Do you need a waxing now
The whole world inside
Great pictures’ power
There are events in motion greater than you can understand
The imagined feel
I forgot everything I ever knew
A door can’t open
Where no one dies.
— 12/06

A Complete Mystery

It's always a complete mystery 
I'm going to stay right here until I satisfy myself 
Your heart's just a fine guarantee 
You can let go if you want to 
Much of the music begins in the shadows 
Those who desire or sneeze 
Hate may warm the day 
A new wave washes in 
Listen, they're playing again
The music of the asphalt 
This phantom night 
You don't want to paint 
Originally a slug returning to its feast
He died on the chair 
Introducing the feeling 
We're not entitled to anything else 
It was all he ever was 
He died with the feeling 
You have time for this misery 
This crazy crazy thing called love like it wasn't there 
Adoring you in the end 
I hate my way 
What spring results 
Destitute and dissolute in the rain 
Where you're like a dog 
One thing to forget 
My heart just won't stand 
What your laughing heart embraces 
I want to rest upon a graceful mountain so high 
I hope you won't forget this day 
My legs are hanging off of me 
While we dream on our heavenly bed a melody from the sky 
When the open door starts to close 
I stared at the storm clouds outside 
I have that wonderful elixir sop for the soul 
In the realm of the truly wonderful 
In that big thing called life help is lucky now 
We woke up holding hands 
It's sad when old friends have to part 
I see a frog sitting on a bump 
I won't be back to the farm 
Did you get that letter mailed to your backyard
The river of life is full 
And we are toasted 
The wave of the wall comes alive 
I wish I could fall out of the sky 
Just to satisfy my heart 
Everywhere is war 
Like the morning, here I am because of the terrific nervous strain of the sea 
The fools may rage before I quit your eyes 
It lacerates my heart 
When this blessed life began 
My electrical madness covered in an angel's blood 
The voice of joy and flame 
I wonder if I sleep as much as I did before 
Nothing's bigger than my house 
He has tossed us a sigh 
It exists within the mind 
I can feel the people staring 
The earth swings 
Hearts can tremble and shake 
Where the ocean meets the sky 
You see your ancient face 
The cadence rolls in 
The rocks may be melting 
You get so lonely here 
Angel of dusk 
My, what a view 
That blinding flash of lightning 
His heart is an enigma 
Dying by the river 
From saintly lips I haunt the world beside you 
Heaven in your eyes 
In the clear blue skies 
Build a hurricane 
This awful misery that filters 
The news up above 
You're in a crowded stream 
The wind that blows across the crazy vine 
The message you want to hear 
The storms of March have made my heart a dancer 
God is quiet and hides his secret love 
I tell you cheap little babies 
Long ago and faraway 
Life's painted wings 
I just see the vague outline of things 
Drive into a cloud 
I know the piece I'm dreaming 
Everything I heard before I heard it 
Meet me outside aboveground 
Oh, golden sunset smiling through the night, give me your burning hand 
The great conversation continues 
I wish we could open our eyes 
Sadly dancing I need a sea of quiet 
Ignoring what the world knows 
The invincible sighs 
Put away that dark cloud 
I think you're frozen in time and have nowhere to go 
Very painfully got together 
In a foggy dream. 

The Dream

Nobody ever saw this landscape
The image ravages me
Sleep is a miracle in space
Everything is a miracle in a sense
This morning a distant image still
It was a lucky accident.  
I banished the vision
in its irregularity of vegetation
Its genius was savored
My pride was intoxicating
in its monotony of water, metal and marble
The biggest jump
My pain
Taken to the next level
Every month you will believe
A bowl of soup
Why are you any better than that
The wonderful kind
Idiots on parade
Crazy, awesome
Soldiers of the king
I’m sorry I did that
Many of us have given up hope
People were not apt to change their daily lives
It’s worth the price
Love knows I’m real
Life would be so nice if it were made of rice
You’ve lit a fire in me
The elements of shock and surprise
What a sybaritic land
Voices from beyond and their lasting words
I knew what it was
I had nothing to give
What happens here is what happens
The only thing that moves
Light that brings families together
serving mankind
This one
I’ve received in all
I lifted my name to inspire you to boo
Trees begin to disappear
Nature and humans collide 
In the strangest place in the world
Frozen hands break off like twigs
Life has no place here
Is there something I can do to change the past
The largest pieces of steel
Stripping down one by one
Are you aware of the spontaneous
whatever it is
This worm and these bugs
It’s not normal to behave
We’ve isolated ourselves 
I’m expecting you
Voyage into the dream
Time and again in science
The golden truth
I’m very thankful for you
We count while we can
Here at home we have the earth  
We examine everything
How does it feel to be alone
Do you want everything to go
Nothing is normal yet you sleep
I will do nothing until you stop
Give me a kiss tonight
It’s been a long journey
As long as you’re ready you’re on the way
Swirling in mist till you understand
Come with me into the sea
What is this vast mistake where we dwell
Please stay calm with me
Most of the atoms have found themselves
The quiet that I give you
I made sure there was no need
I’ve assembled all that I want to know
I will just reduce it to your truth
Gallop through the countryside
It was a tragedy to think
What a pity my father didn’t live to see me strong
Everything carries more weight
Everybody will make a change
We are guided by our own convictions
What is a wonderful thing
We need a big thick role
We have taken a step
You look like a walking felony
I’m taking full control
What kind does this require
I lose control
There’s nothing I can say that will comfort you 
We’ve got to destroy destruction
with pain
I’m going to try a trick
If they can’t see us we can’t see them
I’m happy for the rest of my life
My old rusty hand
Why do you need to be something else
Don’t ever dance
Don’t ever talk about yourself
Crown your good, America
The legend has been handed down for centuries
Our mission is more important than your feelings
The sea supplies my wants
I am not even alive
Am I rare enough for you
I’m going to give up before I begin
Prohibited from speaking
Going where you are
I would like to meet these wonders face to face.
— 2007

Dying Alone

It’s better to die lonely and speak your need for truth
He has a message from heaven
This is bad luck
In heaven is a spirit
The giddy stars above
If I could dwell
And stay awake for hours
Everything is flesh and spirit
Something I don’t know
Am I annoying you
We were not in control anymore
My obscenity
The puppeteer is us
I think I can handle it
It tears up the screen
Welcome to where we begin
I have a little bit of everything
I don’t wish to speak publicly about this
shift in our values
But people were not asked to change their daily lives
It’s just so amazing
Many of us have given up hope
Everything goes down
I’m pain-free
Like a beacon
Discover the best 
Open your eyes to see
Why you need that thing
The dreams are different
The dreams are oil
Widespread confusion
We still can’t grasp
I slept as long as I could
Everything darkens today
Bloom eternally
He walked with awkward steps
Hastening death
In  a matter of seconds
I will crash through
God has zeroed in
Just like being on earth
Yes is the answer
Things that make you go, Mmm
Feeling like you’ve never seen a life before
Who will believe these things inside
I am nude
It’s snowing gently as they fade
like our memories
in a narcotic daze
May everything carry on
Everything is a business contract
Endless is the kind
Opportunity that drinks
Maybe I should clean it
Is your father aware
Everybody doesn’t behave
I think we’re past the point of no return
He walked into the room
As if you knew
My glaring mistake among you
Fulfilling every promise you made
garishly attired in silk
like a plague
Extending to you
Voluble paradise, enormous rift
Stand fast as you were
Beckon to me
The widows and bereaved mothers
We’re here, useless
I’m burying myself
Waving home
He struck a new tone
Here’s what I promise you
Pictures of prisons painted
Enriched ingredients of life itself
I’m hoping for the homeless
The universe is in us
Like toothpaste through a tube
I’m now delivered unto the night
Where never sleeps
I wave my flag ahead
Everything you know
Has got to be dreaming
We love to see them smile
I’m saying goodbye to hello
Have you no introspection 
The Lord of necessities
You’re so specific 
Dancing around the room.

Living in the World

Here’s my number for you.  A trillion trillion.
Here’s my day.  Where’s yours?
Dust the corners off
Life’s growing 
where we are today
on a windmill
Have you taken a ride far out?
Here’s my coveted position
The truth hurts people
We are leaving today
All characters are actors
All I found was friendliness and help
Hatred and harm
We are in a phase in this sacred place
Instantly on line
They hand me ancient songs
This is a foreign land
What we have to recognize is
An issue of immorality
Keeping the boss happy
Big changes are on the horizon
The pool will explode
I’m swept away but not excited enough to die
You’re mind is opening
Two words can say a lot
Please welcome my forgotten interior
The history of our country
The devil is your friend
Where everything is marked with joy
I’m very happy
in the clothes of a shepherd
The doctor will take care of me.

The General

I just pulled up, let me say
He’s gone away
Imagine any other thing than us
is near
An impenetrable barrier
Apparently he’s gone home
blind in one eye

O swiftly ascend
You are my arrow
The world’s moving pretty fast up there

Here on the bottom 
you earn a dream
It doesn’t happen overnight
Their story had unraveled
I will give you something to do
Who can find who
Thought of being alive

Flowers meet the sky
What is there to fear
An amazing discovery shocks everyone
and alters our view of the world
Some words from the philosopher
and all the angels cheered
Time can blow out like a candle
There’s a harsh truth to face
There is nothing that notices that
These few words and everything’s changed

The pieces survive
I want the same
I’m in love with everything
No one else could do it
You were so tolerant
All I’ve done is make it worse
I’m going to wrap myself in paper
Full of lip service
Unlike any other.
— 2007

A Terrible Passage

This is a terrible passage
until I’m never mortal again
The morning’s image again
Vague, faraway and ravishing.

Sleep is full of miracles!
Only one play
Has banished my spectacles
and, hot painter of my genius,
in that first split second you almost feel yourself in both places at once.

I know in my heart
The babble climbs and the malls
Were an intimate palace
Falling on a mat of gold

And cataracts fall 
Like ribbons of crystal
Suspended, ballooned
Murals of metal.
Not trees but columns
surround the sleeping ponds
where vain women stare at their projections

Forests or temples
Surrounding sages and humongous nudes
Like a ceiling of reflections
It stops and hovers.

I’m forgetting about life
Oh, my grief is near
The petals closing.

It can’t be done
It stops my heart
Selected flowers
I’ve given my heart
You’re my wildest challenge.
We can leave death behind
Discover the driving force
Why is this something to do
Every world penetrating
What appearances you think.

I’m working like you
You’re life yourself, nothing else
You’ve learned so much
The air is filled with poo and dander.

Science fiction is politics
I’m clipping everything
Everything is behind them
A frame
Everything is a matter of seconds
The best picture of the year
A storm cloud advances

A story about truth, justice
Train your mental muscles for the big day
I will beep you when I’m ready
I know her status now

What would happen if people weren’t scared anymore
Everybody knows his place except me
A big shot in motion
Every time is the last time
Everybody gets a hand

Are you alive or lonely
Now I find more and more people are having feelings
It’s really painful
A shocking therapy
I didn’t have to blind myself
Here’s my bizarre display
Life always floats at random

On behalf of those who died
There is comfort in the intimacy of the sea
”I’m beset by the ironies of my life”
I am such a slave to your ocean
I am the man who once was alive

No one here is dirtier than you
No one knows but you
Swept into the dustbin of life
One has a vague realization of it
We are friendly but you are not.  

They grew up in the shadow of death
One more time
I never puked
All over your body

Two words to stay alive
Exceptional Offer.

Maybe now one has it right
Nothing but moonshine 
I am yours because you are mine
Fireflies at night.

I’ve incited you
What we had 
Within a span that is reachable
Here’s where I want to be
In a misty paradise
A winter wonderland of hope

Give me a handful of grief
My god is you
To naturally restore you
The angels weep

It is growing within us
I’m here where I am
Among the waterfalls
Here’s the pleasure it gives me
Anxiously to get
I can’t tell if I’m a boy or a woman
I have the right to privacy
Here’s my name

Cancer and a heart condition
Where you’ve burnt him to death
I’m sorry
I’m in a hurry
The strong get lost
And make the grave
bright and shining

The same songs
In the blush of the evening
When the sun shines
I don’t think you want to hear
How money works
The sneeze of summer
I feel my heart trembling
When you look at me seriously

You always look good to me
It only takes one night
Weird, confused and alone
Will you quickly tell me
It can end in a moment

My dream is to always taste the perfect wave
In a city of millions
Pause where you are
Right at home
Visitors may ponder
Why have we met

I’ve go to admit
Shifting gears for just a minute
Everything is here without end in sight
It’s hard to define in the future
It’s hard to laugh
When you bleed and speak your name

The words won’t fly anymore
A seat on the floor
What does anyone say
Designed to deflect the rain
I’m the thought you think
before it went
Off my mind
It makes me pretty

There’s a monster in the bathroom
Determined to seek vengeance
It is a little wobbly
Yes, I understand
I’m here if you need me.
— 2007


Where I live for an instant
I gotta go
One big thing I like
You have never met
Where I am
A blind man can see
Where we are
In a field of concrete
What shall I give my life to
What if I was one of us
What if you were one of me
What if that was one of this
Oh, life that is mine
I have never had an opportunity to see
Everything happens tomorrow
Oh, give me a home
Flesh on flesh in the blood room
I think I want to make it clearer
Who can see over the horizon
Who can see the end of days
When I travel I long to return
The last gleams of hope have died
By the side of an old tree
Next to an enormous wall
Where does depression hurt
Are you scared out of your mind
What’s inside to change this place
Let me sit here and absorb
You’ve awakened in the dark and can’t go back to sleep
Like another world of crime and violence
Something is wrong in this house
Blood flooded the floor
No matter how you tried to hide it.
— January, 2007

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