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you who have enough

You Who Have Enough


You who have enough

Of me

Frozen in time

More dirt

I used to wonder

Now you know

Add nothing

I can’t stop living

The edger

The manual of your mind

I’m sure you know it in your mind

I’m not going to face it

I am now complete

Telescopically found

I’m in front

Someone has to take flight

We’re surprising people in the elevator

All around me

Everybody who helps a guy

Anything that goes

Listen to life

You don’t have to die

Lots of other products

A totally different relationship

Although they were shadows

Galloping all the way

Possessions are faulty

It was ancient

We are here right  back

The honest surrogates will be revealed

The moment is right

Between teeth

Bonus-stuffed executives

The team of pain

I am here by you

Something strong

Licking life

Magical me

The noise is back

A double feeling

It’s earned the love

Of you who laugh

Swift to save

Another day

Here’s my success

The safe, secure way

It’s a little fuzzy

I’m glowing

That would be strange

But I’m sorry

Last to die

Keep a song in your heart

Aimless poetry

Somehow I read

This father of mine

Next, we’ll leave

I’m afraid of this

Tell me the word

It was nudity

There’s zero escape

I am very wise

Today’s the day

To laugh and shine

Everybody has a wonderful home

I laughed alone

There’s a reason

There was a splendor to everything

Even the dead

Everything is back

Completely converted

The universe today

Is alive with freaks

I’m Spiderman

Life’s a panic

Out of nowhere

If it doesn’t sever

You’re left to be tangible

Artificial arrangement

It can be fatal

His life was slipping away

Breathing data

He was ignored

Look at this

Big results

It was sad

Double the results

A little couple

Is that what you want

I expect everything to be small

If all this happened

We’ve experienced the bumps in the road

You think you know something about you

I will not let you think about me

I was losing my life

Everything may be ready to help

Rarely do you see an individual

There is a feeling out there

It’s shocking

Virtually everyone

Go down below under the earth

They walk in a dream

All I have to do is about this

We can help everyone accomplish their goals

I wasn’t ready to be a mother

So there, I’ve told you

Please let me go

I have faced the future

Hits your whole body

It does two things at once

Please let me out

This is where I die

It gets results

His mind worked on  many levels at once

We can capture and again control

With its own winter fire

I will supersede you

It’s got enough by itself

Nothing we find is compared to what we’re missing

You’re as good as yourself

It’s the middle of nowhere

It’s a game, it’s not supposed to be fun

It’s always work

With charm and sex appeal

Only here forever

Get your heart sewn

I can get away with anything

These were the powers

I’d like her feet right next to your brain

Is there anyone in the world besides people

This does not look good

Everybody is a cartoon

Who will have

What we want

In the twilight of the dawning

After time is over

The light will stream across the room

They were so swift and sure

They took tomorrow today

Your enormous hope

You can’t silence us

I’ve forgotten to be

I don’t mean a thing

That’s what I want to hear

Everybody has a hope

Everything is labeled

It’s the good things that think

Everything to everybody

Who wants to be that way again

You have to take perpetual advice

Your heart  beats pounding for years

It’s my favorite thing

Every time I look

Do you want to know what’s friendly to me

I don’t want to look

There’s nothing I’d rather do

This has been so awesome

Given for a purpose

We’ve got the blood

Don’t ever believe enough

Trying to uncover their secrets

I’m always outside the box

Mothers are always right

We’re much deeper

You can almost reach out and touch the land

Penetrating the view

It’s an ancient shipwreck

Until this moment

Then value is measured in history and science

There’s the X

I just want to know everything

I don’t always want to be part of the future

Everybody is so good

Or they’re saying they are

Born in a surprising place

Time and time again

Found by accident

We were stunned

Living in total darkness

The driving energy of life

See the shimmering water

Our underwater world

Just coming to light

I love shaking

Imagine how the world could be

We just can’t repeat

If you could see through the magic lens

You’re smarter than I am

I wonder if it would be inevitable

Live in the jewel

Now I’m starting to feel like Christmas

I’ve never slept better

Everything is better

There is no time for me

Don’t be afraid of the end of the day

Everybody has a place

I don’t know if all of it’s true

Forged in a knot

Millions of ways to find meaning inside

Come her blue skies

More shocking than prayer

Bigger and better things

It opens a lot with an extra word

Now I’m now here there

War of ages

Really priceless these holidays

Change your innocence

Walk without pain

I believed in good for all

The frequent deaths

An innate understanding of people

The mess of stress building in your arteries

Emotional directory

Everybody has a knife

I’m trying you

We can’t tarry here

Everybody has more hope

The bitter tea

He made her escape

They were feeling better now

They drink some tea

He was terribly sorry for her

The sweet sleep they slept

Speedier through the tunnel

The bride of a lamb

Unthink that

This is my happiest moment

They’re taking so much out of you

You haven’t seen it coming

My redemption

Everybody in the world began

Now that they did it

Up against the air

What were they talking about

Welcome, objects

Here I am upon the earth

How much does it cost to prepare for it

When we’re together

You have to take a long term look

There’s a subtle shift in his position

All my life I worked for this

Off in the town that is also known as a place

A victim in the night

The country jungle

These streets will make you look grander

There’s something you came to

I can find every summer for every moment

Here’s what it used to be like

All the old rules never applied

We all said, Oh my God!

Dangerous strings

The machines are digging

They’re not vacillating, they’re many

Why die, be late

That strategy has not been motivated

Everything is bland

Agent that came out of nowhere

Doing the superman thing

This was something special

Like a streak in the sky

Everybody was having a good time

Do you think you’re a human now

Some folks aren’t good at life

They were not pleased by that fantasy

They controlled their own destiny

There are a million decisions to be made

I had a nice talk with you yesterday

There were enough forevers

Where’s your thing

I was eaten up inside


Why don’t you answer me now

Please don’t try again

Feeling more, trying more, laughing more

To interfere with your life

Serious risks

More beautiful than a candle

More of the hottest toys

He slapped her face

You know science

You can fit right in here

In the face of a ridiculous tradition

Just be ready to relax

The last thing

The difference can be dramatic

Hang on to your stupidity

The only thing you got

Pity the job done right

He was a poor man freed on Christmas eve

There’s a way to find your way

They continually speak to us

He needs your help.  We haven’t much time

That one thing you had

Has enveloped the scope

Major Proponents

This is the world’s end

Beware the songs you’re singing

Paradise falls

As if you were here

Get fluent in fear

He had a hard time feeding himself

Everything is a closed world like no other

Don’t even worry about tomorrow

Setting your sleep in motion

There we are in the desire zone

The invisible person

A sound like voices, people

Trouble swallowing

Your ears don’t laugh

Look at that, heroically observe

A giant out of the sky

Love overpowered men

I’m sitting on top of the world

The sounds that elephants make

In the dense forest

Perfect for your needs

We need something to change our torture

Here in the heart of neverland

He swings far and wide

Intention flared

An unusual treat

They were feeding and cooking

They know what I’m thinking

Coming down to this

It’s not a mistake, they don’t do random

This brought that together

Here’s everything simplified

This is my house

Death will find you strong

It’s a sink of beauty

Alive only in our imaginations

The trickiest, thorniest question of all

Why can’t you do as you’re told

I can’t be everything

I’m over here in the snow

Is this the eternal life

I’ve eliminated the threat

I have my knife in you

How do I see you now

What are people crying for

An image is not a promise

The answer is not so clear

The office is shut

Inside a window, closer to the clouds

They were opening the door

I’m here where they are

Living a night with me

The happiness to be

You didn’t know this

Fond of the dragon

It’s like a little mini-drama

Tender parts

Baste in the best

I am not able to say

What are we going to get

Down he  goes

It’s amazing to see

I’m pinching you

And everybody knows everything

I am a big black block

I’ve become you

I’m bleak

People are curious

The decision has been made

Columns of heavy equipment

I’m not getting only older

I’m not forgetting the day

A tiny part of your brain is asking

It was intended

Moments like these

I’m caught in a corner

And trapped in space

These are all very important things

The war will spread

There is another area here

It’s amazing what one can do

Everybody’s going in a second

I don’t want to do this anymore

I was allowed to awake

That was my mantra

Everything is a wonderful mistake

To see somebody, see their face

There’s all this hidden anger

It changed my life

Old scars which are healing themselves

A simple yet powerful line

Those old moldy houses

I just want to see one

She called and got her to take a sexy pill

Serious and delicious up to your first accident

Starting tomorrow a happy sign walking the red carpet

After the fact

I’m changing my mind today

A dark, troubled stretch

We gather together when the sun goes down

Checking the squares

I saw you looking into space

They’re creeping in

One law, one star

Shift the way you are

He’ll have to get through me first

City of pain

This galaxy hides dark secrets

You’re fading into the background

It doesn’t have to be sore

What you need to know now

I’m swimming in the sea of fear

Shrinking into the distance

Before our humanity is lost

My new episode for the day

It’s an island that cannot be found

I’ve had enough hope

Hands all trembly

The man is very flawless

This is no time for innocence

The feast is about to begin

With an end which is evil

The perfect parfait

It keeps the taste fresh

I’m swimming in the stream

Going on forever

Now we’ve got to leave these shirts

Feel the things that might symbolize you

That also defines lines and wrinkles

The faded glory

I’m availing you

Everything is terminated

Deceptively dissimilar

All arrayed in that design

There will be no other you

I’m here in the middle

They got it in the back

You hear what I’m saying now

A game of what ifs

Experience the tingle of what you chew

An ancient station

We should both take a Roman vacation

In a world of doesn’ts

I traveled the globe

People still don’t believe

A human diamond is worthless

When two Xs reunite

Your beautiful block

I’m smiling at you

Even here vigilance is necessary

He’s a master driver of emotional weight

It’s the story of life

The child of the land

Heaven and earth are dead

There’s really only one question

You’re in for a sweet surprise

You know it’s you

Last time I saw him there was nothing left but the mind

A cool breeze rustled the leaves

A saw them stop

Tied to the stump of a tree

It’s a little like love

I am your son

Where you went away

Created with a vast array of colors you can’t see

The flapping clouds are falling

Automatic systematic

Everybody has splintered

I just missed the train

In you and out

Crunch with this

Which fool is the answer

No sign of tears

Everything’s dropping

What is to be done

Confuse any brain and combine it with fun

I’m swinging with you

I should go to my room

Everything leads to another

Everything has been ignored

Do you take things as they come

More tinsels than forever

Even before I saw you

Watch me now

That’s what happiness is for

Here’s my reward for you

My life’s unfolding dream

I think like a woman

Kiss while you can

Are you wasting a human eye

What is real is that we are still a movie

Now I’m kicking you all out

You two don’t even exist

I am like you guys

This blurry, shaky view is a revelation

The question was asked

I’ll stop the world for you

What’s inside the body

That sweet inhalation

What made you think about it

Our patient efforts have failed

Rippling through your planet

There were no other heads to take

They adjourned to consider his words

For a man can be very clever

Something missing

How lonely it is in the dark

My brain within

A whole city of toothaches

Nothing is asked of something

Imagine how your doctor feels

Don’t blend

The natural order of things

It makes you vulnerable to the white swoop

It melts in the sky

I have kissed you once

Everybody is waiting upstairs

A magical face

I’m so many here

Don’t even think to say

Roll up the canvas and have patience

A land of utmost symmetry

In the morning she was awakened by the screams of the dead

They had no longer anything to lose

That was enough for them to see

Find any star in the sky above you

Direct injection feeds attention

A whole new note

I am the man with you

Right before your eyes

Some things change with time

I toss and turn and dream of what I mean

In my wild fantasy

Where the pretzel sees

They control everything

More than ever before

They move with emotion

The one thing we can never know

Forever on your side

This is nothing weird at all

That’s enough for now

Everything will always be the same.


-- 2009-2010