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come and think

Come and Think

Come and think
Maybe we’ll know in a heartbeat
You may ask yourself where’s my movement
A broken pipe could make anyone come to a stop 
My job is a little different from yours
I passed over the light a couple of times
No one is ready
See your last breath
An impossible place on earth
We’ve just begun to bleed together
The watery wave
Everybody has struck a nerve
Are you trying to make me miserable
I took it from you
Thousands of others
Guess till the last second
Bring on the pain
It doesn’t surprise me
I just want to keep up some memories
Everybody is doing it

I’m excited by you
Everybody has a natural way
Killing the sudden reversal
Off you go into the end of space
Everybody has a home
He’s that fastidious
Everybody looks around
Whatever the reason
Hooks on to anybody’s thought
What will you do to get started 
A perfect mesh
More than it means to be
I’m handing you a day
You can nourish deep down
That deep cleansing bristles
Let your free flag fly
I’m not the reason for anything
Where’s your pregnant boyfriend
Do I want to cope
Squeezing savings into our budget
I can see everything I want to know
Fated to drift forever
I wish I could have gone back
Here I am with everything in my pocket
They were superior humans 
Everything will make you drowsy
There was the address
I don’t want to point the finger of blame
Everything is different 
That was the end of everything 
This is my idol
The deck is near
Growing in different directions
I thought it was not too heavy, just too light
If only humans were involved
My head is in myself
And what are you looking at

I want to drive you
My wonderful way
Don’t sigh like you do
There’s another thought today
Everybody is getting famous already
My system is upfront
They were heading into a room
I love everything that’s good
Can you afford a real vacation
There’s nothing wrong with this
Or muscles and our bones turned our hearts to little stones
Painted with fire
Lush mountain valleys turn to gold
There’s nothing like investing in money
Everything is so brilliantly beautiful
If everything was a movie how happy we could be

I am still around you
I’m as nice as you are
It’s a treat
My love for years and years
I’m staring into this cruelty
We’ll keep the door locked
There’s something wrong here 
The tragedy going along
The snow is around him
I’ll never forget what I lived through
They see nothing but
Here are some of the nicknames
I’ll think of something
This is just a reminder
I don’t want a leash
I’m not responsible
He reminded them
I had to stop my tragedy
That was really having the hurting 
I wanted to save the underwear
All the things you message
The this-and-that-a
Why would you even resist
To get the job done right
Follow me
I always get it all
Troubles of God

Now we’re dead in this dust box
The allergy of pleasure
The good patients always dying
I’ll be watching it with my book
We expressed and refashioned
You’re going to experience it all like never before
These flavors will not be forever
There was that horrible fact
Everybody wants to know how
Everybody has another face
I’ve prepared to move out
Don’t even think of me anymore
One adventure for me
It was anywhere
Another money-saving secret
Wearing a topless gown
A swim on the tide of time
I might as well explain
There was nothing pretty about here
I don’t belong anywhere
You can learn to play the game
We’re going to do one thing only
To be together after a long time apart
We control the airwaves
It’s never been easier
Everything matters
Accepted by family and friends
He was not special

Think everything
There is nothing to think
I started with what annoyed people
Everything is a question
Others think and exaggerate
Everything is rich and jolly
I’m thinking what’s happening
I know your dreams, I know your realities
What you find along the way
Your sanity is back
An unnecessary thing
A little part of yourself or something else
All these terms are variable
There’s not a chance
Everything is done
They gave me new food
It’s all perfectly natural
Actuate the doors
We will go home across the mountains
A team of unique women and men

That was my intention to say
That gray and shaded area of time
Everybody needs some more help
What have you done already
Victims of the cruel and thoughtless
A simple fix can make all things better
The thrill of the save
Anything that lasts more than an hour
I know there’s a battle that lies ahead
Everything is better than you
Everyone’s asking about the weather
I just had a disturbing encounter
One life overpowered reason
How is it possible to
Imagine greater
This is my beginning in the end
We understand compassion and patience
Our romance survived
I wasn’t thinking about the rest of my life
Time is what we’re counting on

Dear jaw
I am listening to you
You’re just reporting the news, right
We really appreciate all these treats
It was a very adorable thing
They were more or less obscured
Can I be surprised
I’m an expendable pawn
I will open my eyes
Into the distance
I don’t believe that life comes back
Where are we headed now, north or south
I had enough to know about
It’s possible it’s all in your mind
All these are remarkable strokes
Everything is great and good
I am your names and faces
Let’s call the clouds
I’m having you for dinner
Everything worked
As you throw your hands up

This is the deal
You bet they say that’s normal
Everything is excited
In the middle make it real
That’s funny
Always made to mate
One more way
He put it inside to warm it up
This occasion deserves a picture
Things are getting better
The acute joy 
You can’t change everything
It’s the same old place to die
The noise of the season is deliciously adorable
Everyone knew they were watching
A dark and angry man
Who was poor

Vivid, unusual or strange dreams
The urges were not like they use to be
Why are you always stealing toys
Poor people who need
If there was anything to be found, it was there
The simplicity of it all
I'm turning around to you
What can improve what's wrong
All monsters have a prey
Totally mentaled out for you
Words coming at too different sentences
We're very close to us
This is not a test
Trouble big or small
Worry, worry, worry,
For hours
Dry desperate hair
The ultimate experience
I'd like another table please
A difficult subject
Nothing in a pinch
Here we are in the night of forever
There's enough hunger here
They were hillbillies and farmed the land
Everyone was really nice to me
He asked for it
And he did what was necessary to make it work

They were mute
There was a lot of interest in putting this thing behind
Under my hips
I want to see you later
He's coming in
It's re-designed
She wished there was
Desire, milk and ice cream
It's my opinion that we'll never know
She struggles through her appointment
Just think it's going to happen to you
There is so much together 
Will they ever come back
Lying to me again
What ever it is just write it down
Nothing is going away except your experience of it
I'm an incredible example
Everything feels good
They were captured and condemned
These are the people you protect with your brain
They were not impressed
It might have been a bad decision
Many other things would never be the same
When you worry, you make yourself
I'd give my life to bring it back
There's no crime that is another crime
It was empty to say I

This field is pretty good
Our guys all say
It follows the ultimate
Too late to say goodbye
Nothing is bad
It definitely accelerates the color development process
The ideas are limitless
You should be happy
Are you insane
The first challenge, do or die
Everyone's health needs humans
No matter how you pray
What is happening in this case
My hands are tied up in a knot
Why won't you show yourself
His childlike innocence saved them all
I had nothing to say.

— October 2009-February 2010