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carry me out

Carry Me Out

Carry me out
into the digital age
What would it do
to make me more pleasant
Everything is like new
A false note here and there
almost like floating
My heart is elsewhere
like a glove
The hands have something to say
It was worth the surprise on this planet
It was about life
It means so much, the final touch 
I’m full of foolish song
You’ve made me want to smile
What’s the world to do
by a slow accretion of
My heart full of spring
They beat me full of life
I had rolled away the stone
to the edge
Swimming around in desire
Don’t beg.  Go ahead, beg
I never knew what it meant
That’s what we were
There was enough smoke
Thanks to the pregnant heart
pretty soon everything fades
The positive effects affect the positive affects
Who is here in the garage at night
my gustatory friend
A gang of thoughts in sleeves
stabbing at fate
I’m happy with you now
Your numbers were graded in the school of the heart
Don’t take off
Everything is heaven
Here’s the master form
Beating the drum for progress
cleft in twain
They poured their hearts out in song
That was a nice aspect
A kernel of enough
on an endless chase.
— Sept 2009