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Dream Titles

Floor Wagon
Reality Style
Safer Hands
Churned Dragon
The Fascinating Note
Following Aspects
Big Thumbs
The Thicket
The Miserable Mile
Happiness Blasts
Something is Tapping
Your Own Effort
The Brilliant Flag
Enough Lasts
We Will Not Eat
Lucky Duckie
Slave Again

Do You Have Any Questions

I am so happy for you
Every dark cavern
I’m sleeping now
The last of everything
Everybody has a darkened screen
I was seduced by their charms
The juicy particulars
There’s another life to live
The right lover should suffice
You are saved by your mistake
Tell them what’s going on
New experiences of dread
Jump down, turn around
There was no secret
Here’s no one that I knew.
— June 2009

The Lone Prairie

When I die I want to lie
On the lone prairie
I won’t be sorry to say
I’ve gone away
Forever is near
Pretend it doesn’t end
Calling you
I wish it was here.
— August 2009


Blow it out
All that work for nothing
Your mammoth bargain
Everything counts
That exhilarating phase of night
As long as there’s no one here it doesn’t matter
The point of words
Roaring Ahead
What are you talking about
My little cocked hat
Really says
The weather is satisfied.

— September 2009

Wish You Were Here

I know that you won’t awake me
I’m lost in a dream
I’m craven for you
A snip of the scissors
Standing side by side
The pictures
He was very touched by the visit
The facts of the army are rising high
I’ve swung alive
I’m not so bad after all
All eyes on you
Cleverly hidden inside
I want a hundred percent of you
Still helping myself
That natural place
The assembly space
The crisis lasts
He only had to pick his head up
I took it from you
That was enough for me
Stick a pin in anything
A flick of the pen
I left tomorrow
You’re the precursor of everything
I wonder why I want to do that
The voice will lead me
Everything clicks together
There where I reach to shine
I keep on ebbing forward
The legendary orchestra of tomorrow
The time was then
The bittersweet end
The hold on one
The council of grief
The end is near
Like anything else it had a name
Those memories ignite
The Job of yesterday
There ‘s enough to say that wasn’t said again
The facet lasts
The role to play
Let us play
Will I move when I move to you
I’m rumored today
I’m happy for you
My blood is stirred.
— August 2009

The Plans

The plans have been drawn
I will always be able to convince myself
We are escaping into necessity
Make your eyes shine
We know what we’re doing
The quiet war is won
You kiss the world
Everything has to be good
Honest virtues win
We love your enemy
Try to love the enemy within
How could it be said, how could it be known
You’re covered with faith and protection
I may have found a way out of here
You’re watching human beings
I’m chewing my cud, I’m having a fling
I’m happy to note
I feel the balance above the strength
We’re a little set in our ways
Life has more than one dimension
I’m the last I love
So many ways to live
Pleased to say
The way is long and hard.
— May 2009

Ceaseless Necessity

Ceaseless necessity  
More joy 
Things that shine as they rhyme 
A stoic defense 
A song of stress 
Manufacturing Zero 
Pulled along  
Is anything more important  
A temporary zone

The State of Man

Medicine is next to godliness.
How can you prove what you can’t see?
Wherever the end is I will find it.
I did a lot of praying,
Someone unusually devoted to your dreams.
Life is all about filling in the blanks.
The Incredible Fun!
Be My Bagel.
Twittering machines
Made of sand
Out of control.
Wire is enough
Whenever the ends meet
In the fact of the moment.
— 2009

Besides These Human People

Besides these human people
Have you ever seen these words?
Let us get together

No reason magnet of
Fun, opera, romance
Do you have to have a reason at all?
Reasons come and go
I am an eye
Is it dark?
Have you found the heavenly

Things can be happy and sad at the same time
Some seem to say so
Gasp and die
Do it again.

Nobody grows old at last
A kid, after all
I count on one being
Who may crack the code
Be singing, fake heart
And fate may be good
And give you feelings.

The battle for greed is over
An apple all gold and good
A true new blue time
Be gladly inside our eyes adrift
Behind that banner our thoughts go
Be happy any way
Helpful and trust in the day
Special at that time.

I’m believing the facts
Would you like me to sing?
I feel so good
I’m going to get on my knees
“Why can’t you just let me be
Enormous like you?”
It gives them hope
Blood is not red
Green is not gold.
— July-August 2009

Carry Me Out

Carry me out
into the digital age
What would it do
to make me more pleasant
Everything is like new
A false note here and there
almost like floating
My heart is elsewhere
like a glove
The hands have something to say
It was worth the surprise on this planet
It was about life
It means so much, the final touch 
I’m full of foolish song
You’ve made me want to smile
What’s the world to do
by a slow accretion of
My heart full of spring
They beat me full of life
I had rolled away the stone
to the edge
Swimming around in desire
Don’t beg.  Go ahead, beg
I never knew what it meant
That’s what we were
There was enough smoke
Thanks to the pregnant heart
pretty soon everything fades
The positive effects affect the positive affects
Who is here in the garage at night
my gustatory friend
A gang of thoughts in sleeves
stabbing at fate
I’m happy with you now
Your numbers were graded in the school of the heart
don’t take off
Everything is heaven
Here’s the master form
Beating the drum for progress
cleft in twain
They poured their hearts out in song
That was a nice aspect
A kernel of enough
on an endless chase.
— Sept 2009

I Was Happy

I was happy then
The shadow of life
It’s a very eerie, mysterious feeling
It‘s odd, what happens
Where does it fit in
A thousand fleas
It Happens
The shattered star
It’s me again
Don’t trouble yourself
About it
The shouting is over.

The Slippery Slope

I am now aloft
There are enough thirsty souls
There are enough thirsty worlds
I am near to you
The wine of tomorrow
But they all run away from me.

At the end of a drive
Creeping upstairs
I will attract you
A personality of one
The stars fell
Mirror of what
The spirit of sorcery
That was a nice joke.

A great anticipation
There is plenty to feel
The dignity is out
I didn’t know I was there
I hope you hear my prayer
By now a snake
My thirsty heads lie awake
The world of sorrow.

Listen to the heart through the music
A silvery sheen that covers everything
Look around it
They wait
Here and there they sail
Even to disaster
It’s not what you meant
On a far distant planet
Tell me how can it be
I’m listening to something else.

I kind of wave my hand goodbye
I’m strong enough today
A beautiful song to sing
That’s a warning
Clap your hands and shout
That’s what it’s all about
One last fling.

He wants the blood to boil
He wants us all to die
We absolutely believe 
In everything
That responds to us.
- July-August 2009

The Howling Community

The howling community of God’s creatures
I was empty, then I was full
Completed trips near your ideal time
They banged on the gong
Hawk of my desire
I’m going out of my mind
They had nothing to share but the rent
You are the heart of the world
Slain but not forgotten
Laugh at all the characters
There were there
Out of sight of the mind of the heart
In despair
That wonderful sonority
It was not to be heard
I don’t know why
I will say no
Tomorrow summer comes back hopefully briefly
It’s like telling you something
It’s fascinating to live your life
The power of seeing through to the root of things
I’m full of life
Why do I have to accept my fate
There was enough to explain
They had entered a bank of disappointment
They were counseled at once
Going ahead alone
I’m floating on a cloud of joy
I’m ignoring the hope
That singular power
I’m running ahead of you
A compelling interest
I will listen to you when I’m ready
An upheaval of evil
I’m adios
There were those who were here
I’m terribly lost and depraved
An Original Will
In just a minute while I phone
The vituperative state
So I wrote.
— October 2009

My Darling You

My darling you
I love nothing but me
Still very still
Hand me the blossom, the blossom of today.

Mortals have dreams
The panic-stricken note
Thoughts arrive and come and go
Hello, everybody
I’ve already accepted
The thought of yesterday
I will survive
In the quiet of tomorrow.

It was tricky that way
They were already quiet
Like rags
A world without sorrow
I am not ashamed 
I try to stay away from it
I’ll divide everything in half
My God, my country, and me.

That wasn’t to say
I wasn’t alone
I have enough hope to stay
That goes up and down
They were happy to hope
The golden age is near
It fell together in the end.

I’m all ready to go
Flap me in the air
When my round heart rocks
I’ve gotten no closer to the end
I’m going up the mountain
I’ll get it back to you
How do you like your eyes and the product of eyes
Is everything bent that way
I’ve got to feel it 
Affect ahead
The product of eyes.

My happy sound
Will not ignore you
Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright side of things
A mattress easier
The whistling wind
I was daring to hope
Would take me away from here
Copy the now
The highest point
In the atmosphere.

A bitter remark, a bitter stroke
That kept us alive
The Death of Comedy
I like it very much
You and I will then laugh and bow.

I bath my pain
My soul is clear and free
Everything appeared half-awake
Follow it over yonder
Entering the ozone.

They were against me, those who were for me
In the distance I saw the approaching light
They were jammed together
They sagged a little
The martial strain is back
They were nice enough to thank
My mouth is open too
Every point has a name
This is my text-message to you.

There is a consistency here
In the end
Where there’s hope
The nice place
I am giving it a name
The sound goes up
I knew what it meant
Here’s my home.

I’m riding hard on you
There’s nothing to be done here
I was up in the air over you
It’s good to be giving here
A mysterious universe
I found a way to think.

The critics were wrong
They said it wouldn’t stay
That way
I was ignited unintentionally
My heart was tomorrow not yesterday.

They had space
They sounded upset as if they’d been crying
Forget the real sound
They forgave him over the phone
Then they went away.
— September- October 2009

Just a Theory

It was just a theory. 
It was a shock to be seen.
The extraordinary had entered the morning.
What is horrible?
Take your hand, for shame.
What is idiotic?
Go back there!
Don’t attempt the summit one more time.
Here is the promise.
He was sensible and immobile.

They had egged him on till tomorrow was today.
It was more than they had today.

Have a lovely relationship to everyone.
I wish I missed him today like yesterday.
They didn’t have a nice thing to say.
There were yards and yards in the way.
May we just go out and play?
The dawn that never arises 
At noon,
Make way!

I am handing you a plum.
They are bewitched by the sound of that name.
Like sex in a dormitory
Treasure spoke.
I’m getting closer to everything I’ve ever known.
Concealed in the burns
Those were sacred times.

Those accidents unite.
Everything is another time now 
Through the tears.

Sawing Away

They were sawing away
They had nothing to say
We wanted to hope 
They would pray

Maybe you’ve arrived
They were nice enough to say
They were saving hope
from plenty

They didn’t have any
This attracted Anyway
Which had this to say:
Without hope there is nope, therefore hope or mope, dope.

They never revealed why
They were inspired
to dispute
They were in a frozen lake

It was no mistake
They were without hope
That was a nice way
A huge green blob

They were partly cloudy later on
The voice tenderly proclaimed 
They entered a place of no return
They were alarmed to suppose

The trumpets were blowing
in the blue empyrean scope
of tomorrow yesterday today
They walked up and down without a sound

They had forgotten to pray
It was nice to be alone
without a phone
They spoke in whispers

Something they said
It was quiet now
Metonymy was rife
They swore they were alive

They jumped up and down
I didn’t know they were in town
Today where summer ends
That was a new riff

They sharpened their pens
I’d had enough
They were abandoned
Everything happened today.

Song of The Flying Dutchman

You who hear me
And so employed the night becomes
A crude lamp
Why is it so close to me
Why does it begin to be
A heart like mine
By virtue of love
My pride is missing its gold
It’s changed me
Struck by your lengthy arms
I banished my feeling of loss.

Apart from me the obstacles are cruel
But I’m bending my heart
Waiting to climb the stairs
My heart’s beating young
I cry, Why has this come?
Oh, fetch me through all the years
The voice you cannot hear
Although it’s next to us.

I arrive and then I die
You are all so wonderful
Are you here or used to be?
I was wondering how you did it
Do you believe in miracles happening on certain days?
What things would you like to discuss in a group of three?
Your form is your life
Give me a glimpse
The grimmest of grins
In the immortal place of dreams
The hours weave under a blue-green sky
No thanks to today which trembled while alive.

The bereaved live forever
Where they hide 
Under an immortal sky
Which arrives leading a band of praise —
Where did they go, those long ago days?
— August 2009

The Door

The day has dawned of which you were warned.
A night of starry skies will never arise again.
Confused again
Where to begin.
The dark tower spoke.
He was addicted to the source
in blind alleys.
A hand held a man
which evoked 
the hand-held desperation.
He spoke in low tones
about the excavation.
A stream of light ran.
That was another sight.
Rubbed and altered
have a fling.
There be deserving forever
in a sepulchral space.
If your days fly by
they do it again.
Drawing sympathy
an original tang
before was after.
They have the name but not the game.
These are the days I told you of.
What does it mean to you?
You said you were.
You are called out to the world to do like no one
in days gone by.
That’s all they had to say.
By what divine right are you here?
The fabulous anoints forever.
Come again and die.
Here’s that philosophy. 
No, it isn’t a dream.
It’s love in bloom!
Behind everything there’s a door.
— July 2009

Tomorrow We Die

It’s like an objective mistake
I’ll never forget it’s what I live with
There is some value in losing
Dark flecks that drive us
I will dare you to defeat me
I’m so nice to you now
Here’s everything better than this
A very only guy
Just, just in case
A beautiful reusable bag
A noticeable difference
I’ll tell you what to think
A real waste of your energy
It will never be
Where I am with you
These are all arranged forever
Inflamed sight
There’s so much evil in the world
I put together aisle after aisle
I was supposed to be born
I want a life
All this crazy knowledge
I’m now here to say
I’m not talking about it
Gathering dust
That gathered these months
Everybody is here at last
I can rob the air
I’m handing it over to you
I can read it this way
The flaming sword of fire
Unlock the darkness
The sequence of scary peoples
My hope for digestive health
You’re a moment of a thing
Don’t even go ahead
It decides to take up space
I’d like to dislike to go
I can make anything happen
Trying to interact
I’ll arrange an ordeal
Everything is up and down
Give me a simple explanation
A common root language
My interpretation of the symbols will not be exact
Nothing is
Everything is driven out of fear
You’ve got to get the body electronically charged
This is my plan
Man masters monster
Now I want to get out of here
The heavy hand of fate
I will throw him there
Man against matter
Handling flames
That wonderful feeling
Just because we’re living
It looks like I’m stuck in the 60’s
But I’ll survive
All your matches are free
Have to go bye-bye
It doesn’t help to question
This whole place is the time machine it meant to be
History is the way is
Traveling before us in time
The fabulous reality it used to be
I’m dying to be
Where have they gone
Why should we pray
My hand is zero
The day of the end
Don’t even think
Nobody has a face like mine
Wake up to conscious ticking
The shocking twist
I will die for you
Dragging my cross
And then the high ones proclaimed
It’s now become a plea
The unendurable
Witness the deep origins
Pull us a way out
Add syllables and truffles and other things
Don’t even care
Join the hunt
Now it’s all bad again
You’re just buried in life
I’m so glad I had you over 
But now you’re getting in my way.
— April 2009

A Bento Box

Love is about to eat
Create peace on earth
The numbers are the key
I’m giving you a ball
Everybody made it
Everything is totally depressive
Someone from our past
The dormant sphere
Sprouting flowers
The best café
I imagined so
You are spinning around
I’ve been definitely warned
I didn’t know I was there
A dream coming true always in time
Where everybody was squeezed
Farther from reality
Do you want it all out
The remains of my life
Every legend is created
As desires grow deep
I am holding for you
Tops or not
The new goodness
There’s nothing to remember
The flag at half-staff
The only ones who are here
Golden refreshment
A delicious surprise
A gate to reality
We need some wonder
I’m almost like you
Overhead, over you
The most amazing creatures
I’m hanging together with you
Black are you
A revolution of the mind
The need is so much greater
I’m looking at the sun
In the hidden world
Everything is double
Everything happens at once
For years of reactions
To enter a mysterious matter
I’m doing my work
Here’s my dream
The thing forever
One of my favorite things
A ray for everyone
She changed her destiny forever
The thought of your tang
How agile it all was
I have nothing nice to say
 The hidden smile
Combined with his silence
The iron pen
That narrow escape
You talk about things that happened
It’s the stars coming out
Nothing was in my hands
There is no invisible map on the back 
I don’t think that’s what’s bothering you
I was content to do nothing
The canvas was ready
It’s kind of a strange day
It’s all a game
The risk of becoming sick
It’s not something you can control
You can settle down
There is nothing you don’t know
The world’s a teabag
Everyone’s got a little face in them
Experiencing the experience
A man who never remembers a thought
There was nothing here I can enjoy
Tonight the sun is everything
I can’t quite remember
There was nothing to hold on to 
Everything was blowing up
The entire town exploded 
Everything was failing it
There wasn’t enough to say
Everything gains its name
I’m only here on Earth
Where my destiny lies
The name is the same
Eternally heading for nothing
I was liking it
The river itself we can’t escape
We know we’re all telling a tale
That’s all they could imagine
The story’s not over
It’s just beginning
How long can you run from death
Everything just got better
Every body has a horse
That was my opinion
Everybody is enough
Sit beside a window
You can make something do
Is this why I’m here
Where there’s nothing here for me
Can you see what I am
Some poor soul
And when the silence turns deaf
I’m leaning on you
We’re united here
Because we’re in the same house
Another of life’s contradictions
I am not who he was
Everybody has a plan
The endless note
Which fantasy is real
The army is here
The torches were raised on high and the angels sang
My enemy has not escaped
Hearing the drift
Here we are, nevertheless
Where pressure builds
Everything is mine
Where we started
In the hereafter we could have seen
The crystal caverns unite in a dream
That’s us alone
They were homed in
Someday is a phantom
Largely silent until tonight
He has no say in the matter
An impressive landscape of everything
Hiding behind the wall
Everyone is weird
This is my need
I’m not your priority
You can’t manufacture the love and affection
My only occupation
I’m at peace
The names of the saints become perfect
He was caught off-guard
Eyes are out
She’ll live
Standing up sitting down
A vacation that never ends
I had to take therapy for this
Boned on every move
I’m digging up the dirt
A wave of serious giving
I am the unaccepted
Everything is for dessert
It was a bad idea
The moment you never expected
I’m swift — the need for speed now
The handle hangs
Everybody is sorry
Every man was beaten up
The music was nice
All alone with you and me
We had a great mood
The proof is in the psychosis
You won’t see to believe
Thank you for giving me hope
We don’t like each other anymore
I wish I had a hope
It can all fit in one form
Let’s take another look
Like a flower she was
Everybody is everything that grows
How do you get over that thing
These are the laws of fate
There’s nothing else 
I wanted to
Because I know you’re real
In the invisible junkyard
Everything is now being accepted
I don’t want to see anything
How do you look now
I think you’re following
I don’t see your face
Everything can wash away
Rely on what’s your life 
Here’s my last day
I look tired
Here’s my thumb
I’ve given you a kiss
Why do you think I like it enough
To save
Hey!  I’m standing here
I am getting good
Nothing but lies
I’m irresistible
A stimulating substitute
Someone extraordinary
Almost every move
This place is a prison
There’s nothing here but me
Why was I alive
 This is ridiculous
My destination truth
Why are these things never clear
I’m rising up and falling down
That was what was there
What was upside down turned around
And everything up righted itself 
He’s much too young to die
My buds are blossoming
They will not fade
They are all so wonderful
My hand is out to you
Here in the labyrinth
That had not been allowed
Now here’s my box
One of my own personal experiences
I live in a shell safe from the past
Ready to take a chance on it
This is a tremendous society
It’s lovely, fresh
Everything is memories
An amused observer of another world
I’m programmed to fail
It was easy to see what was happening
There was an emptiness there
Everybody makes more profit
You will never get over your are
When you’re not paying attention to the road ahead
They were having a lovely summer
I don’t want to go
I’m on the carpet
This is beautiful
No one here
It’s so stupid
That is, a freak storm
Take everything off
Everything we’ve come to accept
Have they all left me now
Please take these
Everything you own is in these two bags
I’m lighting a cigarette to you
This is the way
Favored by generations
Entering an enormous room
Here where you are aware
You can try
Believe there’s a number for you
Running forward
There’s no one I’d rather see
My help is your complaint
Scratch my belly honestly
When the thrill ends
Pure togetherness
Here comes the world
Where is the end
I have enough to do
Where you have to do
Who’s in charge here
Take the mystery with the fire
They opened their doors
They were hanging in space
Too bad for me
I wanted to become a real boy
Totally clear results
Myth or fact
There’s nothing I want to tell you
I’ve been saturated with joy
What else good can happen
The power of suggestion is enough
Everything is a rental
Here’s our likely scope
It’s an interesting combination of elements
I’m handing you
Why don’t you rock my roll
Where I want to be
Everything needs a separate repair.

The Beautiful Bay

The beautiful bay
In the midst of the fiery
A figure of speech 
Making life work.

I’m nobody else but you
Here’s the wonderful way it was
Here’s the kiss of today
He’s got the power
To learn heaven
Here’s the life of today
Raising violent wings
You have more strength than you thought.

This skull of tomorrow
A city of fear and death
An ancient taste
One eye is wrapped in another
Twisted teeth.

Multiplying loaves into fishes
Don’t lose your faith
I’m only me
That’s why I’m you
Once we’ve turned the clock back
A supreme accomplishment
A spike in time
Law separates us from the irony
I don’t “tuck in”
God will give you wings.

A conversation with God
Anyone can see
That is what I need
That’s why you do it all day
Small in design
The last of the brief
I’m my own mistake.

I am anxious today 
About the gift of giving
Don’t nobody move
Everybody repeats
Slicing the pie
Oh, face yourself
Everything is else
Or nothing is near.

I find your face
Captures the heart of the people
Here’s my message
That does not ring a bell
I love my engine
Freedom is the end of everything
Isn’t that what everyone wants?

This is more than amazing
Everyone first
I’m tired of craving 
“He be the man!”
Take a hand
Everything happens today
I have a theory about earth.

Here are my white teeth
I’m standing over you
Sweeping aside 
The empty void
Here’s my scream
The end of every thing
We eat without thinking
The face of loveliness
Nothing is faster.
— March 2009

New Inventions

All the sniveling

The origin of language

You have faith in me

A simple solution to everything

I don’t want to be told how bad I am

A very ignorant way of knowing

Let us disseminate a little

Mourn and complain

The finest advice

A night in my dreams

One day in the middle

Thank you for compassion

Their hands were full of labor

Painting the clouds with sunshine

And then a lovely lamp

Everything is peaceful, done

Every problem dissolved

It reminds me of other things

Pretty much everything

The soul is sweet

A very feeble claw

Do I?  Am I?

Personal, healthier stories

Oh, I told them day and night.

The Last One

Oh, give me a home in the west
Where the birds sing
Even simple pleasures can be a pain
I’m here together
I have nothing but the best for you
I hope to trade my life
Will it be worth it?
As it goes round in the afternoon
Of my desire inside else
Energy and performance everywhere
Out of the rubble
A sunny day will be there
But of course I don’t care.

Give me a moment and I will find
I haven’t supposed 
Anything enough.

You’ll know enough
The new signs of life that died
The best there is
The call of love delights
Let the rivers run
Let the dreamers wake
My heart which is baking with fright.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

He appeared in a flash dressed in black
He swung his arm
His face was wan
He made a sign
There were some briefly sharp images

She walked right in and asked her doctor
Idle thoughts in a small number of people
Why do we fail
No one hit the sun like the sky
I’ve been a huge fan
I’m beginning to understand 
Everything has my blessing
I have one of them right now

Wouldn’t it be good if then
Confidence is key
We were totally shocked
In my bitterness
You’ve got my skin
I’m erasing you
Producing a compromised joy in the name of practicality

I ask God every day I pray
That I’m totally reliable
The parallel abyss
What everybody is doing
It’s all so comforting.
 — June 2009

The Thought of You

How did it happen
Good deeds became 
A media special
Lies make my ears itch
I imagined
You almost doubled
It can affect humans too
We relax the stomach muscles and let gravity take us down
Who has experience working with children
He can’t see the kingdom of God 
Unless he is born
I have an issue
Action or something greater
When morning comes in the middle of the night
People are chained together
I saw them screaming
Joy is a golden bubble
Everybody is always right
Here we are in the infinite future
Everything was past for both of us
Everybody rings a bell
Who are you anyway?
Everyone knows we’re not to blame
He is here and then he’s gone
Here you are for the day
Every conceivable detail
The exclusive memory
It’s so hard to get enough energy to do anything
Here is the last journey home
Everything was happening at once
Everything is separate
A vast wave exploding
The first slings of mud
We are going forever
I am firing my synapse to you on a dead ship
Run into the distant tomorrow of yesterday
The spiritual is in a box
I’m handing you a plum.
— June 2009

The Time Will Come

The time will come for you
There is a huge inequity
Does the trickle turn to a flood
Can you match that, sweetheart
The pleasure of being alive
The court clearly rushed into this decision
Undermined now
Pristine natural beauty
All nature looks like this
After they go
Crafted with creamy ingredients
Everything has exceptions
In the face of a changing landscape
Is it time
Everybody is rushing in
I’m ahead of you
Do I have to officially believe in you
Honest virtues win
That was nearly there
There’s nothing more than this
Listen to these boys and girls
Everything is more expensive today
I’ve painted your picture
We chose to go to the moon
I only knew, oh God, it’s invisible
Everything sticks by itself
Everything was rated
The weights had fallen off
It’s too confusing to me
I’ve given you enough
Everything has a place
In another place
Time is still alive
Now I’m hungry for your blood
The natural has begun
God is one
There’s nothing nice today
Everybody kisses my face
Icy waters make your eyes shine
Don’t you ever think
There is that there
I know what I got to
It means organic
We all have to spend because living is important
A familiar face and a hand you know
Each family will be cut off from the world
To help break those walls
I’m pulling for you
A little bit of everything
You’re everything I wanted to be
What if we could use the sun
I need to convince myself of it
I like this now
All eyes are pointing to the sky
Coughing with life
Where all my faith has gone
All the busy facts
The pivot point
I’m going to shell out my money
You know your skin through your skin
You are ever for life
Everybody wanted it to be free
I know you do
One little thing every time
I know no pain
We must live carefully
The way things are we are when we decide 
With luck, forward!
I’m tired of thinking of your games
I have that one, now I don’t
Everything is beaucoup
The low passion event on the tips of your fingers
What is the hand of you
It may be complicated
Lose yourself in the fantasy
Any time your thoughts turn to violence
We hit something big
They soothe their busy lives
Stop, save and wave
What everything has
All the cars stopped in front of us
Everybody had a drink
Shortened by several hours
You look like a cartoon
I’m happening now where I am
My whole idea is to mimic you
The subterranean fleet has been waiting
We’ve got your position
My natural flames
Clip to me
Outside the garden
Everybody is eating me up
All my newness wore off
There’s something wrong with my head
He had the vision to survive
This is big, this was bigger
I will not enter a cavity unannounced
Head down
On another planet
Tell me the wondrous truth
Everything is fun that I bought for myself
I’m driving off
Volatile surprises
I have something inside your heart
Bathed in the light of a new star
The fumes of you
Feel me next to you
Stifled by the flow
Tell me what you know is
The best a man can get
People who love
This is the amount of a mouth
A fevered finale of leverage
You finally died and found you
The legend will look funny
We belong to the life of the lovers
Where everybody made me better
You stink of America
A slow start to a bad day
I have wiped away my face
Another animal in the desert
He was a peaceful man and it was all my doing
The powerful pleasure, the negligible error
There’s only one more little chore
I’m sliding over you
From a machine comes water
Can I count on your health
I swept down
My mind was playing tricks
Just one kiss is all I missed
That was not my plan
This is no way for you to drive
Let the flag fly
An all-new twist and turn
I remember everything
Those places are alive
Even more than before including jazz
I get lost all the time
A new state of matter that they’d never seen before
Everybody wants, nobody remembers
Who gets the credit
A little happiness to be
The pressure of loading
Once you get these things in the way
Here’s everything you started to end
You’ve taken steps
Things are getting out of hand
Not at all accepted in the world
I’m here forever
That’s the exciting part
The nature of the beast
Exactly like you
OK is enough
There’s nothing here but sex
This is the highlight of your whole life
Can I join the team
Action and passion
Another naked one
Here’s what I believe in
Don’t try to take revenge.
— June-September 2009


I have one last thing
Defenseless creatures
I’m finding now how reality hurts
What am I missing
My eyes are open now
They launched the probe
Here I am to bow down
Skimming the surface off
I love everybody except me
Check my outstanding heart
It’s not always easy
I am breaking it up
You’re a relative stranger
I am waiting for you to return
I will welcome your center
I have personally seen
A line here long as the others
I’ll punch you in the face
Take and play
Your life has more than one direction
I can reach his mind
You’ll be safe
I want to still rip it up
Everybody is under heavy security
Global unrest
This cheers me so much
The craziness ends
We all made some mistakes
This train is incredible
Wonders and surprises
The situation you were, here
This is just the end
I’ve been repaired
The magic of summer
Song in my heart
The play is ready
Laboring until night
You’re in much better shape than before.
— June 2009

Parisian Dreams
— after Baudelaire

This terrible passage
No mortal ever survived
This morning again the image
Vague and faraway ravishes me.

The sky is full of miracles
By a unique caprice
I have traded my spectacles
For irregular vegetation.

Angry painter of genius
I know on my table
A monotonous environment
Of metal, marble, sand,

A confusion of escalators and elevators
In an infinite palace
Full of pools and waterfalls
Falling on burnished nets of gold

And powerful rapids,
Like crystal capes
Suspended, billowing
Murals of metal.

No trees, but columns
Encircle sleeping stages
Of giant nymphs who admire themselves
Like human women.

The naps of blue water expanding 
Between piers of roses and green
From which hang millions of leaves
Filling the confines of the universe,

These useless stones
And magic floats, these
Immense exploding ice floes
On which they’re reflected,

Casual and silent,
The Ganges of the sky
Transverses the treasure of its urns
Above the diamond gulfs.

Architect of my fears,
I voluntarily made
A tunnel of stones
Through which passes a dumb ocean

And all the colors of black
Looking like a fuzzy clear ball that’s eye-opening,
A liquid enchained in glory
In a crystal ray.

No stars forever, no remains
Under the sun.  Even the sky
Only illuminates the prodigious
And brilliant who burn in personal flames.

And on the moving marvels
There planed a terrible novelty
For your eyes but not your ears:
Eternal silence.

Rolling your flaming eyes
I can see my own tawdry horror
A sentiment retrenching in my soul
To the point of evil.

The pendulum accents the funeral
Sounding at midnight
As the sky reverses its clouds
Over the sad engorged world.
— August-September 2009

Take a Look

Here’s a gun, here’s news
I’ll tell you how you can save your life
You’re scintillating right here
I am right enough
Out of the world, where you actually drive
You’ve got to focus through the ficus
My god is nigh
One of life’s brutal pleasures
I’m forced today
I’m smiling now
Blonde and beautiful
I am set to snap
Even where you sleep
A great sword of fire
An unlikely hero emerges
There may be nothing less than more
You don’t have a seat
I’m dreaming my life with you
Faster than the universe
The host is near
Everybody is anything
Sixteen yards of sadness
What you think is what you are
Life is a camp
Terrifying evil
Dead on arrival
Broke as dirt
My human heart
Now you’ve heard the news
Make me stay with you and don’t mind
Fainting in my future
Shrouded in mystery and history
Delighted we live
I’m quietly entering
My death is yours
Where’s light
I don’t want to say I’m sorry
Your decision is mine
Tonight your neighbors will change
What if you’re needing cash
To be free
Everything will always change
Have a nice slice
I’m startled to say
Its fury unleashed
It was beyond me
It only works one way
The risks and benefits of fresh air
To get the things you dream about
She’s a difficult love
Everything bursts
The city that tried to sleep
I am not human 
I will grant my wish
I will be proud of you
It means something to someone
The last of the last of the last
They are swift to swim
The thing is not the thing it is
Too much hope is everlasting
A classic timeless look
Melt to sleep fast
Forever hurts
Some men die
There’s not enough today
The end of yesterday was today
They went on
I’m glad of you and me
There was awe
There was no place to go
Only the fanciest of beef
A great big mess
The last thing we wanted
Everybody turn around
Everything you love
I used to like too
The path of diminution
I’m tired of erasing
A way of roving
It’s my burden
There’s an absolute horrible thing
Senses before an accident
The sun is rising and the air is cool
These problems are not in my heart
These are royal pains
I’m ready to burn up 
On this spike of fire
Who knows what’s in your head?

A New Excuse

There’s always a new excuse
It kicked in for me
The makeshift heart
There’s no where else to go
It’s almost a mystical thing
It was an imperial being
There was nothing they could say
I keep on being torn
A word to the wise at last
What does one thing have to do with the other
I want to do something beautiful today
I hope you have some things planned
Swarming around in my imagination
Expression, rhythm, and harmony
I said farewell to the previous exploration
“Among the illusions of sky and furniture”
Crawl on your knees
It’ll never be the same
A very primitive thing
I’m very cognizant that I’m aware
Another nail in the coffin of dread
It was all about them
Sleep, die, and live forever.


I want to capture the heart in your café
Every day starts with night
The creaking doors of day
Already at night
A face like a movie
I’m starting to get burned
I’ve read everything twice
The romance of the airwaves
I feel like everything is coming true
Enough to be me
People are dying every day
I could be sleeping for a thousand years
All my life is passing through
The happiest sound that’s going down 
He saddled him with a name
They’re all the hit today
Where do I end and the world begin
Those little moments of loving
Sometimes I feel discouraged and sad
How swiftly we pray
How swiftly we prey
There will be a key
I am all there is here
They put themselves through the contortions
Ache or pain
Adorable self
I was united to say
That was the plan
Not everything is good
They had to understand.
— November 25 – December 28, 2009

The Same Thing

The same thing over again
Everybody is laughing
Everybody has a plan
I’m off on a star again
We don’t know what’s going to happen
Do you want to start a revolution
A whole universe awaits
They were there when it started to arrive
In an instant
Who has found us
I won’t follow till I’m lost
Here’s where I waited favoring tomorrow
Maybe I’m far from you
A decorator of death
In the naked expanse 
There’s a double life
There is no mind on that ship
Everything is what I can do
It could be natural
Scattered on the light side
You are not the others
Your words say nothing
About a foundation under the earth.
— June 2009

Naked On The Grass

In all that is thought, in all that is said
There is a feeling of dread
There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight
You’re unhappy inside
I want to cry, I want to die, I’m only me
I will have you for a while, your eyes shine
Let’s say yes and guess what will be 
In all that thought I’ve added up together
I only wished what I was, love reports forever
That feeling suddenly changed by mutual  consent
I’ve swung enough today, turn off your headlights of tomorrow
That’s pretty much it, a platter of chatter on a rainy day
Pour that special pencil over me
Let’s hang on to this raft and laugh
At the unknown destiny which awaits us
The fate of us in the wake of us
There doesn’t seem to be a dream enough
The one thing had arrived and it wasn’t very nice
There was a hot dog, there was a knife
He gave thanks to God — Who is He and what does He say
About life?  A kick in the pants, a pain in the heart
Why should I complain?  I don’t have to explain
Where’s the pain in the peace
Floating on clouds of joy they will never know
The open sore of insolence which demands its way at last
Afterward descriptions of the eternal elf shocked the sun
Whose glorious hue cast sacred reflections on the shore below
Naked on the grass.
— August 2009

Come and Think

Come and think
Maybe we’ll know in a heartbeat
You may ask yourself where’s my movement
A broken pipe could make anyone stop 
My job is a little different from yours
I passed over the light a couple of times
No one is ready
See your last breath
An impossible place on earth
We’ve just begun to bleed together
The watery wave
Everybody has struck a nerve
Are you trying to make me miserable
I took it from you
Thousands of others
Guess till the last second
Bring on the pain
It doesn’t surprise me
I just want to keep up some memories
Everybody is doing it

I’m excited by you
Everybody has a natural way
Killing the sudden reversal
Off you go into the end of space
Everybody has a home
He’s that fastidious
Everybody looks around
Whatever the reason
Hooks on to anybody’s thought
What will you do to get started 
A perfect mesh
More than it means to be
I’m handing you a day
You can nourish deep down
That deep cleansing bristles
Let your free flag fly
I’m not the reason for anything
Where’s your pregnant boyfriend
Do I want to cope
Squeezing savings into our budget
I can see everything I want to know
Fated to drift forever
I wish I could have gone back
Here I am with everything in my pocket
They were superior humans 
Everything will make you drowsy
There was the address
I don’t want to point the finger of blame
Everything is different 
That was the end of everything 
This is my idol
The deck is near
Growing in different directions
I thought it was not too heavy, just too light
If only humans were involved
My head is in myself
And what are you looking at

I want to drive you
My wonderful way
Don’t sigh like you do
There’s another thought today
Everybody is getting famous already
My system is upfront
They were heading into a room
I love everything that’s good
Can you afford a real vacation
There’s nothing wrong with this
Or muscles and our bones turned our hearts to little stones
Painted with fire
Lush mountain valleys turn to gold
There’s nothing like investing in money
Everything is so brilliantly beautiful
If everything was a movie how happy we could be

I am still around you
I’m as nice as you are
It’s a treat
My love for years and years
I’m staring into this cruelty
We’ll keep the door locked
There’s something wrong here 
The tragedy going along
The snow is around him
I’ll never forget what I lived through
They see nothing but
Here are some of the nicknames
I’ll think of something
This is just a reminder
I don’t want a leash
I’m not responsible
He reminded them
I had to stop my tragedy
That was really having the hurting 
I wanted to save the underwear
All the things you message
The this-and-that-a
Why would you even resist
To get the job done right
Follow me
I always get it all
Troubles of God

Now we’re dead in this dust box
The allergy of pleasure
The good patients always dying
I’ll be watching it with my book
We expressed and refashioned
You’re going to experience it all like never before
These flavors will not be forever
There was that horrible fact
Everybody wants to know how
Everybody has another face
I’ve prepared to move out
Don’t even think of me anymore
One adventure for me
It was anywhere
Another money-saving secret
Wearing a topless gown
A swim on the tide of time
I might as well explain
There was nothing pretty about here
I don’t belong anywhere
You can learn to play the game
We’re going to do one thing only
To be together after a long time apart
We control the airwaves
It’s never been easier
Everything matters
Accepted by family and friends
He was not special

Think everything
There is nothing to think
I started with what annoyed people
Everything is a question
Others think and exaggerate
Everything is rich and jolly
I’m thinking what’s happening
I know your dreams, I know your realities
What you find along the way
Your sanity is back
An unnecessary thing
A little part of yourself or something else
All these terms are variable
There’s not a chance
Everything is done
They gave me new food
It’s all perfectly natural
Actuate the doors
We will go home across the mountains
A team of unique women and men
That was my intention to say
That gray and shaded area of time
Everybody needs some more help
What have you done already
Victims of the cruel and thoughtless
A simple fix can make all things better
The thrill of the save
Anything that lasts more than an hour
I know there’s a battle that lies ahead
Everything is better than you
Everyone’s asking about the weather
I just had a disturbing encounter
One life overpowered reason
How is it possible to
Imagine greater
This is my beginning in the end
We understand compassion and patience
Our romance survived
I wasn’t thinking about the rest of my life
Time is what we’re counting on

Dear jaw
I am listening to you
You’re just reporting the news, right
We really appreciate all these treats
It was a very adorable thing
They were more or less obscured
Can I be surprised
I’m an expendable pawn
I will open my eyes
Into the distance
I don’t believe that life comes back
Where are we headed now, north or south
I had enough to know about
It’s possible it’s all in your mind
All these are remarkable strokes
Everything is great and good
I am your names and faces
Let’s call the clouds
I’m having you for dinner
Everything worked
As you throw your hands up
This is the deal
You bet they say that’s normal
Everything is excited
In the middle make it real
That’s funny
Always made to mate
One more way
He put it inside to warm it up
This occasion deserves a picture
Things are getting better
The acute joy 
You can’t change everything
It’s the same old place to die
The noise of the season is deliciously adorable
Everyone knew they were watching
A dark and angry man
They were poor

Vivid, unusual or strange dreams
The urges were not like they used to be
Why are you always stealing toys
Poor people who need
If there was anything to be found, it was there
The simplicity of it all
I'm turning around to you
What can improve what's wrong
All monsters have a prey
Totally mentaled out for you
Words coming at too different sentences
We're very close to us
This is not a test
Trouble big or small
Worry, worry, worry,
For hours
Dry desperate hair
The ultimate experience
I'd like another table please
A difficult subject
Nothing in a pinch
Here we are in the night of forever
There's enough hunger here
They were hillbillies and farmed the land
Everyone was really nice to me
He asked for it
And he did what was necessary to make it work

They were mute
There was a lot of interest in putting this thing behind
Under my hips
I want to see you later
He's coming in
It's re-designed
She wished there was
Desire, milk and ice cream
It's my opinion that we'll never know
She struggles through her appointment
Just think it's going to happen to you
There is so much together 
Will they ever come back
Lying to me again
What ever it is just write it down
Nothing is going away except your experience of it
I'm an incredible example
Everything feels good
They were captured and condemned
These are the people you protect with your brain
They were not impressed
It might have been a bad decision
Many other things would never be the same
When you worry, you make yourself
I'd give my life to bring it back
There's no crime that is another crime
It was empty to say I

This field is pretty good
Our guys all say
It follows the ultimate
Too late to say goodbye
Nothing is bad
It definitely accelerates the color development process
The ideas are limitless
You should be happy
Are you insane
The first challenge, do or die
Everyone's health needs humans
No matter how you pray
What is happening in this case
My hands are tied up in a knot
Why won't you show yourself
His childlike innocence saved them all
I had nothing to say.

— October 2009-February 2010