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another life

Another Life

I’m thinking about it.
It’s official.
I’ve hidden a wad.
I’m moving up.
I’ll negotiate it with you.
And then in the end
Everything is a book.
To take to dinner freedom’s power
Reverse your thinking.
You’re a one-man spectacle.
Do you think I want to be you?
I want to think about you
In the factory of fire.
I’m voting above.
I looked down and there he was.
Dead men are heavy with broken hearts.
It’s just an empty photograph.
I will ascend to the highest level.
An outstanding scope of pain.
I’ll get there entirely here.
The doctor informed it.
I don’t want to say again.
Get on the tailpipe.
Just you and a mule.
Do I have a sign around my neck?
It can wait until tomorrow.
I have a life and I’m scared.
This is the first thing to do.
Is it so hard to understand?
Why don’t you deliver the image?
Everything adds up.
There’s only life.
I’m not trying to make it my business.
A friend came to visit.
What a beautiful song, I remember it now.
I simply can’t believe it.
Hot molten rock escaped from deep below the surface.
The road to tomorrow is today.
An endless dream to be the best.
What we found was a dead body every day.
Everybody is still depending on everybody everywhere they went.
Depending on others to keep afloat
When will you see eternity?
In the dreamland arena to speak the language of the people in the broad American history
Oozing out of their being, there had to be some kind of pooling.
I’m screaming up the aisle.
I broke ground.
On the backs of husbands and brothers, she was terrified from the time she was a child.
Dense, emotionally charged environments, something that happens in that state,
Psychic demands were made more then any person could bear.
They would fill every seat and start applauding.
It’s just enough to calm me down.
It’s another combination for me.
Can anyone solve your death without thinking?
I would never silently judge you.
Everything makes our babies.
There’s the hand of justice in this.
It got lost or stolen or something.
Blue suit, bowtie,
Only what I’m not expecting.
I just cannot fathom it, an awful dagger through the heart.
Come quickly, I’m dying.
There are many courses you can take.
They always know what to expect.
They are ready to play.
Everything is in freefall.
Everything is feeling right.
Thank you for not standing with me.
Everything is cigarettes and candy.
There must be some mistake.
It’s a general type that I’m seeing.
I don’t know why I have this splendid illusion.
It seems wise.
I’m here for a celebration drink.
There’s no one I’d rather serve.
I’m answering goodbye.
I think you should make a complete break of it.
It serves as a rallying cry.
I’m looking forward to having a recreational vehicle.
I’ve been asleep and I need to wake up.
Scented oil candles quickly fill a whole room with fragrance.
It never stops turning.
I’m lucky here.
You have no idea that this is living around you.
I’m carrying this scrapbook today.
Everyone is in my heart.
The pain and joy of you are real.
I’m praying it won’t be true.
We live on the edge.
It’s a risk worth taking.
Everybody has another life.
Join me while I last.
Everything breaks out again.
Everybody knows my name here in the hinterlands.
I’m a lot happier now.
I have some time to relax.
It’s time people know the truth.
Everything has increased appetite.
Everybody is happy to explain. 
Everything is amusing to me.
You’ve finally accepted who you are.
I’ve got the world in the grip of you.
In my opinion we live around it.
It’s everywhere outside,
A human presence across our solar system from Mars and beyond.
Fall in a hole and you might get sucked.
We’re living in Africa.
I’m staring at your figure.
Everybody calls it life.
I’m hanging behind you.
In the city of dreams, I’ve never seen you.
I’m opening out to you while I still have a chance.
A powerful sense of solidarity swept through the country.
I’m your ally.
Give me my hand.
Go back to the past where you were.
I’m playing on my values.
I’m just up here with the human family.
I have enough to swim.
I want enough for your baby.
I’ve torn your community apart.
I’m trying hard to be strong.
How can I bear to be good?
This happiness we found in the monastery, we’ll find it again.
Without their God, they have not Him.
The waving wheat which is the whole thing,
You just can’t go there directly. 
At least you’ve hung the body in 
The solution.
This is what everybody is looking for.
— 2007