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another life

Another Life

Another Life

I’m thinking about it.
It’s official.
I’ve hidden a wad.
I’m moving up.
I’ll negotiate it with you.
And then in the end
Everything is a book.
Take to dinner freedom’s power.
Reverse your thinking.
You’re a one-man spectacle.
Do you think I want to be you?
I want to think about you
In the factory of fire.
I’m voting above.
I looked down and there he was.
Dead men are heavy with broken hearts.
It’s just an empty photograph.
I will ascend to the highest level.
An outstanding scope of pain.
I’ll get there entirely here.
The doctor informed it.
I don’t want to say again.
Get on the tailpipe.
Just you and a mule.
Do I have a sign around my neck?
It can wait until tomorrow.
I have a life and I’m scared.
This is the first thing to do.
Is it so hard to understand?
Why don’t you deliver the image?
Everything adds up.
There’s only life.
I’m not trying to make it my business.
A friend came to visit.
What a beautiful song, I remember it now.
I simply can’t believe it.
Hot molten rock escaped from deep below the surface.
The road to tomorrow is today.
An endless dream to be the best.
What we found was a dead body every day.
Everybody is still depending on everybody everywhere they went.
Depending on others to keep afloat
When will you see eternity?
In the dreamland arena to speak the language of the people in the broad American history
Oozing out of their being, there had to be some kind of pooling.
I’m screaming up the aisle.
I broke ground.
On the backs of her husbands and brothers, she was terrified from when she was a child.
Dense, emotionally charged environments, something that happens in that state,
Psychic demands were made more then any person could bear.
They would fill every seat and start applauding.
It’s just enough to calm me down.
It’s another combination for me.
Can anyone solve your death without thinking?
I would never silently judge you.
Everything makes our babies.
There’s the hand of justice in this.
It got lost or stolen or something.
Blue suit, bowtie,
Only what I’m not expecting.
I just cannot fathom it, an awful dagger through the heart.
Come quickly, I’m dying.
There are many courses you can take.
They always know what to expect.
They are ready to play.
Everything is in freefall.
Everything is feeling right.
Thank you for not standing with me.
Everything is cigarettes and candy.
There must be some mistake.
It’s a general type that I’m seeing.
I don’t know why I have this splendid illusion.
It seems wise.
I’m here for a celebration drink.
There’s no one I’d rather serve.
I’m answering goodbye.
I think you should make a complete break of it.
It serves as a rallying cry.
I’m looking forward to having a recreational vehicle.
I’ve been asleep and I need to wake up.
Scented oil candles quickly fill a whole room with fragrance.
It never stops turning.
I’m lucky here.
You have no idea that this is living around you.
I’m carrying this scrapbook today.
Everyone is in my heart.
The pain and joy of you are real.
I’m praying it won’t be true.
We live on the edge.
It’s a risk worth taking.
Everybody has another life.
Join me while I last.
Everything breaks out again.
Everybody knows my name here in the hinterlands.
I’m a lot happier now.
I have some time to relax.
It’s time people know the truth.
Everything has increased appetite.
Everybody is happy to explain. 
Everything is amusing to me.
You’ve finally accepted who you are.
I’ve got the world in the grip of you.
In my opinion we live around it.
It’s everywhere outside,
A human presence across our solar system from Mars and beyond.
Fall in a hole and you might get sucked.
We’re living in Africa.
I’m staring at your figure.
Everybody calls it life.
I’m hanging behind you.
In the city of dreams, I’ve never seen you.
I’m opening out to you while I still have a chance.
A powerful sense of solidarity swept through the country.
I’m your ally.
Give me my hand.
Go back to the past where you were.
I’m playing on my values.
I’m just up here with the human family.
I have enough to swim.
I want enough for your baby.
I’ve torn your community apart.
I’m trying hard to be strong.
How can I bear to be good?
This happiness we found in the monastery, we’ll find it again.
Without their God, they have not Him.
The waving wheat which is the whole thing,
You just can’t go there directly. 
At least you’ve hung the body in 
The solution.
This is what everybody is looking for.
— 2007

The Secret of Life

Here’s a little thing
Over the hill and faraway
Oh, give me oil
I will be your slave
No crime, no poverty, no pushing
All in all a plus
The vote I need to travel
An intermediate consolation
I have nowhere else to go
Because I’m so insane
I don’t want to say anything I’m not sure of
I’m a man without a plan
I imagined light without a tower
I have nothing else to give
I gave my life to learn
There was nothing to was
No one loved you anymore
Nobody but me
All the way to the top
Here on the edge
I’m so sure
Away and down
Where do you get off
You seem to be able to make me feel
If you wake up the moment
It was made for the day
There they are, having so much fun
Why do they do it
Almost alone
The mystic magic
Everything I’ve had in years
You’re slipping too much
What have you done in the past
Are you ready to go?

A Candle in the Sky

A candle in the sky
The lights are turned on
A company of tears
Documents from the life
On this planet named
Normal, how lonely.

Road Signs

Sometimes I used to try to look at road signs
as if I didn’t understand
the alphabet and couldn’t read the words.
This was very hard,
to forget the meaning of the
as if they were new
and to erase what I knew
to be true.
There I was at the road sign.

Something Seems to Be

It was inconclusive
Something seems to be
I was an enclave
Something seems to be
Something seems to be
Something seems to be
It was rotten and sweet
Something seems to be
Dreams of bliss in a kiss
Something seems to be
Soothing the pain
Something seems to be.

The Onion

I am an onion
Here, hold your brain.
He shouldn’t suffer from depression
It’s a public health menace
Changing good effects
You can’t control everything
Float along majestically
It was strange to me
I couldn’t read because of the alphabet
These times have been trying
Mud underfoot.


When the smoke rises from the ground
hear the sound

Last time lifetime
Now the smoke burns 
Last dip 
Now the smoke rises from the sea 

Like night 
The smoke 
In electric lights
Is seen.

(We are remembered)
Now it appears to be
A litany of smoke.


The Spirit

He’s apparently moved on
Give this to the spirit
Paint it in pizza.
You know
I have been trying to tell you
A secret existence
There’s a big catch in the end
What you missed irretrievably.
A little death is dying.
The fruits are arranged
On the roadside stand.
Everything in sunlight
How do you see an impression?
The alphabet was strange to me.
You don’t have to tease
A myth of myself
More earth 
Disruption reels.
I think I’m alive looking sideways.
Hand me your tear.
I will wrap it tomorrow
in a little bag. 
Do you think I ought to drink
enough water to burst
or die of thirst
slipping into space
As the earth reels?
I’m aglow in
A very little place,
More than I can face.
Don’t drink the wine.
It will only make you flee
Straight to me.

Another Speech

Why are you smiling?
Before we begin, I’m delighted to be here
With you
Where everything’s going
We have to let them know what we think
Everybody’s a chicken here
I’m waiting for you
Hard to find but easy to get to
I love to spread joy wherever I go
I’m aimed primarily at you
Everything is what it seemed
The answer was in the thin air
It blows a hole in the ground
Pyramids built of stone
The strangest man in the world
There’s always a story that no one understands
I’m here because I am
Not afraid
This is the grim shadow
Everything is done
This is the way we eat
A twisted psychological journey
You have to go and be completely engaged
I’ve prepared you for me
Don’t start with the top
You came to kill me but I’m dying
I’m not even talking to you
For the record
I’ve got a bad cable
It should have been stopped somewhere along the line
You’re always on the lookout
You start doubting these things.

 A Globe

Everybody has a globe
Shining countenance
Touching is not enough
I need help to do my work
I burst nothing but a mind bubble
Although a nasty bubble
I have something to think about
A touchiness
It’s incredible
That’s where you stand up against the rising of the tide
You’re writing what you don’t know
I’m giving you a last glance
Here’s the principle
I have a nice thought
A hero who cannot die
We discovered a room.  It took us by surprise
Everything sprang to life waiting to be answered
As part of a simulated world
I meet you to check this planet out
How do you build roads
This is my level of development
Are you sick of your friends and family
I wink at you
What do you think is in my back pocket?


I’m glad I'm alive and you aren’t 
I don’t like what I see
I want to tell the truth
I didn’t ever want to know a thing
How did it happen
Always inside of you
The magic of our art
Headlamps that rotate
Diamond of mist
This is the goal
Happiness is what I think of
Everything is directly
Stories unfold from every shop window
Above the laws of man
Imagine the feeling of floating waves
Twisting and shouting
When stopped for questioning, he could not be found
Everybody’s whistling a happy tune
Everything fell apart
My savior is my gun
Ties that bind
Are hard to unwind
Thought City
An amazing piece of work
It will intensify the night
The danger of reality
I’ve just revealed to you my emotional underbelly
The last kiss I’ll ever know.

Stand There

These bent opinions
I see this old guy
I’m trying to get frustrated
It’s got to stop
Feeling regular and lonely
Naturally regulate yourself
How did it happen
No one has this thing
I’m helping you enough
Just out of sight
The bleak despair
Do you like donuts?
Some savage blows
Somebody else will pay
The back of a moving train
Just step inside
It’s such a dance
Hang by a thread
The wind lashing the trees
Can everybody die?
What would be 
The best choice to be
Sometimes you got to lose yourself
You can’t go back, you’ve awakened in the dark
There is an end to the earth
I think we should get going
Here’s where the money is
Finally some excitement
Shiva plays
Choose your destiny
The roughest road yet
This is not the way to do business
Imagine the feeling of flushing away
Desperate moments
There are no locks on these doors
We believe one simple thing
There’s one thing you have to ask yourself
I’m excited to be dead
Good people turn evil
On the outside
It was out of control
This exquisite organ
The world of sorrow
Standing here gazing
I’m seeing you and wonder why
He talked to snakes a thousand years ago
There is the slithering 
Everybody looks away
He peeked in
I’m turning from you
I have nothing to do
but blink
Everybody will be waiting for you
in the mix
Is there something you wish to say?
I don’t like this at all
When they push real hard
Take yourself out of history
It’s a very clear picture
That rolls as we approach.

These Little Things

I will supply you with tears
Crowding everything out
My dreary life is over
I have flown away
Stories are never ending
Here’s what I say
I’m sure you’ll agree
Everything flies away
That’s the idea for staying alive
Creature of habit
The birds are watching 
The starry trek
Put this all into one big puzzle
A turbulent blue bright light
Leave all that sensitivity behind you
Little by little I’m putting this place together
Revolving revolving 
It’s a whole new concept where you live
This is my most important job
Everybody’s doing these little things
Reminding me of you.
— March 2003


There’s green where the ice use to be
Now I’m flying
Key to discovering their fate
You can’t make it any clearer
I hope you’re better now
These are the memories of me
Smashing faces
Save your precious time
Why are Americans humans
Don’t ever forget my name
The endless mile
I haven’t told anyone where it is
Finally I will see my life
I’m falling in love
It must be difficult
I’m having trouble suppressing my emotions
You know what’s brains
A true religion
Everybody is many
This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen
In another guise
We’re not everything but we’re you
This is too gruesome for tears
You can’t pick it apart
We live precious memories
There’s a mood in my heart
I haven’t begun to speak
I am evergreen
I have nothing to do but hope
Why do you think I’m alive
Or am I dead
As if I were alive
This is my observation
I’ll be very cautious
I’ll be helping everything survive
Let’s scramble
I’m still fixed
So long, goodbye, have a nice day
I started shifting
Everything is a big portion of fire
You are gambling with your fake life
This is the grasp of an actor’s significant life
I’ve put together a plan
Of who I am
My endless miles are heavy with regret
I classify, you think
I’m alive
In the big room of desire
I’m heavy enough to breathe
Everybody has another catering escapade
Sniff the aroma
My tubular socks
Arrive alive and roasted
In my observable future
My name used to be
I used to be
You’re like my heart
When my heart used to be
Goodbye and forever
My fantastic elf
Dear sweet man
You were what I wanted to be
Forever like a glow
Of infinite light.
— March–April 2007

Heart Monitors

These heart monitors are fading signalizing his blood.
When something really fits you can feel it.
How many places can hide?
I seem to be always in the wrong places.
People are pretty crazy this day and age.
I have enough false hopes.
Patients are people.
Do you thing I’m lazy?
Does it matter much?  Does it matter much?
Working - why should it be?
They have cameras everywhere.
Polished, radiant, irresistible.
Please stop the drill.
Trust the feel of it.
It’s as clean as it’s going to get.
Some people saw me.
OK, I’m ready.
Help me, Lord, to reveal the pain.
You have to try to relieve the pressure.
Get everything in here.
Hey, the party’s over.  Are you OK?
Love is a cure, a promise.
You’re so pure, fear it.
Your smile will make a difference.
You are so frustrating.  All you want to do is rest.
Magic in a glass.
I’m continuing to give up.
No one will know.
A joyous comic experience.
My heart is a mess.
I am so pleased and so proud of you.
Have a very happy day in-between.
— March-April 2007

Your Situation

Your situation is changing from time to time
you will need more energy

Her heart was turning flip-flops
the sole support of the family
at the beginning of the unpacking
until it points to the ceiling
a fairly solid rubber ball
protruding piles from below.

Weapons of this complexity
will it be possible
every gift 
something you need

The past is forever
there’s a price
control is controlled
here’s a big head

One week captured a moment
everything comes from the ground
the tragic news spread
she walks a slow mile
the pool of blood
is in your eyes

This is the way today
the most important habit of life
everyone will shuffle aboard
a mystery behind it
which protects the notion of life

He’s a sweet person inside
everything is good
spontaneous without thought
here you can hear with your eyes

Everybody says that
everybody has glamorized it
everybody says he has a clean face
everybody breathe relaxed
everything is pure
if you will be kind
when it’s poured

He went on a rampage
they’re all like insects to him.
— May 2007

Unintentionality and Its Consequences

We grind our meats every time a day
A whole new whirlpool full of fun and excitement
A new prediction tonight
Here’s my stupid trip
I have so much to celebrate 
It’s all gone
I want to reach the sky
My afternoon on ice
Everything is on my mind
Sorry about the people we don’t know
I would definitely protect them
Don’t be such a baby
Everything happens overnight
All the pails unite
The great variety of life on earth
Features of fish
Is everything alone where it stands
In the enormous enough
Come on, let’s go on
Listen and listen
The time is now moving forward
Blasted through shifting sands
I’m wiping my ass with the past
It just broke my heart
In his mind he pants to solve everything with bombs
This is the worst evidence everybody could see
Now we walk in water
It was my idea
A new chapter opens
I was feeling anguished
The eyes and ears of the boat
I am here in the middle of nowhere
Go below the surface with your thoughts
Why are you diving
Can’t you make a contact
They are able to hear more than we are hearing on the surface
Everything is quite fake
They all expected to be killed eventually
It’s what you worship
Here’s my load on you
It’s not so easy to be hungry and free
The most diabolical work
It’s a sentimental favorite
Everyone’s the same
It’s not what they say
Do you think your world will be decided
Do you feel the air
Everybody is morphing into ladies
Satin in blue
Go ahead, I’ll find you
I have enough to worry about
I’m having a chair problem 
There’s something odd about this
There’s something wrong here
And everything has gone
That exciting night
Tortured tones
You know who I want to be
Wait for night to fall
Die while you wait
The microbe of you
Every great idea shapes the world
It’s the only reason you’re alive
I’m in another place
Here’s where I wait
Someone made me what I am
Who would not want to be alive
Give me a long-term vision
Everything is so mechanical
You want me to be what you tell me to see
It’s way beyond your reach
God is running out
I saw everything clearly for the first time
Born with no internal conflicts
I am resigned to you
Imagine life sweeter
There is a gift
I think about the people who died.

The Fields

The fields where never grows
Strange music comes across the water
What’s incredibly at the end
Past today
In the unfolding of history
Today is what we smile on
There are thousands of us
We’ll give you a rest between blows
You only make it worse
You bring something that is not welcome
I never do forget
Why don’t you forget
Here I will stay
Cooking fire
Whoever knows where you are
We knew by everything he had measured
Help me decide what to do
Return to earth
A sun of an enchanted paradise
Where all the fields are golden
I want to walk away
What seemed impossible is here
A flat place in the middle of nowhere
Your hands are on fire
I will swing you into my dreams
We just think it’s not real
It’s a blast, I’m in heaven
To be careful, your eyes need oxygen
The surface is unable to call to you
Where are you going
Fit as a fiddle and ready to fly
Here we are gathered
It’s been so long
They’re just words
I throw pain in my hands
The arena is small
This is the last hope
I turn to you
In the dead zone
Units are empty
We will become silhouettes
I don’t have any heroes
Take me away
Bleed enough for me
Don’t play around
I’m sculpted out of steel
Sometimes you make plans and sometimes they don’t work out
I am a broken wall
The future does not exist, the past does not exist
If you were alive after a million years
The end of everything
In a desperate search for survival
An exercise in terror
What is the id?  The shining basis of the subconscious mind and I have no power to stop it
Beautiful love we have imagined some of us
Everything is very important
Kill a man you’ve never dreamed about
I will be beside you
Would you come out and look at one side
Just watch the world turn
Eyes will guide you
Passion is good for the soul
Think hard
If you’re hurt and come to work
I can’t stand this constant gnawing
Because of your suspension
The quality of error
The pathways to the stars are behind you
Welcome to your self
This is no place for bugs
I’m Mr. Opportunity
The night of song
Here aches dissolve, pain drifts away
In the heart and brain
I will take you there
It’s never too late for love
This is not an unpleasant surprise
You cannot lie to me
Because I am alone
Why did you bring me here
I can’t stomach anymore
You can’t hide what’s inside
You can almost remember the dead
I will enlighten you
On the field of weird there’s no time for hesitation
Chance is the same as God
Because it’s odd
Everything is food
Why I want to know
I will spill the oil
Money, brains, beauty
How much can they bleed
More than you know
Here’s the beauty of it all
It’s just up to God now
Wait till the warm-up’s underway
My hope is tomorrow
I love the stop and wonder
Save enough, spend enough
I’m engorged
It’s our life, very structured
Keep moving quickly
I’m not thinking yet
We’re in the timeframe
I like a nice straight line
Oh, where are you
I will make you look into the heart of things as they are
Like a timetable
Drawn together
Or where I may be
May I be
Everything is held fast in silence
Why is it like an absolute power
I changed my life
I can prove this mess
It’s real and timeless
There’s was a message for you
I appreciate whatever you’ve sent me
Everyday everyone matters more
I faced my worst fear
Talking about myself, full of surprises
I’m behind you
I don’t believe it exists
I cried when I remembered this moment
United around the world
Like I couldn’t say enough
A voice not spoken
A heart not broken in two
Stay with me here
We all lose
I was very harried
But pure
I have nothing but pity for you
Go on and don’t even think you will survive
Everything is a coordination from above
Saving everything important enough to be thought of
The tragedy strengthens my resolve
I’m starving myself gladly
Everybody is covered in fabric
I’m hiding in the vast, storm-bound sea
Hiding who you are
Your moment of sadness never entered into it
How will it cost me to be me if I am not me
It was very unexpected
The battle for far, far away
The man behind you
Unbelievably sad, isn’t it
My blood is your blood
My end is you
Everybody will be here.
— 2005–2007


Halfway Into Nowhere

Halfway into nowhere
Who knows what’s there
circulating through the home
We are here for example
A school in a box
His life has come this far
I’m like a knife in the water
part of me
The daily soup
Here’s the excitement
How much fun it is to remember
Painfully people everywhere
There are lots of accommodations in the law
Always ignored by you
Happy talk is always lies
I can’t tell you what I think
Everybody has my number
and my number is you
I am nothing but you
This is not an accident at all
Buy the looks that sold you
The everlasting batter
I’m a rapist with time off 
I came to see
It looks strange to me
Everything in this house is broken
Mystifying you by madness
We can’t see out
It’s time to go
How many sailors did he kill with his sailing machine?
It’s like nothing
It’s the beat of weather.

— May–June 2007

A Bloody Weekend Crime Spree

It was a bloody weekend crime spree.
Victims wonder why here?
That’s where she caught his eye
As the others fled.
There was no sign of a struggle.
Her death came as a shock to her neighbors.
News of it spread around.
She showed up at a bar to show off her prom dress.
She loved life.  She was always smiling and was very pleasant.
He probably wasn’t finished.  He was in killing mode.

He didn’t threaten them.  They just felt threatened.
Why would he have done this?  That’s a mystery.
For the families of the victims the sorrow became too familiar.
She never came home for Christmas.

This is the first time that anything ever happened there.
How can you make sense of something like this?
If you look around the room, that tells you all you need to know.

He was trying to kill an ex-girlfriend
He knew nearly everyone in the tight-knit community.
The girls would have started school this week.

We’re trying to piece together the details of this horrific crime spree.
He struck her with a bedpost and cut her with a knife.
She had a premonition.  She said she was going to be with God soon.

She wanted to look at all the pretty trees.
She wanted some fresh air.
These sentiments were repeated in some form again.
He was standing in a field of brown grass squinting at the sun, cradling a gun.
He caused annoyance and alarm to neighbors by yelling, “I’m going to break your nose!”

He is remembered for taking care of others.
He never asked for anything in return.
He died when he tried to intervene.
Like always he was thinking of someone else.

They didn’t have any idea how this could happen.  Only a stranger could have intended her harm.
She was just a really special woman.
— from the Austin American-Statesman, August 29, 2007, pp. A 1, 6 & 7

I Want to Enter Myself

I want to enter myself
And enter you too
You’re angry, and you want me to go
Don’t ever help me escape
A slight imperfection will do
Get in the car and drive away
I’m totally destroyed
I am looking over my atelier
A continual pull of social interaction
Back in the rain in private
Everyone now just gets etched in stone
I have always reached for what’s in the impossible  
The only thing deadlier than a bullet
It’s a part of who I am
I will protect everything you know
In the isolated backwaters
The bleak emptiness of space
Light years above the earth
Here we are dreaming
It is the least you could do
Relax, they’re harmless
We don’t always do well when it rains
A new thing leaves its mark
When you feel worse than before
Without feeling jittery
The feeling lasts for hours
It’s always there making things move, breathe
Every muscle is a mind inside
Everybody likes what you say
Everything is effective 
We’re a step behind
And there’s a storm coming on
Why won’t you let me hold you?
Around the square of tomorrow
Everybody wants revenge
We’re killing people for money
Let’s keep our I on the big ball
The things we can’t see coming
It’s only us
There’s no escape from the dividing blade
Breathing is hard
I would like to be your boyfriend
Are you protected from any problems?
The whole world was blue
Who wants you?  Who wants you?
The prisons are failing
Think strangers
Get your own love
Another expression of independence
Long live love life live
Laugh, dream
There’s no such thing as a happy family
Languidly creeping forward
Everybody has another feeling
There’s a real danger here
There’s nothing here
These starving people
We fought, we won, we lost, we like to play
We emerge from the mud fully loaded
There’s nothing hybrid about you
It’s all I see when I close my eyes
Because I’m nothing but you
In the extreme
Where hearts float into space
Drop to your favorite places
If anything matters it’s today
Everything is approved
Nothing will surpass this
Dance with me, make me sway
Let’s just relax
Just be calm
It’s more than a phone number
I don’t think you want to talk
Can we start over?
I’ll have everything
Intensity captured
Something that can’t be
Everything is a terrible musical
My pills are no longer enough
There is no need for everything to go down
Wait until today is over
Everything you know about him
The world that we live in
The whole truth
It’s a wonderful possibility
A rare look behind the scenes.
— October 6, 2007


I’m planning forever.
I put push into shove.
Everything has another face tomorrow.
Why should there be forever?
It has a nice ring.
Forever is what was wasn’t.
Waving on a cloud of glory
I plant my flag forever
Where the wave takes me.
What’s going on up there in the clouds?
The curse of the stars.
The end of tomorrow.
The gift of love to an unruly child.
It’s almost fantastic.
It’s almost humorous.
Say why
I think of you in the distance.
We love in vain.
Can’t stop the night.
Time slowed down over the years.
Let the ripe fruit fall
— May 2007

Everything Hurts

Everything hurts today
Help me make a better decision
We can’t establish a date
Nothing you have seen before
In between everything
There’s nothing but a fantasy
I am extraordinary
Get ready to be shocked
I have a hunch
They broke the news tomorrow night
I didn’t give myself time to think
Everything seems like a tissue of lies
I thought I heard someone in the dark
The risk of fate
Experience any happiness
Here’s my take on you
Everything is blocked
Everything could have been the same
The air was thick
I want to turn it over
Maybe the sun will shine and the clouds blow away
I am dumb
So congested
I have returned, my flower
All the major carriers
All the best plans
When the elements of nature blend
For a great taste re-defined
Better and louder than before
Out of control
They are so deadly because they are so unpredictable
The same few thousand
Looking for a long-lasting relationship
Of course it goes beyond that
We will photograph from every angle
With a new look across America
Excruciating and uncomfortable
There is still a tumor awaiting
Here’s my big chunky heart
It’s their only focus in life
Pride didn’t get us anywhere
One step closer to victory
Don’t stop there
So many lives here have been ruined
I think I’m in love with you because I’m sad
The cruelest battle in history
The truth is discovered
Everything is more than me
My open-handed heart
The author of this story
Everybody has a poem
Personal contact is just the beginning
Is there wartime morality and so forth
Additionally perverted
I’m heading for you now
I wish it would stop
On this sour occasion
Everybody wants a piece
This is the most disturbing season
I’m waving my finger at you
The danger is here today
If you feel that you can’t go on
Create a metallic image of this sheet
This storyless nation
Hold your wrists high
There’s an emotional toll
Something sweet
Move forward
My tiny balls
Rolling the dice
Why not join the club
The truth is to be discovered in the end
Like hope
After the ball is over
It’s a great day out
Have I done anything human?
This child is still a mystery
Framed like a picture
Your famous face
As far away as a place could be
Left as he was
What time is it in town
You can’t ignore it
Oh, save my life
So I can enjoy it
Gone, all gone
Before I knew what to do
I wish I could go back
We want something cheap and plentiful
Take me with you
Everything is not friendly
I’m occasionally burning
Here’s my satisfaction
I’ve taken you to the testing grounds
Touch a bunny
They come up as we go down
The heat of the sun forces them to retreat
Now that the water is back
The activity has not gone unnoticed
We got word of his death this morning
It was all going to come tumbling down
We cleaned up the blood
Along with the body
I’m on the street again
It’s just the beginning
Here’s where you leave
Don’t ever think about where you go
Everybody is beating the old banjo
Walk with me through the air
I’m blue, are you
I don’t want to go
Everything needs a chance to grow
I wait to be forever going
Carry everything with you
The stars are stripes
Buy my car
A lonely assassin started a war
I’m very comfortable with who I am
Instantly on-line
My favorite story
Just say goodbye
Worn down
I’m loving my life, I’m losing my patience
Everything comes once
This ultra-sensuous product
The finger pointing
To bring the fiction into fact
The anecdote into the theme
Real people play from the heart
Nothing is on the level
Here in the factory we have a future
Where the legends come to play
Who would take my call
What makes a man willing to kill
I’m here to think
You can pray whatever you want
All the celebrities and politicians
I will always share your happiness
Blow out the candles
I know them like a movie
You’ve come to the last page
It takes enough people to think
What you think
Psychologists think
Under these general conditions
To do the thing I love the most
Something where we are
Not to blame
I’m always sunny
Somebody’s calling from the outside
Fish float by
Everybody’s waving in the flag
There is nothing for you here, only death
I looked into your future and I saw
Some things are certain in time
From the ashes of fire fire shall spring
There is no ship now that can bear me out
Everything has a meaning but it’s not necessary
Opening out
I am tired of being on the planet
An ordinary man has no choice
More things through the brain
It certainly has been a pleasure
Endless entertainment
The scene was fairly gruesome
What’s coming next?  Nothing done, nothing’s done
It would be a challenge
Create a terrific morning
Change the shape of what kids eat
I am weeping for you
You are my friend
Protect your fat luck
Here’s your ticket, now go
That was your dream.  It all happened to you
I’m worth more than your car
You forgot someone else
I am reasonably calm
In happy times
An ancient law
Relentlessly craving
That’s the key and so
I see you and after
I feel your embrace
I don’t care who you are
Walking in step 
One step less
Like pictures of paradise
Bring ships onto the beach here
I don’t need to see a picture
Steel is part of the deal
Thanks for coming, but no one is home
A skeleton crew on a skeleton ship
Deep inside the foam-filled holds
Sometimes I cry
I’m going back and forth
It’s who-will-die-time
The winds by the minute
Make it go away
More than watching something on a screen
Sitting in your regular chair may be easy
Being in an audience with other people around you
Fire hasn’t changed since time immemorial
Follow these logs in
Dried and polished
Now I have nothing but time
Everything has an escape
There’s a whole new dawn
It feels as if you’re rushing the scene
He had that look on his face earlier
Everything possible is going on
It’s decided by something
Beautiful and safe
Just like Pompeii
Of all the irresistible things I’ve ever known
That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard
Please get in the car right now
Everything demands it
Coughing and hacking
Everything is either safe or non-existent
The biggest part of my problem is breathing
It moves back and forth
Gasping for air
Could more have been done?
We were very firm
During a time of complete chaos
No one was caught more off-guard
This is where it hurts
This is what money makes
Everybody wants to do it
Everybody has a toaster
All this advancing technology
You can see what’s coming
Something I’ve never seen before
The nice price perplexing
A chocolate sundae on ice
What do you think of Western food
Grilling crisp on your numero wave
When the suction comes I’ll stick it to you
Overflowing with new activity
Do what you say
Everybody’s on his back
Here’s my spray
The magical thing of it
It seems like the rest of us
It’s all the rage
It’ll never grow old
It’s changing in your heart
I’m handling everything 
Everybody has another self
On that you will agree
You don’t know who you are
Power is here
You’ll never know what’s beyond the horizon
Everything is a secret
You’re not the most horrible person I can think of
Things are about to start cooking
Why don’t you imagine a breeze
A pocket full of awareness
A spark of insanity
It wasn’t the end of the world
You’ve had some tremendous moments
I can’t do it all alone
Everybody has a ring
This is not the question
I’m trying to find a link
Euphoria will rise again
No one will ever be the same
This is the way I’ve felt all my life
Sunk without a trace
What goes on with life anyway?
Disappearing fast
You’ve got to make up your mind
Interested in your every move
I am ignoring you
Everything is going fast
Cruising the sea
Everybody’s my friend
In bed with you
I don’t know what the numbers hold
Only you can choose what will be
We left unexpectedly expectantly
Guess why
Do you imitate anything seriously
Good for the nerves
At one time or another
I’m innocuous, you’re not
The voice in the dark
Here they come!  Take it easy!
Don’t let them get near 
Try not to see
This is the last time
I will do anything to demonstrate my humility
I am ready for the world when the world is ready for me
It’s very hard to ferret out
It’s an honest mistake 
I have been guided by your fate
We’re uncomfortably close
We outperform
This is your key
He has moved on
I’m saying what you’re saying
You know who you are
It all belongs to you
How great it is
I’m angelic too
Every part of the past survives
It changes over time
The birth of expressed memory
Breathe through your day
A new kind of adventure that’s cool
Be ready to vote all over again
There are some themes that have been of use
A strong emotion we can agree to
Hold on tight 
Here’s the right thing to do
It’s thrilling that I’m alive
It changes your heart
Or did I say enough?
— June–September 2007


Black and White

I’m all over you
like the black plague
wrinkles in us
I’m standing here by a beautiful lake
I am your guide
We try to be nice
Everybody will be here
Everybody can go
Everything can grow
How many wrongs can be made right?
I love your mouth
or phone
Everything is vain 
There’s a rhythm of the season
We can’t take it anymore
Brighter than eyes
We offered lives
There could be something there
I’m happy to be here
Everybody’s dying, no one is living
I will do more and travel less
Do you have dream sensations?
Exposing everyone to justice
We might as well be walking on pearls
Here’s my big surprise
All the land will join us
A loving father dwells beyond the stars
All the world sinks before him
A magnificent scene
All the men
Everybody’s chained
A picture of us
Going on now
Once you know you know your heart will always be
The perfect reflection of beauty
I got an alternate view
I don’t even know why I am.  Do you?
Everything is a confused vision
Due to the mystic nature of this program
I am wide awake
I’ve waited pathetically all this time
Your little pieces don’t leave me
Ancient love
It’s raining from the ceiling
Are you like me?
What misses you?
Here’s my new you
There was a crime.  There was a victim.  And there is punishment
We’ve put aside the past
The standard of gold
You now see the conflicts
It’s like swimming
An endless night
Are you shining
Everything is so small
Would you let this be your hope
My biggest surprise is you
Forging family ties they never knew existed
What’s important to me is heart
This is more than a coincidence
The dark spots crawling away
Everything looks the same.
— June 2007

 My Beautiful Smile

We are all in hell
The little things you can’t do
Here’s the autumn breeze
Everybody knows what he knew
He wanted it to mean something
He should have known about the facts
I feel great
It’s your life
I am breaking
To help you find what you need
Key to your body
The line between life and death
Everybody’s here to express
The reverse of obviously
The root crime of everyone
Sometimes in life
Keep an open mind
Rub it on any object
All the things you are
Only you can choose
What is right for you
Too late, you had your chance
To enjoy the advantage
Here we are, things
Maybe nothing
Everything is grey
We analyze the facts 
The air that you breathe
Helping to save us
It looks like dinner
When the night spawns
The best thing that gets into you
She understands your place is here
His head in his hands
What a little boy learns, he never forgets
I’m not as smart as I seemed
Whenever I move
The ultimate adventure just ahead
Struggling selves
Because it can be a long ride
Go straight on
I feel like a birthday every year
Under the most extreme conditions
Get a message
Everything grows
From hunger to hope
Surviving and thriving
Wasted life
You’ve taken a turn fully surprising
Why is this man crying?
You’ve always wanted to take the pressure away
We invite you to more than science
You are a fragment achieving the impossible
Imperceptibly changing the water
All heated up, then coming down
At this point
In the vacuum
Over time I saw a change
We have clips
When you can’t sleep, you can’t dream
Unconditional medication
Cooking on a stick
Now I’ll make recommendations
They don’t mean anything
Go confidently
A wolf without teeth cannot kill
I hung on to life
There was something wrong
Do I hear another word coming out of your mouth?
If anything horrible happens to you
Here’s my beautiful smile.
— October–November 20007

Call the Cops

Call the cops for sorrow
for pain and distress
I’ve given up tomorrow
for less.

Call the mayor in the morning
without warning
and tell him I’ve left
He won’t be bereft.

You have enough hope
now mope
Don’t be a dope
No way you have a say.

Things slide
into another bother
like today was yesterday
except tomorrow.

Oh boy, I’m a lucky dog
I already live whole hog
Your reward awaits
Beyond the pearly gate.

We can’t know what is
until it is, and if what awaits
Is a pleasant state
The brightening of dawn
across the lawn.

How sad to be glad
It’s more than funny
It was an enormous joke
That no one spoke.


Nothing is everything in-between.

I have nothing.  What do you have?  Nothing too?

What can’t be conceived of
What can’t be connected to
Insufficient, a dream, an empty space.

After ending

Nothing is nothing now.

Why dream of nothing?

It was anything.

A postage stamp expression
Forming into its own self

Nothing is sacred except its self.

I have nothing to say except itself.

At first there was nothing, then there was everything.

A vast expanse, it rolled.

The spoke is nothing too.

 “There’s nothing I’d rather do.”

Wonder about anything.

“Where are you going?  What are you doing?”

Your fears are nothing new.
They were and will be true.
So boo hoo.  

Be happy there’s nothing.
It’s better than something
That has something on you.

“A man must have something!”
That would ease the case.

Unfortunately everyone knew
This is not the case.  
A man may have nothing.

Something was the face but nothing was the case.

Shoot to aim and aim to shoot.

Across the desert miles
nothing smiles.
— 1998/2008

The Last Day

Here is the last day
Everybody lives ordinary problems
All the luxuries of the modern world
The picture of sound
Dead before it happens
Let’s go into the night
I’m slightly more efficient that I was
The quick fix for every itch
Being a nurse means lots of happiness
I’m staying where I’m supposed to
I’ve learned how to give and take
Operation Desperation
Seeing life in a new way
Here’s the proof
We’re coming on strong
Here’s the one rule
I have but one thing to report
As I said before I was interrupted
I want to warn people
Everything’s a sham
There’s a mystical pattern
A photo never seen before
His family escaped the war 
They flew him to a hospital
He took walks in the tiny gardens
He was trying to solve the most important mystery 
It makes it hard to breathe
He believed in the perception
He had a stirring message
One striking theme that he reached
You are caught in the world
I’ll find you something to eat
The ruby crystal that I want
For a new soul.

The More It Moves

The more it moves, the more it goes
Over the edge of me
Can’t you see
You’re coming to be a rose
On a tree
Because of me
It’s really kind of emotional
It seems to be
Like a saint on vacation
In full battle array
Saving the nation
Say can you see
The hope that arose
Like a tree
In the heart of me

A Troubling Theory

A profoundly troubling theory of everything
What do you think it could be?
Have your travel plans changed?
Have you cancelled
your life
for only a day?
A cackle is synonymous with everything
you’ve ever thought
Let’s call it a day
I don’t know what else I ought to say
I want to scream at them:  Stop!
You’re hurting yourselves!

I Love What You Like

I get enough of you
like never before
You’re dry, rough, cracked
Work as hard as your feet
Feel the heel
The miracles on contact
with a shine
definitely me
I’m not here, you’re still there
Just close your eyes where you go
Everything will be OK
You don’t understand the whole thing
I want a healthy skin for life
We got insurance at an affordable rate
I’ll tell you what we’re going to do
You need protection
from what you’re going to be
Thank you for your tragedy
A beautiful thing happens
It’s a complicated issue
Here’s my head around
each with a piece of the puzzle
the endless refreshment maintains
I put my brain to it
The form clears the mind
Love poetry achieves its fullest flower
This is a message from your political candidate
Cement actions and answers
Head underwater and breathe easy
I’m in the hands of one man
a surprising individual
I’m not panting or anxious
using simple questions everyone can answer
The new world is under attack
There’s an on-going debate
How did we get to this
They disappeared overnight
those insignificant two-cent pieces
The time has come
I’m craving enough for you
I’ve got a fireplace and I can dig it
They stood for timeless music
Here’s the rock ‘n’ roll that created a revolution on our planet
In another turbulent time of war
They’d seen his face before
a fresh meaning
I see you all alone now
We’ve done what was necessary
Why couldn’t you leave things the way they are
There’s a natural sliding motion
Pull up the places that bring people together
I sensed the incongruity of those pieces of evidence
I hope you never have a taste
Everyone has a new day
It seems you’ve been living two lives
We like to talk about the game 
approaching tigers
Is there a simpler way
We are reversing the side effect of being alone
The American dream
Nothing fits anymore
the ability to breathe fire
Living every day
someone’s changed the laws of math
on the level where I am
I’m the center of my universe
I need you there
It’s a way of spending time
Listen!  Something’s coming!
This is that sort of thing
I want to see your face, I want to see how you feel
There are millions of songs in your living room
Until the suffering stops and life starts
I’m speaking
We stumbled on the spot
Everything I thought would be the hardest I found to be
I thought about going back 
You were stupid enough to care
You’re more lost then you ever were
Everything is revolving
You have your home at the front door
I’m planning to bring you into custody
Everything goes exceedingly slow
We came to wonder how the universe began
It’s relaxing just to be here
We shared our life
Fool, you were taught to be
Here’s my assignment
It’s easy to see
I can’t go on
No one is more immersed in the mystery
the most unique thing in nature there is
I’m here on the road
I’m following the dance
I’m heading the effort
All of a sudden everything went haywire
We don’t have the complete picture yet
Everything we do has got to be stressful
This is a crucial test
nobody knows
You can’t help if you have feelings for someone
They were gone but you don’t have to be
I am alone and in this hall of pain
Laws have to be made
I’m sure I don’t want a glass
I am America’s best
The world is not ready
Go one more day in the past
or conceal you’re true intentions
It was mesmerizing
It will still be around for years
Every cycle is unique
alone in the dark 
a whiter space every day
The fun was just beginning
I pushed to get it done
comforts that caress you
Don’t even think about forgetting
No two hearts are one
I will love me forever
Another innovative idea
Life takes action
There’s a lot of stuff
which unlocks an explosion
We’re stepping into a Buck Rogers’ scenario
He has no qualms
It’s absorbed in the top layer
The pain vanishes
We don’t want to kill innocent people
He’s right but he’s wrong
An uplifted look
that’s my idea of heaven
Someone who knows the world’s tears
There is where we want to be
I’m honored and thrilled
I will admire myself
groaning and moaning and screaming for change
a small but significant difference
He stashed the gold
cursed with this birthmark
Even many complex points
Here where we dance in the air
stuffed inside
Now I’m here to tell you
I’m a number too
It’s complicated and all new
The fabric of our lives that is held together by hope
The scary version
that’s the height of drama
Children of stone
a beautiful love 
I will kiss you on the lips
My mind can’t explore these words
The country is long
I will split your heart
I have to love what you like.
— February-March 2008

The Main Group

How things fall together
is too hard to give or see.
My adoring fans all agree
Melody is my business. 
I am not supposed to be afraid.
What a beautiful condition.
I will cobble up a vision.
The air feels cold
I have to suffer
I have to last
I am supposed to wander
Something must have helped me survive.
An intractable notion
What a beauty!
Where will it end?

A Delegation to Tomorrow

A delegation to tomorrow 
Everything was yesterday
The hollow promise to nowhere
We are supported by you
Everything is generally acknowledged
Fashion soothes all woes
Inside is dark, outside is truth
I like the dead in y’all
It’s like everything you were
There’s love in the garage
Trying to work out the karma
Concentrating on you
It’s always iffy
It was like a revelation to me
In a dream I saw myself there
It takes exquisite torture
I’m glad to have your good company
I’m hearing from everyone again
My dust begins to flow
That thought brought a nightmare
But rest in hope
Repeat it as you will
Full of elegance and moxie
The inside of the mouth
Climbing the stairs
I’m sawing at my violin
I don’t know where to begin
There will be a time you will feel the knife
I’m whipping around the curve
My teeth just rolled out onto the ground
I’m hoping for a shove
I’ll narrate myself
A category made by the mind
I’m too bright to fail
I can’t help it
Nothing lasts anymore
There’s so much to say and so little to know
There is no key, that I know
Quickly discovering 
You can’t kid with this
What do you think I’m doing here?
— January-April 2008

The Intermediate State

One thing goes together deeper into the blend.
The wave of the wand at the world’s end.
I will take it from you.
Everything is revealed to the super saint.
There’s no way to slow the flow, people passing on forever.
The portent you see is what you gave me.
The ineluctable gall of one and all is what I see.
My mistake was not to have opened the box before using the key.
He was on second base, where he belonged.
A medal is what he wore when he went to war.
In another book he described the scene.
The wind was at his back.  Attack!
There’s no one home.  They must have left before.
A very colorful float paraded past.  He was on it.
One thing had not been discussed that everybody was interested in.
They all elected to write to protest his decision, which was sure to displease some.
One thing goes at the end.

The Courtyard

He had some political message to give me, which I understand.  
Put yourself in my position, please.
They all play a part in the mental stream.
They are all very high-toned and alive.
They all descend into a miasma of fear.
Sturdy hands breed sturdy bodies.
It’s funny how we all wind up in a string.
The world is just awakening to symbolize how love has grown.
A happy-go-lucky attitude reveals your pain.
He plotted to enter the house.
This sad occasion did arise before we were aware of it.
Go forth and shine.  Intensely glow like there’s no tomorrow.
He had a plan that lasted a day.
I keep dropping the ball into the pool.
Enough food is enough, which struggles against us.
He descended into song, which soon became a roar.
He felt an echo which kept him awake.
Years of special treatment bit the dust.
I can’t believe you’re doing this all by yourself.  Surely you have a secret friend?
I want to spread the word of how I found you.
There was a failure to negotiate the curve.
Even the experts declared it was untrustworthy.
He clung to the hope that that early prognosis would be available.
From the top they had not even seen the outcome.
It was a strangely shaped plant.  What else can I get you?
It was awesome to express you are way ahead of me but I’m catching up.
My feelings weren’t hurt or ruffled.  It was nice of you to invite me.
So much has been wasted on dirt.  It’s in the atmosphere.
Cruelty has its excuses, love doesn’t.
— May 2008

Periodically Pray

I have to periodically pray
Don’t wait for someone else
To make your voice heard today
Magic in my eye
To face the heart
It’s your attitude
A holy spirit waking with you
An ancient life source dragged itself onto the rocky shore
Here’s my nation’s hope
Delicious mixed together
Where I you
Bring it on into the distance
Inside the heads
I’m just grimacing my teeth
Somebody who works for the people
In a faded sky
Look what I found
A quick burst of speed
I can see inside
It’s such a crazy ride
You will never be back alive 
Cracks in the memory of an ocean
Looking upward
Thinking I’m ready to go
Discover a world where eyes are brighter
A nice enough escape
Everything has passed by.

Like Human Beings

I never told anyone about it.  I never found the words.

We all come from our own little planets.

We don’t seem to be making any headway.

It’s getting dark.  We must be leaving.

You’re as happy as I am.  Full of yeast.

I have my own ideas about that.

I’d like to see you for a moment.  That’s enough.

Anyway, you know how I feel.

Has anything struck you, brother?

I’m hot enough in here.

We join with every religion.

May I use your telephone?

I’m so very sorry this has happened.

If people could only learn to behave like human beings…


Another Day

Where the shadow ends
The finger of time
I live my life every day
It’s so heartbreaking
Time is a thief
It may actually steal your bones
Your name and identity
No matter what happens
You’re living every day and you’ll be buried in crap
You can feel the rumbling
What you want to convey
Going on forever
A pure necklace of color
Everybody is dead
Or alive
There are songs that speak to our hearts
God intends your troubles
It’s alive to me
I don’t care about your paranoid toupée
I only want your death
The clock is ticking
In tiny cages for years
Why is it so funny when you’re dead
It’s like you
How do you survive inside
Pulled by gravity
50% of all humans are humans
Here is the chilling power
Engulfed by pain
The world gets heavy
I tried to call your name
I will drink to your mistake
A wave upon the sand
Sweltering over the slope
A wonderful hand exposes
The damage was done down deep
A question that will dog them
There’s a vast untapped resource
A light came into the room
To help you keep what’s in you
To see your flesh and blood struggle
The safest place in this building
Will we ever know the foundations of our history
Or care
They plant their seeds in your mind
I am so wonderful because I’m real
There is nothing you can do to change the way I feel
You have a name
Taking the knife out of the scalpel
Both painful and grotesque
A victory for all of us
That everybody knows nothing is serious
Its shining rays of light
Ruining our lives
I’ll wander forever in a field of pain
Into the arms of the setting sun
I hang my head and cry
What tortures me
A deadly poison
The suffering stops, your life starts
It enters you
Nothing comes closer than this
I’ve got something on my mind
Besides me
I’m looking at something else
To exceed the need
In the inner space
Nothing is separated
People are coming together
You’re on the other side of the moon
It’s above the law
I’m screening you
I’m picking up the pieces
Lift the magic box
The power to deprive
Everything is crisp and clear
Depending on the view
Another place or time
Hunt down and slaughter
My idea of you
Everything has to be perfect
Millions of guys are already dead
Hope is often extinguished in children
Play and fight
It doesn’t begin anywhere
Our exceptional products
Reflect you
Who hide among the innocent
From the time we’re very young
Serve food and beg for money
Stand strong as a team
Discover everything delicious
Go home
With another big surprise.


Back Again

Here we are back again
Nothing is normal
Where I will worship myself
In the distant light
My enormous you
Collecting in my heart
Cutting in and out
Magnify the sensation
Champion speakers
Every day has a thrill
Spreading mistakes
A rolling scroll
Heart and soul
I talk, you listen
Everybody knows who I am
He is me
Hearts are in bloom like the continental drift
Glad to the bone
Nuts are flying
Sweep and swirl
Upside down
My one and one is too
Do you have a hand involved?
Any amount will suffice
I am not particular today
Offshore a boat summons me in its wake
The fish are flying
They have waved goodbye to the sun
I will send you some life of your own
Two things have captured you
A blackened sphere
A source of smoke
Running in tears, they caught the thief
An abstract variety they have turned to stone
When they arrived, he was already dead.

A Paper Copy

A paper copy is what I want from you
not a flimsy frame around the truth.
There was nothing to listen to or ignore
because he was dead.
There was not a feeling of left-alive.
He had entered a space above the rest.
All you have to rest is to rise.
The space between the toes 
of an early sunrise in the west 
has exposed what you proposed
as a solution to the epidemic,
which has not yet been found on this planet
without some hope in the van.
I will note my mistake reluctantly
thinking I might impress you
who are ill-disposed to me.
I’m banging the drum for myself and nobody else.
I had to muzzle in otherwise all would have been lost.
I was taught to explain but I didn’t
last long enough.
I put away my vain plans for something else.
In sorrow was my hope.  I tickled the keys.
I am answering everybody who asks.
A very precise meaning suppresses.
Take that thing from me.
Knock on wood for the rest of your life.
It has come spontaneously alive.
I forgot what was to be
and that was enough for me.
A gravy train is what I’d like to see.
They laughed at my mistakes.
There was such magnificence there and then
a soothing light.
There’s something to be said for everything
you didn’t want to say.
Smoke and light.
Before I started again I wanted to know when
it would end.
He ignored my last remark.
I said everything then.
They weren’t very nice.
They claimed I’d interloped 
I’d forgotten to snore.
I’d hoped to have an energetic future.
That aspect of life didn’t interest me.
I wanted hope for another today.
I snapped to myself.
He wound into a ball the traces of his mistake.
It was terrible to see.  A burning sun hit me.
I wandered over sky and land to find what I am.
— June 2008

Someone Your Kids Can Understand

Someone your kids can understand
I could do this
Everything looks fresher so beautifully paired
You can watch the world go by
It happens all the time occasionally
Here are my headquarters
I’m a little confused
I know the man who is my husband
He is you around yesterday
Everything’s red and beautiful
A serious addiction
I just got chores for you to do
I’m just seeing things
Where I am
Broken glass
There’s nothing I can say again
Answering myself with a question
I’m going nowhere fast
I will beat you silly
A lot of extra
Isn’t always delicious
Far worse than fighting
Twenty layers from your home world
Who in the world would blame us
Everything is a day
Against the galactic globe
A great longing
Determining what you want
Perfectly normal
He inspired crowds
To see how it works
A new age has begun
Everybody can feel in this cold country
The same hopes and dreams
Watching how people are divided
Everything today
Anything but friendly
A social situation
The comfort and anxiety
See how the world sees you
To put a smile on your face
Where you’re going and where you want to be
One of those fancy things
I wish this was only a movie
Our cities are riddled with crime
Thank you for being me
There’s a hope that it brings
Everything can be expected
Another day of glory when something amazing is going on
Unite the ends
Everything is bonded in a piece of my mind
Everybody has a game
You’ve been discovered in a field of diamonds
What you saw in the world to come
A little boat on an empty sea
Driven by extra rules
I’m at least as able as you are
A potentially powerful object
My eyes don’t glisten with the ghost of my past
It’s a different experience
No one can tell you what to do
Thinking of you
It was only a dream, right?
The same thing now and again
Everybody stinks
I love the taste of death
This is where I’m going to be
How a signal started
Everything is better
Everything is cool
Something real in every sip
Tested and tested again
Why not ascend
You can never lose
The enemy of one
I’ve been on the wrong beat
The good stuff is in my bowl
Made for man
Defecating, urinating
Everybody has another space
When I look at the sky
Everybody is a dog
Everybody is the same
Is what you’re craving
More radiant color
A howl of the moment
There’s my hope
I care about it
I’m writing my notes
I gave my word of what everything should be
Power, rapture, captured
The depths of Niagara Falls
There are great results in our system
In a twist of fate
On the sea floor
Here is my pattern
All those things that will kill in their own massive way
Everywhere below
The planet actually wars
Megastorms led to the end of dinosaurs
Temperatures dropped to minus forty 
In the wake of the impact
Going ahead forever
It’s dark in here
Don’t show any fear
Ever changing and
Everybody works for nothing
I am a product of your fate you don’t understand
It’s a big universe
There’s a lot to say and a lot to do
There is still a weird distance
I have embraced it
The face isn’t mine
Vibrant and lively
Just so appropriate
Everybody’s hope
A nostalgic memory
Love grows to match beautifully
We could fit it in your eye
The lush foliage is punctuated by gunfire
Everyone is choosing life
Rest for your body slips away
Take the pressure away
Our science and our soul
Don’t forget to write in the afterlife
I am simply ignored
It’s possible it’s a game
The symptoms of hyperactivity
Nothing or anything is
Emotion or detail
Where I will invade you
An organized disaster
The hell of it now
Over the handle of my mistakes
Beautiful in the jar or mirror
A burst of red in a forest of green
All part of the wonder
Busy building life
It has the intelligence you desire
We couldn’t fit inside
I will always look forward
I will build a hole in the wall
We promise to care
Beauty is endlessly
Enfolded in the arms of love
All these happy faces
Your victory
It didn’t feel right
I went out and spent some time
Here among people
Quiver like a string
We’re peering over the edge
I’ll shed some light on life
So they know which body is mine
Change is happening faraway
My swift suburban car
Here’s my ever after 
I will tell you everything about it
This is where everything went
This is the flavor of yesterday
The most influential person in the world
I’m opening the box
I am a hermit in my place
I am well on my way
The scariest place on the planet
The mission is to find life on Mars on the cellular level which a new generation of bacteria started
Don’t bother upsetting the kids
Deliciously put
I’ve gone nowhere in a minute
I am the master of my glimpse
I think on the precipice
How do you know when you’re done
When your days look like this
In a homeless land
Do you want permission to live and die
No one is good enough to think himself
More terrible than anything known
Sweet blood taking
Taking everything away
All the cattle died
Leaving only the slaves untouched
To blast through rock hard clay
He takes stubbornness for strength
Everybody is very disagreeable
I blew a horn by mistake
Surrender to a slave
Centuries look down on my grave
I am the god who will be
Here he is, my son
Wait, wait, wait
There will be nothing done
The latest communication, exhilaration
I am helping you in your pandemonium
It was an absolutely surreal life
The latest in entertainment
The dynamics are shaping up
The future is fully breached
Those promises meant nothing
It left us in the dust
We’re stewards of a great history
Our light is shining
It’s all unbelievable
They had lotions and potions they could rub on you
These are the things that will change the world
The first crows fluttered down onto the roof
Nobody seems to like answers
You can leave the mob
My tunes are always fresh
Unseen invisible fingers
What happened to those missing minutes
Such is life
Breathing down my neck
She was leaning on me
This case is going to blow up
He was lying on the floor like he was sleeping
I sent a message of peace and love
I can’t find my people
Your future is filled with harsh moments
Do the right thing even when it’s hard
Your marked movements are in the way
We can’t show anything
Further away
I answered his call
And here I am today
I was worried about this idiot
Make light of everyday messages
And fulfill your own day
How can I share it with everyone here
Serve everything when warm
To change one of your lives forever
Making it through the day
I want more lives
Do we need all this
It was a one-way trip
It extends a hundred meters
There was some light
Go and seek and hide
To make it vividly reflect the light
The geology is a little shaky
An even more terrifying group
It’s a strange story in itself
They can think, they have feeling
To speak for them and save them
I am me in a dancing face
Everybody is a person made of other people
When they combine
Deeply confusing
Steps to heaven
It means a lot
When we have a perilous situation
They were young, they were healthy, they were sick
He was hungry.  I needed more food
No one likes him
The news is so confusing
A soft kind of luxury
A quirky notice of emotion
It’s ironic although history
It doesn’t hurt oddly
A large dose of humiliation
You should be outstanding in the shadows
There is a sense of contentment here
People feel they are safe
The summer of life
The happiest years of a life
Wanting it all
Here is the key
Where I can be that thing called me
Whippin’ it out
It’s all right with me
The brilliant sky in between
This is the power
Yes to natural richness
This is just another tool
Here I am changing 
Long live life!
You smell of cocktails
Everything rose again 
Far enough away to forget your worries
Beautiful blue bird
Hang on my tree
What beauty really is
Everybody’s best choice
A warm and greasy burger
The vast middle class
Destroy your fears
There’s a lot of mourning going on
In the face of the natural body
There’s nothing to say
I will have a nice day
Please don’t judge me
The world around us is changing
The pull of the sea
A freight train to crazytown
In the middle of a murky lake
Watch the dollars piling up
Here’s my black suit and tie
Everything takes place at my home
The enemy within
A nightmare for us
This is the point in time
The stars blindly run
A culture of disrespect
It was a long cold December
I had hid myself.

Meeting the Points

Meeting the points
A little bit of an idiot like you
I like to write that here
With all the shifting of the lettering
I always liked it when it wasn’t there
An indistinct brush 
I will shimmer and shave
Life is a parking lot of hope
I will change your address
He just lifted it to another level
I will speak a lot
An angel touches me sometimes
“It is a world of love
All the spirits thrive”
Hold on tight to what I am
The bed I lie in
In the indefinite past
Running like a mouse after cheese
When you’re alive
As if I was shot in the back
I will have done nothing
When they bring me out.
— June 2008

A Sound of Thunder

A sound of thunder is the end of time
I can see their faces
They sent us to explore with our own senses
Remote and sparsely populated
I am the right person for this
The future of our planet
When a crime is committed
He puts out the fire
It’s more like a drink than a sip
All the panoply at my command
Strip away the veneer
A divine messenger to show him the light
A true champion has no fear
Every man needs a tramp
A slave to the emotions
The moon is not surprised
You’ll always be a friend to me
It’s still not winter
I’m wondering who’s next
An intense video
It took them by surprise
You don’t need a body anymore
You have this wonderful picture
Where people go after death
They aren’t even hungry
Barely clinging to life
Literally dying awake
Of course it breaks your heart
Nothing’s going to save them
They still roam the land
Wherever children need them
They will never reach the height
Underlying useless death
You’re my wonderful way of being
You have a number of personalities
Get help to survive
Everything I do
It’s good to step back and take a look
Just give me a little more time
Once it’s bad it’s good
Release the fun at the touch of a button
I am under extraordinary pressure
Even if your heart will never answer
I have a special mission for you
Experience the future
Everybody smiles at me
Getting there is hazy
Do we need all this
Their hearts will be broken again
My fear can be difficult for me
I ring you in
Don’t you mind being cold
The number one fun in the world
There’s a reason I’m lost
There’s nothing on the cross
No better or no worse
I just want to shine the sun
I’m ahead of you now
The wind knows where I’m going
No one has to phone me anymore
We do everything fair and then we quit
Feel your pain and don’t feel a thing
Swimming upstream
You don’t have to work your fingers anymore
Let these extracts gently uncover you
Nothing but jewels
You’ve all been a part of my dreams
Rock solid and hard
It’s my soul
The stars blindly run
How could anything be more delightful than this
Between and seem
Everybody’s been removed
Why isn’t everyone the same
Who will bear the spear
Of my ideological mistake
My indignation at you
This is just like magic
It’s always an impression
The myth about you
You can buy something that will calm your asking
The family that serves as my voice
It knows no bounds.

The Connections

The wonderful white sheet of dawn
Somewhere in space there is a place 
Give it a try before you die
floundering here
The rumors of death were rumors of life
The plastic engines wait
It turned serious
I have a special perspective on you
You sprang up on me
I’m just sitting here tapping
My heart has a foundation
A metaphysical OK
Striking the iron with the fire
What is life and faculties
If you’re young and you’re happening
Laughter is a puppet — hooray!
This is a new day of reckoning
They absorbed it all
The great efflorescence, the great explosion
I will try out certain errors
Which I have chosen
In preparation
Slicing off my nuts to save my face.
— June-August 2008 

My Thought for a Little Cash

My thought for a little cash
I will fool you again
The horrible ravages of youth
A mystery on earth
The golden source
Feeling you can take on the world
From humble beginnings
You will fight
Now you will have total freedom
Look at the view
Everything emanates
Lost to our eyes
This is a place where the veils are thin
A slow, swirling descent
I’m holding you here
Everything is impossible except for one thing
Your right to be eternal
The news is so confusing
History will take over your life
Tell the beauty of the everyday
Drama and inspiration wherever you look
Here we are dead again
Monsters in the dark
My tears meet salt
The light of the world
Be reborn
I’m walking away from you
The gun found on the body
I meet you in the past and future
One man left alive
This is a dead zone
If you had no chance, what would you do
Sweetening the pot
Be a part of everything
Unimaginably wealthy
Eat everything every day
Someone asks me how
If you’re in a remote place to exercise 
Turn those clowns upside down
The symbol of men
Emotionally retarded 
My book is you
A path out of the desert
The point of peace
Let’s see what happened
Of course we hope we’ll win
A throne factory exploded in my studio
You only have one more day
Do you think everything is better
It’s time for the shock of love
Here is one of your things
Everybody has a desire
You want to grieve
You’re hugging yourselves
That’s individually, of course
You forget what you want to do
This is complicated stuff
One evening can unite the world
The biggest new star on the planet
A highly educated power
It takes a lot of discipline
Does anybody want to dance around here
I’m opening up to you
Is there anything you haven’t told me
That will make a difference
He was a beloved figure
I’m inventing everything
Furniture that feels like home
I’ve got a new object for you
Swimming together
In and out
Here with your unsweet gift
Everybody has a reason
A season
Imminently new
A way of life
Anything other than reality
Here’s where I want to be
Is it real or is it funny
A line in the sand
How pleasantly they kill
This is something we missed
Upstairs and out of sight
I don’t want them to know
I’ll do anything to please you
To truly please and amaze you
I love what they didn’t
There’s something in the air
Aside from the money
Like a fish
You can’t tell what you know
You insignificant specks
His life has been canceled
She thinks she’s everybody
The trouble is the dependable point
Spring dawn
It never happened before
You are the hope
You’re right because you’re sad, of course
Will you hold on 
Everybody will have a wonderful time
Everybody has a beautiful face
The sense of your face
It’s terribly important to you
Here is where we are cast
It has a power over me
Here you are, far enough away
Only a fool would have hope
They tried to make it news
I will not disturb you now
Where a new bunny has gone before
Get lost in melted cheese
You have to be willing to live with the pain
No one should ever be delayed because of me
The end that we fear
We have big bags of summer
That we fear
Without the comfort or anxiety of metal pieces
That spread out and blend in
The competition is brutal
Is your honest belief unreasonable
Everything is nuts
The faster it flows the quicker it goes
A portal into myself
Despite our differences
We can’t be ignored.
— June-July 2008

Facts Keep Happening

You can’t satisfy everyone
Here’s the only whip
I wasn’t around anymore
An extremely scrupulous self-analysis
Just by being in that milieu
A place where there’s nothing to show
A mesmerizing dream
A house a neighborhood a town a city
Across the blue divide
A unique revolving stage
I’m never going to let you stop
I am coming towards you
Facts keep happening
There were many feelings
The rain comes by night
I’m not sure I care
Everything’s exactly as I want
There are no faraway things
My body wavers in the dream
There was a pause, then there was a noise
Everything is a beautiful compilation
Crackers on the floor
The languid liquid moves
He had a gargoyle for a face
It’s wonderful to control these things
A burst of shame
Things all look the same
In this university of life
Touch up the glow
I will arrange you
Welcome to reality
One parallel adjustment
And the real event begins
We don’t know what that is.

In the Other Room

In the other room
Dry your eyes
There are many of us here
Clinging to the end
There was a feeling
Don’t hurt yourself
Suitable or not
Opening the dream
Keep my mind working
I keep my mind off my body
Living little pills
Many varied feelings
It came at the night
The other hand
Dancing between the stars
And then my life began

The Heart of Hopeness

Maybe accelerate your life
You decide who you want to be
Watch this
Every race is a battle
The magic right here
I’m dancing around you
A sea of sameness
Everybody likes to have his say
Eat your children
I’m still furious
I am like igniting my life
Hard times in the past
One product I can recommend
Food more than flavor
The entire inventory
The unforgivable happened
I will reveal my choice
Become yourself
Look at him and sigh
A friend of years can’t know the tears
Tangled feelings live in my eyes
I don’t have a right to anything anyway
I just wanted to help
The mandate of your life
Try to avoid landing on your head
This time I want to share my dread
Don’t bother yourself with a sequence of scary people
The fate of evil rests in your hands
Millions of stars to enjoy
Everything is obsessed
Here is the swing
We have to do it
You will not deny
Here is what we are here
Set in concrete, glass and steel
Will there be a power shift
Immense the smell of opportunity, the grind of exploitation
Far from the grim towers they’re building
A whole school of thought
I will hand you over to them
All I have to do is mention it
This is the blonde you dream about
Branding hurts our brain
This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen
In the hearts and minds of humans
I am not yours or mine
It’s really stupid
A debilitating crash
I’m enormously you
Everybody’s you
Somewhere there is a sign
For a minute we thought it was real
Calculate your life
Everything is popular these days
Everything’s a huge jungle
In that light
One cosmic change
Here’s my wonderful hope
Everyone carrying something
Hidden in what we eat
Everybody has another phase
It all happens
Everything looks beautiful inside
Searching for evidence.
—  July– September, 2008

The Water of the Mind

The water of the mind
Cutting across the lines
Permeated by the taste
The little becomes the big
A factor of one
A big bite of tomorrow
He got everything out of everything
It was like a deal
I am opening up the field
The field of endeavor
Relax, you beings
This will bring you pleasure
The calendar of hope
Are a lot of them alive?
Everybody has a home, everybody has a soul, everybody has a life
The internal glow factor
It’s not the same from day to day
It must have been special for someone
An indiscernible blur
Until our hearts learn to sing again
By the firelight’s glow
The strange force and power of suggestion
It reminds them of war
Anything may fall from the sky above
Above the sky above
Till our life fulfills its dream
Nothing is yours or lasts
An empty promise of hope
Clutching at life
It costs a lot of money to make an illusion
Somebody pays
It tickles the ears
To see the logic of the piece
Hanging with pain
I was exact about the time
That’s all I have
The beauty of the death of me
Of what I wanted to be.
— August-September 2008


When Is This Event Going to End

When is this event going to end
When is everybody going to get naked

I’ll be yours forever
Much more crap to come

Give me another glimpse
I’m looking at you

I shouldn’t restart that
It died

Where I am going today
You know what real people are like

Everything is from start to finish
The only thing
Come back to life

Surmounting death
It’s going in the same direction

You may be invisible
Our horrible thought of tomorrow

Great together
A sea of sameness

Call it a ride
Everybody has a face

I am glad you survived
There’s something wrong

Nothing will go unpunished
Where the wind blows
It hurts to be down

It makes you feel good
The wave today

This is the tragedy that enhances our world
I will walk away from it

Let’s pretend that it’s all spontaneous
A whole new class
My heart in the highlands

Oh, hand me a knife
Here are your ears

The torment of the souls
Justified hate

Lots of questions no one seems to know
The big game of the world

In epic battles
The smart gun

You have one chance out of this hell
You’re dead to me now
I wanted you here

Empty hunger
Tears and spit

It’s a large ass
Cheer for America

Save where people shine
Constantly grown

Constantly grave
Everyone will be back

Everything is in progress
Everybody told me

What’s left of our past
The villagers are rioting

I came prepared for a full reception
The basic movie of the summer

Just because you had an accident
It just hasn’t happened yet

Right across the street
A famous day

Hold her steady and laugh
Choking me

So this is where they meet, this is where the battle is
Away with you

The solution is simple
Everybody is startled

Who cares about me
I selflessly stepped aside

A little spending money
It’s often forgotten

How far you are
Beyond evil

Everyone be calm
Witness the story

You may be invisible
I’m hearing a rhapsody

Give a smile today
I am trying to help you

Be gentle, be kind
An explosion near you

Everybody’s all over me
You have to take it to another place of seriousness

Here’s my shame
Disease will finish them off

This is what I mean
They gather to raise their voices

None of it made any difference
Everything has a clear, protective finish

There are mysteries to solve
Who are these people who claim to know so much

This is confidentially
I’ve forgotten what I knew

Dream big, grow small
You never know where things will fall

The image of being long ago
Scattered in fragments on many worlds
Turns my stomach

Perhaps one day
It will be the end

Everybody is big
This is bigger

I’m writing you a letter
Of what seems to be

Everybody will notice
How feeble it all is

Clip my wings
I’ve got to get closer

It’s really not worth what it would take
We’re missing it because it isn’t there

Gently burst as you move
Resonate ordinary moments
It’s a wonderful fiber of your being

Everything is changed
Now I’m a hammer

Everything is healthier and happier
This is not a social call.
— August-September 2008

Hidden Gems

We don’t know what anyone is after
Haunting you
Fortunately, you can visualize
The dormitory of rest
Since this is how you are
Evil forces connected to the past
How reality hurts a way of life!
A sweep of the pen
Everything is
What is the situation here?
I worship the pain
Everybody has a comment to see
The state of man lasts all day
Let’s pretend that we’re all spontaneous
I got time in a bottle
Things are huge more than ever before
That clears the picture
Beyond the horizon whatever is there
Scratching your brain
Everybody has a place in my heart
Everybody began as a mystery
Everything is in a fog
A huge mysterious glow seen in the ocean
Everything looks bigger
It’s gorgeous up here
I live in a hovel of suspense
The awful experience
A world so beyond new
Such an empty pain
Has the world gone mad?
Here is my reminder
We thought it would be a nightmare
We’re sharing our teeth
You need to succeed
How do you do what you know is wrong?
Support everyone who is alive
It all comes down to a fear
So powerful it’s inevitable
All these stories have so much emotion at stake
I’m fully satisfied as to what I know
It’s natural for me
I’m satisfied by you
Your risk never goes away
In the thick of the crisis
Everybody has a field of expanse
Love the skin you’re in
Absolutely amazed
We’re not dead
A blend of nutritious oils
Which makes family
Now I’m a ghost
In the world this doesn’t happen
And now you will be escorted off
They are all so happy
In all their favorite places
More than darkness through the depths
They who moved broke the mirror
Travel deep down
It’s clean, sweet, smooth
Everybody has a smile
Crowded and thriving
The idea was impossible.
— September 2008


Smoking Ashes

Those who knew him best
So many different things
A tiny fraction of a second
Here’s my help
A star is burst
Don’t be fooled by smiles
Everything is a deal
Everybody has an explanation
Of grief
All my emotions crave cookies
Here’s my news for you
Anything I eat is mine
Nothing is now
Someone is serious about serious
Everything streams at the time
Why is everyone jumping off the plane
Now where I am
In a circle of light
A punch at sanity
It gives me the energy groove
I apologize for being ridiculous
I don’t see any mistakes
It’s now covered with this one
A flash of diamonds
I still go down through a gap
Shocks exploding
The extraordinary feeling
It’s different from what you can point to
You’ll know fear fast
A circular bowl
These are all the people
I am here alive
I stake my reputation on it
For what it’s worth
For a price that’s hard to believe
It’s riding on pi
This is the perfect plan
Here I’m in
The newest heart
This is the easiest job I’ve ever had
Emotion in charge
I’m the wonderful hope
Starving for change
Like the sparkling tiara of a nomad
To fat to be angry
That gently bursts when you move
Sometimes it’s OK
Here’s my joy now
Everybody is nice seeing you
Here’s what I can use
Massive and unexplained
He didn’t wait to go there
A cold chill through my body
Personal things of he past
They showed pictures of us
Everything repeats in a moment
One lasting pleasure
Here I’m handing a message to you
Do everything in color
Here’s a little piece of what you are
Slowly crossing far behind
I’m handling you now
Sounds so pure
Now blacker than ever
Go with confidence
No matter what battle you’re facing
You don’t have to flit around
Every thing there is
How does it help to define the truth
Standing alone
Now I will believe.
— October 2008

The Edge of the World

Curling smoke hanging in the air
He would sit alone amongst the plants
A man appeared and put the fire out
The indefinable mixture which was the odor of the earth
In the womb of historical oblivion
They were killing each other in a war
They gathered them together in piles
To throw them somewhere
A reality separated only by time
In winter’s discomfort he walked through the city
Dust laden winds blew in the street
The sun had relented for the day
A fire burnt through an opaque wall
Across the silver sheet of the gentle river
It rose and filled the air
A continuing spark of what might be 
From the edge of the world.
— October 2008

Every Morning

Every morning is a little richer
You live in amaze
A modern word
Everybody is me
Angry shallow sex
All our nagging questions
I will swiftly descend
Are you a baby to me
I am devouring you
The figure in the face
We need to break from that
Can we start all over again
I would like to see
I’m listening to you
Everybody had an idea
How much can one man do
The suffering of its people
Side by side, to carve
A compelling opportunity
By the end they were gone
The most shocking thing
The ignorant survive
I have a mystic vision
The very first people to greet the new year
The nation of despair
The day squeezed by
Some of the legs are obvious
When the armless wave
Music without women
I will not rest
The world is our war
Everybody has a nagging question
My united hope
Everything fits
The if in life
The fucking frosting on the cake
Over there smiling
I am so full of fun
It was a marvel to watch
The burning remains
These are the hands
Swimming in the heart
My anchor is weighed
I could go on forever
A wonderfully controlled atmosphere
All the things that are truly important
Morning came in the middle of the night
Before being active
Ready for your day
You can’t take a chance
The thing about life
Everything feels so right
America’s first grieving network
Stay in control 
Why is anything like this
He lived a noble life
Stand alone
Enjoy civilization
It is alive
Where you are
Everybody’s walking
Everybody has heard the news
I’ve had enough
The band has played
Everybody’s sad
Everybody’s dead
I have a dark feeling about human nature
You’re dead in a flash
The smiling are my clients
I’m excited by you
He makes up a good story
I don’t know where this will end
Hidden inside
I want to kill my suffering today
Christmas has faded
You don’t know what you mean
She had a good spirit
I gave him an open bottle
Everything is fine and dandy
Like spittle on a stick
I’d like to have you here
An emptiness of everything
I’m banging my gong
Golly, golly, golly me
Give me good, good fun
It could have been much worse
People just want to get money
Caring is suffering
It’s difficult to come back
Here’s a locket for your hair
It’s just incredible.  You’re in awe
I’m as confident as you
Something I’ll really love
Something I’ll really use
I’m thinking your harmonics again
Everything seems to be happening again
The unregulated world
Endless winning streaks
Here’s my own explanation
With bullets whizzing by
I’m giving you a heavier burden
Find clarity in today
Laugh while you can
Choose your chemical
Over every moment
Here’s my open sore
Experience the freedom of grasping
You can’t kill the spirit
Everything comes with a present
It was a life-death struggle
I’m in that space
I’m blowing up you
Long after the sun sets
I wonder what you’ve been thinking
The way to be the best
They try to explain but they can’t
Everything happens once a year
I’m full of you and I stink
You came to me
Swimming in the stream
It’s not hard to wait a moment
Everything goes well
Where the state ends
A place of punishment
A vast reaching network
I’m manifesting my grief
Everything all began
There’s still a lot of work to be done
More troubling news on the horizon
Another side you don’t know
Making it come to life
I’m a motivator and a teacher
Here’s the world you know
What you do and what you feel about it
I’m being cold
The reverse of hot
You know life is cruel, life is military
You’re better than nice
The dock sits quiet
The original creation of the world
Something else is probably happening
Tiny men on giant camels
Covered over by the sand
Totally ignorant
Overcome by hope
There are people out there who may be hurt
It’s a happy place
Before anything else, they must be fed
You just have to turn the page
I’m adoring you
You will never be able to get rid of the dreck
It seems to come from the air
Couldn’t they have a happy life
I will rip it up and send you
All my bets are off
You can’t go over the line
On the way to exclaim
Patience is prized
There were all sorts of things that mitigated his chances to succeed
Rooted but not defined
Change things from the bottom up
I had a pre-conceived notion
I’m a bitch and so are you
No, don’t care what you do
Up, up and away
Surprisingly enough
A honeysuckle rose
That sense across the country
Times of great focus, moments of great moment
They took it under advisement
It was where they are
My fire’s roaring 
It makes everything more jolly
We’re spending the night at the library
I will never see the day
I’ll try to keep the secret of the sun
Everybody is swell
How many planets can there be
I’m going home now
The sweet center of the brain
Another lie doesn’t deserve another lie
To tear through the screen
A great dim room
For America to flower
In the rubble of a ruined world
I am wiping the slate
Everything is possible for total destruction
Exactly like you
In the outside in
Here was nothing blue above
He had adjusted a part of a smashed landscape
Feel is real
I think I could talk to you
They’ll do anything to make you happy
What do you want to think
Like a happy doll
Suicide in the psychotic room
It was over before it was after
To locate years of warmth and comfort
It instantly opens and stays on
Everybody has the sex of tomorrow
The legend began
She was concerned
Even he made a few miscalculations
And now he’s lost in the sea
The whole story starts
Here are we in heaven
Because I’m you I’m not forgetting
The bottom of nothing is the beginning of everything
Daring himself to new depths
Craggy metal canyons
Everything goes bad
I see the logic of it
Get out of life, those odds
Everybody will be there
Hope is alive
The whole dirty business was over
Tell me the wonderful truth
Fill in the hard ways
It’s impossible to tell
I’m now about to explode
Many believed who fomented
A wonderful thing to be alive
Building up most of my life
Over the top of military discipline
Once he gets into the position
Here’s the decision
Which is exhausting
Something better for me
I will find this category for you
The abuses of outer space
I’m opening to you
Taking care of the evidence
Somebody disagrees
This is humanity 
Here’s my get
I am hoping to nudge you
She is a lover
You can only love just one
An amazing historical event
It’s fun and classic
I’m dead and I know it
The adventure will jump off the page
Everybody had a mistake
I am inside out
The source of all my problems
Everybody has the same bible
Several former opponents
It was a dream ball
There is nothing between us
Where everybody hears each other play
There’s a thread in here now
Others exploited the moment
I really want to have insomnia
Top and bottom
Here’s the purpose to wander
Everything is a neglected story 
You will feel it
Animal accidents
They have a good life
They would rather run
These guys and girls
All the issues in the world
An iconic plan 
My enormous scope
To delay the inevitable in a meadow
A train heading in one direction
Human beings are more complicated than almost all vegetables
It seems to play a role
On the verge of a breakthrough
They maintain their sterile environment
It supports the idea 
They are in self-denial
They drop off the heat
They travel the world, spreading the word
We can mimic the effects
They die quickly in their sleep
If it’s not past, it could start again
I’m erecting you
The best way to get closer
You’re the only reason to keep coming on.
— October 2008-January 2009


They stood in a line
The superhuman
Nothing is committed
It ain’t what you want, it’s what you like
A sign of great things to come
You begin to weep
Celebrate the decades
This is what romantic chemistry looks like
Locked in tight hard rocks
Nothing breathes like it
A sensual situation
I am talking too much
Everybody knows
A body of stone
No monkey business
Control is power
Big bowl of flavors, this year
Handmade chicken
What was the name
When the world is in your hands
The durable comforts of nature
There is no alternative
Struggle back
The ordeal 
Set up to die
Where will we go
Everybody agrees
Everything is perfected for performance and balance
I’m very actively alive
Things have changed from that
I assumed tears of joy
The most adorable man I ever met
A tightrope he walked
To be able to empathize
The world is falling apart
Make it clean
So close, so far
A whole light brighter
She’s going to melt her heart
Bring home the fun
Just wait until this morning
Everything’s where it’s supposed to be
He sent me a ticket
Oh look!  I have two halves
There’s not enough plan
Getting an outrage
That’s what you want to do
Everything is a cheap way
You know more than I do that makes sense
How do you spell it
You look beautiful tonight
I am having a nice time today
I don’t want to be jealous
I’m handling you
Everything is fixed 
In a stable patch
Everything’s going to be fun
Women respond
Like taking candy from a giant
I’m heading for you
This tale of unswerving love
This lower body injury
A hell of a run is done.
— 12/17/08


There is no doubting spring’s arrived
along roadside fences
Its fiercely strong spines cause pain to man or beast
They make rope from its stem fibers
A versatile medicine of primitive man

This is my last stop
A warming sensation 
instantly soothes and comforts
A new earthquake
I like it big.

Who says you can die on the map
One of the most dangerous places in the world 
He’s the only ray of hope
Beautiful and destitute
The living incarnation of their dream
They felt like everybody forgot them
Passed the danger’s their opportunity
I’m up in the air over you
The city of diamonds
A million jobs worldwide
Step up
Would you settle for an ordinary life?

A wonderful shot
I’m unwrapping a package
They know how to do it
Where the scum flow
The streets of light
In an everlasting kiss
There’s no place left to die
The expansiveness
I know what it is
I am way down.

I cannot adhere
Where the false meets the true
Everything depends
Everybody has a place
Everybody includes you
Because you wanted one thing there wasn’t anything
In a new smaller design
Simple features
I don’t remember this cave
I will inoculate the fear
It all revolves about you
I will give you one thing
I feel better.
— 2/6/09

The Rough and Tumble 

A blend of innocence and insouciance
Where tears meet
My heart is glad

I love everything but me
When I feel your name and know you’re the same
I shouldn’t have to take it anymore
Holding my pillow tight
I shouldn’t have to say anymore
A long time is gone

I’ve been a fool
Some days we are lost
All I can do is hang my head
The world seems against me
I would be very happy
If you would squeeze me
I’m about to lose my head
I’m skipping another beat
Up in the heavens, written in the stars
Deep down inside me

You are so good to me
This may be the end
I’m satisfied
My heartaches begin
I see lilacs in the rain
When April sprinkles her dreams
In my heart around you now
Just memories remain in the cold again
Count the waves on the stormy sea
The wind that squeezes your lemon
Time must change you passing through your town
Hop off the table, you know what I need
In the baking sun

Waiting patiently
The emptiness of ever
Everything glows like a fish
Everything has a face I deny
They had assigned the blame forever
Extraordinary financial times
Fast and torrid rhythms
A smashing fate

What is important?  No one knows
Something good for me
I wish I knew the words to this song
A disembodied force
It pushes everything out
This is the biggest mistake of all
Oh, I could do amazing things if I just had wings
A kiss is not surrender

Young people scattered on the hill
I will always attract you
I am perfectly settled
In your heart of mine
I could have been everything
Flitting over the surface of things
They were distributed over the earth

It’s much easier now
I’m not afraid
Glide with me out of our world
Who would know or think
I’ve been mystically warned
The heart of my hole
Clothes that wash themselves
Respond positively
In the mystery of being

I’m not so flattered how
You’ve gotta stop the ceiling
It’s enough to be said
Fading imperceptibly
Where everything is out of gear
I’m a good person not proud
I always have to do something
They close their buds for the night
You require us

Yesterday’s gone
A delicious month
In this universe everyone has a role to play
Too many people have lived and died
There is a new tendency to wait and operate
Increasingly inclined
They gave up this and that
It continues to evolve again
I’m a little more relaxed than you
Who knows where anything is at any moment
Among the killed

All we accomplish together
I’ve decided to set the record straight
A number of extraordinary people
A curious blend
An alphabet soup
For whom do these eyes glow
Your smile is just a jealous yawn
Bright as sunshine in the sky
Why bother to speak

How can they be so smart and stupid too
It’s so good of you deep inside of me
The face that you know is gone
Thanking my stars
In the kitchen of today
There was one wonderful way
Desperate people sold old socks
They started to respect themselves
They were dependent on their whims
I’m so proud of myself
Everything explodes in front of me
Everything is more important than tears
The page of life
Give me a new tomorrow every day
That is so sad to say

It’s paradigmatic
All the amazing things that you do
The end of that forever
In a heightened state
Where the river gets behind the sea and blends
A struggle within was about to begin
They gave off a kind of thunder and lightning
Another source of splendor
It’s easier now to say goodbye
How did I get you here
How could I say no
Mesmerized of course
By the flow

I ain’t ready to die
Let it be happy, let it be sad
It was an excess of plenty, I tell you
His conscious brain is always engaged with what he plays
The remnants of the root
You should remember this
You never know when it ends
On the shore
Another place to be happy
Was all that beautiful love and faith but a passing phase of feeling

I think all these things are beautiful
Sleep and wake up
Why hear anything else
I’m head over heels in love
A reminder of what will be
Said between us two
I’m aiming my barbs at you
What will I be
I’m changing with you
Stay awhile and see
The natural mistake
Ringing them bells
The battering ram of you
Stand and see
I’m nice enough to know
The beyond
Where everything can be
Itself alone
Hold the phone and take a glimpse

I find it very calming to suppose
When it goes on
He has a lot to say
Filled with art, music, food and wine
Everybody’s happy
Who is doing this
It is the catalyst that we have
Virtually unheard of
We can only say thank you
A very rare moment indeed
All the acts of humor
The dead thrive
A mere rose

Zipping through the universe
Life goes on anyway
All the happenstance
I can’t find my way
I don’t suppose
You belong to me

Laughing to death
It all began to loom
A rose in the sky
It fades in time
It’s so easy when it’s done
I want to fill in the blanks
What would life be without the tiny surprises

They could spend less and save more
It’s just grief
When people share the myth
A movement above death
A poem that never ends
Just like the stars guard the moon.
— 10/2/08-2/16/09

Everyone Fears

Everyone fears
Much more
The fact of life
So much more bearable
We’re crashing in heaven
They came out of a machine
Every time I had my doubts about you
There’s nothing to save
I know when to walk away
The money here
All the words have been removed
Life keeps spreading the music
I stand ready to employ and destroy
I will master the mass of food
In a desperate push
I identify and fear them
Get the animation
The situation is already volatile
A new attitude returns
She was suddenly burned
Club Endurance
Renewing the freshness of your clothes
My handicapped heart
You wanted one thing
Everything crackles with tension
Don’t ever want anything
We’re all on the ugly side of town
I’m as light as you
The shape of the time
A smile can change everything
Feel the good
They dropped their weapons and fled
They were dead
They’re all changed
I’m so sorry I made you sappy
They say the future’s always tragic
He’s substantially changed an image
They didn’t know no transformation
It begins there, he hasn’t yet
Facing a monster they helped create
Nothing is still standing
I can hardly think it’s real
I’m a pretty smart guy
It seems so long ago
Everyone seems uncomfortable
I’m worried about you. 

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